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  1. Union Home Mortgage to more than double its number of workers in Strongsville, add third building https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/02/union-home-mortgage-to-more-than-double-its-number-of-workers-in-strongsville-add-third-building.html
  2. Sheffield Village mayor: Ford plant expansion bringing up to 300 more jobs than expected https://chroniclet.com/news/201708/sheffield-village-mayor-ford-plant-expansion-bringing-up-to-300-more-jobs-than-expected/
  3. Franklin County is home to THE biggest university in Ohio. In autumn of 2019, 3,924 OSU enrollees originate from Cuyahoga County. So the notion that people from Cuyahoga are migrating in mass amounts to Franklin is a complete fallacy.
  4. OADQA won't approve the financing without city approval. This is such a clear case of overstep that the city can just threaten a lawsuit. Everyone knows how the case would play out.
  5. The argument this project deserves a 30 year 100% tax abatement is unacceptable. Cleveland has one of the worst poverty rates in the country. These tax dollars will go on to be invested in poorer neighborhoods and schools. I feel as though everyone sees a flashy design that can't work without large tax exemptions and argue the neighborhood needs THAT project. If this project cannot survive without a substantially lower tax abatement, it simply shouldn't be built.
  6. Its foreign enrollment has grown steadily. https://case.edu/ir/sites/case.edu.ir/files/2019-05/Enr_State-Countrytrends.pdf
  7. Cushman & Wakefield closes 145,000-square-foot manufacturing lease in Ohio https://www.rejournals.com/cushman-wakefield-closes-145,000-square-foot-manufacturing-lease-in-ohio-20190730
  8. Cushman seems to be an outlier on the vacancy front. Here’s their 2019 Q1 report https://www.crescorealestate.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Cleveland_Americas_Alliance_MarketBeat_Office_Q12019.pdf
  9. Xellia continues to invest here. JobsOhio May Awards https://www.jobsohio.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/JobsOhio-May-2019-Metrics.pdf Recent article about moving production to Cleveland https://www.biospace.com/article/xellia-pharmaceuticals-divests-raleigh-north-carolina-production-facilities-to-sagent-pharmaceuticals/
  10. Not sure if I'm reading this correctly because it didn't receive any media attention. Nevertheless, Inogen recently received a grant to bring an additional 260 jobs to Cuyahoga County. https://www.jobsohio.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/jobsohio_jan_2019_metrics.pdf
  11. Cleveland was most the most improved large metro for February 2019. Also, some other notable Ohio cities. https://www.realtor.com/research/february-2019-hottest-housing-markets/
  12. I personally believe boomerangs bring great potential as they hope to start a family. I'm currently in college at OU and I know one friend has a sibling in Brooklyn waiting to come back to Cleveland. She now has two kids and they're just waiting on Deloitte to transfer her husband's position. Also, I have some nursing friends from all over the country that specifically chose OU because of their partnership with Cleveland Clinic. Many want to work for CC when graduated and these are people from Connecticut, South Carolina, and Maryland!
  13. One search and you can easily see the distinction between boundaries. Columbus has very small tracts, which are very dense. Cleveland's densest tracts are spilt up. For example downtown also includes Burke.
  14. Cleveland is pursuing innovative technologies. The Lake Erie windfarm is 18 years in the making. It will employ hundreds and have 168 million in economic impact. Although, Columbus politicians have decided to stall the project for years. They recently approved it, but not without strings of ridiculous regulations. Columbus pursued driverless technology and received the full support from the state. Why didn’t ODOT stall that project for years. I mean autonomous vehicles have a much greater potential to harm humans. Nevertheless, like the Columbus politicians said, it has something to do with our “culture”. Northeast Ohio just doesn’t want to evolve from the old manufacturing roots. ;)
  15. Key bank began posting positions for First Niagara. Approx. 75 jobs are expected between Brooklyn and downtown locations.
  16. 26 vacancies as of 8/22/17, so 215/241= 89% occupancy
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