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  1. Metz44

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    Cleveland is pursuing innovative technologies. The Lake Erie windfarm is 18 years in the making. It will employ hundreds and have 168 million in economic impact. Although, Columbus politicians have decided to stall the project for years. They recently approved it, but not without strings of ridiculous regulations. Columbus pursued driverless technology and received the full support from the state. Why didn’t ODOT stall that project for years. I mean autonomous vehicles have a much greater potential to harm humans. Nevertheless, like the Columbus politicians said, it has something to do with our “culture”. Northeast Ohio just doesn’t want to evolve from the old manufacturing roots. ;)
  2. Metz44

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    Key bank began posting positions for First Niagara. Approx. 75 jobs are expected between Brooklyn and downtown locations.
  3. 26 vacancies as of 8/22/17, so 215/241= 89% occupancy