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  1. If the city was to first to act and delayed their payments you all would be calling for resignations of department heads and the mayor. But since this is the state's decision, no one is saying a thing...
  2. Cleveland still has obligations to pay teachers, police, and firefighters. All the while receiving significantly reduced tax income. Luckily the city does have built up reserves but $14M sitting aside isn't the best investment right now. SHW likely wouldn't even care if that money was loaned out right now and their grant payment was pushed back to 2021. But you guys are so set in your ways in believing we can't even ask. Tomorrow thousands of small business owners are going to be faced with difficult decisions. Do they pay rent or close up shop? Thankfully none of you represent our communities. Small businesses are the foundation of our economy and shame on you for reprimanding the city on trying to find any possible solution. Even if that means asking a major employer for a delayed payment.
  3. We're talking about Polensek's letter to fellow council representatives. The city obviously has to pay the incentives agreed upon within the package. The question is whether the payments are due soon or that money could be used for loans instead of sitting aside for the time being.
  4. A bad faith claim? Really? None of us know when payments are due to SHW. JobsOhio hasn't even stated their grant package yet so its unlikely payments are due anytime soon. But please continue with the fear tactics bigshot.
  5. I think all your reactions demonstrate the inability to negotiate in a position of strength. I simply was in favor of representatives speaking up and publicizing the amount of incentives corporations are granted. It's not a game of chicken, it's using leverage to further your interests. I don't believe it was a bad deal but the incentive package does seem a little much. Especially when you look into the headquarters only costing $300m. This building will not be as transformational as some of you state with that price tag. Additionally, we don't even have the full scope of the agreement. I don't understand the notion of being silent unless you're in 100% agreement with the deal.
  6. Sherwin Williams already bought the land. They are not going to pull out because our representatives rightfully call them out for demanding incentives. Additionally, we have only seen the smallest portions of incentives as the state and JobsOhio figures are unknown. I find it problematic everyone operates from a position of fear instead of strength. Relocating is costly and was extremely unlikely. I'm not saying it was a bad deal. There are significant benefits to each party. Although, at the very least, we should allow our representatives to humble the corporations that seek these incentives. If that means calling them out in the time of a crisis, then so be it.
  7. Union Home Mortgage to more than double its number of workers in Strongsville, add third building https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/02/union-home-mortgage-to-more-than-double-its-number-of-workers-in-strongsville-add-third-building.html
  8. Sheffield Village mayor: Ford plant expansion bringing up to 300 more jobs than expected https://chroniclet.com/news/201708/sheffield-village-mayor-ford-plant-expansion-bringing-up-to-300-more-jobs-than-expected/
  9. Franklin County is home to THE biggest university in Ohio. In autumn of 2019, 3,924 OSU enrollees originate from Cuyahoga County. So the notion that people from Cuyahoga are migrating in mass amounts to Franklin is a complete fallacy.
  10. OADQA won't approve the financing without city approval. This is such a clear case of overstep that the city can just threaten a lawsuit. Everyone knows how the case would play out.
  11. The argument this project deserves a 30 year 100% tax abatement is unacceptable. Cleveland has one of the worst poverty rates in the country. These tax dollars will go on to be invested in poorer neighborhoods and schools. I feel as though everyone sees a flashy design that can't work without large tax exemptions and argue the neighborhood needs THAT project. If this project cannot survive without a substantially lower tax abatement, it simply shouldn't be built.
  12. Its foreign enrollment has grown steadily. https://case.edu/ir/sites/case.edu.ir/files/2019-05/Enr_State-Countrytrends.pdf
  13. Cushman & Wakefield closes 145,000-square-foot manufacturing lease in Ohio https://www.rejournals.com/cushman-wakefield-closes-145,000-square-foot-manufacturing-lease-in-ohio-20190730
  14. Cushman seems to be an outlier on the vacancy front. Here’s their 2019 Q1 report https://www.crescorealestate.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Cleveland_Americas_Alliance_MarketBeat_Office_Q12019.pdf
  15. Xellia continues to invest here. JobsOhio May Awards https://www.jobsohio.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/JobsOhio-May-2019-Metrics.pdf Recent article about moving production to Cleveland https://www.biospace.com/article/xellia-pharmaceuticals-divests-raleigh-north-carolina-production-facilities-to-sagent-pharmaceuticals/
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