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  1. Hudson management was a hot mess developer from Florida that didn't know what they were doing and left alot of companies and firms in Cincinnati with unpaid bills...
  2. Wow that be a kick in the balls to the Cleveland folks who have been trying to get Aer Lingus for a couple years now. Not saying we have a better chance but our airport team seems to have a fighting chance.
  3. Its the area where they were pouring fresh concrete, probably and this is just assumption, the temporary structure/bracing wasn't installed properly, prior to the pour. The concrete pumper was swinging off the side of the building, happen to turn the corner when everything happened. One guy has been taken to the hospital so far.
  4. We use to buy 100s of the downtown Cincinnati gift cards for clients and colleagues as gifts and thank yous every year. With the change over we have had to switch to a different source altogether. 3CDC shouldn't have messed with something that wasn't broken...
  5. So without giving up to much information the dumpsters for demo will be inside the parking garage of the building with an internal demo shaft. once the dumpster is full its pushed out to walnut for pickup.
  6. Cranley and company have made a hostile environment for out of town developers. Giving preference to 3CDC and local benefactors to his campaign. I have seen a number of out of town developers pass on Cincinnati knowing about this environment. I dont hate on 3CDC but they are stretched thin at the moment internally on all the different projects they are working on. Fountain Place is on the back burner at the moment.
  7. Too many pots on the stove right now for 3CDC, but they created this for themselves by allowing local government to be hostile to out of state developers.
  8. Project is still happening, GC that was selected started creating alot of issues. The project is in for LEED certification. The timeline has been pushed back some because of the GC issue and budget numbers. Developers are not backing out though.
  9. Based on the address given in article sounds like you are right the old church at the corner of Madison and Romana, across from the Arby's/noodle house.
  10. Well between that and tavern on the hill across the street, the whole area is a dead spot. It's going to struggle and the old blue hairs love it. They think white table cloth restaurants are going to move in up here to appeal to them.
  11. Permit has been approved, ready to be picked up and paid for...
  12. Both teams have some rough games ahead, if our offensive coordinator doesnt step his game up, we wont be going to a New Year's Six Bowl. Some of the worst play calling lately. Reminds me of the 90s Bengals.
  13. 6-1 Bearcats head into a bye week, with ECU in two weeks! Keep fighting Bearcats.
  14. Since Jason Williams and John Cranley take bubble baths together, I am sure our Mayor will come out against Mooney soon enough.
  15. I would hope so, that kiosk makes the lobby look so cheap and not like an elevated bank HQ.
  16. 5/3 sold those air rights to 3CDC. Not to pop that balloon but that's probably not going to happen.
  17. The annex building? To the north of the square. If that is what your referring to no it was not built to hold additional floors. Worked on a feasibility study back in 2005 to determine
  18. Yes, the exterior needs alot of restoration work. You can see this building clear as day coming into the city from 471. With the federal reserve, courthouse, and the fifth street placement, majority of the hotel rooms will all have a view.
  19. Actually they started installing scaffolding around the building today, to protect pedestrians using sidewalk. Makes me think the exterior work should begin soon. I was excited to see them installing it at lunch time today.
  20. I think condensing will be more in the cards. Up the budget will be more difficult, everything in the budget is private donations. I highly doubt, any municipality will be willing to open the coffers and donate. To many anti-this and anti-that would put a stop to any government dollars for an event such as blink.
  21. Having worked both behind the scenes and volunteering up front two years ago and this year. I definitely heard alot more complaining from people this year. Its a shame that people have to be so down right rude and hostile. I had on three separate occasions Friday of people demanding myself/Artswave reimburse them for the parking fee, since the light projections were off because of weather. My response was, " Sorry, but this is a free event, and its heavily relied upon by the weather. Your best bet is to use it as a tax right off, since we are a non-profit" I also heard people constantly saying, "this is it?" "My kid can do this on their screensaver" "I was not expecting to have to walk to every installation" " I am not riding that silly choo choo". Beyond that the event grew in size, definitely some bumps and bruises, with any growing pains. I think there will be alot of lessons learned, and improvements for the next event in two years. Still enjoy seeing the multitude of people walking around downtown, and seeing all the kids light up at each display. Hands down best projection this year was Cincinnatus Temple.
  22. If they were to do this again in two years with Covington being involved. The little ferry boat that is used before and after reds and bengals games should be considered to assist people getting across the bridge, or just let people walk down the vehicular portion.
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