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  1. There lease says if another NFL team has something they have to get similar or better. So hopefully it wont be an issue of MLS having something they dont have.
  2. For whatever reason those guys absolutely love the ground John Cranley walks on, it makes me wanna barf, hearing them talk high praises about that man.
  3. It will be a Tru by Hilton. About six stories above two levels of parking. This originally was going to go at the old Burgundy site but the owners have gone there own path in getting the hotel built.
  4. The massing is nice overall, but some additional height would be great at the front porch of Covington. What good is it if you are in this new development and cant see over the levee walls?
  5. This area is great, work typically puts me in the Hilton at Penn Landing, right next to this area, and its always busy except in the winter. The skystar wheel area and the two splash pads at the entry to the bridge could really make an excellent active zone. Only issue is the amount of speeding cars through this area coming off the bridge.
  6. That second insurance goal brought to you by Cincinnati's own Rose Lavelle!
  7. Hopefully it could mean additional service to other Canadian cities. I could see Delta releasing certain lines to West Jet, the West Jet Encore service is actually nice i have flown on the Dash 8s and they have more room than the CRJ2 or 7. Service back to Montreal or even Calgary would be great.
  8. Hell just put pour'd concrete pads in front, couple planter beds with some lighting, dress the area up so it doesn't look like hillbilly carnival land...
  9. You need to be patient. Everything takes time and in this city it takes a bit longer. Hell no one lived north of Central 10 years ago and now look at it, you have people living north of liberty even. There were only a handful of residential projects and they were around garfield/piatt park back in the 90s early 2000s. I have see a major uptick in activity downtown in just the past five years. There are plenty of amenities already for residents. Once the grocery opens it will be even better. You dont need to convince people to move downtown, there are alot of empty nesters moving down here, and alot of young families too. You might see too many 25-35 year olds because that is probably the crowd you run in and around town. Trust me the city is going in the right direction, this is a conservative city so it takes more time...
  10. There are a number of stores that sell clothing for men downtown. They are niche market stores but they serve a purpose. With more and more people buying online you are going to find any retailer bullish about opening a store in an urban region at the moment. You post on here alot about wanting alot of national and intl retailers to come downtown, but the numbers are just not there yet. If downtown can secure an urban format Target similar to Corryville things will start going in the right direction. Everything takes time. I remember when tower place mall was nicer than Kenwood back in the day.
  11. This is all part of the legal battle to save the trees in the park. The Park portion has the funding in place to start reconstruction, once the hotel project starts wrapping up so there isnt multiple construction zones at once.
  12. 3CDC would be wise and get involved in the Garfield suites building. Talk about derelict and falling into disrepair. That owner was way over his head and the property is getting rougher by the day on Vine Street
  13. I still hope the Urban Design Review board holds Milhaus to use quality building materials and products and this doesnt become another EIFS and hardie board project. The design makes me cringe and the lack of site context drives me insane. No one could put in One Lytle Place to the right or actually grab photos of the river and park to put to the left? These are things that any college intern could easily do in photoshop for a rendering.
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