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  1. We first have to get a democrat elected president. I just hear everyone bitching they dont like Biden or they dont like Bernie or they dont like so and so. I just look at them and says its whoever is chosen or Trump for four more years, so shut up and show up to the polls next November. I think the internal squabble will hurt democrats again but not to get off topic.
  2. This always looks so cool from my place in Mount Adams, looks like a little lit up jewel box at night.
  3. This topic has really gotten off track in the past couple days... Just saying.
  4. Yes taking a page from Cranley playbook on how to run for mayor... Play old against young, east against west, suburb against urban, etc...
  5. Yep they didn't pay to play, so move along say Napoleon...
  6. You are correct was the Ted Gregory Event Center. They tore it down for a development of two midrise buildings (condos) then the economy crashed and project was cancelled. I dont have any knowledge of this new project, but wouldnt surprise me if they just built a parking garage... something we really need smh.
  7. Kroger isnt going to bring a marketplace downtown. I have worked with the Cincinnati Dayton Division for a number of years, we are lucky they are building a new grocery store downtown at all. They know in urban markets the ROI is even lower due to theft. So the grocery store in there eyes is still a major gamble. You wont see them bring a store with soft goods down here at all. The bookstore would almost be wise to just move to Carew tower complex and continue to fill the arcade up again.
  8. IT is being moved to Atrium 2. But Kroger also has a huge procurement team and development teams spread out across the city. Plus 84.51 is maxxed out now and 3CDC is being weird about letting the building grow down into the parking garage the way the design was intended. 3CDC is making too much off the garage portion to give it up. The Macys base building makes since for more office space, just hope that they can build on top of the building instead of kicking the can down the road.
  9. I think he is referring to the NW corner of 5th and Elm, not Race being the post modern entrance to the convention center, and then talking about the "CINCINNATI" spelled out along the western facade of the convention center.
  10. I wish cellphone technology was further along back in 05 and 06. I use to sit in on all the meetings in regards to the renovated fountain square. Full on fights, screaming matches, throwing packets of paper happened many times in regards to the layout and placement of the fountain. This was the birth of 3CDC basically and they were just starting to spread there wings. I think there are good and bad things about the design. I am sure the fountain will relocate again someday.
  11. The temporary stage location will disappear for a permanent stage as mentioned by Travis. However I have not heard if they will demo the granite platform the temporary stage sits on during the warmer months of the year, or if it will just remain.
  12. The new stage, will be mirrored opposite of where it is located now on the square. So the back of the stage will butt up to the Fifth Third Tower. Which is what the original proposal was back in 2007 when they redid the square and 5/3 wanted the stage on the opposite end. I was interning on that project and remember the fighting over the stage placement. I am sad to see the glass rainscreen going away along the south side of the annex building. I cant remember the amount of countless hours working on details for that glass screen with the LED lights....
  13. The Signia Hilton Indianapolis is getting a ton of push back now amongst the other major hotels in the city. Lawsuits are being discussed to stop the project before it even breaks ground. Which could be interesting, piss off that developer in Indianapolis, and lure them to Cincinnati instead.
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