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  1. Dunkin has to be the worst new vendor coming to CVG. Bad decision by the airport board. There coffee might be ok but the food just plain awful.
  2. With United cutting mainline to Chicago, Delta needs to set up and fill the void. The business community will fill the seats.
  3. Now if only they would just increase the ORD route to a CRJ7 OR 9 Alot of folks would be happy. Not sure what numbers Delta is looking at but the flight is constantly oversold especially the morning flight time.
  4. I see a farmers insurance commercial in the future for that college kid.
  5. All i remember was that it was started and owned by Pat Matson who use to play for the Cincinnati Bengals in the 70s.
  6. It feels like the Holiday Inn, Airport location, just add a couple fountains in the middle and bam!
  7. The new blue painted band of the Arena looks cheap, can't wait for the new logo application. Oh and the sun fading the royal blue into powder blue after a couple years...
  8. Yep, it's being renovated and changed into a Delta by Marriott hotel property. Major upgrade to the days when it use to be a Sheraton...
  9. Cincinnati Bearcats, Birmingham Bowl Champs 2020
  10. Well CVG still has a massive pilot base and Delta knows not to screw with the pilots. I am glad we haven't lost any additional service at CVG. If anything we have gained new service and larger AC. All while CVG continues to gain new service from other carriers. I feel for the UO members in CLE, such a big city and United cut service back so severely. Similar to how US destroyed Pittsburgh. Cincinnati escaped the ugly but it could always change.
  11. Hudson management was a hot mess developer from Florida that didn't know what they were doing and left alot of companies and firms in Cincinnati with unpaid bills...
  12. Wow that be a kick in the balls to the Cleveland folks who have been trying to get Aer Lingus for a couple years now. Not saying we have a better chance but our airport team seems to have a fighting chance.
  13. Its the area where they were pouring fresh concrete, probably and this is just assumption, the temporary structure/bracing wasn't installed properly, prior to the pour. The concrete pumper was swinging off the side of the building, happen to turn the corner when everything happened. One guy has been taken to the hospital so far.
  14. We use to buy 100s of the downtown Cincinnati gift cards for clients and colleagues as gifts and thank yous every year. With the change over we have had to switch to a different source altogether. 3CDC shouldn't have messed with something that wasn't broken...
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