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  1. It will be great to see a Tru hotel finally in Cincinnati, especially since it was conceived and developed locally.
  2. The reason why there is a heavy build up in Baltimore, is all the folks that work in DC and commute from Baltimore. I have two friends that live in Baltimore and commute into DC. Housing/Rent prices are alot lower than DC. So there is a pent up demand in the area now, and younger population with DC paychecks spending in Baltimore.
  3. savadams13

    Cincinnati/NKY International Airport

    Airport food is like the scene in National Lampoon's Euro trip. They order from a Parisian restaurant and everything is pre-made and frozen, just reheated and served to them. Well airport food vendors are all owned and operated by the same company HMS Host. Most of the time the sit down restaurants have the same pre-made food just different names on the menu and served up to you with a jacked up price.
  4. savadams13

    Cincinnati/NKY International Airport

    See what could be interesting is the new backer for Wow is Indigo Partners that has major stakes in Frontier (USA), Volaris(Mexico, Caribbean) Wizz (Europe). If they were to invest and create codesharing and partnering with each other. Wow could come to cities where Frontier has a bigger presence like Cincinnati to shuttle folks to Iceland and Europe beyond that then could connect on Wizz. Frontier passengers wanting transatlantic would have the option finally, WOW might get bigger boost in full planes.
  5. Well Cranley should not have thrown emergency cash towards his buddies in Oakley for the upgrades pedestrian bridges the way he did. Its not the full amount needed for the cities portion of the garage construction, but he definitely creates major issues that dont need to exist.
  6. savadams13

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    I would say you are partially correct. Kroger has run out of space in there existing building and has offices all over the CBD. There has been a request to bring more of the offices under one roof for some time now. We did studies and assessments about five years ago for Kroger on an office expansion at the downtown main tower. It was productive but nothing came of it. I doubt they will tear down the existing building, If anything build a new midrise office tower, and then use a floor or two to rotate offices from the old building as they do a major renovation.
  7. That will be in the new boutique hotel by Vision Hospitality out of Chattanooga. They bought the Jewelers Exchange building from the Cranley Family. Its suppose to be about 94 rooms, with a restaurant.
  8. Bortz Bros dont care they made their millions already, look at how they have let all their real estate flounder in Mount Adams, entertainment district is dead now. Yes OTR was the big killer, but if they been proactive they could have kept the area current and trending to keep folks coming back.
  9. Every time I read those letters, I just imagine Rev. Lovejoy's wife from the Simpson writing them and screaming out "What about the Children!"
  10. savadams13

    Cincinnati/NKY International Airport

    I wonder if it will go in the old sky elite lounge that was in Concourse B above the Candy Store and Starbucks. That was back in the day when there was a sky elite room and a Delta Crown Room in Concourse B
  11. Nice they wasted no time taking that sucker down. Rough building on the inside so i am sure it wasnt too hard to take down.
  12. My question will be OK, you will buy Mr. Steele's Hilltop plant, but what about the asphalt plant down there that isn't his? Valley Asphalt owns a very busy plant in between 75/71 and Clay Wade Bailey Bridge. If you buy the concrete plant but not the asphalt plant that seems short sighted. Annoyed it will become surface lots and maybe indoor practice facility, I would assume built up out of the flood plain, but I guess its better than concrete dust all over my car...
  13. There is a small group of us flying to Orlando Saturday morning for the game. Even though it wont be played at Nippert, UC is going to get national airtime for athletic and educational promotion. Buddy of mine said after the UCLA game this year they had a massive uptick in people responding to the admissions dept. Fickell is doing great things for this team, it would be amazing if he can get this team passed UCF. They are beatable, Memphis lost by 1 and Navy put up 24 points against them. Hopefully officiating wont be as terrible as it was in Philly a couple weeks ago...
  14. savadams13

    Cincinnati/NKY International Airport

    You must not travel often. I travel alot for work, and I can tell you that our airport is still a damn good looking airport compared to many. Carpet has been replaced everywhere. But you will not see carpet gone completely, its not economical for any airport. A and B both have been upgrades, yes B restrooms could use some upgrades but there not terrible. All the vendors in B are slowly going to be upgrading with the new contracts, right now some have temporary signage, but hell they reopened the CNBC store across from Max and Erma's, Ida's Seat is reopening, and there are six new retailers coming to B. If you are comparing CVG to Major Hubs or Major regional airports, you cant, you should compare our airport to other airports with 5-10 million passengers a year which is what i compare CVG to in regards to looks and offerings.
  15. savadams13

    Cincinnati: Historic Photos

    First National Bank Bldg Construction photo. SE corner at Fourth and Walnut.