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  1. Looks like the courier did more digging the Martin BBQ chain has decided against the Cincinnati expansion. So back to square one again...
  2. Agree I like that there is another entertainment venue at the Banks to bring more users, but the Newport Facility is going to be alot bigger and more flexible to host a number of different acts. The one at the banks looks very small now compared to Newport.
  3. Longworths didn't reopen, Monks Cove is just using there patio so they can reopen. The Bortz brothers had a heart...
  4. Knew someone whos parents owned this house in the early 2000s, they moved to Florida. This house was so cool on the inside and out. Tons of custom, built in features throughout. The craftsman on the interior was just unbelievable. I am sure John Barrett is going to buy it tear it down, for some ugly mcmansion of his choosing. Shame it cant be saved.
  5. The corporate umbrella they exist under files bankruptcy. All there restaurant brands are closing up shop.
  6. Honestly I am ok with the park looking unfinished and sh*tty. Helps exemplify the ugly design of W&S Autograph hotel project. I hope this lawsuit stays put, W&S have been more of corporate bullies in this part of town then stewards.
  7. You are correct the Newport based company that painted the swatches are testing different colors and companies. Giving the Southbank Partners more time to collect money to paint the bridge again.
  8. Hoping for the best, but it doesn't looking promising for Issue 7.
  9. Couldnt agree more, going west on Central you look up and it just looks unfinished, lots of areas where parking garage panels could have gone but instead CMU block walls live, alot of bad design at that corner of the building.
  10. The location in downtown Cincinnati is over priced and nasty. Not sure how much longer it will remain in business.
  11. Nothing like trying to attack the USPS when there has been conversations of large scale absentee ballot voting for a presidential election coming in November...
  12. It's not condos though, it's rental apartments. That's how this project got off the ground.
  13. All great that the construction industry is still going. However, commercial lenders have stopped all loan processes and lending at the moment. There are large amounts of architects, engineers, and designers about to be laid off. A number of individuals have seen overnight projects go into hold or cancel automatically. Its only a matter of time before the design professionals start receiving pink slips. This is in Cincinnati, curious if design professionals are seeing this in Columbus and Cleveland?
  14. Agree the location was terrible. You had to unload guest at Fourth Street and then you walked through a dead lobby in the evenings. The views weren't great either, if this was at the top of the tower i think he would have had more pull in order to make the journey to the restaurant.
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