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  1. You do a single, double loaded corridor. You can easily do 40-50 rooms per floor. That includes stairwells at both ends with elevator core in center. You don't have to do a ton of public spaces since your guests will dine, congregate and be in the casino portion of the property. You will need a lobby, gym, probably a small bar with food service, and since it's Hard Rock there will be a spa on another floor. The location is ideal, no one is to the south of them so 50% of the rooms will have city views...
  2. You are correct sir. This is the area I mentioned earlier in the tread, where the hotel tower will go. Hard Rock isn't buying up anymore land, they will use the land that is available for the hotel tower.
  3. Does this even fit? I am not an expert, but looking at this layout i would assume they would also need to take out existing taxiways of the 10R/28L runway, to accommodate this terminal design.
  4. It's still based on if the purchase is approved by all parties and the state. Hard Rock has big plans but it's all planning stages til final ownership hands off
  5. So I am late to the game, but travelers are still going to board a bus of some type and ride it from main terminal building to the car rental facility? I know land is tight at CMH and with the location of existing hotels it makes it harder to connect the two. Kinda sucks design wise, I guess it is what it is though. Glad the one at CVG will be direct connected to main terminal, do away with the need of Rental car buses altogether.
  6. Rumors are definitely true. Proposed Hard Rock Hotel and a new Hard Rock Cafe in the old Jimmy Buffet restaurant location. I have been told the hotel would squeeze in the area where the turn around drop off loop is south of the casino and parking garage (North of Court Street).
  7. Steiner development project across from Washington Park. Had potential to be a great looking building til NIMBY and OTRCC got heavily involved in trying to destroy it into another faux historic building
  8. Sherwin Williams wouldnt move to another city in the state. All they would gain is city and maybe county tax incentives. If they are going to move their HQ it will be to a different state to gain bigger state tax incentives. I see Sherwin Williams using this as a tool to get the state and city to offer new incentives to stay in Cleveland all together.
  9. Most building departments wouldn't allow a major construction project to happen directly above current occupant area.
  10. Ballet is moving to Baldwin site. So only a matter of time before the Ballet building is torn down for additional development.
  11. They would go great where the old Taco Bell was on Montgomery Rd was located before they closed that location
  12. I see brands for the convention hotel either still being Hilton Signia, Omni, Lowes, or Intercontinental. I find it very hard to believe Sheraton or JW will show up.
  13. The Ingalls Building will be a Courtyard by Marriott brand.
  14. CVG gates are starting to get crowded though. Since Concourse C was torn down you have Delta in 3/4 of B and American the other 1/4 of B. The rest of the carriers share concourse A. Will be interesting to see how our airport will either have Delta give up more gates or finally expand Concourse A to the west.
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