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  1. Nice they wasted no time taking that sucker down. Rough building on the inside so i am sure it wasnt too hard to take down.
  2. My question will be OK, you will buy Mr. Steele's Hilltop plant, but what about the asphalt plant down there that isn't his? Valley Asphalt owns a very busy plant in between 75/71 and Clay Wade Bailey Bridge. If you buy the concrete plant but not the asphalt plant that seems short sighted. Annoyed it will become surface lots and maybe indoor practice facility, I would assume built up out of the flood plain, but I guess its better than concrete dust all over my car...
  3. There is a small group of us flying to Orlando Saturday morning for the game. Even though it wont be played at Nippert, UC is going to get national airtime for athletic and educational promotion. Buddy of mine said after the UCLA game this year they had a massive uptick in people responding to the admissions dept. Fickell is doing great things for this team, it would be amazing if he can get this team passed UCF. They are beatable, Memphis lost by 1 and Navy put up 24 points against them. Hopefully officiating wont be as terrible as it was in Philly a couple weeks ago...
  4. savadams13

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    You must not travel often. I travel alot for work, and I can tell you that our airport is still a damn good looking airport compared to many. Carpet has been replaced everywhere. But you will not see carpet gone completely, its not economical for any airport. A and B both have been upgrades, yes B restrooms could use some upgrades but there not terrible. All the vendors in B are slowly going to be upgrading with the new contracts, right now some have temporary signage, but hell they reopened the CNBC store across from Max and Erma's, Ida's Seat is reopening, and there are six new retailers coming to B. If you are comparing CVG to Major Hubs or Major regional airports, you cant, you should compare our airport to other airports with 5-10 million passengers a year which is what i compare CVG to in regards to looks and offerings.
  5. savadams13

    Cincinnati: Historic Photos

    First National Bank Bldg Construction photo. SE corner at Fourth and Walnut.
  6. savadams13

    Cincinnati: Historic Photos

    Found some older photos of the city late 80's is what I am assuming. Def. enjoy the Kroger bldg prior to face lift.
  7. Yes but BW3 is owned by the equity group out of Atlanta that also owns Arby's. Even before that BW3 HQ moved to Minneapolis from Columbus.
  8. Hudson Holdings from Florida who purchased the building about two years ago with the intention of hotel and executive housing was behind on payments to banks and note holders. The building went into receivership and yes it has been sold. Still trying to find out who purchased the building though.
  9. Couldn't agree with you more. It seems that it will happen after midterm elections.
  10. Yes, you are correct, they are putting an At Home in both the old Oakley and Loveland Sams Club locations.
  11. I have been told by two reliable sources that groundbreaking ceremony is being worked out for the site. Something should be hitting news outlets soon.
  12. The exterior was suppose to get a whole new metal cladding and in the end the pricing came in way too high. It was value engineered out and the University opt'd for a graphic paint job on the exterior for the time being.
  13. savadams13

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    This title of the article makes it seem like they closed because lack of business. NewcrestImage decided to buy them out of the last two years of their lease and have also assisted in them being moved to another site downtown. The squirrel owner was bought out of their lease but decided to just call it quits. Once this project is underway it will be a breathe of fresh air for fourth street.
  14. savadams13

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    Yeah now if the Airport would get a move on and fix the awful parking situation. It really shows a lack of planning and leadership when the Long Term parking is constantly full, but they still don't have the other parking lot ready yet at the existing employee parking lot. Passengers are coming in droves to CVG again but the airport seems to not be ready to receive them...
  15. The old business school building, will become the new law school building with a renovation and addition...