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  1. Does anyone on this board know anybody that works with FCC? Is there anyway we can get in somebodies ear and try to explain to them the value of keeping the historic structures on Wade/Bauer?
  2. There aren't any vacant buildings on that little stretch of Short Reading though. Unless the Cincinnati Police Museum moves, or the Levin's sell (seems unlikely), then the only additional development opportunity would be to build out the other surface lots. Those bring in so much money though. I hope the owners of those lots would decide to sell some day, but it would take a lot of money to get them to sell those lots.
  3. They said they want to buy and build over that section of Wade between John and Central Ave. You do that and now you've lost the ability to have a super cool dare I say "European" feeling area of small streets on a tight street grid. If they really wanted to make this small area pop, so the stadium feels like a cool European stadium nestled into a neighborhood, when they tear down the TriState wholesale/ballet building, they should extend Bauer over to Central Parkway as a Pedestrian only street. I guess maybe I am wrong and they will do something fun like this. But every design we have seen to date shows this as standard American stadium, with nothing about it that references the architecture around it, and surrounded by as much parking as possible.
  4. But it's not just that one block. The stadium does not come up to Wade Street. The Jehovah's Witness building is also supposed to be turned into a parking lot. So you could have new infill on the south side of Wade. Plus you can rehab the old Baptist Church and all the older buildings on the North side of Bauer. Plus reconfigure the Block with the Ballet building. When I spoke of creating an FCC Village type area, I meant through out this whole area:
  5. Wade and Bauer offer small tight streets and alleyways that were built on a pedestrian scale. If you infill there, and restore the few remaining historic buildings, you will get a nice PLACE that people will want to hang out in because it feels right. Central parkway is huge. Whatever they might build facing Central will not be a comfortable place. It will not be pedestrian in scale. For comparison, the retail spaces on 2nd street at the banks just fail one business after another. The spaces on Freedom Way have been far more successful. Honestly, having small tight streets is maybe even more valuable than historic buildings. While it is hard to get good infill, it is impossible to get small skinny streets built. As soon as DOTE is brought in, massive wide road comes second. We should NEVER support removing smaller road sections in the urban core.
  6. I don't see it as zero sum. It would add to the urban fabric. Some people could party there, some in OTR. Plus, on non-gamedays, there would be something there other than parking. Ultimately, there would be THERE there. its about placemaking.
  7. If FCC had any vision, they would restore the historic buildings left on Wade and Bauer, infill appropriately, and call the area FCC Village or something. It could rather easily rival the banks. Fans could party there before games.
  8. The are also in the planning stages on building out townhomes on Pleasant, and infilling Vine in between 15th and Liberty. Also, while I have no information on this, I have to assume they are trying to purchase the Wade's land behind the old Krogers.
  9. 3cdc had proposed a boutique hotel on 12th next to Zundo in an Historic building that used to be a medical school or something if I remember correctly. That project seems to have been shelved.
  10. There are a bunch of other smaller hotels under construction that are supposed to be finishing up in the next year. Ingalls building, Anna Louise Inn, the two on 7th and race, Traction building. I know these are all much smaller, but in total, that could help alleviate some of the pressure.
  11. I was trying to figure out what they paid for these. It looks like they paid $364K for 1804 Vine, 1806 Vine, 35 E McMicken (all one building/parcel) $500K for 1812, 1814, 1816 Vine $525K for for 1820/1822 Vine I saw 500K listed for all three of those properties on Vine, but I doubt each building was 500K, guessing it was 500 for the group. Can anyone confirm?
  12. This could certainly over take the PNC pavilion, but the main stage at RiverBend can support 20,000 people with the lawn. This proposed venue for the banks is what 9,000 with lawn included. River Bend will still be the main venue for more popular bands.
  13. Very frustrating that they are pushing so hard for this music venue when phase 3A sits there, ready for development, and nothing. The proposal from the developers for more apartments seemed pretty spot on. It is annoying we haven't heard anything on whether that proposal was outright rejected, or if they are waiting for something else. Also, in addition to the music venue in Newport, the Casino is now also going to be adding a music venue on their second floor where they currently have a ballroom. Feels like they are moving heaven and earth for a music venue that will likely be redundant when it is finally built.
  14. Does anyone know what is going on with the small lot in the bottom of this picture? The one right next to the Police Museum which is also a lighter grey. Address is 1110 Sycamore. Cars always used to be packed in there like legos, but I walked by the other day and it was empty. It is not part of the 1118 Sycamore development as far as I know. I don't believe it is owned by the Levine's either.
  15. The design of the building was controversial, it just barely got approval from the Pendleton Community Council, and just barely passed the Historic Board on first review. It would not pass the new Infill guidelines that are being proposed for OTR/Pendleton, although I don't believe those guidelines are official yet. Main complaints are 1), it is too tall at 7 stories, 2) the stepped terraces will look out of place in the neighborhood.
  16. I hate the idea of them blocking off Elm to expand the convention center. Here is my idea. Buy all the parking lots on Eggelston, Build a big new convention center there, under all the highway overpasses. Then it is forced to be single story, just like they want. The higways and ramps are never going away, and nothing else is likely to get built there. It could stretch from 4th to Reedy. Stick a new hotel tower on top of part of it, maybe say next to Columbia parkway. I realize they would have to the close that little stub of 5th street and Sentinel Street, but since all that is on the other side is 471, I don't care as much about that. Then it is also much closer to the Casino, which would probably be popular for some conventions. Give the current convention center site to 3cdc, re-establish Plum, and let 3cdc re-invigorate the southwest quadrant of downtown. I am sure you are probably not allowed to build directly under the highways, but hey, I can dream.
  17. I fundamental reject the idea that we "need" to expand the convention center. What we need to do is redevelop that corner of downtown for resident and workers. Not sacrifice yet more land and streets for out of town visitors to come stay in Hotels.
  18. When I walk to Eden park from Pendleton, From 13th and Reading, I cut in at the staples, then walk through the parking lot behind the parking garage and office building, which then drops me off at Elsinore right at the bridge over 71.
  19. If you get off 75 at Newtown pike, that is major road that gets you to circle 4 in less than 5 mins. They have been adding lanes on circle 4 and the grade separated part of it essentially is a highway at this point. While 75 does not go through the middle of downtown, I think the only reason the city hasn't sprawled completely over to it is the urban growth boundaries they have in place to protect their horse farms.
  20. Just speculation here, but I would guess who ever owns the Kenwood town center enjoys being in a township over a city proper. If they wanted to be part of Madeira, or if they wanted Kenwood to be its own city, they could probably make that happen.
  21. At least it looks like the two historic buildings on the Jehovah's Witness block won't be torn down.
  22. Everyone needs to make 9:30 pm their regular shopping time, so they constantly have a full-ish store at 10. That will get them to extend hours.
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