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  1. When I walk to Eden park from Pendleton, From 13th and Reading, I cut in at the staples, then walk through the parking lot behind the parking garage and office building, which then drops me off at Elsinore right at the bridge over 71.
  2. If you get off 75 at Newtown pike, that is major road that gets you to circle 4 in less than 5 mins. They have been adding lanes on circle 4 and the grade separated part of it essentially is a highway at this point. While 75 does not go through the middle of downtown, I think the only reason the city hasn't sprawled completely over to it is the urban growth boundaries they have in place to protect their horse farms.
  3. Just speculation here, but I would guess who ever owns the Kenwood town center enjoys being in a township over a city proper. If they wanted to be part of Madeira, or if they wanted Kenwood to be its own city, they could probably make that happen.
  4. At least it looks like the two historic buildings on the Jehovah's Witness block won't be torn down.
  5. Everyone needs to make 9:30 pm their regular shopping time, so they constantly have a full-ish store at 10. That will get them to extend hours.
  6. of the , 71, 471, 50 triangle, seems like you could really just rip out the 71 parts and make it so 71S follows the path of 471 until it gets to 50. Then 71 turns and follows 50. Have a full set of ramps at this new 71, 471, 50 interchange. Then you can eliminate the tunnels under Lytle park, the elevated parts of 71 and recover that triangle of surface lots. I realize a bunch of money was just spent on rehabbing the tunnels, and the elevated parts of 71, so this will never happen. But if you wanted a less complicated/expensive design than what we currently have, it seems possible.
  7. From an environmental perspective, this is way better than what skyhouse proposed. Tall skinny towers mean lots of steel, which mean lots of CO2 emissions. The skyhouse proposal didn't use the site very well. lots of wasted space. If this give us the same number of apartments with better use of space, I am all for it.
  8. I have worked downtown since 2004. I have parked in a variety of lots/garages. Only on rare occasion are any of the garages full. There is ample parking downtown. Anyone who says there isn't really means, "There aren't enough cheap surface parking spaces one block from my building".
  9. I don't like the idea of tearing down an 800 room hotel, to replace it with, another 800 room hotel. Creates so much waste. Why not just renovate it one floor at a time. Then you can keep most of the rooms open as you go.
  10. I would like to point out that after redevelopment of Ziegler park, you can now find children of various income levels playing on the equipment, and in the swimming pool. So it is possible to create a successful mixed income neighborhood, and park. It just isn't easy. As was mentioned above, we clearly need to get the buildings rehabed/repopulated on McMicken/Clifton first. Then pick the one neighborhood park to spend the money on. Whether that is Grant or Findlay. The Rothenberg academy also has their playground on Clifton almost right next door to Grant Playground.
  11. So maybe this is dumb question, but if the convention center needs to expand so badly, why doesn't it expand upward. Add a new floor (third?) on top of the whole thing.
  12. The brick is probably ok. Roof is clearly destroyed. The real question would be what shape are the wood floor joists in. It likely could be saved, but may be cost prohibitive.
  13. When they presented to the Pendleton Council, they said it was going to be changed from 1 story, to it has to be within 10% of the overall average height of the buildings on the block. I pushed on this because that is going to be difficult when it comes to large plots of land that don't have many buildings around them. Really, the new guidelines are almost entirely aimed at infilling a single 25x90 lot, where it has neighbors on either side. Those are the easy, non-contentious proposals. It is the bigger developments where you are combining 4+ lots for one large building that the new guidelines still don't really address. When i asked about this, they mentioned how the guidelines recommend looking at the original Sandborn maps. Which I take to mean that they are going to try prevent any large buildings, and make everything be smaller finely grained development. I didn't get a satisfactory answer from them on this.
  14. 1) Its unbelievable that they didn't jump on that proposal for the Apartment building just south of GE. We're not going to get another office tower like we did with GE. The group that proposed the apartments and retail space knows what the Banks needs, because they all already own/manage property at the banks. This was a no-brainer. This project could be halfway built by now 2) I still can't believe they picked MEMI over the group that originally wanted to build the music venue. Again that could be getting started right now, instead its getting built across the river 3) per #2, I know that supposedly the reason the MEMI music venue can't move forward is they have to relocate the concrete plant so the Bengals can have a tailgating lot. This is ridiculous. a) tailgaiting isn't a huge thing at bengals games, not compared to other NFL cities, b) it only happens 8 times a year, so dedicating prime land for it is insane c) THE ONLY REASON FANS TAILGATE IN THE FIRST PLACE IS BECAUSE MOST STADIUMS ARE SURROUNDED BY VAST SEAS OF SURFACE PARKING LOTS. If instead your stadium is surrounded by an awesome mixed use neighborhood with restaurants and bars, guess what, fans will just go to those establishments instead. I am sure if someone really wanted to, they could figure out a legal way to tell the bengals to shove off about their stupid tailgating. But Katie Blackburn is on the steering committee, so clearly the bengals will keep getting whatever they want. 4) I suppose the skystar is better than a useless piece of grass, but the lot south of the Freedom center desperately needs a mixed use building on it. That lot plus the freedom center create a dividing line between phase 1 and phases 2-3 of the banks. Kills the flow of the whole "neighborhood". If the freedom center had any interaction with the street, it wouldn't be so bad, but it is built like a fortress. The Banks had so much potential, but its just been one face palm after another. They should give 3CDC control, at least they would actually get something done.
  15. It shouldn't have anything to do with Liberty Street road diet or water main, since those are are affecting the south side of the road, and this is on the north side. I know that they are working on new In Fill guidelines for OTR. I honestly can't remember what the last set of design plans for this building looked like, but there is a good chance they would not pass these new infill guidelines. While the new guidelines are more restrictive, they are also much more clear. Maybe they are waiting for those new guidelines to go in place so they can submit updated plans.
  16. I'd rather see them converted to apartments. Easier to convert apartments to Condos one day. But really I just want the Brueggers back on the first floor.
  17. It will be great to see this building finally put back into use. But I am bummed it will be yet another Hotel. With its narrow profile, I always though it would have make for a great condo building.
  18. Pretty picture. I have never spent any time in Sedamsville, just looked through it on Google maps. Some nice buildings here and there, but definitely a plethora of vacant lots. Comparing to our other smaller neighborhoods; Pendleton, Mount Adams. Sedamsville is really just 4 long streets. Some cross streets would really help. At 3.5 miles from downtown though, too far to be walkable to anything else. Although as mentioned, it will be bikeable once the trail is built. It is quite picturesque nestled between Mount Echo and Embshoff. Looks like there is a trail up to Embshoff. It certainly looks like it has more potential than South Fairmont, which I always hear talked about, but can't see anything really happening there.
  19. That's the real problem. The block of the banks that is wasted with a grass lawn, and a dumb, "sing the city" or whatever that sign is. Combined with how closed off and removed from the street the freedom center is, you end up with a block wide gap separating phase 1 of the banks from phase 2
  20. As was mentioned previously, if you keep these 7 buildings, and use them as the template for infill, you will end up with some quality architecture designed on a human scale. FCC will have an awesome little two block area next to their stadium. If you tear them all down, you will end up with bland car oriented garbage.
  21. Troy, I understand your point about West End redevelopment being a long ways off. I agree with you when you are talking about the West End north of Liberty. However, the West End south of Liberty has almost no Historic stock left. It was mostly all demolished for Public housing, and the later, for City West. The Wade/Bauer blocks are a small pocket where there are a few historic buildings, and the original street grid is still intact. Someone had already restored a couple of the buildings on Wade into condos if I remember correctly. Considering that the MLS wanted this stadium here rather than Oakley because they want it to have a European feel, I am arguing that the Wade Bauer area north of the stadium is the way to do that. I doubt anyone from FC reads this forum, but on the off chance they do, here is my Plea: Do not turn Wade and Bauer into surface lots. Partner with 3cdc or Model group or someone and restore the Historic buildings, and infill the vacant land. You will have a gem of a small sub neighborhood right next to your stadium.
  22. Concerning FC buying up as many properties as it can on Wade and Bauer; I believe they have huge potential there to create what the Banks could have been. True mixed use Urban without terrible architecture. They can call it FC Village or something. Keep the Historic buildings, tear down the single story cinder block crap, replace with new 4 story infill, first floor retail, residence on top. I know they want to build a giant parking structure on the block that is the Tri-State building/Ballet, but if they would incorporate that into this FC Village concept, that would go a long way towards making this whole site far incorporated into the surrounding area. I know this is pie in the sky and they will probably just tear as much down for parking as they can, but I can dream. Also, I am still amazed they have not bought out the cell tower or whatever that is. That thing is going to stick out like a sore thumb right in front of the stadium.
  23. For anyone who lives in Pendleton, here is a link to a survey concerning the Liberty Street Road Diet. I personally answered every question with, "six lane option is worth less that nothing, no one wants that, you're better off doing nothing" https://forms.gle/WDysdZX7MSShBoou8
  24. The current designs of the stadium are garbage. That thing is going to stick out like a sore thumb in a historic neighborhood. I would like to see a brick facade, and a design that references the old brewery buildings that used to face Central Parkway. But more importantly, the city should demand an actual site plan before approving the variance. The potential front buildings on Central parkway are super important to making this somewhat fit into the neighborhood.
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