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  1. Once the 4th and Race garage+apartments is done, and then if we build another Cincinnati special, retail+parking garage+apartments either on the 5th and plum site, or current Millennium site, Maybe then 3cdc would be ok giving up the 84.51 parking.
  2. Interesting idea, build a new hotel on the 5th and plum lot, convince the convention center they don't need to do an expansion, and then give the space where the Millenium is over to 84.51 for expansion.
  3. I understand your point, but disagree. Right now, most of the blocks either have a surface parking lot, or a tiny triangle of land too small to build on. Accepting a modest 10 ft increase makes those triangles possible to build on. Once those get built, to your point, it is unlikely we will ever get it narrowed to a proper width. If we leave it as is but put in bump outs, those triangle are not possible to build on, and the parking lots are going to stay parking lots for quite some time. 3cdc just built the lot on Race/liberty last year. They clearly expect to keep it as such for a while. I realize there have been some parking lots in OTR/Pendleton that have gotten new infill, but there are still way more vacant buildings and vacant lots to be developed before we get to a point of parking lots delevoping en mass. There is too much money to be made on them right now.
  4. I find this maddening. Reducing from 7 lanes to 6 still leaves it as a major arterial road. Completely misses the point of the road diet. The only benefits are the pedestrian bump outs, and as mayor Cranley pointed out, we could do that while keeping the 7 lanes for way less money. If I am agreeing with Cranley, something is wrong. Better to just do the bump outs, and wait for a better political environment and try again to see if we can get it right.
  5. That is a surprising large price. However, with it being John Huber Homes, I am guessing that will be another couple of million dollar town homes. Missed opportunity for some added density there with it being on the Streetcar line.
  6. That all makes sense. Although the project on Sycamore in Pendleton has been excavating and moving dirt around like gang busters
  7. Things I think would help with this: 1) Kroger would need to redo their first couple floors of their tower so they interact with Court Street instead of being a bunker wall 2) Infill build on the parking lot south of the new Kroger 3) Renovate the building on the corner of Court and main. This one looks very rough right now.
  8. yeah, I am going to bet most residents of this apartment building end up using a lot of Uber trips. Maaaaybe walk down, then Uber back up.
  9. At first, I was going to say that is too many parking spaces, but then I realized there isn't really any good way to walk to anything in OTR/downtown from here. Best option is walk over to Young Street steps and then down, but I don't see many people doing that on a regular basis. It would be nice if there was a stair case going from the south end of Walker down to Sycamore, or Boal. Kind of surprised they didn't try to buy out 1803-1825 Josephine street and take the property all the way over to Josephine. A bunch of pretty landscaping on Walker St is going to get torn out. Sucks for the residents on Walker if that ends up being lower level parking garage.
  10. Somewhat related, I have felt it would be worth the cities money to rebuild/extend Pueblo over to Walker Street. Since some developer just built those Modern homes up on Pueblo that I think went for close to 2 million. Seems like a good idea to try to get some more of those put in up on the hillside.
  11. The path I was referencing is an extension of Ringgold, rather than Pueblo. If that is where the driveway entrance to this development is going to be, it will completely change that little hidden park area. I'll be interested to see how that all turns out. Infill in this area would be good for Filson Park. I was jogging around one day this summer, Zeigler swimming pool was overflowing with people, Filson swimming pool literally had zero people in it, just two bored life guards.
  12. I always hoped someone would build out more townhomes with Stone facade on Bigelow to match what is already faces Hopkins Park on Auburn and Park Pl
  13. There is a walking path on Josephine/Ringgold that goes to this hidden little park area, and then over to Walker street. Is this apartment complex going to wipe that out?
  14. Does anyone on this board know anybody that works with FCC? Is there anyway we can get in somebodies ear and try to explain to them the value of keeping the historic structures on Wade/Bauer?
  15. There aren't any vacant buildings on that little stretch of Short Reading though. Unless the Cincinnati Police Museum moves, or the Levin's sell (seems unlikely), then the only additional development opportunity would be to build out the other surface lots. Those bring in so much money though. I hope the owners of those lots would decide to sell some day, but it would take a lot of money to get them to sell those lots.
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