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  1. The current designs of the stadium are garbage. That thing is going to stick out like a sore thumb in a historic neighborhood. I would like to see a brick facade, and a design that references the old brewery buildings that used to face Central Parkway. But more importantly, the city should demand an actual site plan before approving the variance. The potential front buildings on Central parkway are super important to making this somewhat fit into the neighborhood.
  2. Article said there would be a pedestrian bridge over KY 9 connecting this venue to the rest of the Ovation site. I don't really understand where put it. Does that mean the music venue is going in east of the new traffic circle in between 3rd and 5th? Also, concerning outdoor concerts in the basin, the Casino quit doing their outdoor concerts on the lawn. I don't really know why as they seemed to draw well.
  3. Stadiums do not drive develpoment. Sports teams like to say this, but there is zero data to back it up. Whatever population growth OTR and the west end see over the next 10 years would have happened regardless of the stadium.
  4. When you look at it from an aerial view, it blends in with Sigma Sigma commons with the green roofs and non perpendicular angles. Seems like the architect focused more on that aspect than the ground level view.
  5. I know that site used to have an old brewery building on it. Anyone know if there are tunnels under that parking lot?
  6. I hate the convention center. It kills that whole area. In my ideal world they would tear down the current one, reconnect Plum, let 3CDC do their thing to reinvigorate the area. Then partner with the casino, add another floor to the casino which would be the convention center. Then at least we could have only one giant ugly building that would be 2 stories, instead of 2 giant ugly 1 story buildings.
  7. The density is great, but I HATE the combinations of facade materials. Brick for 5 stories, then siding for 3, but all siding over here in front of the garage. Just pick a material a go with it.
  8. Does anyone know what the hold up is with this site? It would seem cheaper to build on an already vacant site as compared to the demolition of the old hospital they are doing for The District. With all the new apartment buildings that have gone up around campus, It is very surprising this land has stayed empty for so long.
  9. Development at the Banks has basically come to a Halt. I know there is all the talk about a music venue, and a proposal for phase 3. But hard reality is that Phase 3 of the Banks has been sitting there ready for development for a couple years now, and nothing. If we can't even get something built on phase 3, which is "shovel ready", I don't see us ever getting these caps built and something developed on them. There obviously isn't enough demand for that right now.
  10. I missed the Pendleton Neighborhood council meeting last night, but I heard this udpate. Matthew Andrews from the city came and presented about a 7 lane option for the liberty street road diet. Essentially keeping the road as is but with pedestrian bump outs. Pendleton voted in favor of this. I don't know if this is going in front of OTRCC again or if this is just making up for Pendleton not being included in the presentations for the road diet in the first place. Seems like with FCC coming in though, the road diet is never going to happen.
  11. I don't think you have to worry about that, they have already started construction on "phase 1" lets call it, on the North side of Straight street.
  12. The $250,000 is currently spent in a smaller area, mainly around Vine Street and Washington Park. They will need the $650,000 to provide these additional services on all the streets in the new proposal.
  13. The ballet parking lot at the corner of Wade and Central parkway is the site of what used to be a brewery. There are lager tunnels under the parking lot. You can actually still see the foundation of the building at the perimeter of the lot. I assume they mean to incorporate the tunnels into the new development. However, the ballet has a lease on that parking lot. FC still needs to buy them out of their lease for the parking lot, and the building at some point.
  14. Booooooooooooo. In the immortal words of Lando Calrissian, This deal is getting worse all the time.
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