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  1. Exactly. Apparently this deal is worth $3.5-4mil per year (The Dispatch has undervalued it) and is for at least 6 years, but can be up to ten years. That’s an absolutely massive deal, especially for a team that only gets one nationally televised regular season game each year.
  2. Columbus Crew SC partners with Nationwide for future jersey sponsorship In 2020, the Crew will partner with Nationwide Children’s Hospital and feature a special Nationwide Children’s jersey for all competitions, including all Major League Soccer and Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup matches. The Nationwide Children’s Hospital jersey will debut at Crew SC’s Opening Match this Sunday, March 1 when the Black & Gold host New York City FC. For one year, all authentic and replica jerseys, including those worn by the First Team and those sold at retail, will prominently incorporate the Nationwide Children’s Hospital logo. Beginning in 2021, Crew SC kits will feature the Nationwide logo and Nationwide Children’s Hospital will transition into a community partner role with details to be announced later this year. https://www.columbuscrewsc.com/post/2020/02/27/jersey-columbus-crew-sc-partners-nationwide-future-jersey-sponsorship 2020 jerseys with the NCH logo: 2021 black jersey with the Nationwide logo: There will be a new yellow jersey design for 2021.
  3. Based on the renderings, I'm pretty excited to see how this entire development plays out. I know we all like to see high rises, but this looks like it could/should be a fairly dense urban development. These renderings in particular have me pretty excited.
  4. Some other positive notes from the article: Currently, there are 86,665 workers employed downtown. The downtown office vacancy rate is 14%. There are 1,000 hotel rooms under construction. Downtown has a hotel occupancy rate of 66.5%, which is close to the 70% threshold that signifies more rooms are needed.
  5. Nothing really exciting from an urban development standpoint, but here's a summary of current construction projects in the Canal Winchester area. https://canalwinchesterohio.gov/197/Development-Projects Approved and ongoing projects include 7 different logistics/warehouse projects of various sizes, two new hotels adding nearly 200 rooms, new medical offices, a CWHS expansion, numerous residential projects, and other various projects. The link includes an interactive map which shows where the projects are located.
  6. This is actually what my guess was without actually seeing the schedule. That's good news! Hopefully we have a mild spring and everything stays on track.
  7. Commission to Weigh in on New Downtown Park, Pedestrian Bridge The latest plans for a new pedestrian bridge and riverfront park near the new Crew stadium will be presented to the Downtown Commission next week. Materials submitted to the city in advance of the meeting show new landscaped areas on both sides of the river, as well as other amenities like a kayak launch, a bike share station, a dog park, and a new trail running along the east side of the river that appears to extend both south to the Downtown riverfront and north to the Reach on Goodale site. https://www.columbusunderground.com/commission-to-weigh-in-on-new-downtown-park-pedestrian-bridge-bw1/
  8. It's gonna be quite a while until we see anything begin to rise, if I had to guess. The amount of site prep and sub-High Street work that has to be done seems to be pretty substantial.
  9. What's the current OSU crane situation? I haven't been by in a while. Have the remaining cranes gone up yet?
  10. Ironically, downtown Chicago has a Walgreen's with a surface parking lot at the corner of Clark and Ontario.
  11. Yep. Hopefully that's exactly how things play out. The fact that the corner of Grant and State is a surface parking lot is disgusting.
  12. The garage portion definitely doesn't look great. My hope is that in a few years, that won't matter much because it will be mostly covered up by future buildings that will (hopefully) go up on the surface lots at Broad/Grant, State/Grant, and Oak/6th. I love how the bold red siding is paired with the white balconies. Hopefully it will age well, but right now it definitely adds a bit of flair to a bland part of the downtown.
  13. This will be very interesting to watch. Hopefully they do go at least 10-stories high. If they do, I wonder if we could see a domino effect in the surrounding area. There are numerous 1970-1980 era suburban style apartments that would be ripe for redevelopment. I have to think a developer would be chomping at the bit to purchase The New Yorker Townhomes or the Thurber Gate Apartments, demolish them, and then put up an 8-12 story mixed-use building.
  14. Interesting picture from the article:
  15. Given the current level of demand, I wonder if they are planning to build another tower, potentially along Thurber Dr where the two covered parking structures currently are.
  16. CLE topping 10m as a non-hub wen they were at 13m as a hub is pretty solid. The 3C's airports are all doing really well right now! Hopefully CMH and CLE can get some European routes soon to increase accessibility for the state.
  17. Can't wait to see the new Hilton tower included in these shots!
  18. I have two friends who grew up right next to rail road tracks and they both said the sound of trains is actually soothing to them at night because they are used to it.
  19. I was thinking exactly that yesterday. That spot is too prime to continue as a surface lot.
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