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  1. I really don't like what is being proposed for the ground level of the 5/3 building. I love how classic the tower is right now, even down to the entrances, and I would had to see it modernized/sterilized.
  2. There's a lot of potential, and I hope they don't take the conservative route. This first group of buildings, while not bad, is fairly sterile. I really hope they can do something unique in the future phases. Especially on the northern portion between Vet's Memorial and Gravity. We could end up with a handful of blocks full of very interesting architecture if they build something similar to what they are showing in the renderings.
  3. ...and Hilton 2.0, the new Westminster-Thurber tower, Market Tower, Crew Stadium and surrounding development, etc. It's crazy how much the view from 670 has changed over the past decade.
  4. Is that a new rendering? I know all of the buildings except for the 4 approved today are purely conceptual, but some of those taller buildings look very interesting and exciting.
  5. Again, the Newark area is much too intertwined with Columbus to be an independent micropolitan statistical area. Zanesville, Chillicothe, Marion, etc. are all far enough away from Columbus to have their own regional pull. Places like Newark, Lancaster, or Marysville are much too close and intertwined with Columbus to have that type of pull. This is not an insult to Newark or Lancaster or anywhere else, it's just the way it is. Newark is also in a county that falls within the Columbus MSA. Zanesville, Chillicothe, etc. are all in counties that are not included in the Columbus MSA but are included in the CSA.
  6. There is more than just population of an area that is taken into account when defining MSAs. Commuting, economic, and social ties are all measured and taken into consideration. Newark (and Heath/Granville/Hebron/etc.) are all very much a part of the core Columbus area. A large percentage of people in the areas you are talking about regularly travel to Columbus for purposes of working, shopping, recreation, or traveling. If Newark was a couple hours away from Columbus, rather than a 35 minute drive, it could be its own MSA. But, because it is so close and so tied to Columbus, it will always be part of the Columbus MSA. I guess if the population of Newark area were to absolutely explode to like 400k, you could end up with a Columbus-Newark "metroplex", kind of like the DFW metroplex.
  7. It will remain part of the Columbus MSA. It will never be its own MSA.
  8. You just wait...they will finally add Dayton to the Cincy MSA and then people realize how truly powerful Cincinnati is! /s
  9. I really hope they put up a construction cam for this project once they actually get some above ground work going. Although, if they do, I will be wasting a lot of time watching that and the Crew Stadium construction cam...
  10. If construction on this building is anything like the previous two, it's going to grow like a weed. The other two seemed to go up very quickly.
  11. It seems like they may have possibly prioritized the Scioto Peninsula project over Market Tower. This would make sense as it is just one of multiple pieces to that project, all of which needed to be ready to go together. If they didn't prioritize that, they could have missed out on it. Hopefully you can get some solid info for us though.
  12. City approves first four buildings for massive Scioto Peninsula project “While next steps include Downtown commission approval and city permitting, all signs point to a September start date for the private development, which will keep us on schedule for a summer 2022 grand opening. Public utility construction will begin earlier in the summer.” Approved Tuesday were: A 240,000-square-foot 8-story office building with ground-floor retail and restaurant space, to be built by the Columbus builder Daimler. An 8-story, 197-room hotel built by Rockbridge, the Columbus hotel developer, with a rooftop bar, first-floor restaurant, meeting spaces, and a single-story “market” building that will house a yet-to-be-identified retail or restaurant user. Two residential buildings, one 11 stories and one 6 stories, built by Flaherty & Collins, an Indianapolis developer. The two buildings will include about 330 apartments and some first-floor retail.
  13. Not trying to be a jerk, but did you guys read the whole article? I understand being pessimistic, but he stresses that feel it’s important to get a big project done in Columbus. Obviously we will see, and talk is cheap, but they definitely seem committed to it.
  14. So I was asking about Market Tower over in the Hilton 2.0 thread, and it just so happens that the Dispatch just put out an article with some info on it. https://www.thisweeknews.com/business/20200522/rockbridge-capital-moving-forward-on-new-hotels-despite-pandemic?rssfeed=true&utm_campaign=snd-autopilot How have your two Columbus projects ― the Scioto Peninsula and the North Market ― been affected? The projects we’re working on here are meaningful, long-term projects we’re committed to and are moving forward with. We’ve done projects in 38 states and not done one of significance in Columbus, so as we were doing similar projects in other locations and watching Columbus grow, we started to look here locally and had the opportunity to get involved in two great projects. We expect to break ground on the Scioto Peninsula hotel this year. That’s on a different timeline than the North Market project. That won’t break ground until next year. ... You’re looking at anywhere from 18 to 24 months to build the Scioto project, and 24 to 30 months on the North Market.
  15. Thanks @DTCL11 and @Gnoraa Slightly off topic, but did you guys happen to notice anything at the Market Tower site? I'm a little more worried about that one actually happening now with how crazy the economy has become.
  16. MSAs are largely determined based on commuting patterns. The Newark area is very much a part of the Columbus MSA.
  17. Has anyone ventured past the construction site recently? Are they still playing in the dirt, or should we expect to see anything vertical happening soon? I haven't seen an application filed for a crane on the oeaaa website, so I'm assuming that's still a ways off.
  18. Central Ohio Population Change 2010-2019: Columbus City: 787,033 - 898,553; +14.2% Franklin County: 1,163,414 - 1,316,756; +13.2% Columbus MSA: 1,901,974 - 2,122,271; +11.58% Southwest Ohio Population Change 2010-2019: Cincinnati City: 296,945 - 303,940; +2.4% Hamilton County: 802,374 - 817,473; +1.9% Cincinnati MSA: 2,137,667 - 2,221,208; +3.91% Northeast Ohio Population Change 2010-2019: Cleveland City: 396,815 - 381,009; -4.0% Cuyahoga County: 1,280,122 - 1,235,072; -3.5% Cleveland MSA: 2,077,240 - 2,048,449; -1.39% Core County as % of MSA: Franklin County: 62% Hamilton County: 37% Cuyahoga County: 60% Core County Population Change Impact on MSA: Franklin County: +153,342; 70% of MSA pop increase (+220,297) Hamilton County: +15,099; 18% of MSA pop increase (+83,541) Cuyahoga County: -45,050; 156% of pop decrease (-28,791) Population Density of Core County 2010-2019: Franklin County: 2,187 - 2,475; +13.2% Hamilton County: 1,976 - 2,013; +2.8% Cuyahoga County: 2,801 - 2,703; -3.5%
  19. They have also added a 360 Drone Cam to the new stadium's website, and it's pretty awesome. It's not a live feed like the construction cam, but you can pan around and zoom in/out, and it's a very good picture quality. I'm guessing they will be updating the picture periodically throughout the process, though I'm not sure how often. https://www.crewstadium.com/drone/
  20. The team posted a pretty cool video which provides an update on construction progress as well as what to expect in the future: https://www.columbuscrewsc.com/post/2020/05/18/downtown-crew-sc-behind-scenes-look-next-major-construction-phase?autoplay=true The team also has a new live webcam feed of the stadium construction site which provides some new views and features: https://public.earthcam.net/tJ90CoLmq7TzrY396Yd88LfYWPyQxkt0K3IoDnSqPq4!/the_crews_new_downtown_stadium/camera/live As you can see, the seating bowl on the south end is starting to take shape and steel is starting to rise in the southeast corner. According to the video, steel will start rising rapidly and you will see the stadium quickly taking shape.
  21. The location of the highway may be a bit unique with how close to downtown it is, but the size - which is what GCrites80s was commenting on - is certainly not unique. Marysville has 33 which passes close to it's downtown and loops around. Springfield has 68 about a mile to it's West as well a 70 about 2 miles to it's south. You can see the buildings in downtown Mansfield from 30.
  22. That's a bit dramatic. There are two intersections with stoplights about a mile east of downtown Newark. It's really no different than many other rural state highways around the state.
  23. Whether there are team-specific shuttle buses from the AD parking garages, or they simply reroute the CBus to go around the new stadium, I'm fairly confident there will be some form of transportation from the parking garages to the stadium. The new ownership have done a great job with pretty much everything since taking over, so I highly doubt they will ignore the need for some form of shuttle service.
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