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  1. There are two big differences I've noticed between Columbus/Indy and Austin. One is the highway system. Both Columbus and Indy have a pretty well laid out highway system, while Austin's kind of sucks. It's very difficult to get from one end of Austin to the other, but not so much in Columbus or Indy. This is going to create some fairly significant problems for Austin as it's population continues to boom. In fact, it's already quite the headache. The second main difference is the fact that Austin is fairly close to San Antonio, a city with a larger population. You can get to downtown San Antonio from downtown Austin in a little over an hour. The southern Austin suburbs are only about 30-45 minutes from the northern San Antonio suburbs. This exists to a smaller degree with Columbus and Dayton, and doesn't exist at all with Indy. Also, Austin does have some hilly land that affects development, but I would say it's not quite like Cincinnati.
  2. An "inspiration" is not a peer. Atlanta has been the main city in South for a very long time. Chicago, Toronto, and Philadelphia are 3 of the top cities in the North America. Cleveland and Cincinnati are not even close. The point of the comparison is to track how the 3Cs are progressing in terms of population growth with other similar cities in their peer group. Cleveland and Chicago are not peers any more than NYC and Providence are peers. Now, if you want to look at how those cities got to where they are and compare that to how the 3Cs are currently tracking, I suppose that could be appropriate. However, comparing the progress of both at the present day is somewhat useless.
  3. A peer is something or someone of the same rank or status. You don't need real parameters to realize that Toronto and Cleveland are not really comparable from a population standpoint.
  4. Columbus should be compared to Atlanta, Cleveland to Chicago and Toronto, and Cincinnati to Philadelphia? What are you smoking this early in the morning? lol
  5. You could possibly add Raleigh-Durham, St. Louis, New Orleans, and Salt Lake City to the list if you are basing your analysis on MSA size. If you were to remove any cities, I would say Las Vegas and Orlando would be the top choices to knock off the list. While they are somewhat similar in size, the nature of the cities are vastly different than the rest of the list (Disney, beaches, and debauchery). This all depends on how you want to define "peer city" though. You could argue that true peer cities of the 3Cs should focused more on Midwestern cities. Population trends in Charlotte, for example, are going to be driven by factors that are much different than Midwestern cities, whereas Indy and Columbus are dealing with many of the same natural factors. I would consider narrowing the list to Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and possibly Nashville.
  6. And a 180 foot tower crane: https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=405649392&row=409
  7. https://ca.columbus.gov/CA/Cap/CapDetail.aspx?Module=Engineering&TabName=Engineering&capID1=19SCP&capID2=00000&capID3=00045&agencyCode=COLUMBUS&IsToShowInspection=
  8. This aerial view has been added to show how Gravity 2 will mesh with Gravity 1 and the rest of the skyline.
  9. They seem to be ready to break ground as soon as they gain final approval. That's just my guess though.
  10. This is definitely one of the projects I'm most excited about right now. I think this could really kick things up a notch in the Franklinton/Scioto Peninsula area. We've had some good infill/rehabs so far, but this could help us get to the next level.
  11. Some conceptual videos of the hotel have been added to this CU article. Pure sexiness. https://www.columbusunderground.com/hilton-hotel-columbus-convention-center-bw1
  12. That would be extremely disappointing. Hopefully with the new soccer stadium and "Confluence Village" being built at the far western edge of the Arena District, this parcel will be seen with a bit more value.
  13. Speaking of NRI owned plots of land which are ripe for development, how about this vacant lot at the corner of Hannover St and Spring St. It would be a great spot for a residential high-rise given the spectacular views of the skyline it would provide.
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