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  1. The CU article has been updated to state that 20% of the total number of units will be "affordable" units. So, assuming 230 total units, there will be 46 "affordable" units. Does that tickle your fancy, or does it still not reach your arbitrary threshold of affordableness.
  2. Just eyeballing it, it looks like it will be a tight squeeze, but there appears to be room. I'm sure they've considered the space limitations and are confident they have enough room.
  3. Yep. The reason they are building the garage in this location is because the new terminal is planned to be across the street, with pedestrian walkways connecting directly to the terminal. Here's the overall plan for the area.
  4. Just a little baby crane lol. The third crane will be halfway between those two in height.
  6. I agree with that. Let's see all the details about this first though. It may be in the plans to have those features.
  7. The parking is also going to support a third phase which, I would imagine, has a pretty good chance of being at least 12-stories.
  8. ^ Wow! That is a good looking proposal! Next year is going to be HUGE if everything gets underway that is supposed to.
  9. Wouldn't surprise me at all if the team does something Monday, although I haven't heard anything suggesting that. Tuesday is the latest we should see renderings though.
  10. The amount of scholarship given to athletes is tightly controlled by the NCAA. You can’t just give out more scholarship. Seriously though, why can’t the lacrosse teams have their own facility paid for by funds raised by them other than the fact that JO is there?
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