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  1. I wonder if the best option would be to somehow turn the triangle into public green space. Some sort of safety barriers would likely need to be built along the RR tracks, but I think it could be an interesting concept and likely easier than actually building something. I really just want it to be utilized in some fashion.
  2. Don't forget about the 11-story Westminster-Thurber mid-rise that should be underway next year.
  3. Yea, at the rate Delaware County is developing it wouldn't surprise me either. That makes sense for the airports. I agree.
  4. That would be very interesting to look at. I bet the area along East Broad between downtown and Whitehall would turn dark blue and many areas outside 270 would turn light blue.
  5. Is this based on 2010 Census data? If so, the areas in the southern half of Delaware County and some areas east of Gahanna will certainly be blue once updated in 2020. Also, I find it interesting that the area around the OSU airport got classified as outer ring while the area that includes CMH managed to get the inner ring classification. The two areas inside 270, other than the OSU airport, that were classified as outer ring area giant quarry and parkland.
  6. I'm guessing ODOT. Hamilton Road is SR-317 and 33 is a state road.
  7. The satellite view is a bit outdated. Here is the new high school from June: And here is the new AEP building as well as the field where the above warehouse will be built: That 33/Williams/Hamilton intersection is definitely annoying. It's going to be difficult to ever engineer a "good" solution to it.
  8. Canadian company to build distribution hub in Groveport A Canadian company has picked Groveport to expand its North American distribution enterprise. StarTech.com, which is based in Ontario, Canada, will build a 253,900-square-foot distribution facility on a 40-acre lot at 4450 S. Hamilton Road. The company is a manufacturer of IT connectivity parts including cables, hard drives, display and video adapters and A/V products. The new facility will allow the company to relocate 81 jobs and $2.59 million in payroll and create 30 new full-time equivalent jobs and $1.69 million in payroll in the next few years, according to documents from the state. It will be the company's third expansion in the city since it first leased about 48,000 square feet at Pizzuti Co.'s Creekside Industrial Center in 2011. StarTech has since then undergone three expansions that increased its local footprint to 200,000 square feet, with its U.S. presence now headquartered at 2000 Creekside Pkwy. in Lockbourne. https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/11/13/canadian-company-to-build-distribution-hub-in.html
  9. An interesting angle of our lovely city: https://old.reddit.com/r/Columbus/comments/dy64n5/here_is_my_take_on_the_pictures_of_columbus/
  10. The Customer Experience Center is officially open.
  11. Work is underway on the second level of the new rental car facility.
  12. Aerial view of new warehouses in West Jefferson from The Dispatch: https://www.dispatch.com/photogallery/OH/20191115/BUSINESS/111509997/PH/1
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