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  1. cbussoccer

    Google Maps

    Google has added new 3D imagery of Columbus. They had updated the northern suburbs about not too long ago, but they finally got around to the Downtown/Short North/OSU/Grandview areas. Not sure what else they've updated as that's all I've checked so far. The imagery is accurate as of about 2 years ago now, but still much more accurate than before. It's crazy how many projects have already been finished compared to what this new update shows.
  2. You didn't add the new Crew Stadium and related mixed-use development. Unacceptable!
  3. I was just making a joke. Relax. I'm not being defensive at all. I don't care what Cleveland or Cincinnati people think of Columbus. It doesn't affect me.
  4. I think the point here is that Columbus is never allowed to get any credit for anything because it's not Cincinnati or Cleveland, which are the true and noble cities.
  5. From the CU article: Architecturally, the building has also dropped from 35 stories to somewhere in the neighborhood of 26 (with a finalized floor count still to be determined).
  6. If you get bored today, could we trouble you for mockup of the entire skyline with these new buildings included?
  7. ^ If anything, this might understate their height slightly. Still pretty cool though!
  8. A 7-story height reduction would usually suck, but going from 35 to 28 isn't going to make a huge difference visually. It may not even lead to much of a reduction in terms of actual height as they could have slightly changed the height of each floor, made the atrium space taller, etc. In terms of design, I love it. I think this will actually add more volume to the skyline than the old version due to the variations in height which almost makes it look like two or three different buildings. I also love the plaza area on the north side of the development. They did a great job of maintaining some open space closest to the North Market to help maintain its character by moving most of the massing to the opposite sides of the lot.
  9. Yep, I'm assuming it's 28 floors if you are standing on High Street, but there will be one floor below that.
  10. It took me a second to figure out how Chillicothe had such a high density...lol
  11. Exactly my point. There will be a debate every single time a comparison is attempted because there is no proper way to do it. Although I think we can all agree that using city limits population numbers is by far the worst way to compare two cities lol.
  12. It's definitely fun. I could spend all day slicing and dicing different cities and comparing them. Your first paragraph is exactly what I was getting at with my previous post though. You were forced to move your radius around because city X has grown and expanded in a different way than city Y.
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