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  1. Joe Nardone, CEO of the Columbus Regional Airport Authority, is working on adding some additional nonstop flights to Columbus. Domestically, San Diego tops his list as there are 116 passengers traveling there from Columbus each day. Also on his list are Austin (80 passengers daily), San Antonio (76 passengers daily), and Kansas City (73 passengers daily). Internationally, Tokyo, London, and Paris are the main goals. Tokyo is currently the number one international destination from Columbus with an average of 47 passengers each day. London also sees 37 daily passengers and Paris sees 17. https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/03/20/air-service-wish-list-there-are-the-flights.html If we end up adding all 4 domestic cities he listed, we will have daily direct flights to almost every major US city. The only ones missing, that I can think of, would be Portland, New Orleans (I think we have a weekly flight on Southwest), and Sacramento. I also think Windsor Locks could be addition. Internationally, adding any one of those cities would obviously be huge. Paris or London would probably be more popular for vacationers, but Tokyo would definitely get a ton of use by business travelers and Asian students traveling back home. There would obviously be some tourism use for Tokyo, but London and Paris would definitely see more of that.
  2. In Columbus Southwest has once weekly flights to New Orleans and Oakland. It's definitely an odd schedule and I can't figure out a reason for it.
  3. ^ Groundbreaking in August according to the article. There's also a pretty nice video with the renderings:
  4. The opinion pieces are hot garbage. I got to the point where if I see 'Opinion' in the title I don't even bother clicking on the article because I know it's going to be a waste of my time.
  5. It seems like CU has really been deteriorating lately. The main reason it was able to grow was because people were interested in urban development and they covered it, but now they seem to be losing that focus. Additionally, Walker is just constantly condescending to his readers. I really don't understand the guy. Regardless, I used to visit that site religiously but now I only go there if I see a link posted here that interests. Otherwise, I can pretty much get all the development news I need (and then some) from Columbus Biz Journal and The Dispatch.
  6. For people living in the suburbs, going to Easton to drink is actually more convenient than go to the SN. It's a shorter drive and parking is free.
  7. I was thinking the same exact thing. The renderings always depicted bricked over windows though, so I'm not sure.
  8. The plan is for the naming rights to go to the anchor tenant, if they can ever lock one down.
  9. "Millennial" Tower is pretty clearly a placeholder name right now.
  10. It's kind of odd that they didn't finish it before dismantling the crane. It seems like having the tower crane would have made it much easier, though I know it's pricey to rent them.
  11. That's not the final siding. If you look at previous construction pictures you will see that the entire building looked like that until they put paneling on it.
  12. Awesome, thanks! It seems like we are about to see a lot of activity pick up all over the place as the weather warms up.
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