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  1. Columbus and Indy are a bit different because Columbus has highly and densely populated neighborhoods with relatively high incomes just North and South of downtown in a way that Indy does not. We would be much more likely to see an urban Whole Foods or Giant Eagle or Kroger or something similar in a future development on one of the last remaining lots in the Short North or in a redevelopment of the old Giant Eagle site on Neil than we seeing one go in downtown. Our downtown area is just in an awkward point in its growth where the population is starting to become significant, but it still needs a major bump before one of these urban grocery stores will make the jump.
  2. I'm guessing these buildings need quite a bit of work done internally to bring them up to par. If that's the case, I'm sure most potential tenants don't have the appetite for undertaking that type of project when you have newer spaces going up all around them.
  3. I’m thinking a new urban Kroger (like the one they just built in Cincy next to the HQ) would be really nice. Unfortunately, they probably won’t want to do that given that they have the Brewery District location.
  4. Here's a conceptual sketch from the CU article for those that don't feel like clicking through to the article.
  5. Probably Cincy, but you can still get flights to San Fran with a layover of only 60-90 minutes so it doesn't make much sense to drive all the way to Cincy. Of note, the SLC flight is also on hiatus until March. Not entirely surprising considering the business travel there is likely minimal and vacation travel is very low there during the winter months. On an unrelated note, it would be nice if CMH would go ahead and publish some recent stats. They haven't posted anything on their website since September....
  6. Hopefully we get real BRT and not just a specially branded bus.
  7. So the team just tweeted this picture of the construction progress and it's pretty awesome.
  8. Don't worry, Google maps has you covered.
  9. I’m not sure. I’m guessing it will be fairly noticeable, especially when driving eastbound. Hopefully the surrounding developments are tall enough to shield it from view. Not because it will be ugly, but because I want to see some 8-10 story buildings there.
  10. Just wait until Crew Stadium starts to go vertical or when North Market Tower (hopefully) gets started in a few months. Your daily commute is going to be even more exciting!
  11. It definitely seems like an odd choice, but it's only a twice weekly seasonal flight. I wonder if they are using it more as a re-positioning flight to get a plane to Memphis for a higher volume route, given that CVG is one of their main airports and they have a few planes based there.
  12. A glimpse of downtown from way out in Lithopolis.
  13. A political group have got themselves into debt? Shocking! It will be interesting to see what Borror comes up with here. There is a ton of potential in this area of downtown in terms of surface lots or 1-2 story office buildings that can easily be demolished.
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