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  1. Don't be surprised if you see some developments on the lots just south of Lorain right here be announced within the year.
  2. Interesting that the language options are English and Russian.
  3. It sounds like the materials and colors were the only things the design committee pushed back on.
  4. The guys across the way responded to our post-it sign today. There was dancing and waving involved, which unfortunately I didn't get on camera.
  5. That clean white looks incredible. Crazy how big of a difference makes on its presence in the street.
  6. From the recent Crain's Article on the GLBC CEO. Strategically, Great Lakes has been demonstrating their ability to innovate and the Scranton project is going to be fantastic. It’s smart that they’ve been thoughtful about that investment decision in the very chaotic craft beer industry. The developing vision promises to lead to a one-of-a-kind jewel for Cleveland. I’ve been very proud of what we did in my time there. I’m excited to watch things I was part of starting come to fruition and I’m really grateful to Pat and Dan for the opportunity to play a part in their story.
  7. Well that was fast, and is almost a 1/3rd of the asking price. Seems odd.
  8. These guys have been pouring almost 2 floors a week, which is an insane pace. I know they are working weekends, but not sure what their shift schedule is like during the day. Very possible that they have an evening shift.
  9. It also looks like a before and after shot of the kid haha.
  10. From today. Also looks like they are prepping forms to put the 2nd deck on the parking garage.
  11. http://looplink.cleveland.cbre.us/xNet/Looplink/TmplEngine/ListingProfilePage.aspx?stid=cbre/cleveland&LL=true&PinProfile=true&UOMListing=&UOMMoneyCurrency=&RentPer=PY&SRID=0&LID=14599257
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