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  1. As of today, not much different from the above picture, just the vertical slats are installed the whole length of the garage.
  2. Looks like a Lumen trade worker has tested positive. From reddit.
  3. Can we just get this codified so all gas stations look like this?
  4. But would move the stadium that has 80+ events a year out of the heart of downtown and bring in the one that has 8-10 events a year. This would probably hamstring a lot of local businesses in the Gateway.
  5. That stretch, with another rapid stop, could absolutely explode and start a major push into Clark Fulton.
  6. I do know the sale of some of those vacant lots on w.38th between the red line and 90 (which belong to the land bank) was blocked by the local councilman due to some existing interest from developers (allegedly a hotel?). I mentioned something here about a year ago when the sale was blocked.
  7. I've heard multiple sources say it was a gas leak / explosion. Not sure if anything is confirmed or if that's just speculative.
  8. Overall it seems pretty reasonable, at least compared to what Brecksville gave up for just a fraction of the jobs.
  9. Theres pretty steady development going on here, just nothing sexy and exciting like other neighborhoods. Several storefronts and buildings have been renovated and have new businesses in them, the Animal Hospital tore down two buildings in its gear up for a major expansion. It's a slower, steadier neighborhood for sure.
  10. Looking at it from the ground they almost certainly added retail bays into the Euclid side. They are pretty small, I can't imagine much more than things like a coffee shop or gift shop, but they are there.
  11. Yeah they did. It definitely looks better than just the default concrete color.
  12. Leasing office sign is up in the theater lobby. Sorry I didnt realize the picture was blurry til after the fact.
  13. Letter to the Editor in opposition of this project from this morning. It doesn't snt really make any novel points.
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