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  1. Is that just an easy pun or a working name for the project?
  2. Not to get this off track, but WeWork's issues were really centered around them leasing, not owning, some of the most expensive real estate in the country, as well as a total disregard for any financial discipline. Here they own the real estate and I'm sure it won't be as lavish and extravagant as a WeWork, it will just be "nice". Coworking spaces in and of themselves are very popular and successful.
  3. Large crane this morning with some type of harness lifting things in or out of right field this morning. I breezed past too fast and couldn't get a picture but it was a pretty massive crane and, wild speculation here, the harness was about the size of those boxes in the outfield.
  4. Main building....may not beat Key Tower in height. So, what you're saying is there multiple buildings with at least one very tall, probably at least skyline altering and possibly larger than Key.
  5. The whole keith building shook, lots of screaming from the street level, but it seems like no ambulances or panic now that it's over. There's a few beams sticking out of the ground if you look closely in that picture, as well as the one that hit the garage.
  6. Large beams just fell from the crane. Doesnt appear to be any injuries . They fell from at least 20 stories up, maybe more.
  7. Yeah I feel like there's lots of plants around that don't have the smell one. There's one in the Rocky River Valley right on the west end of Lakewood / East of Rocky River that I've spent a lot of time in the general vicinity of and have never got any fumes from it. I wonder if there's some type of design deficiency at the one on the shoreway there.
  8. Stark is the Antonio Brown of Cleveland developers.
  9. Not sure about the Google thing but I do know that major renovation multiple floors are going to be underway soon.
  10. Digging this up from another thread a few years ago. Wonder if there plans are the same (unfortunately the picture of the flyer was lost in the forum outage).
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