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  1. Yeah I feel like there's lots of plants around that don't have the smell one. There's one in the Rocky River Valley right on the west end of Lakewood / East of Rocky River that I've spent a lot of time in the general vicinity of and have never got any fumes from it. I wonder if there's some type of design deficiency at the one on the shoreway there.
  2. They essentially turned over their whole development operation to take it in some new directions. They have backfilled everyone they let go but with individuals with different skillsets, backgrounds and mindsets. It was an old-guard vs new management kind of situation that disagreed on the long term vision of the operation.
  3. Stark is the Antonio Brown of Cleveland developers.
  4. Onshift is going into the Post Office Plaza, which is attached to Tower City, if what I heard is correct. Not sure about the Google thing but I do know that major renovation multiple floors are going to be underway soon.
  5. Digging this up from another thread a few years ago. Wonder if there plans are the same (unfortunately the picture of the flyer was lost in the forum outage).
  6. I've heard through an indirect source that K&D is reshuffling its tenants in the Keith building to its other properties in a precursor to allow them to redevelop some or all of it into condos.
  7. Not to get too far off topic, but blockchain is just a technology concept. It's good to be skeptical of any specific implementation of a technology being a boom or bust, but the underlying tech is just computer science.
  8. Don't be surprised if you see some developments on the lots just south of Lorain right here be announced within the year.
  9. Interesting that the language options are English and Russian.
  10. It sounds like the materials and colors were the only things the design committee pushed back on.
  11. The guys across the way responded to our post-it sign today. There was dancing and waving involved, which unfortunately I didn't get on camera.
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