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  1. I imagine they'll be like the ones in Dayton which I loooooove. https://goo.gl/maps/fqKXk7gcP642 https://goo.gl/maps/StfZXSLJnJs https://goo.gl/maps/p19KDau7go72
  2. Hadn't seen that McNulty Instagram post until now. Looks like the drawing title block has the Bier Markt and Bar Cento logos in the "client" box, which is odd if the project isn't tangentially related to those beyond Sam just being the developer.
  3. I'll be honest - I'm glad he doesn't. Some of the top-down investment schemes in Detroit scare me in the face of another impending market implosion. It's like he;s playing SimCity with a money cheat. Cleveland is a profoundly aggravating place, but if there is any facet of this annoying city it's that investment has been marginally more incremental and, ideally, sustainable. Though I absolutely agree that someone probably needs to just jump in with a catalytic project here. I still think there is some potential for a more permanent downtown transit hub integrated into a larger building on this lot.
  4. I still just do not understand how Knez fluctuates so rapidly between projects that are relatively graceful and projects that are actual nightmares.
  5. The entire development, both existing or planned, just looks like really expensive student housing. Happy to see the density, though. Also, I do like that courtyard pool design on sheets DR3 and DR7. Curious which design is the actual one.
  6. Oh man, when that starts happening it is going to result in ?one?hot?comment? thread on the D-S Facebook page.
  7. *whispers*....ratepayers Gimme' that underground utility installation rate, then. Would love to see long-term planning that allows for fewer butchered mature trees along the streets.
  8. Missed opportunity: https://www.change.org/p/mayor-frank-g-jackson-turn-the-water-tower-into-a-giant-lego-minifig
  9. New construction doesn't pay property taxes, either. There are probably some very rigid reasons that CMSD couldn't shop around for an alternate location or design. CMSD may have had to accept building plans from an architect chosen by the state in order to get partial funding from the state, which definitely limits their options. This is an issue with other new schools such as the yet-to-be-built replacement for Seltzer. Additionally, with the way the city/state funded the school investment segments, involving any type of relocation of the facility, land acquisition, remediation if it was on a brownfield like Bearea/Madison, etc. might have pushed it into a later segment (such as 8 or 9) which are now facing lack of state funding (also what's happening to Seltzer and Gallagher), so there very well might just have never been another new school at all, in any location. CMSD probably knew these constraints going in and they wanted to make sure this project got in under segment 7.
  10. I will chain myself to that building and they can demolish it along with my dead body. Plenty of empty space and less significant buildings in the immediate area that should be developed.
  11. jws

    Cleveland-Area TOD Discussion

    Do we know what the three sites are? West Blvd was being shopped to investors per the NOACA TOD study but as far as I know it isn't in an "opportunity zone."
  12. Yeah I'm generally into this building, too. I like the midcentury vibe.
  13. It would be pricey to address but it's totally possible to install new headers in the basement, add columns, and rebuild the foundation and possibly even just rebuild the entire first floor. With the strength of this market it's probably a pretty do-able job.
  14. Here's my tally of testimonials from the public meeting last night. Speakers: Cleveland residents: 8 Non-Cleveland, suburban residents: 30 Out of state residents: 3 Non-US residents (Canadian): 1 And one person whose address I didn't hear. Spoke in support: 28 Spoke against: 11 Did not want to support the project without further research and data: 4
  15. This type of garbage really kills me. It looks like they want to push the same BS that was used to kill the Cape Wind project off of Martha's Vineyard.