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  1. Fingers crossed that Ward 11 is eliminated entirely and divided up. Lorain Station is the true commercial business district for Cudell, even with the highway separating it, and they really don't appreciate that area for the gem it is.
  2. A "Democrat" Hopefully Ward boundaries will shift next year and this stretch of Detroit can finally receive the political will necessary to execute a cohesive planning vision. The NOACA study and neighborhood planning can only do so much if the area is split between an in-touch councilperson and one that isn't concerned with implementing anything. The Weston connection is interesting. I wonder if the Berea Rd development (also within the Ward 11 strip) was enough to keep them interested in the area. The RTA lot and the adjacent RTA-owned lot are also such huge development options.
  3. One detail worth noting: this parcel technically falls within that little strip of Ward 11 and therefore Westown's territory.
  4. It is literally one block south of the 26 bus line which runs 24/7. It's my primarily bus line and is absolutely one of the best ones on the west side. The inability to conceive of someone living in this exact location without a car is frustrating. It's more telling of the people speaking and how they have actually never made an effort to use transit as opposed to any actual lack of nearby transit. Just make the residential streets permitted parking for residents and their guests. I personally have lived on a street like this and hated it, but I'm also not obsessed with parking.
  5. Wind power is more efficient over bodies of water. Additionally, the freshwater environment is considerably less volatile than saltwater. That's why we still have such a considerable amount of older ships in the Great Lakes fleet.
  6. Absolutely! The owners of the former Ferris Steakhouse still own that lot on Detroit, so getting them to sell is the main barrier. The large lot next door is technically an orchard and is owned by Cudell Improvement, so there is a lot of potential there as well. The Dindia units are actually quite large and lovely inside (though some have seen significant arson). I really hope to see them occupied again.
  7. That building is called Dindia Terrace. The majority of the units have been acquired by a single entity and they are moving toward securing full site control. The plan is a complete restoration of the property.
  8. Investing money in a parking lot that is about to be destroyed is a quintessential Cleveland vibe.
  9. Every time I go to Cocktails I walk there. I've walked home multiple times around 2AM and have never had issues. Situational awareness (as mentioned above) is a thing to employ wherever you are. I think people have mentioned most of the explicitly LGBTQ bars, but since it'll be over Halloween you'll find some good stuff happening at Mahall's. Re: breakfast. My favorite is the Flying Fig. If you want cheaper, the cafe at the market is indeed good.
  10. Fun fact! The cost to demolish that building was just over $90k, which was paid for by public money! The back taxes were also wiped clean! And now Westown Development Corp owns the lot, which they can conveniently traansfer to the restaurant for even more parking! The Dona Brady Center for Parking and Transparent Government Accountability is becoming the most expensive, publicly-funded, private parking lot this neighborhood has ever seen! Really exciting! Keep in mind that someone was actively trying to buy and restore that apartment building but Ward 11 and Westown would not work with him.
  11. They're still separately governed - two independent boards, legal structures, finances, etc. They share staff through a paid agreement (Cudell Improvement essentially leases staff people from DSCDO) but it isn't necessarily an indefinite agreement. The first term is only three years, at which point they could consider further steps or fully separate again.
  12. I'm sure whatever merits anyone sees don't go beyond a potential investment on paper. The reality of them being negligent landlords is meaningless to the people at the table. My neighbors' firsthand experiences with this entity instill nothing but suspicion and doubt.
  13. Check with the First District (Cudell), Second District (DS and OC), and Third District (Tremont) and see if they can/are willing to provide data on calls for census tracts or various blocks. I'd recommend using census tracts because Cudell varies widely - south of Madison is very different from the Lake/Detroit W80s traingle, for example. You could try reaching out through the safety staff people for Cudell Improvement, Ohio City Inc, and Tremont West to see if they can help out or connect you. Anecdotally, Cudell violent crime (that I'm aware of/proximate to) has been minimal and steadily decreasing over the past three years.
  14. I anticipated the reality of ~ThUnDeRbIrD~ would be a sad echo of the aspirational renderings but this site plan is still somehow worse than that.
  15. This design has been derided by everyone in the neighborhood I've spoken to. I doubt talking to the developer will have any impact, but residents are trying.
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