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  1. I'm sure whatever merits anyone sees don't go beyond a potential investment on paper. The reality of them being negligent landlords is meaningless to the people at the table. My neighbors' firsthand experiences with this entity instill nothing but suspicion and doubt.
  2. Check with the First District (Cudell), Second District (DS and OC), and Third District (Tremont) and see if they can/are willing to provide data on calls for census tracts or various blocks. I'd recommend using census tracts because Cudell varies widely - south of Madison is very different from the Lake/Detroit W80s traingle, for example. You could try reaching out through the safety staff people for Cudell Improvement, Ohio City Inc, and Tremont West to see if they can help out or connect you. Anecdotally, Cudell violent crime (that I'm aware of/proximate to) has been minimal and steadily decreasing over the past three years.
  3. I anticipated the reality of ~ThUnDeRbIrD~ would be a sad echo of the aspirational renderings but this site plan is still somehow worse than that.
  4. This design has been derided by everyone in the neighborhood I've spoken to. I doubt talking to the developer will have any impact, but residents are trying.
  5. I really like this plan. Additionally, I'm super hopeful that this redesign, combined with the, albeit short, protected bike lane that was added to Western Ave can be used as benchmarks for an eventual redesign of Detroit Ave between West Boulevard and the railroad bridge. That stretch is a nightmare.
  6. When you say "this" which parcel do you mean? I don't know anything about a property transfer like you've mentioned. NOACA has a good TOD study but it considered West Boulevard instead of the 117th station (https://www.noaca.org/home/showdocument?id=19934).
  7. While this specific location might be primed for more new real estate, I think it's also important for neighborhoods to retain light industrial, non-retail entities like Kowalski that will continue to be a relative source of stability during economic downturns, especially since a rental-heavy market and commercial districts built largely on leisure (restaurants, bars, niche services) are very vulnerable to being totally gutted when we face another serious recession.
  8. Interior is mostly warehouse space, I believe (https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/9800-Detroit-Ave-Cleveland-OH/14203286/) But whatever is going on in this space has me INTRIGUED!
  9. That's a distance that can feel very short or very long depending on the amount of street life. It'd be totally reasonable if the walk was pleasant enough.
  10. I'd push back on this primarily because of my anecdotal experience of living there. West Boulevard and Cudell are overwhelmingly similar in terms of housing stability, crime, quality of life, etc. The areas of West Blvd (the street), W101, W100, W99, and the area around West Tech are considerably stronger areas than anything south of I-90. West Blvd (the street) and W101 are considered a different market than the rest of Cudell as well (per a handful of realtors with whom I've spoken), so that is potentially impacting median sale price by cutting out half of the highest performing tracts in the neighborhood.
  11. The north side of Lake Ave is still lined with some neighboring residential properties, both single-family and multi-unit. About 22 properties (not accounting for apartments/multiple units) between the tracks and W80. Easy to build around them, though. The building that houses the Lowe Chemical Company would be a really cool conversion, though. And it's in great condition (from what I can tell).
  12. I don't want to veer too far off topic with a response, so PM me if you want, but that whole saga sounds pretty atypical. It could be that inspectors are just more intense in a higher-profile area. Has it been the same inspector the whole time? I had to do a large amount of work to my house as well and I don't think they really even checked much before granting me the permit. I never actually met any inspectors from the city as the contractor covered that while I was at work, but it was pretty much an in-and-out deal as I understand it. Also I definitely moved in before everything was done and the old vanity most definitely had black mold under it.
  13. I'm happy to see movement with the building on Madison. Victor is pretty invested in the neighborhood and he's been wanting to do something with that place for a while. From what I've gauged, he has an eye towards helping existing communities/affordability so hopefully those are guiding trends in this conversion. There also seem to be a handful of decent-looking rehabbed but still affordable rentals on those blocks immediately south of Madison and west of West Blvd, so seeing more units come on line right there isn't as shocking to me as it might seem at first. Also Madison is getting bike lanes (in certain segments) so it's an increasingly livable place.
  14. Posted the same street twice. Whoops.
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