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  1. I'm surprised they didn't buy up the stop and shop land so this development was on the corner. Maybe stop and shop didn't want to sell or wanted a ridiculous price.
  2. The vast majority of amusement parks don't have as many trees as Kings Island. Most are in the middle of nowhere with little to no vegetation, especially around the rides. I love how the beast tracks run through the woods but it's not realistic to expect that from new roller coasters.
  3. The bookstore would actually be a loss for that area.
  4. How exactly is St. Louis historic but not Cincinnati? With your attitude I'm not even sure why you're on this message board.
  5. If not liking a surface lot in an urban core makes one "elite" then pretty much everyone is elite.
  6. Not to mention they seemingly killed the Liberty and Elm project. The OTRCC is not a positive for the neighborhood.
  7. The elimination of parking minimums is huge for OTR, Pendleton and downtown. This obviously helps apartment and condo builders but it will also be a great help to restaurants/bars as well. Do you think an existing restaurant or one that is currently under construction could add space and not have to build/lease more parking? Or since they started/existed before this new rule do they still have to abide by the previous parking minimums? I remember reading about quite a few places that had to cut down their space because or parking requirements. Specifically I remember Mikey's Late Night/Oddfellows and Dan Wright's new restaurant both had to downsize due to parking requirements.
  8. Where are these FC press releases about wanting "a large campus under their control and seemingly built to capture and cater to people driving into and out of the neighborhood?" It seems like some people on here are jumping to conclusions before anything is even announced.
  9. MLS is a "major league" in name only. It is a very distant #5 behind the NHL. The NFL is 14x bigger than soccer. Far more Americans (8 million) view a typical regular season Bengals game on TV than the average World Cup game (less than 2 million). http://fortune.com/2018/06/22/world-cup-us-ratings-fox-telemundo/ Where was the MLS 10 years ago? Where do you think it will be in 10 years? No one is trying to compare it to the NFL but it is quickly gaining on the MLB and NHL which are not at all popular with millennials.
  10. If they end up leveling everything in sight I do wish they would have gone to Oakley There's barely anything in the area of the stadium to level.
  11. Yes that is a big help to Walnut. Get that building rehabbed and get retail/restaurant/bar/whatever in the ground floor of this building and The Stafford across the street and Walnut has a lot more life.
  12. Glad they're adding some businesses to that area. With this, the new ice cream place and the potential restaurant spot hopefully it gives some life to that street and pushes out the drug sellers/addicts that have been hanging around there.
  13. Cincy513

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    The Moerlein taproom they're opening in concourse A looks really cool. If their food is half as good as the lager house that will be a good spot to go. Concourse A has really seen improvements in it's food options the last couple of years with passengers increasing. Concourse B could certainly use some newer and better options though.
  14. Cincy513

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    Glad to see one of the new places is named after OTR. The city really doesn't do a good enough job of advertising OTR as a tourist attraction.