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  1. I believe that area was left open so that the freedom center could have a clear view of the river. Pretty dumb imo but that's what I had heard. I'm sure the freedom center didn't care about a temporary ferris wheel going there but I'll be interested if they are ok with it staying for 10 years, or if they even have a say anymore. If the ferris wheel does stay hopefully they do some work around that area to make it look nicer. Right now it looks very temporary.
  2. I only wish this building could have also taken up the parking lot next to/behind it. Hopefully this place leases up quickly and shows that you don't need to build parking with every new residential building.
  3. Any renderings of what this will look like? It must be pretty wide to be only 6-7 stories but have 344 units and 400 parking spaces.
  4. Basically every other large US city has residential parking permits like OTR's in their urban neighborhoods. Why should we be different and cater to the visitors to the neighborhood and not the residents who actually live there?
  5. That and just increased competition. You said 4 businesses have closed in the last 6 months in OTR but I bet double or triple that have opened in that time. The Anchor closed because the food wasn't anything special. Brezel closed because all they sold were pretzels. In an area with ever increasing new restaurants and bars you better do something to stand out.
  6. If your business closed due to a parking situation that only changed a few months ago then you didn't have a very good business, and it was likely going to fail anyways. People just like using this parking change as an excuse now when it was actually just their bad business that failed. Sorry but I don't feel sorry for you and your straw man excuse.
  7. The Sycamore or Freeport Row projects will be huge for the area if they can ever get started. There just aren't many areas in OTR/Pendleton big enough to support large residential projects like this. The Columbia building that 3CDC is renovating now is a big space but it will only be 36 units. An influx of of 100+ residential units would really add more foot traffic to the area.
  8. Yeah good point forgot about that. I think Atlanta had to play a couple additional games at Georgia Tech's stadium the year Mercedes Benz stadium opened.
  9. They announced two months ago the stadium would still have the orange glow but less then the original rendering. "And yes, the orange glow remains – but in ribbons rather than a full wrap around the bowl-shaped stadium" https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/politics/2019/04/03/new-renderings-fc-cincinnati-stadium-show-every-seat-covered-protective-canopy/3347495002/ It's way too late in the process to make major changes to the stadium design. They can make further tweaks or minor changes but there isn't really time for large changes to the stadium structure/layout. What you see in that articles pictures is likely very close to what it's going to end up looking like. It's rumored Meis was fired because they didn't think they could make the MLS deadline of having the stadium open in spring of 2021. Honestly I'm questioning if it gets completed by then as well. I wouldn't be shocked if we end up with a situation like Portland this year. They had to play their first 3 months on the road while they waited for their stadium addition to be completed. I'm sure FCC is doing whatever they can to have it ready for March of 2021 but I'll feel better when we start seeing it come out of the ground.
  10. Nippert seats ~36,000. Despite what they claim that place does not hold 40,000. The new FCC stadium will be 26,000. So just on seats alone it's not half the size. On top of that the actual stadium is going to be bigger on a sf/seat measurement then Nippert because it won't be built tightly in the middle of a college campus. I love watching games there but the bleachers and small concourses are terrible to deal with at crowded events. I'm also including this two block future development in the total size of the project. So this thing will end up being just as big if not bigger then Nippert in terms of how many acres it takes up.
  11. And we're getting what will end up being a $300+ million development from it. Most people would consider that a win. Some of you apparently would rather see a run down building stay just because it's really old. This isn't OTR which is designated as a historic neighborhood. West End has very little historic buildings thanks to the governments work decades ago. If some buildings need to go to make way for a giant development, in an area that hasn't seen private development in decades, then so be it.
  12. Jesus some of you are acting like they're taking a wrecking ball to blocks of historic buildings. There are seriously like 7 buildings in the area we're talking about.
  13. The only land they can really develop is between Wade to the south, Central to the East, John to the West and Liberty to the North. Basically just two blocks. Maybe they can do something to the south east of the stadium if they can acquire that land and the police district moves. But Taft, Laurel playground and the housing west of John St aren't going anywhere. So it's not exactly going to be some huge development, and it's definitely not going to completely surround the stadium. Also the fanbase already goes to Clifton for every game so lets calm down on the "don't want to be exposed to crime/poverty." Clifton and its surrounding area isn't exactly a thriving neighborhood of upper class folks. And while there are a lot of families from the northern burbs who go to games there are just as many millennial's who live within the city limits. They're not going to lose any season tickets because of the stadium location, it's all about putting a quality team on the field.
  14. If Wade and Bauer turn into surface lots I think they will only be temporary. The teams lawyer broke the not surprising news that FCC wants to develop all the land between the stadium and Liberty.
  15. Not saying I disagree with your premise but one of the most popular entertainment districts in the entire world is a few blocks away from here. It would be really stupid for anyone to try to open a bar or restaurant right by the stadium/arena when everyone just goes to the french quarter before and after games.
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