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  1. They'll build on that land sooner then later. I was just at children's touring some of their labs a couple weeks ago and they're already planning for their next two buildings.
  2. Would you rather one of the few industries growing in this city expand out in the suburbs? I'll trade some houses for the continued growth of our great hospital/health industry.
  3. Other then the movie theater and aquarium they need to demo everything else at the Levee and start over. Whoever designed that layout did a horrible job. You've got a great view of the skyline from that spot that no one can see.
  4. That guy sounds like a whole lot of hot air. Wake me up when he has actual plans started in the approval process. Also Cincy has more residents living in the urban core and a higher average rent so lol at saying "Cincinnati feels a little bit like Columbus did 8-10 years ago, at least in the urban area."
  5. They're pretty cool apartments in there. Not high end with it being an older building but they were more then $1,000/month for a one bedroom a couple years ago. Honestly I wouldn't want to live there if they're going to be doing shows in my building. I'm sure there would be at least some noise issues.
  6. A lot of 3CDC's current projects besides 4th and Race seem to be close to complete. Hope we see some new projects announced by them in the near future.
  7. I still think they should build a hotel and think it would do well. Between FCC games, other events/concerts at the stadium, Music Hall, Memorial Hall, Shakespeare Theater and just those visiting to check out OTR I think there is definitely enough demand to support a smaller hotel.
  8. The business district in PR has done a great job of growing in the last couple years. It's a great area for that neighborhood. But they're kidding themselves if they think they're competing with downtown and OTR.
  9. There's plenty of season left. They could easily play themselves into the tournament our play themselves out of the tournament. All they have to do is finish .500 in conference and they'll be in the dance. Even close to .500 might get it done with how bad the ACC is this year.
  10. As it clearly states they broke the record for local passengers, aka passengers originating from CVG. They had a lot more total passengers back in the Delta hub days but that was due to a huge number of layovers who were simply flying through CVG.
  11. Once those new apartments open in Pendleton OTR Live is going to be on life support. No one is going to want to live in those expensive new apartments that are right next door to a terrible club that blasts music all night. Their owner is the same guy who owned Cameo so I'm not sure why they continue to give that clown liquor licenses. Hopefully someone eventually buys that property from him and they put something else there.
  12. FCC's back office and sales people all still work in office space downtown on 4th. I think they'll eventually move to some office space next to the stadium.
  13. Isn't Kroger Technology already headquartering in the Atrium complex?
  14. You're right that's Bauer. I completely misread the map/picture. The team bought the Baptist church there, rght? Do they own the tire store and other land east of the church? If they don't yet I'm guessing they will in the future. Anything up against Liberty or Central Pkwy should really be able to have some height and hopefully density.
  15. The additional development is just another way for the team owners to generate revenue. I'm sure they have some people working on potential ideas but the main focus is making sure the stadium is finished and ready to be open by next season. Once it's open then they can shift focus fully to the other developments. Purely guessing but since the stadium opens spring of 2021 I'd then give them another 1-2 years to develop plans, get them approved and build. So I'd think summer of 2022 to spring of 2023 is the earliest we'll see these developments open.
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