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  1. Just utilize one of the many surface lots in downtown or use the ones in Pendleton.
  2. Once the Kroger on Vine can be knocked down and 3CDC can redevelop the entire block it will greatly help that area. There are a lot of buildings on 15th between Walnut and Vine that I think will see more work once the area south of them starts being redeveloped.
  3. I don't see how a blank brick wall can be considered historic. It's the rest of the building that should be preserved. If the blank wall has to stay I doubt it will ever get renovated.
  4. Cincy513

    Cincinnati: Brent Spence Bridge

    And Covington north of 12th could not be more connected to downtown. The suspension bridge connects them directly and is very easy to use. It takes maybe 5 minutes from getting off 71 at 3rd St until you're on the bridge driving across to Covington. Then you also have the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge and the Brent Spence. There is absolutely no need for a Race to Madison bridge to be built when there are already three bridges anyone can use.
  5. Getting this large building developed will really help increase the street presence on Walnut. Get residents moved in and retail into the available space for this building and the smaller ones 3CDC already did across the street. I love seeing the side streets in OTR fill in as the larger ones like Vine, Race and Main continue to see development move north.
  6. I'm for sure against the skywalk but I doubt it would be used by anyone other then Kroger employees. Why would a random public person walk into the Kroger headquarters if their intention is to get to the Kroger store? It would have to be a certain instance where it's freezing outside and they're walking to the Kroger store from the West of the Kroger headquarters. I just don't think it would get used that often except for Kroger employees.
  7. That would be a very large skywalk since it would have to go over the current surface lot/former Monro site.
  8. Nothing has gone on in there for easily over a year. It's a complete eyesore and really makes the area around the library not very safe. The city, 3CDC and whoever else really need to do some work on Vine St between 7th and Court because it's a complete ghost town right now. My girlfriend and I won't even walk on that part of Vine at night.
  9. I think it will happen, but like the article says they still have to figure out who pays for the parking garage underneath and the county still has to purchase Hilltop. I don't think they will start on the music venue until both of those are completed. The selection process for this music venue was a complete joke though that was handed to MEMI.
  10. Living right at 7th and Race I can tell you that there has been no movement at all at TownePlace Suites by Marriott. On the other hand we've actually seen demo going on at the proposed Kinley Hotel so that seems to be moving slowly.
  11. The banks has been a hugely popular bar destination for multiple years now. If they can get the music venue figured out (what happened to all the urgency with that?), add that proposed residential/retail across from GE then get another hotel and hopefully some more office users down there the entire area will seem full 24/7.
  12. I doubt 5/3 would want more video boards and/or LED signs staring back at them. Since they have the air rights over the building I wonder if they get a say in stuff like that. Also hard pass on those types of shitty chain restaurants. Let that stuff go over to the levee.
  13. This is good news. I trust 3CDC to do something with this space a lot quicker then the old ownership group that had way too many companies involved.
  14. Yeah I would definitely like to see more Asian places in OTR. Thunderdome is opening an Italian place thankfully but I'd be happy if others were added as well.
  15. I've been wanting to get to Taglio since they opened. Their Detroit style pizza looks awesome. Great to hear they're opening a spot closer to downtown and will be delivering as well as being open late night. I think they'll do very well in that spot. I really like how we've now got some restaurants in the Main St area that was previously only bars.