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  1. The owners of the millennium sure aren't going to tear down the hotel and for the city/county to legally be allowed to do this they would have to purchase it. I know the government here is working on trying to figure out a solution for this dump of a hotel and even just a couple weeks ago they talked about putting a committee/task force together on this topic. Because of that I doubt this demo rumor is true.
  2. I agree with @edale in that we don't have any use for another theater downtown. I'm sure the lack of demand is a big reason why this theater has been sitting unused for decades. That building has really cool apartments and if someone wants to buy it and turn the theater into more apartments I'd be completely fine with it. If someone wants to buy the building and renovate the theater though I'm also fine with that. I don't think you're going to find someone who wants to spend the needed money to do that though. Having the theater sit unused for another 10 years doesn't do anything for OTR or the city.
  3. Yeah I don't know why someone hasn't just opened a late night diner in the existing location. It would make a killing during weekend late night hours. It would probably do pretty well during weekday lunches as well.
  4. I would think the one in Cincy will be gone by the time the Newport one is open. Honestly the Newport one will have a much better view then the existing one. But the existing one is a great addition to the skyline at night.
  5. Well 3CDC just opened all that office space above Sacred Beast and is currently working on making more office space across the street right next to the Vine St Kroger. That Kroger does not attract a very good crowd so I'm sure they want to close it asap.
  6. Is Taste of Belgium actually opening a restaurant there? I thought it was just going to be their offices.
  7. Putting this in the press obviously isn't great for OTR pr but I think it's worth it. This is getting the neighborhood on their side whereas random mass arrests would not. This is also telling these criminals that cops are coming for you and here is where they're going to be. Obviously all won't listen but some will. The ones who listen will move out of OTR and West End. The dumbest ones will end up getting arrested around these areas. In the end in will lead to a safer and better OTR and West End. I also don't think this bad press will do anything to the already nice parts of southern OTR. That area south of 15th is well past the point where bad press can hurt it. The area just south of Liberty and north of Liberty obviously still needs a lot of work but we're on our way. Just think of what OTR looked like 5-10 years ago and how much it's changed. It will change that much or more in the next 5-10 years.
  8. I mean in the article there is literally a map that shows where these shootings occurred. If someone sees the headline and assumes all of OTR isn't safe then that's their own dumb problem. That person likely has never and will never come to OTR anyways.
  9. It's fine to walk around north of liberty during the day, at night is when you don't want to be there. I doubt they are doing any of their tours at night. But I'm sure they will help/continue to help lead the charge in making north of Liberty a safer place.
  10. Saying Vine should be safe all the way to the zoo is asking way too much. It's a great long term goal but that's unrealistic right now. As Ryan mentioned above the shootings are happening where development hasn't happened yet. I'm glad the police are going to do more on their end but what will really move these criminals for good is more development. The area around Findlay Market has some good things going on now but nothing has happened on Vine north of Liberty. I'm not sure when that's going to begin but that street has a great stock of buildings ready to be rehabbed.
  11. That is an absolutely embarrassing comment. Go be the mayor of some podunk city in Iowa or a boring suburb with that attitude. Can't wait until he's out of office.
  12. Echoing what others have said but they definitely need to make better use of the bar and patio. The bar is one of the cooler ones in OTR imo but they always treated it as just a part of the restaurant.
  13. These non profits and churches should develop their empty lots and abandoned buildings if they actually cared for the poor/homeless. If they can't afford to do it themselves they could easily sell the land/buildings to someone who would do it and mandate it be for affordable housing in the deal. Instead they just allow drug deals to go down on the empty lots and god knows what to go on in the empty buildings. Bunch of hypocrites.
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