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  1. Totally agree. If I had infinite money I’d love to put a German beer hall in there.
  2. Just go back to the plan of building a new convention center hotel across the street
  3. Does that Cincinnati number include anyone who lives in KY?
  4. They're knocking down like 7 buildings. Some are you are acting like an entire neighborhood of hundreds of buildings are being destroyed.
  5. Another stupid idea by Dennard. If you don't want to get a parking ticket then abide by the laws. It's really not that hard.
  6. Of the 7 current projects they have listed 6 of them are going to be finished in the next couple of months. Hopefully we hear of some new projects from them starting in early 2020.
  7. Is that the entire parking lot? Or just part of it? Always great to see infills on surface lots.
  8. Underground garages are always preferable but they can cost 2-3 times more. When the government is paying for it I would always expect them to go the least expensive route. Not that;s I'd ever expect it to happen but I wish the county would look into an automated below ground parking garage. They take up a lot less space and can be cheaper then a normal parking garage. Japan has lots of them due to their lack of space.
  9. Yeah the old people and Republicans who live in Warren county aren't going to pay for a new $1 billion+ stadium. Paul Brown will be renovated because the Bengals have nowhere else to go, and the Browns sure as hell aren't paying to build a new stadium themselves. Unlike almost every other pro sports owner they don't have any other revenue sources besides the team, so they don't have that much money for an NFL owner.
  10. There's no point in arguing with him and his dumb conspiracies.
  11. There are already three bridges that go from Cincy into Covington. But yeah we totally needed that fourth one....
  12. You can't fit a new stadium where their practice fields are. That isn't nearly enough space. And yeah any development on that site is going to be completely by itself surrounded by parking lots, bridges and highways. Not exactly a desirable location.
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