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  1. So is the sliver on the bottom left not included in this development? Or does it just not need a zoning change?
  2. I've lived downtown for 8 years now. I've always parked my car in a garage and never had any issues. I wouldn't ever leave my car in a surface lot overnight. You're just asking for someone to try to get into it your car if you leave it out in the open overnight imo.
  3. Whenever they develop the land it will be replaced by a garage with more parking spots. People will get over it, life will go on.
  4. I think pretty much everyone assumed 3CDC wasn't going to do anything with this land until they got control of the entire block. The corona outbreak may even delay it further, though maybe the other party will be more willing to sell their plot given the current economic climate.
  5. It is really dumb that they kept that little one story building at that corner. Such a waste of prime real estate.
  6. The two hotels at 7th and Race are both still under constriction. On the one hand I'm glad to see these are still being worked on. On the other hand, I live right there so their drilling and cutting have been driving me crazy during quarantine. The 4th and Race apartments, FCC stadium and two music venues are also all still under construction.
  7. MLS isn't nearly as profitable as the other professional sports leagues right now. Because of that the team from the beginning planned on developing land around the stadium as another revenue stream. I don't think we'll see anything happen to these spots until after the stadium is complete and open next year. But I also don't expect them to sit as grass or surface parking lots for very long.
  8. Why does anyone care what other people do with their own money and/or their families money?
  9. Dennard has been a complete embarrassment since she got elected to council. I'm sure she'll try to bring race into this like she does with everything else. Illegally spending 4k to go to Clearwater, FL is just laughably dumb.
  10. They'll build on that land sooner then later. I was just at children's touring some of their labs a couple weeks ago and they're already planning for their next two buildings.
  11. Would you rather one of the few industries growing in this city expand out in the suburbs? I'll trade some houses for the continued growth of our great hospital/health industry.
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