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  1. How does Jason Williams think cities like NYC, Boston, Seattle or anywhere in California manage to get businesses? He's a completely biased hack and I don't even read his articles anymore. I'm sure he managed to knock the streetcar in that article like he always does.
  2. They didn't drop all the way to 400 but they fired a lot of people and stopped hiring. I know people that work there and even after they brought a couple hundred people from aviation last year they're still not using three floors in the building. They're bringing more people from aviation down so they don't have to start paying back money to the city. Once their stock cratered they stopped hiring so they were never going to get up to 1,800 employees downtown.
  3. I feel like 1,400 square feet is somewhat small for a bar but glad to see any new developments open at the banks. Now the city and county just get the music venue figured out so that can start construction.
  4. Yeah I live across the street from both of these buildings and can confirm work is progressing. The Jewler's Exchange/former Payless has been getting demoed for weeks now and they seem to be close to finished. The former McHan's building just started demo recently. It's great to see some work being done at both of these buildings since there wasn't really anything for months after the hotels were announced. Just adding Butcher and Barrel greatly helped to liven up our corner. When these hotels go in it's going to make a huge difference.
  5. Yeah I find it very hard to believe they could prove the parking is causing them to lose money already. It's the winter and we've gotten more January snow then we've had in years. I seriously doubt that many people are deciding to not go out to eat in OTR, where you aren't getting very cheap dinners, because they now have to pay $5 to park.
  6. Is goodfellas still opening a location in pr? Haven’t heard anything about it in a while.
  7. That's a much better idea then the proposed "lower plaza." The upper plaza is fine with me but I don't see any reason for the lower plaza to exist. And with just a one story building you'd still be able to see the stadium from across the street.
  8. The article mentioned that there would be three levels of parking including some that is underground. I'd guess they'll retrofit the underground lager houses for parking but it would be cool if they put a bar down there.
  9. 8th and Main and 4th and Race aren't out of the ground yet but they are doing work.
  10. They don't have a final plan yet. Wetterich later tweeted that the plans can change during the concept plan phase which they're currently in. They can't make the development any larger then the concept city counsel approved but they can make changes to it that keep it the same size or make it smaller. I don't think they're going to be able to make an official final plan until they have issues like the ballet parking lot and the county garage(s) figured out.
  11. The report states “Crowd noise from soccer matches will be readily audible in Springer Auditorium," the report said. The model predicts that at its peak (fans responding to a home team goal, for example) crowd noise will exceed the background noise in Music Hall by as much as 12 decibels.” So at its peak, which again would be a couple of times a game for maybe 15-30 seconds, the noise from the stadium would be as much as 12 decibels. How loud is 12 decibels you ask? It’s less then a light bulb hum. 10dB Absolute silence 13dB Incandescent light bulb hum 15dB Pin drop from a height of 1 centimetre heard at a distance of 1 meter 30dB Totally quiet night time in desert So again I say, give me a break with claiming this would ruin music hall performances.
  12. That sound study is laughable. So music hall somehow manages to deal with fire and police driving right behind the building with their sirens on but they can’t deal with the 1-2 times a game a goal is scored? They act like the stadium is going to put out a continuous sound of an airplane. This is clearly all about getting something else, likely money for the ballet.
  13. Be even more profitable? The Sprint Center is a perfect example of how a public/private partnership can be beneficial for everyone. But our government officials are too stupid to figure out all they have to do is copy this model.
  14. The Reds only close one little part of Main St/Joe Nuxhall Way. They don't close 2nd St which would be the equivalent of closing Central Pkwy. Central is much to important of a street to be closing it for multiple hours 20ish times a year. I agree that this should be studied further but cops should be able to handle the game day traffic without having to close Central.
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