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  1. That’s not expensive, it’s going from ridiculously cheap to average. If you think $130k is expensive then don’t look and home prices in every major city across the globe.
  2. Cranley is a legitimate toddler when he doesn't get his way. Can't wait for this idiot to get out of office.
  3. I don't know how accurate the numbers are, though it's very on brand for jake to belittle them, but last Blink was by far the most crowded I've ever seen downtown. It was easily double or triple the size of Oktoberfest or Taste, and that's being conservative. I expect this years to be even bigger then the last one.
  4. Lol at cbussoccer downvoting posts that are proving his arguments are flawed.
  5. The last two years UC has averaged 30,519/game and 28,434/game. That is for 6 home games each season, so about 180,000 people per season. FCC just averaged 27,336/game for 17 games, a total of 464,720 people per season. In no way is UC football a "bigger business" then FCC.
  6. I can't wait until the day OTR Live closes. That place is complete trash, literally and figuratively.
  7. Very slowly. That building just needs a ton of work, and that’s not even counting the new floors that will be added. It isn’t going to get done until 2021. The other one though is moving real quick. I would think it could open in the first half of next year.
  8. Not sure where else to post this but the city actually is closing a lot of roads for blink. The streetcar route will be almost all be closed to cars and only open to buses. Really glad and surprised they actually went through with this. It will make blink run much more smooth then 2017.
  9. I live at 7th and Race where two buildings are being converted into boutique hotels. With how long the delay was between announcement and actual start it sure seemed like both projects fell through. But both hotels are moving forward full steam right now. Hopefully these projects end up going the same way.
  10. From what I remember of the setup of the store that isn't an elevator for shippers. They have two of those located at the entrance that goes up to the second floor food hall and into the garage. They're pretty big which is nice for getting multiple shopping carts in. Maybe that elevator is just for workers to move around empty carts?
  11. Went to the new Kroger over the weekend and man is it nice. As a downtown resident for 6+ years now this has been a long time coming. Literally the only negative thing I can think of is that there might not be enough seating in the food hall with how popular I think it's going to be. They did a great job on this and it is a huge addition to downtown.
  12. Yet our city council is going to pay almost $600k to unnecessarily restructure the streetcar. Give me a break on fiscal responsibility, this is the first chance the county has gotten in decades to get control of the pile of garbage that is the Millennium. If they don't jump on this now we'll end up like St. Louis with an empty and decrepit Millennium. So we'd then have two empty hotels rotting away on prime downtown blocks.
  13. I came back on a Delta Vegas red-eye Sunday a couple weeks ago and it was 90+% full. Also the airport was packed in the morning as I was walking through to leave. I'm to young to remember it's heyday, I can't imagine what it looked like in the late 90's/early 00's.
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