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  1. Having recently gone to the Munich Oktoberfest I was surprised how much pop and rock music was played. The bands in the tents played German music and the prost song every 30 minutes but it was probably at least 50% English rock and pop songs. The smaller tents probably were more close to German only music but I only saw those ones for a quick look.
  2. I agree with the premise but hope they don't go with shitty chains like Bar Louie and B-Dubs. Just do a couple simple sports bar like Holy Grail. Maybe get one of the local breweries to build a brewpub there. Anything local would be better then a national chain.
  3. Hopefully that county garage, whenever it actually gets built, has some type of retail on the ground floor. I wonder how high /big it will be. Doubt the'd top it with any type of development so hopefully they at least put something on the ground level. The west side of the stadium will always stay a surface lot but I don't mind that one. It helps separate the stadium from the neighborhood on the other side of the street. The two development sites on the norther corners of the stadium will be interesting to watch. I think a hotel would do well there as it would not only get business from stadium events but also from people who want to come and visit OTR. Apartments I think would be successful as well with how close they are to OTR. FCC's coaching/training staff will be working out in Milford but their back office and sales team still have an office in downtown. I wonder if the team will include some office space in one of these developments so their employees can be at the stadium. Really we just need the stadium to be finished and then the ballet to move before any of this development starts. Hopefully the're able to find a good new location for the ballet within a couple years after the stadium opens. I'd had for all those surface lots to stay for 5-10 years.
  4. 84.51 has a terrible legal department if they didn't get the ability to expand in their own building written in a contract.
  5. It seems like they want to knock down the Millennium and use some of the space for a new hotel and some for an expansion of the convention center. Your point is valid but the current setup of the Millennium is not a very good use of space. With a high rise they could fit more rooms in much less space then the millennium currently takes up.
  6. That would be a good idea. If 3CDC could build a boutique hotel above one of their typical garages with retail on the ground floor it would be a good stopgap and be a good long term addition to the area. Usually I wouldn't be in favor of the garage but if they build parking with these two new potential hotels it would make it an easier sell to tear down the garages north of the convention center for future expansion.
  7. I don't really like the plan of knocking down the millennium to then build a new hotel in it's place. That would probably take 3-4 years and would cause a real shortage of hotel rooms in downtown.
  8. I think that would be a pretty nice place to live as a student or if you're young and work in that area.
  9. Yeah I'm not sure why some are down on Cedar Fair for buying Kings Island. Cedar Fair has built Diamondback, Banshee, Mystic Timbers and now Orion in 14 years of owning the park. You could argue those are 4 of the top 5 rides in the park. They also added and knocked down Firehawk. During Paramounts 14 years of ownership they did nothing the first 7 years then added the Action Zone where Drop Zone and Face off are. They also added Son of Beast which was great for a while but then obviously had tons of issues. After that it was just Tomb Raider and Italian Job before they sold. So I'd say Cedar Fair has at worst been equal if not better then Paramount.
  10. I love Adventure Express. The line is always short and the nostalgia is always high.
  11. This is t parks first giga coaster and some of you are acting like they added another Adventure Express. Jesus some people just live to be miserable.
  12. Those aren't the flights I was hoping Southwest would add. We already have plenty of flights to Florida vacation cities.
  13. The south lot is the worst spot for convention center expansion. They need continuous space in convention centers, so only being able to partly expand south isn't very helpful. I think expanding west is the best option but would probably be the most expensive having to go over the highway. Plus the Brent Spence confusion will likely prevent that from happening. Expanding north would give them the most new space but you'd have to replace all that parking (or you could not replace them, because we already have plenty of parking. Expanding east isn't giving you much new space. I think south is best for a brand new convention center hotel while the Millennium can be upgraded but stay as a mid tier hotel. Knocking the Millennium down and building a new hotel in it's place doesn't do anything to help the shortage of hotel rooms we currently have.
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