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  1. ^^very cool about Chili House-I did not know they were Cincinnati Chili. I drove past one of those in Jordan a little while back. If I would have known I could of had a 5-way in the desert, I would have definitely stopped...
  2. For me, this is one of the big advantages of the streetcar and other public transit-not having to drive after a night out. I see this as increasing the demand for rail (but, a valid point especially in te short term).
  3. Maybe 20 stories above the original 8??
  4. ....and I thought the sidebar about why downtown needs more important was very positive
  5. I am not as worried about Phillips--It appears BP is making progress from the injury..I have faith in him getting back to his normal level
  6. Yes, but where are the pictures? The omission is pathetic! They are in a separate link and look awesome: http://news.cincinnati.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery?NoCache=1&Avis=AB&Dato=20120511&Kategori=BIZ01&Lopenr=205110802&Ref=PH&Params=Itemnr=1
  7. outstanding...thank you I now have a new desktop background!
  8. I thought QWS looked great on ESPN last night...good view from inside the ballpark
  9. thanks for the great photos! the "shaping" a the top adds a nice art deco element
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