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  1. So you are advocating for retroactively stripping all citizenship of people with European ancestry and only allowing Native Americans citizenship? Interesting.
  2. This...is my exact point. "Let them stay and get taxed like a U.S. citizen without being able to vote for the people who set tax policy."
  3. Good grief. Sounds like you haven't watched any impeachment coverage.
  4. The "can you imagine Obama..." scenarios get exhausting, I know, I know but...can you imagine if Obama went to Davos (that, in and of itself...lol), said he'd look into cutting Social Security after his 2nd term started and bragged about not turning over documents to the House committees investigating him?
  5. Even if concerns about a Sanders Presidency equating to authoritarianism and trampling the Constitution are valid (they aren't), a Sanders Presidency is much more likely to be checked by the legislative branch given Sanders isn't wholly welcomed by the Democratic establishment and the Senate is inherently undemocratic. The Dems flipping a net of 3 seats seems unlikely in 2020 given Doug Jones will probably lose to Jeff Sessions in AL. They would need to flip 4 seats in that case and even then, your 50th Dem Senator is Joe Manchin. It's just very, very unlikely that all of these "far left" ideas/fears will either a) get passed in the Senate and/or b) not be held in check by the Senate. You'd have to be talking about a scenario in which the Dems hold on to Alabama and/or flip, like, 6 Senate seats, expand their House majority, win the White House, and ~95% of the Democratic Party signs off on the most socialist policies Bernie puts out there, either passing them legislatively or letting him do everything he can via executive action. The "but my Constitution" concerns are so overblown coming from the right, especially when it's much more likely the Republicans hold the Senate and lets our Criminal-in-Chief go around committing more crimes and deconstructing our democracy. A true Constitutionalist would vote Dem, imo, in this election. Split parties in Washington are much more likely to hold the Executive branch in check, which is really what a Constitutionalist wants given concerns are mostly founded in Executive overreach.
  6. Republicans have never skirted or tried to skirt the Constitution.
  7. Jan 8th., Trump - "No Americans were harmed in last night's attack." Jan 22nd, Trump - "I heard that they had headaches, and a couple of other things, but I would say, and I can report, it's not very serious." Today: https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/24/politics/34-injuries-iran-missile-strike/index.html
  8. Some interesting national polls out this week. CNN has it Bernie 27%, Biden 24%, Warren 14%. Emerson has it Biden 30%, Bernie 27%, Warren 13%. Outside of the Economist poll where Warren is 2nd at 21% to Biden's 28%, Warren has fallen consistently into 3rd in the 14-15% range. Pete is now getting passed up by Bloomberg nationally. Sanders may have, perhaps, broken out of his 20% ceiling nationally. Biden really hasn't moved out of his 27-29% window in the entire race so far, but Bernie appears to be peaking - or at least trending up for the first time. Hasn't really been any good Iowa polling this week. I think Pete has to finish top 3 there to have a shot going forward given his national numbers. A couple polls show Sanders widening his lead in New Hampshire. I wouldn't be surprised if any of the top 4 won Iowa, but it's increasingly looking like a two person race (Sanders v Biden). Will be interesting to watch "momentum" effects post-Iowa.
  9. About 4-5 more hours and we can officially call this a troll job.
  10. I'm old enough to remember when Brett Kavanaugh was toast because Republicans weren't going to back him.
  11. His three voters aren't going to care. But yeah, the Dem bench in Ohio isn't very deep. I don't know who the "great" candidate would be to take on Portman. Cordray and Strickland can't win statewide. There's not even a statewide elected official who could make the jump. And because the House districts are gerrymandered to hell, there isn't a House rep (outside of Tim Ryan, maybe) who isn't coming from a heavily-left leaning district. Beatty in OH-3 (PVI of D+19), Kaptur in OH-9 (PVI of D+14), Fudge in OH-11 (PVI of D+32), and then Ryan in OH-13 (PVI of D+7).
  12. https://www.columbusunderground.com/kolache-republic-closing-next-month-sp1 Kolache Republic is closing next month, citing rising rent costs.
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