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  1. Think it might look something like where Nationwide Retirement Solutions moved to? Link
  2. "If you don't like this country, you should leave," says the insecure man child right after he threw his big boy military parade on July 4th, the day when a bunch of critical revolutionaries got sick of the British Crown and, uhhh, just stood up and went somewhere else.
  3. https://theintercept.com/2019/07/16/morgan-harper-congressional-black-caucus-primary/ This could also go in the local politics forum. Morgan Harper is running a primary campaign against Joyce Beatty in OH-3, from Beatty's left. She's not backed by Justice Democrats - the group that backed AOC, Cori Bush, Paula Jean Swearingen, and others in 2018. I haven't read too much into specifics (I am, somehow, in OH-15 despite being less than a mile from downtown Columbus) but the piece here notes her platform mirrors much of "The Squad's" (I feel like a doofus typing that): The piece also touches on the growth of progressives and DSA in Central Ohio as well as the recent progressive vs. establishment spat in the U.S. House.
  4. Gotcha. Thanks. The article doesn't mention anything about multiple buildings so that's probably why I was getting confused. Those lots suck. Sure, for monthly parking they're the cheapest in the area, but they're not even paved and hardly ever monitored except for big events.
  5. ^More tax breaks. Cool, cool. I'm a bit confused. They expect the project could be "up to 500,000 sq ft" but NWD Investments (or NRI) is starting the project at 130,000 sq ft - 80,000 of which Chipotle will occupy? Am I reading that right? How do they expect to fill in the other 370,000 sq ft?
  6. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/new-york-city-officer-eric-garner-s-chokehold-death-won-n1030321 Eric Garner - dead (his daughter is as well, btw) Ramsey Orta (the man who filmed the homicide) - still in prison Garner's killer - free
  7. 1) So, Trump's "logic" (to the extent there is any) is people should leave if they don't like the country they live in...while simultaneously pushing to end asylum for central American migrants who are leaving countries they don't like (and, in many cases, are in danger of being killed), using torture and concentration camps as deterrents for people to flee the countries "they don't like" to come to America. The galaxy brain on the right is ****ing mind boggling stupid. 2) He, of course, has no escalated it to "THEY HATE OUR COUNTRY," which is, of course, a lie. Trump, much like his dumbf*** cult followers, apparently are incapable of recognizing the history that dissent has played in our country. That America is an unfinished idea, and we are all working to make it better. That we have not only the freedom but the responsibility to question our government and demand better. 3) These "apologies" from Republican officials are bullsh**. All of them with not-so-thinly veiled shots of "even though I disagree with the four Congresswomen." SHUT. THE. HELL. UP. "The tweets and statements were racists and wrong. Period." That's your statement. Tying in "bUt mUh PoLiTiCs" in the face of racism is ****ing cowardice. Issue your statement without trying to bring some sense of normalcy to the situation. It's not ****ing normal! 4) Citizenship is absolute. I know some criticism has focused on Tlaib/AOC/Pressley being born here. Ilhan Omar is an American citizen and is granted every right that every other American citizen is afforded. We do not get to pick and choose who is most worthy of being "American" by where they were born or when they were granted citizenship. Of course, we can't have this type of discourse because it requires too much thinking for Trump and his supporters. The right, once again, has failed miserably to condemn racism. Of course, this is the party that brought us birtherism, the "food stamp President," calling Michelle Obama "Barack's baby mama," the WIllie Horton ad, and on down the line. White nationalism has always cozied up to the GOP. It's now just on blast 24/7 via Twitter and Fox News. What f***ing moral failures.
  8. This takes the cake as dumbest post on UO of all-time.
  9. I'm sure the racist birther-in-chief isn't "tEcHnIcAlLy" racist when he told three Congresswomen born in the United States to "go back to the countries they came from" is peak galaxy brain.
  10. Adding the citizenship question was yet another way of Republicans trying to maintain their power via any means. The population count is used to determine federal resources as well as districting for the House. Of course no non-citizen would trust this administration, thus an under count of immigrant and urban areas would happen, both historically Democratic areas. More attempted Republican cheating.
  11. https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/12/business/nike-betsy-ross-shoes-arizona-governor-trnd/index.html Ducy reverses his owning of the libs.
  12. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/07/12/politics/mnuchin-congress-letter-debt-crisis/index.html Who would have guessed it
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