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  1. So literally any person who has been date raped alone with their attacker who doesn't come forth immediately = hearsay? Wtf? The victim may not want to talk to journalists. She may be willing to talk to the FBI. Stier is an eyewitness. How do we even know there weren't other people there / other people that might be willing to come forward? This is the first we're hearing of it. But you'd rather bury your head in the sand than try to find out. Amazing stuff. This is super confusing - there is no grounds for a criminal investigation (which this wasn't) and there are certain evidentiary standards that must be followed (why? this wasn't a criminal investigation). I feel like I'm repeating myself from September 2018 - no one has ever argued this was or should be a criminal investigation. You're arguing against a strawmen there instead of what I said and it's blatantly bad faith. This is a blatant lie. I don't know to more kindly ask this - stop making things up. That's...not at all that goal or the point. This sentence is entirely irrelevant. Again, not the point. At the risk of being super redundant, all I can do is ask you to re-read prior posts. These are baseless trolling attacks, and it seems you seem fit to be stuck in your own theory about me despite what I have posted. I will refer you back to re-read what I have written and, once again, kindly ask you to stop making up lies about me on this forum so our discussions will go better.
  2. Someone with almost no political experience except for being involved in a criminal enterprise against the 9th most popular Senator. Should be good.
  3. https://phys.org/news/2019-09-earth-quickly-climate.html Earth warming more quickly than thought, new climate models show
  4. An alleged victim refusing to be interviewed doesn't mean you kill the story. Hearing third hand that "she doesn't recall" doesn't mean it didn't happen. The witness who attempted to contact the FBI was identified by the NYT. By this weird standard, Brock Turner never raped his victim because she couldn't remember it. Any woman who's ever been date raped was never actually assaulted if they couldn't remember it. In what bizarro world are we living if we discount eye witness testimony because the alleged victim's memory may be faulty or incomplete? Should the NYT have included those caveats in the original article? Absolutely. Does it invalidate the claim of Stier? Absolutely not. Also, it's very interesting that conservatives are refusing to acknowledge that reporters have found at least 7 people willing to testify that Kavanaugh's "incident" was talked about in the days after it was alleged to have occurred. Remember Kavanaugh's testimony? By Kavanaugh's own standard it happened.
  5. This is not what I said. It's not what I've ever said. I don't know why you seem to struggle with what people post here and then concoct something completely made up. I'll boil it down it so it's very easy since this seems to be a trouble spot: 1) There are multiple accusations of alleged sexual assault and misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh. If these are merely "made up smears" then a more thorough investigation would clear him. This would be good as it would remove the cloud hanging over him/the Court. 2) The FBI background check was limited in scope. What is/was preventing the Senate Judiciary Committee from conducting a more thorough investigation? Could they outsource that to a 3rd party? Just because the FBI couldn't run down all the supposed witnesses who might corroborate the stories doesn't mean another entity couldn't. And just because the investigation was partial (at best) doesn't mean we should give up on trying to get as close to the truth as possible. 3) I want to know the truth, or the truth as best we can find it considering the time that has elapsed. I believe the American people deserve to know the truth - and that goes beyond the FBI interviewing four people privy to one of the alleged incidents. Will we ever fully know, indisputably, the truth of all these incidents? Probably not. Could we get closer to that point than where we are now? Of course. I have no narrative I'm trying to fit other than what I just outlined. I would very much appreciate if you would refrain from your made up fantasies about my motives and stick to what I've posted. It would make these forum discussions go a lot better.
  6. I, too, like avoiding subpoenas instead of...just telling the truth.
  7. The Fed is cutting rates again. So weird how "the best economy ever" needs two rate cuts.
  8. She's kind of on the Michelle Bachmann 2012 trajectory. https://civiqs.com/documents/Civiqs_ISU_banner_book_2019_09_release.pdf Civiqs has Iowa as Warren up 24-16 over both Biden and Sanders.
  9. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/ca/california_democratic_primary-6879.html She's behind Yang in her own state.
  10. What's great about intersectionality - in its original form, at least - is that it seeks to demolish all racial hierarchies. And the conservatives response to that has been, "NO! THIS IS TERRIBLE!!" as if we needed further proof about how they really feel about race.
  11. Cancel culture is out of control.
  12. Well, 95% of your posts are just his talking points.
  13. And Ben Shapiro - a noted railer against intersectionality - has said he sees nothing objectionable with Crenshaw's work or that definition. That you find the theory "worthless drivel" puts you farther outside the mainstream than Ben "no one's seen Brett's d***" Shapiro.
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