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  1. "The lack of evidence that supports our conspiracy theory is just further evidence that our conspiracy theory is true."
  2. Actually, kind of this. Here was a Rhodes scholar with degrees from Harvard and Oxford - he could have had his pick of where to work in 2007. He actively *chose* McKinsey and routinely says he thinks the people there have good intentions. They're one of the most evil companies on the planet - and I'm talking beyond the usual "lay people off, hike prices" type of corporate consulting. Look at their recent work with ICE or the many dictators they've consulted.
  3. Feel free to post/discuss what's questionable about her record in law. Donald Trump isn't being discussed here because he's not running in the Democratic primary.
  4. Not a purity test and not acting like he's a corporate shill from this work he's refusing to explain. Try re-reading again before coming to these unfounded conclusions, if personally direct at me. If they are directed at "the left" at large, that's fine. I'm never going to speak for a large group of people. I actually didn't hear much about this McKinsey work until several people on the forums here started talking about it, how it was a little sketchy, etc. It's gotten a lot of publicity the last couple weeks now.
  5. Tell me more about this unbiased mind with integrity. I, too, like burying my head in the face of facts. No matter how many times you repeat the lie that Turley is "highly respected" and "unbiased," it still remains a lie.
  6. The IG report basically destroys every MAGA narrative: -The FBI/CIA framed George P - IG says no -The investigation was started on a "fabricated" dossier - IG says no -Carter Page was used to spy on Trump - IG says no -Obama/Brennan/Comey ordered fabrications to get Trump - IG says no I don't think the facts will force them to rethink their idiocy, though!
  7. I disagree on the benefit of the current non-retirement savers opening up a 401k/IRA because they'd just be immediately draining it to pay off their loans. And I need to see data about those people - do they not currently have one because a) they don't have the income right now to set aside 10-15% of their income for retirement or is it b) the lack of education about such accounts that you mentioned earlier? If it's b) then that probably applies to 529s as well. It would take a lot of work to educate people about them and I don't believe those contributions can be auto-deducted like a 401k.
  8. Much has been made in recent weeks about Pete's time at McKinsey, what he did, who his clients were, etc. His campaign did a Friday night news dump, though they are still largely hiding behind the NDA. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/pete-buttigieg-mckinsey-2020-candidate-releases-detailed-timeline-of-work-at-mckinsey-today-2019-12-06/ That Canadian grocer was almost certainly Loblaw. https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/j5vmxp/loblaw-says-sorry-for-fixing-bread-prices-for-14-years-with-a-dollar25-gift-card Of course, we have no way of knowing if Pete's work of "analyzing the effects of price cuts" was in any way tied to the price-fixing scheme because he won't release any details about his work. According to Wendell Porter, a former healthcare exec, this is industry and corporate speak for cutting costs through layoffs, restructuring, and denying health coverage to those in need. And don't be fooled by "nonprofit health insurance provider" - they behave in exactly the same way as "for profit" providers. Blue Cross Blue Shield is a "non profit" health insurer in Michigan, for example. They called in McKinsey in 2007, actually. If it was BCBS, they laid off hundreds of people and dramatically increased premiums not long after McKinsey's consultation. If it was BCBS, the Michigan AG had some things to say - https://www.michigan.gov/documents/ag/Blue_Cross_11.29.07_217273_7.pdf But again, voters shouldn't be left guessing what a major candidate for President did for 3 years of work which ended less than a decade ago, work the candidate himself often cites as relevant experience suitable for a background to become President. https://twitter.com/AmirAminiMD/status/1203821639131172869 ^And here is Pete dismissing a voter's concern over taking donations from corporations and billionaires, despite Pete's own pledge to "fight the influence of big money in politics."
  9. Yes, propaganda has never been successful in human history.
  10. If the goal here is essentially to save on current taxes as a way to help those making student loan payments either a) make the whole payment deductible or b) let people continue contributing to a 529 after school and let them to use those funds to pay off their loans. If I'm not mistaken, you can't make a payment out of a 529 on loans, only current tuition or other associated costs. So that's a "pre tax" savings that doesn't involve ruining their retirement outlook. But these are all mostly band-aids to a much bigger problem that Paul's bill doesn't seek to address.
  11. There is the weekly tradition of making **** up that people didn't say. Would be a shame if someone started doing the same to you on a weekly basis. If you actually read the thread carefully you'll note that I call out a way to tweak this plan that a) is less complicated, b) achieves the same thing from a big picture perspective and c) would be available to anyone making student loan payments, not just those who have funds in a retirement account. I suggest you try reading again to find it.
  12. So, not a single "pro life" evangelical wants to defend this. Btw, the changes to SNAP are projected to save $5 billion over 5 years. $1bn/year. Guess how much FedEx's federal income tax liability changed from before the Trump tax cut to after? Over $1 billion. In one year. On top of not fulfilling any of their hiring promises they made while lobbying for the tax cut. One single corporation could fund the gap in SNAP that the Trump Administration is now cutting.
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