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  1. DarkandStormy

    The Trump Presidency

    "Sir, this is an Arby's the Trump Presidency thread."
  2. DarkandStormy

    The Trump Presidency

    https://www.axios.com/trump-giuliani-evolving-denials-russian-collusion--d04aeed1-24cc-4609-bcf4-0632a2e193bd.html Quite the timeline.
  3. DarkandStormy

    The Trump Presidency

    Do you realize that Trump traveled to Iraq during the shutdown? Self owns are the best.
  4. DarkandStormy

    Toxic Masculinity

    Aaaaaand this is an example of toxic masculinity, imo.
  5. DarkandStormy

    Yet Another Reason to Love Fox News...

  6. DarkandStormy

    The Trump Presidency

  7. DarkandStormy

    Health Care

  8. DarkandStormy


  9. DarkandStormy

    Toxic Masculinity

    You really should read @freefourur's link - https://www.girlshealth.gov/bullying/whatis/girlsbully.html
  10. DarkandStormy

    Toxic Masculinity

  11. DarkandStormy

    Toxic Masculinity

    The original point about scantily-clad women was that they are giving the message they want to have sex. Your two examples aren't about that. Sure, yoga pants to a professional interview tells the interviewer that this woman doesn't take the position seriously. Jeans to a high-end event would mean the woman doesn't take it seriously or is oblivious to etiquette norms. These are two different points. The main point originally was that women almost universally don't dress scantily because "they want it." Wearing flip flops to a board meeting is about something different entirely.
  12. DarkandStormy

    Global Warming

  13. DarkandStormy

    Toxic Masculinity

    Neither of those suggest she wants to be sexually assaulted (or sex, even), so....cool examples I guess?
  14. DarkandStormy

    Toxic Masculinity

    That's not the point. I'm not disagreeing with anything you're saying here. Everybody is responsible for their own actions, drunk or sober. What you're not responding to is that society has largely blamed women for being "too drunk" when they get sexually assaulted, whether or not that's true. Men largely get a pass for being idiots when they're drunk as long as they don't drive. Look at some of the jail sentences (or lack thereof) for college sexual assaults. Look at what Brock Turner got for violating a young woman who was passed out (she had been drugged, if I recall).
  15. DarkandStormy

    Toxic Masculinity

    https://www.nsvrc.org/sites/default/files/publications_nsvrc_factsheet_media-packet_statistics-about-sexual-violence_0.pdf https://www.nsvrc.org/statistics