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  1. ^^That CU photo is so out of date. The podium slab was completed in October and crews are working on stair towers.
  2. ^They are correcting drainage issues. The asphalt wasn't installed with correct grades and water was collecting at some of the curb ramps.
  3. This probably had more to do with how unpopular Bevin is in KY.
  4. Just saw this on FB - this really sucks. Maybe the developer should have donated to Ginther's reelection - probably would have greased the skids a bit.
  5. ^There are no City mandated parking minimums in Downtown. Developers feel they need to provide parking to attract residents.
  6. It's pretty boring architecturally. But what can we really expect when there's a Daimler office building proposed. As I recall, Daimler was the entity pushing for a skybridge at 80 on the Commons. It's a missed opportunity architecturally because of the make up of the CDDC board - I'm surprised the buildings aren't Georgian. And how do they expect to fill the commercial spaces when they can't fill the retail on S. High at Highpoint and 250 S High?
  7. ^I noticed yesterday that the sculpture is being relocated to the southwest corner of Olentangy River Road and Ackerman.
  8. Downtown office and apartment building sold for $72 million https://www.dispatch.com/business/20191018/downtown-office-and-apartment-building-sold-for-72-million
  9. Nice looking building! Too bad the south side of Gay is either surface parking or parking garages between Grant and 4th....
  10. ^The existing building on Tompkins St. is undergoing renovations. It appears the tenants of the small office building at Tompkins and High have moved out.
  11. Just for fun, here’s an early plan for the site, late 60s or early 70s. Check out all the apartment buildings to the north.
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