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  1. The latest City update on the High St. streetscape project indicated asphalt paving will start 10/22. Sidewalk and planter work will continue - they're getting close to completion. I imagine traffic light installation and removal of the remaining wood poles may stretch into next year. It also indicated utility work will begin in the coming weeks on the next phase from Starr to 9th Ave with sidewalk work beginning in 2019. Also included were private development updates: Private Development Project Updates 711 North High Build-out is set for completion next month. 750 North High (Bollinger Tower) During construction, the parking lot behind the tower is being used for construction purposes and unavailable for vehicles. Build-out is set for completion summer 2019. 800 North High (Moxy Hotel) Build-out is set for completion September 2019. Foot traffic is able to travel through on a portion of the new sidewalk. 875 North High (The Mercantile Development) Buildout of the development is set for completion May 2019. The lane and sidewalk restrictions on W. First Ave. between High and Park streets will continue through the beginning of December. 40 W. First Ave (Improve it! Development) Buildout is set for completion June 2020. 900 North High (UDF DEVELOPMENT) Buildout is primarily complete with tenant construction and move-in occurring now. 944 North High(THE BRUNNER BUILDING) Buildout is primarily complete with tenant construction and move-in occurring now. 965 North High (THE CASTLE) Buildout is primarily complete with tenant construction and move-in occurring now. 1160 North High (STONEWALL COLUMBUS) Buildout is set for completion next month.
  2. ^There's a 5 story building planned for the former Yoga on High site. Wonder when that will start construction?
  3. Exterior finishes are starting to appear on the Moxy.
  4. The Trautman Building appears to have residents but is still under construction. It looks like the upper floors still need exterior finishes. The materials look good to me except for these piers and railing along Rich St. The piers are made of the cheapest garden wall pre-cast concrete blocks that you can find and look so out of place. The concrete wall below is still waiting for final finishes. I don't know how LC can make money on these buildings considering the construction duration.
  5. Pablo

    The Trump Presidency

    ^Or Ivanka....
  6. Summit & 5th. The project is really visible driving west on 5th from Cleveland Ave. It seems like this stretch of E 5th is ripe for a transforming building boom. It will be nice to have a pedestrian friendly commercial street perpendicular to High St.
  7. I drove by around 6:30 this evening and columns were erected in the north end of the building. We should see a skeleton emerge by the end of next week. Starting to take form despite all the rain - photo from last night.
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    He’s just auditioning for the AG job.
  9. How dare you question the authority of the almighty Walker!
  10. I didn't think it was that costly? I joined UO precisely because they killed the forums over there. Should have done it sooner. That's when I joined UO.
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    The Trump Presidency

    Video of that anywhere? That's rough, man. https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/408260-un-audience-laughs-when-trump-boasts-of-achievements
  12. ^That's weird. I just went here: https://www.columbus.gov/planning/uidrb/ For the 9/27 meeting there are two PDF icons under agenda - I clicked the icon on the right and it took me to the City Box page.
  13. Ah gotcha. Anything noteworthy on the agenda for tomorrow? Nothing earth shattering. A couple of parking garages.
  14. ^I saw the printed agenda. You could probably email the commission's urban design manager.