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  1. The Dispatch published renderings of the Trolley Barn project but it's behind their paywall. The project will break ground soon.
  2. The interior is pretty nice! This article has new renderings but I don't know how to find image links: https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/04/12/slideshow-walk-through-the-first-look-inside-the.html?iana=hpmvp_colum_news_headline
  3. The plywood is covering a hole for a planter - part of the streetscape project.
  4. I think diversity of businesses is a good thing for a vibrant downtown.
  5. The Yoga on High building is being demolished. Interestingly, the entire block from 3rd to 4th is fenced off including the former Family Dollar store and its parking lot. Is the entire block being cleared? Or is the Family Dollar site being used as a staging area for the new building replacing Yoga on High?
  6. The former Ford dealership at Broad and 315 is being demolished.
  7. https://www.golf.com/news/features/2019/04/02/how-why-president-trump-cheats-golf-playing-tiger-woods/
  8. ^Kokosing is clearing out their yard that occupies a portion of the site.
  9. Going vertical at Cleveland and Reynolds. (Lots of wires in this shot!)
  10. This excavator had a cage around the operator's compartment to provide protection from falling debris which made me think it was for building demo and not just roadwork.
  11. There's an excavator typically used in building demo in the parking lot of the former Yoga on High building. Perhaps this project is starting soon?
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