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  1. Also, public buildings should have public exterior space as well. City Hall and the Statehouse have it, so should the County.
  2. ^I agree. Columbus is woefully behind other cities in parks. https://radio.wosu.org/post/columbus-loses-points-quality-public-parks#stream/0
  3. This particular project is densification. Other projects in the area are infill, some by the same developer. Is it infill when an apartment block is built on a former one story commercial building with a huge parking lot?
  4. Here's a project that slipped under the radar. The densification of Broadview Ave. continues. The two story apartment court behind Big Lots has been demolished and a 3-4 story apartment building on top of a parking garage is under construction. Looks like there are townhomes fronting Broadview. The project address is 1471 Ida Ave. There have been a lot of these infill projects in this area and around the Chambers Rd. Kroger. I believe the project is known as The Broadview, Phase 2 and is being developed by Avenue Partners https://www.avenuepartners.com/the-broadview-phase-2 Here's the Broadview side of the project:
  5. I commute on High St through the Short North and have noticed these two completely empty buildings. I find this somewhat surprising. I'm guessing the owners are holding out for high rent tenants. Does anyone know the status of these buildings? This first is at Poplar and High. There are two parcels here with two different owners. I believe the last business to move out was Blick. The apartments seem empty too. The rear portion of the building is fenced off. I wonder if the building is going to be renovated. The former dry cleaners had a proposed tenant a number of years ago but I haven't heard anything in quite some time. There are for lease signs on both properties - hopefully they will be filled soon. The other is at Starr and High. About 20-25 years ago this building was renovated to provide affordable housing but now it's completely empty. Recently it used to house Flower Child (moved to E. 5th), Roy G. Biv (moved to River & Rich) and Vamp (moved next door to the White Castle building). The apartments above appear empty as well. I haven't seen any For Lease sings. The "L" shaped lot extends back to the alley. Hopefully the owner is not thinking of tearing down the building. I would think with minimal updates the apartments would rent pretty quickly.
  6. ^I read somewhere that Columbus is the largest city without a downtown Whole Foods. Indy has a nice one.
  7. The plan uses a good portion of Rhodes Park - that's a bad move. The last thing Columbus should do is use parkland for development. https://radio.wosu.org/post/columbus-loses-points-quality-public-parks#stream/0
  8. Yes, that's true. Franklinton was incorporated around 1797. It was annexed by Columbus in 1859. The comment made me smile because of its brashness. The comment also expressed the real fears gentrification by locals.
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