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  1. viscomi

    Name your top 5 cities...

    ^Valletta is a pretty surreal place. 1) Lisboa - I have been thinking about this city recently, and I haven't been back in quite some time. No place has attached and stuck with me as much as Lisbon. 2) Catania - Another place that has stuck with me, not to the degree of Lisbon but similar. ...too many to decide at the moment
  2. viscomi

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    Colorized and makes me want these back even more.
  3. I had the exact same feelings. Some of those existing buildings could be re-used for structured parking too. I came up with a quick idea in my head for the site, maybe I can get it on paper. but ya, very unimaginative overall, and I agree with a poster up-thread that this stuff looks like a half step up from student housing that could be found anywhere usa.
  4. viscomi


    My sister lives in NH, about 30 mins from Lincoln.
  5. I heard it was YMCA that was mucking it up.
  6. I think there is currently a Knez sign up on that corner lot. So maybe Bo knows, something? Unrelated but interesting enough (at least to me) this morning I randomly came across a pic from 1937 of the opposite corner across 47th (northwest)... attaching
  7. I understand the concept of visually disconnecting gamblers from the outside world but could you imagine playing table games with the backdrop of Euclid Ave? An ultra-classy, cosmopolitan concept with a city back-drop, that might be a draw unto itself, no. I have been to One other Casino other than Cleveland. Would this be such an adventurous new concept? With all the saturation you have now, the old “don’t let them see out” might be a hold-out from the old school casino play book at this point, at least for casinos in interesting locations. Lots of ideas going on in my head right now. Is anyone currently using the top floor of Higbee? What's the view like facing east, looking through those large windows on the top floor? Anyone have some photos archived?? I can't remember if I have ever been up there (what floor was Mr Jingeling on?). I gamble once, maybe every 5 years, so I have no idea about this stuff. Just thought it was an interesting idea and discussion.
  8. viscomi

    Cleveland transit history

    ^Amazing I recently noticed trolley tracks popping up through the asphalt on John ave at Woodbine in Ohio City. Never realized there was a line here. Sure enough, I found a map from 1990 and it looks like there was a short jog on John as part of the Bridge Ave line.
  9. Interesting. I'm wondering... would this would be in addition to whatever Metro does at the Hollywood video lot further east down Lorain? Or is This that speculated development in a different location.
  10. Nice, wasn't that building on a demo list at some point too?
  11. viscomi

    Gentrification News & Discussion

    I think we will see some diversification eventually. Urban centers for the most part had been on a hiatus for what, about 50 years? Probably more like 70. There needed to be a template/blueprint to guide this, for many, new frontier.
  12. Just, the view not terminated by a parking structure. Doesn't have to be anything crazy. Maybe just wrap the street frontage with more apartments. Maybe im being petty haha
  13. Cool, didn't expect development here any time soon! One minor gripe... Why terimate the sight line view, looking east down the new Gehring St from 25th with a parking garage. It's a small detail but in my mind a proper/interesting termination is important aesthetic in an urban environment. Builders of the past seemed to capitalize on this design principle much more.
  14. viscomi

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    I have been curious ever since the scooters showed up about their real world speeds. I was hearing people discuss using them as longer distance transportation options (3 miles+) Well today I finally encountered a scoot commuter while on my bike. I was actually surprised at the rate that I blew past them. At least twice their speed. And I didn't even have my faster full road bike. I had the heaver Bianchi steel frame today, so not that much faster then your typical city bike. Without personally using a scooter yet I would say they are more tailored for the 5 block to 1 miles hopes.