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  1. You guys are brutal! I don't think this is as cut and dry as some are all making it. I'm glad we have elected officials looking into the full impact which includes some long term planning. Let's see what comes of the upfront infrastructure talk as well as a legit end of life discussion because we have to be honest with ourselves that single use mall complexes are extremely fragile. We have the luxury of being able to see these same scenarios play out the past 40 years and they almost never end well. Mayday posted a link to an article in the retail thread that explored a concept that I mentioned up-thread about building stable, easy to retool structures the traditional way. https://www.strongtowns.org/curbside-chat-1/2015/12/22/traditional-development Of particular importance in the video is the part about later needing public grant money to deal with the fall of the complex i.e. large sums to demolish the structure. We have to be more conscience of the liabilities we are taking on long term not just the immediate impact.
  2. As far a being two story, "brick" along Lorain they are. The middle proposal was the realitve oddball.
  3. It's actually back to the original, original design but I feel it looks worse this time around This was the render that came out before the modern one posted above.
  4. Seems to have a quite a bit of difference in setback compared to 668 next door.
  5. In my experience it has become way more reliable since about fall last year compared to rest of 2019. I have been using for the airport a lot, sometimes for the early 5 am departures and late night arrivals. No issues.
  6. Right. If you want a dedicated transit lane you'll have to get rid of the on street parking here. If not, then you will what you have now. Personally, I think it makes sense for dedicated transit lane because not only do you have the 25th line but also, what 4 other lines that use this corridor. Considering that though, it couldn't be designed exactly like the healthline is.
  7. You're on the RTA board of trusties and claim existing automobile congestion as a deterrent to implementing a mass transit solution. I thought that's the very reason you would explore something like this.
  8. I love the colorized photos this guy does
  9. Agree, but how is this proposed development any different? (please no one say because they are outlet stores!) It's a one use structure, it goes against the traditional development pattern we usually praise in a forum like this.
  10. If a tear down is the route taken, I wonder if all that nice granite could be saved and used for something else. Probably cost prohibitive though.
  11. https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2020/01/20/end-of-the-line-for-petersons-nuts-on-carnegie No more Petersons I haven't been there in years. I'm sure they would have done much better business if they were in a more central downtown location.
  12. I walked in the path of this pic being taken today. I felt bad, but when I looked back the guy was still at it, trying to get the primo shot... at that point I thought it for sure was an UO friend, becuase we demand only the best here
  13. @Toddguy You should visit Give time to adjust and settle in. 5 hours on a cruise ship stop is not enough. If you still find the blocks too big you can always go to the old city.
  14. Which may factor into the possible SW recruitment issues that we have discussed here. In my field (IT) I ask a lot of my colleagues looking to move if they have checked SW and they either say, "oh I forgot about them" or even "they are located here" (most of the time that's the cle transplants). Point is, marketing maters. Both for recruitment and products sales. This is sometimes achieved by a HQ building(s).
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