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  1. Out of curiosity... what bar on Lorain? I remember Envy on 25th being demoed. Envy had some other things going on with it though, if I remember correctly. Like drug money front or something. For the record I hate all the surface lots in this area.
  2. Midges? I haven't seen them this year yet. If so, residence is futile! Handheld vacuum if/when they get inside.
  3. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2019-04-26/the-rust-belt-stabilizes-as-the-sun-belt-tops-out
  4. Was that the church fire that started form an out of season, lighting strike a few years back?
  5. ^Thanks. I was just going to ask for a refresher on those past discussions.
  6. I've heard "ope" used in southern Europe.
  7. Let me be clear..I agree there should be a little more city oversight of the state of active construction sites in our neighborhoods. However, some of these people came across as anti new development and would complain no matter what about any new construction. Construction sites are dirty, it's not ideal. The sidewalks are going to be tore up. The street is going to be tore up where they tie in water infrastructure and wont be fully paved over until their done with the project. There's going to be unslightly dumpsters and piles of needed construction materials on the tree lawns. I don't know the state of the particular site(s) from the article but im well aware of the overall situation. My ~1000ft street in OC has 5 active construction sites! I make due. Walk in the street and ask the workers to move stuff when needed (they have all been extremely accomidating, given the circumstances) And after previously finishing two other single family houses, everything is returned to normal. There's going to be growing pains and the city Should respond for reassurance to the current residents. But we should not be trying to actively slow/stop development becuase its messy (tax abatement discussion aside)
  8. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/cleveland-metro/tremont-residents-demand-better-construction-site-clean-up-and-enforcement In all honesty, there is a valid point in there but gets lost in the nimby rant.
  9. Funny you mention this because I've noticed the car lot at 47th and Lorain reduce it's inventory by about 70% in the past few days as well.
  10. ^Fair point. I shouldn't speculate what went on back then. Strike that portion of my post.
  11. Of the Great Lakes it's actually the best to swim in. The others are too cold for my liking. Even Lake Michigan in early August when the air temp is 95 degrees i can only stand the water for a little bit. The water at Edgewater is very enjoyable bath water temp in late July/August. Burk, airport or not I always thought it would be nice if they put in a beach on the north side, with a bike/pedestrian path to get out there. It could serve the growing downtown population. Probably too expensive of an investment without a development though.
  12. Yep. I'm one that firmly believes that almost everything we construct in this word should be made as beautiful as possible. Even the things that just have a utility function such as a garage. That used to be deafult in America in the past. Look at some of the old factories in our city. What we build is an extension of our society. When anyalizing your preference, one would say that this society cared about how easy it was to identify places to park their automobiles.
  13. This is the justification slide for the amount of exposed garage. I hope planning board pries into this one. Especially the "Ally" technicality. East 4th is pretty weak too.
  14. I'm surprised the lane-way doesn't incorporate linear buildings with garage behind, at least on the residential side of the development. Seems like it would be ideal place to have balconies and such.
  15. If some retail remains i'm personally "okay" with the overall idea. If the retail demand increases, there is always the bluff land south of Huron to build on which could have direct access to the rail terminal.
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