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  1. I walked in the path of this pic being taken today. I felt bad, but when I looked back the guy was still at it, trying to get the primo shot... at that point I thought it for sure was an UO friend, becuase we demand only the best here
  2. @Toddguy You should visit Give time to adjust and settle in. 5 hours on a cruise ship stop is not enough. If you still find the blocks too big you can always go to the old city.
  3. Which may factor into the possible SW recruitment issues that we have discussed here. In my field (IT) I ask a lot of my colleagues looking to move if they have checked SW and they either say, "oh I forgot about them" or even "they are located here" (most of the time that's the cle transplants). Point is, marketing maters. Both for recruitment and products sales. This is sometimes achieved by a HQ building(s).
  4. I hope they at least make it easier to get a bike through there.
  5. viscomi

    Off Topic

    I don't know if it will go lower but I have been looking at same sony model as well as LG C9. This Sony was $2,800 a few months ago when I was perusing Bestbuy. Another 2-3 hundred would be quite the mark down from earlier this year for OLED tech. I'm in a position that I can wait and see. But I still can't wrap my head around that much money for a TV. I forgot to mention that the bestbuy sales rep was telling me they have financing but if pay up-front they will take 10% off of the pretax total. @jmecklenborg
  6. I always agree with density. I'm just a little concerned SW will be the only use for both the whole super block and jacobs lot. Single use density is not ideal. Yes, we get rid of the surface parking lots but will there be any reason for non SW employees to be here other than maybe pass through. We'll just have to wait and see.
  7. The city may benefit from something like this in the short-term but in a decade or so when it falters it will be another huge, single use structure to deal with.
  8. ^Full speed game situation I don't know if it would be fully apparent to Garrett that the ball was released already. Also the case could be made that Garrett was sitting on him because Mason had a hold of his helmet.
  9. ^ that could be (somewhat) easily addressed though. There just inst any political will for that to change right now.
  10. They'll say cgi for pink skys in the over lake shot It was real though, they lucked out big time that morning.
  11. For the super block option, do we know if SW is opposed to any type of mix-use such as what Weston had planned (obviously with an increase in the office sq)?
  12. Anyone catch the sun rise this morning?
  13. Wow. I went to the soft opening of City Works and was talking to one of Bottleneck reps that was overseeing the build out. They dumped a bunch of money into it.
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