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  1. Interesting. I hope a connection to 76th is part of the plan. Battery Park blvd would be a good place. A lot of people already cut through that way already.
  2. Is this the perfect situation for a requirement on development here to provide 0 off street parking spots? RTA can do that right? The block clubs would lose their shirt though. However it would be a good place to show that the world continues to work without off street parking, especially next to a heavy rail station.
  3. @YABO713 I spoke with someone that went through now defunct Software Guild out of Akron about 3 years ago and the 14 week program cost around 10k. Tech Elevator at the old Baker showroom on Euclid is around 15k for 14 weeks. We just hired a stay at home mom that got sick of doing that who went through that program. The other big one i see is We can Code IT out of Terminal tower and is around 13k for same time range. Little more than i first thought but if you are bright I see no reason why you can't imeditaly find a junior level dev job and make 60k plus upon compeltion. Plus it looks like there are quite a few grants available for these programs. Best of luck to you buddy.
  4. I'll ask around. I was a chump and overpaid for 4.25 years at OU. That was one expensive party!
  5. How about one of those code boot camps? I have hired a decent number of people for my work that have gone through one of those programs and many of them had unrelated degrees/past work experience. The talent is in such short supply that if an applicant demonstrates a strong understanding of the core knowledge base, the 'you need x number of years experience in this field' doesn't really have much weight at this time. Some examples: Tech Elevator, We can Code IT, software guild
  6. I think those where on Payne. Maybe starting at the now gone point of Sup/Payne
  7. I see it both ways. I do, however think this is a pretty crucial pivot point right here though, for downtown. It's Not a huge area being considered... but in context its a full block in a very important place. idk. ugh. Fine. I say the scale and no retail is a huge miss. I'm sticking with that.
  8. Found two sections of the front columns on Lorain Ave today.
  9. Looks like these broke ground today: https://issuu.com/knezhomes/docs/forest_city_five_brochure_11.15-18
  10. Wow, it took that long to bring it down. My brother in law works for the NY bridge authority that oversees that one. Christmas 2017 he was on the phone half the time in a state of emergency, discussing its imediate dismantle. They feared the old tappan zee would collapse at any moment.
  11. I recently read somewhere that cities that havent gone the annex route i.e. Cleveland, might be better off in the long run. The center city wont be on the hook to deal with these low desity overbuilt infrastructure places when they start failing and become financially insolvent, which they most likely will due to the very nature they were built. Sure you can try to retro fit them but that seems like an uphill battle. I hadent thought about it that way but its an interesting take and I could see it possibly playing out that way.
  12. Ya, only bad view at the Westin is outside looking back at it
  13. Correct me if im wrong but it has to pretty freaking cold to get ice formations like this (i forget the exact term for it). Moister from busted steam pipe on Superior in Cleveland, freezing and forming/accumulating ice structure on contact. Fyi this is pretty much in front of Masthead Brewery
  14. Was across the street at Conner Palace last night to see Sebastian Maniscalco. Seems to be moving along quite nicely. It should work to enclose that area, bookending the eastern entrance to Euclid with the Keith building ... can't wait for this one to finish.
  15. Cleveland did have the rapid transit lines out east.
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