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  1. I was there for all of it.....What happened yesterday and last night had me sick to my stomach a legit scared. Being in the lobby of our building and watching gangs of kids try and bust out all our windows and flip us on....kids leaning out of cars waving pistols, tear gas everywhere......It was unreal. I was right there when they smashed the Standard Building windows and then screamed "Lets go get Tower City"!!!
  2. I was just saying this to my son.....sounds like we need to start asking to have one added!!
  3. the Roaring 20's followed the Pandemic of 1918. People will still live downtown and in dense Urban areas.....because it makes sense. And remember, the densest cities in the world all came through this pandemic much better than the U.S.
  4. This is great....but biggest piece of info was that Club Eros moved???? TO WHERE????? lol!!!
  5. So I'm having trouble uploading pics, but the planters seem to be staying on the sidewalk. All are put in position and are getting ornamental trees and grasses installed.
  6. Agreed! I ride my bike thru there almost every day....That intersection is insane. The Towpath is doing everything it can to keep Bikes off the road, especially right there.
  7. Trail.....Thats the final piece of the towpath as it runs into the park
  8. Integrity!! That my Bro in law!! He's the best, and does it right. Sadly, doing it right is expensive.
  9. and they’ve started pile driving! I’d post pics, but site is not allowing me to
  10. Put the stage right at the base of the Terminal Tower. Use Public square!! Light up the terminal and all the other building with the Team colors for every draft choice. People can spill into East 4th and warehouse district. That spot on the Lakefront might be the windiest spot in Cleveland in April.
  11. wow....I was totally wrong on that one! Very fancy garage doors!!
  12. Nope. Its not. Its framed in door ways with accordian glass door. Theyre already installed.
  13. I’m having trouble uploading pics, but they are installing windows/doors on the Prospect side... they are the big accordion doors that open all the way. Perhaps a restaurant is going in??
  14. Thats a good point!! I'll check back today to see if they are moved!!
  15. And now prospect side.... looks like new planters have arrived
  16. Plus there are two new parking lots across the street....The walk will help with digestion of the stuffed cabbage!!
  17. Anything that has been written about the garage facade calls it a "screen for projection of videos and upcoming shows" Hopefully that is still the case.
  18. Most recent pics of Prospect side 1st level and sidewalk
  19. God do those bring back memories!!!
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