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  1. Bottom line is Columbus is growing and Cleveland isn’t. It drives me crazy, but it’s the way it is
  2. You're correct, I just did the math....It's almost 1300 Lumen 318 Halle 122 Athlon 163 Beacon 187 Euclid Grand 200 May Co. 308
  3. It has writing on it, so I'm not sure if it gets peeled off or another layer goes on
  4. Also, between Lumen, Beacon, Halle conversion, Athlon conversion, May Co conversion, and Euclid Grand...Thats almost 1000 new apartments.
  5. Same, I just moved into Halle last week....walking down Euclid ave right now its fun to imagine what its going to look like from Lumen to Playhouse Square! Good bye plastic bags in windows!!
  6. ^^agreed....I don't get the location at all.....Its not a great lake view and you are on a massive highway. I could understand north of 90...Also, Its not a walkable area at all. Its the same problem with Quay 55. Its isolated from everything. I wish them luck
  7. You can see in the lower corner that insulation is going in... glass panels next!
  8. I'm glad they filled that space....but those Pop Up Bars were a lot of fun!!
  9. agreed KJP....I will never understand the fascination with the "Group Plan" it destroyed and chance at density in the middle of the city and gave us a bunch of unused grass strips.
  10. Wow......well that is certainly different.......
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