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  1. Connivence store was what he heard... i asked if it would be the one that is also on 14th and he wasn’t sure. None of this is official, just me being nosey
  2. I took a tour on Wednesday....They told me that there will be projections from the buildings across the street. But he was not sure when that would happen. Also said that the Tailor shop on 14th was going to move into one of the retail spots, and also mentioned a convenience store. The tour is pretty neat....the 5th floor patio is pretty cool and the workout area and meeting areas are first rate. Apartments are very nice!
  3. They haven't finished putting the gray coverings on. They have removed some as they finish up the outside and are re-installing
  4. Wow.....those are fantastic!! and wow was that section of Detroit Ave a barren wasteland before all the new construction!!
  5. I live at playhouse square and it was loud! But when I looked out my window, all I could see were constant fireworks....I'm hoping thats what it was
  6. No worries.....I asked the same question on twitter and was directed to their Instagram!!
  7. Rebol is re-opening.....You can check their Instagram and Facebook announcements
  8. WOW...that atrium is sweet, so is the rooftop! Those kitchens though........not a fan. Still a beautiful renovation!!
  9. The Glass globes on the Prospect side proved to be quite the targets....many were busted out. Also a few windows were smashed, but only the outside layer
  10. just wait........It gets sooooo much better then what you're experiencing now. My son moved in with me in December, and since Covid-19 and the protests/riots, downtown has been a ghost town. I've told him that once people start returning and sports come back, it takes it up to another level!!!
  11. Thanks for the update MrClifton88! this makes me feel better!!
  12. I was waling down there this morning and was going to post pics, but these are better lol! They are definitely building these to last! From the boardwalk, they'll make quite an impression.....now lets see who fills the space!
  13. "after summer" seemed to be the consensus. So Labor Day makes sense.....fingers crossed
  14. I was talking to some of the Yours Truly staff......Heinens employees got an email that they will be closed for an "extended period of time". And also, Yours Truly is no longer open for dinner, closing at 6pm. (hopefully that changes when Playhouse starts shows up again)
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