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  1. Exactly! we're talking 500 feet of asphalt....I don't get Naymiks tone.
  2. They're pouring floor number 8 right now, so its less then a floor per week now!!
  3. Exactly Ken....Plus there is going to be a huge riverfront park developed 500 feet down the hill. More city life, the better!!!
  4. That looks fairly accurate...Hanna is about 17 stories and Lumen will be 34...Well done!!
  5. Halle is complete....Cleveland Construction shut down their operation center and have moved on full time to other projects
  6. There are 3 radio stations in the lobby of the Halle Building. 92.3, 98.5, and 104.
  7. I live there now.....Its fantastic....and the Lumen is going to make it even better. The restaurants need another 500 people to keep them going after the theater crowd goes to the show
  8. I was wondering same thing! This has been a complicated floor since its the patio area. They must be getting ready for concrete tomorrow.
  9. Ken, great write up.....Any word on SW expanding the R&D center in Warrensville Hts? Its an enormous campus that is screaming for renovations.
  10. I was on the top floor of the parking garage across the street this morning, and there was survey equipment set up there! aimed right at the lot
  11. The Q looks awesome.... and with Nucleus goin across the street,it’s going to be incredible A41A04F4-1D0F-4315-9B58-2B6FDBF016E5.MOV
  12. ^^^ In tweets back and forth with Brian Z...He said that the Wendy Park Bridge construction will begin in the coming months!!
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