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  1. ^^^That would mean the city would have to do some maintenance.......and they just don't. The cemetery is so poorly maintained already. Headstones crumbled and collapsed. Dead trees and limbs everywhere. It's sad
  2. If they do leave the Breen Center site, won't there be environmental cleanup necessary there as well?
  3. If I ever move out of the Halle, the Lumen was always going to be my new address. But that City Club location is so great. I'm glad we have so many options now!!!
  4. I've been there many times......Still doesnt make me want SW to build in Brecksville.
  5. I'm confused as to why they would pick a site without checking soil. Considering all the work they did on the superblock, why would the same due diligence not be done there?
  6. I'm sure it will, but I'm in those labs a lot now making calls....It's nice to at least be able to walk up and thru to Tower City if your taking SW people to lunch. That won't be an option now
  7. Ken, any word on improvements to connecting the new R&D to downtown? Like maybe refurbishing the lift bridge by the firestation? Thats gonna be 1000 people who will want to grab lunch and are kinda stuck
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