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  1. Butcher and the Brewer is communal tables
  2. I've been in the paint and coatings industry for 26 years......Its always been know as the Paint capital of america. Pretty high up on the plastics list also.
  3. Werent there issues with the hillside here? Perhaps thats why its been so slow?
  4. Ken, you're exactly right.....but even as expensive as it it, every time I visit an east coast city I come back with so much envy. SOOOO much to do, so many people on the sidewalks, so much activity. But I'll take what I pay for my apartment over what they pay in Boston every day!!!
  5. Wow, that's so much more reasonable........Boston is crazy expensive.
  6. So I spent the weekend at an AirBnB in the Pierce building. 13th floor, 1 Bedroom/1 Bath. 637 sq ft. Its monthly rent is $4050/month. 2 Bedrooms go for over $5500. I'll be curious to see what the Lumen pricing looks like
  7. I just spent the weekend in the brand new Pierce building in Fenway neighborhood of Boston.... sure does have a Lumen vibe!!
  8. This is nice to see!! They are taking forever finishing the outside
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