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  1. as an update.....the woman who posted that text has taken it down and the owner of all those restaurants has threatened to sue....so there we go
  2. Saw this on twitter last night, and further in the thread it’s revealed the info came from a commercial broker. Also said Punchbowl will close nationwide, along with Cheescake factory. Sadly, this is going to happen in every city in America
  3. The Pierce!!!! I stayed there last fall!! And that was my first thought!!
  4. I love this view.... give me a “Boston” vibe.
  5. Ok, i had to run over and take a look. The aluminum cladding was removed. Looks like they have to re-install it.
  6. This is encouraging. Talked to construction guys, said they’re starting Monday on sewer work and street
  7. Good, he's a smart guy!!! if you can get him and Chris Ronayne to run, you'll have actual choices
  8. Justin should consider running
  9. They’re starting to put glass in the storefronts!
  10. I'm very excited for this to finally open....And it will only add to the area. But keep in mind that it will only have about 600 people if totally occupied.
  11. We get it, you love sprawl and love companies leaving downtown
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