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  1. Just got back from NYC last week.....With all the massive amounts of construction on 1000' buildings, no lanes are closed and all sidewalks are open.
  2. My question is....if this project falls thru....Does Stark just sit on the parking lot and garage and collect the revenues and never develop it??
  3. good god is that depressing looking
  4. there are 24 stories completed, pouring the 25th "floor" today. so 10 more stories to go
  5. I agree with everything youre saying above....except for the K&D hate.....I just havent experienced bad service or management. They do a fantastic job at the Halle building
  6. I was on the Towpath today around where they are constructing stage one along Harvard and Jennings. One of the Construction workers told me that asphalt trucks are scheduled to arrive next Wednesday to start the final paving!! Can't wait!!
  7. ^^^ Exactly, whenever I'm on woodward and driving out of downtown, I think that this is what Euclid Ave can become. Detroit had done a great job developing their main artery.
  8. There are two sections that cantilever out over Euclid. Should look awesome
  9. As more glass goes up, the reflection of the Keith building is really cool
  10. Nope.....I asked two of the people putting it up what it was for
  11. In other news...... the fencing is up for the “bridge to nowhere” project
  12. Somebody is finally breaking into my view from my apartment window!!
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