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  1. Cant they just both lose???? We can only wish!! I'm actually pretty content w the Clemson matchup... though I think Clemson and Oklahoma are the 2 lesser opponents of the 3, though I feel all 4 of these teams are able to take it all. Oklahoma is due for a playoff win, and I could see Hurts carving n slicing up lsu and getting one for the Sooners! Hoping atleast one of the midwest O dynasty teams can take it all this year! GO BUCKS!
  2. I'm just happy the brownies can play some entertaining football and somewhat meaningful games.. touchdowns are nice, way more fun to watch than drives that end in a chris gardocki punt, or a dawson field goal.. for a long time, I thought they should change the name to Cleveland Browns FC got a couple more W's coming this way this season!
  3. https://www.freep.com/story/money/business/2019/12/05/ilitch-detroit-womens-city-club/2620579001/ Ilitches plan $25M renovation of historic Detroit building — with big tenant coming Vacant Women's City Club
  4. https://www.13abc.com/content/news/Major-expansion-planned-for-steel-plant-near-Delta-565801351.html Major expansion planned for steel plant near Delta $700M investment, 90 jobs created
  5. In was there in early 2016, it was alright, I liked the Memphis leg of that tour I took better... was def amazed by all the new DT developments, but I'd take cle/cincy/Cbus/ n detroit over it any day... no country music for me!
  6. Under 12 hrs away till kick off,.. Here's to another 365 days worth of bragging rights! Go Bucks!!!
  7. Happy thanksgiving from your neighbors in northwest ohio!
  8. https://www.toledoblade.com/local/city/2019/11/26/lucas-county-land-bank-grants-extension-to-developer-dave-ball-for-pythian-castle-work-toledo/stories/20191125125 Lucas Co land bank grants extension to developer for Pythian Castle work
  9. Renovation work at long-vacant Toledo landmark is well underway Pythian Castle https://www.13abc.com/content/news/Downtown-Toledo-landmark-is--565236782.html
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wtol.com/amp/article/news/local/hamburger-marys-opening-soon-in-toledo/512-8c511003-a70b-44fc-82c5-b589e3e51091 Hamburger Mary's opening soon at the docks This was posted a few days ago, they've delayed opening 3x already
  11. https://www.toledoblade.com/local/city/2019/11/17/toledo-science-society-imagination-station-keybank-discovery-theater/stories/20191117139 Imagination Station talks grand plans for new theater
  12. https://www.toledoblade.com/local/transportation/2019/11/13/wider-medians-curbside-parking-coming-to-summit-street-toledo-road-construction/stories/20191113185 Wider medians and curbside parking coming to summit street
  13. Not sure why the low confidence! Cleveland is amazing! Aside from all these amazing tall structures you guys are getting in downtown, you're also getting a lot of really cool projects in virtually every area of the city! I'd give up my left nut for a quarter of what you guys are getting out there, out here in Toledo...
  14. https://www.toledoblade.com/business/development/2019/10/30/fortune-500-company-coming-to-land-airspec-building-toledo-express/stories/20191029170 Fortune 500 company coming to spec building near Toledo Express Airport
  15. https://www.13abc.com/content/news/Auto-supplier-plans-to-build-in-Overland-Industrial-Park-564122351.html Auto supplier plans to build in Overland Industrial Park
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