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  1. Water been over our breakwalls nearly every day since april... anyone need some drift wood? We have a massive pile. Being added to weekly
  2. https://www.toledoblade.com/local/2019/05/29/New-ProMedica-Generations-Tower-nearing-completion/stories/20190529132 New Promedica Generations Tower nearing completion
  3. https://www.toledoblade.com/local/suburbs/2019/05/29/rossford-approves-final-site-plan-for-warehouse-duke-realty-amazon/stories/20190529150 Rossford approves final site plan for warehouse Possible Amazon fulfillment center
  4. We get the same garbage here in toledo, about where's the parking? Its mostly older generations who think its 1950 still, back when parking WAS a problem, before all the demo for surface lots. Parking is not an issue... finding cheap parking is.. *not even from cleveland and i know where 5$ garages are.. and rta parking always free
  5. Closed it out tonight! Walleye headed to canada for game 1!
  6. Not the best pic, I'll get some more the next week or so..
  7. 3 structures are currently under construction, just off main st... one of them is atleast 2 floors, and they are all in the area of the old sports arena
  8. https://thecourier.com/local-news/2019/04/17/findlay-council-sets-meeting-with-developer/ Findlay council sets meeting with developer
  9. https://thecourier.com/local-news/2019/04/17/county-reviews-plans-for-new-court-building/ County reviews plan for new court building
  10. This bridge has been demolished. Not sure on its final date, but half of it was down on feb 25 when i drove by, and heard it had to be diwn before mid march... so unfortunately, this is no longer a possibility. On a good note, Oregon ohio.added about a mile worth of biketrails that connect w an already amazing route through the city, out to the lake,... and when the new metro park is complete in a few years, a large chunk of the east side waterfront will be connected w bikepaths.
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