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  1. https://presspublications.com/content/oregon-seeks-funding-extend-bike-path Oregon seeks funding to extend bike path
  2. https://toledobiz.com/Files/major_stories/news01.html Clarios executing $10M expansion plan
  3. https://www.toledoblade.com/business/development/2019/06/12/city-considers-new-plan-for-former-southwyck-shopping-center-site/stories/20190612125 City considers new plan for former southwyck shopping center
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wtol.com/amp/article/news/multimillion-dollar-development-plans-to-expand-even-further-in-downtown-findlay/512-e142a48a-a3f9-4ec1-a4a7-e2c238c80ca1 MULTIMILLION DOLLAR DEVELOPMENT PLANS TO EXPAND EVEN FURTHER IN DOWNTOWN FINDLAY
  5. http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201908150034 Downtown Sandusky townhouse project receives public subsidy
  6. https://www.wtol.com/mobile/article/text/news/marina-district-development-coming-along-in-toledos-east-side/512-f32d7fec-d2b1-48f8-9981-cf2ee2a1fdfe Marina district development coming along in Toledo's East side
  7. Not sure why anyone would wanna vote for 70+ year old narcissistic racist white man who rips lines of adderall daily.. if you're blind to the racism, youre a racist too
  8. Who's facts are those? Fox news?? Lol smh. Facts as fluid as the Cuyahoga river 1969
  9. https://www.perrysburg.com/point-and-shoreland-journal-news/howard-marsh-park-recognized-national-conservation-award Howard Marsh Park recognized with national conservation award
  10. http://rebusinessonline.com/woda-cooper-completes-conversion-of-historic-bank-building-into-mixed-income-housing-in-lima-ohio/ Woda Cooper completes conversion if historic bank building into mixed income housing in Lima
  11. Sorry for being off topic, but is that the old cle farmers market in the overhead pic of the train yard?
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