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  1. They could move the 4th of July fireworks show to across the river, down behind Merwin’s. Downtown directly behind... Dreaming over here.
  2. This park is going to be incredible. With Hingetown rising as a backdrop.
  3. Big news! Another $12.5 million! https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/07/us-dot-awards-9-million-for-irishtown-bend-stabilization-noaca-commits-another-35-million.html
  4. There’s NEVER been talk of a phase 2. EVER. We’ll be trading parking lots.
  5. Agree 100%. Destroying buildings all around the ones you like, makes everything an eyesore. Fabric is the key word.
  6. This is the mindset that cost us so many treasures, and almost cost us losing all of Playhouse Square to the wrecking ball. If you destroy your history, what do you have as a place? It’s not like we have a shortage of buildable lots DT.
  7. If Pace’s project actually happens, this’ll be a great feature.
  8. This could be said about a good chunk of buildings in Cleveland. Glad some people saved them for a better day. How long has the JHB complex been an eyesore? Sure glad that didn’t get demo’d. Same goes for Herold.
  9. Isn’t your argument about how the weather must be different on each side of the lake? Pretty sure they’re both on the south side
  10. This, the 2 55th developments, Terdolph Park redevelopment.....That whole area could look drastically different in a few short years.
  11. Yes, in December. It was effing cold and windy. Like here.
  12. This is even worse with the renderings. Holy smokes this is
  13. Seriously, how hard would it be to construct a spur off of the Waterfront line north of the flats? Wind it through this development, past the new hotel, run it through the front plazas of the GLSC and Rock Hall, but all in conjunction of the downtown loop. Would be amazing.
  14. Losing the Herold building is disturbing. These buildings can easily be saved.
  15. I noticed a couple backhoes parked on this site this morning. Not sure how long they’ve been sitting there.
  16. This is the best transformative idea in awhile! And a fairly easy one to make happen. Strip off the top couple floors so you can slope it down towards the lake. Expand the garages over the tracks to make up for lost spaces while continuing the sloped green roof down. Tie it all together in the middle. Love it!!
  17. I also think a Jet Express from downtown to the LE islands and Cedar Point is a no brainer.
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