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  1. This thread is dialed up. It’s like Christmas Eve up in here. Act natural @X
  2. There’s really nothing here I can argue with. There’s a lot of different elements/walls/fears/tribalism to ever make it happen here. The generation that left CLE in the 60,70,80’s has deep seated issues. If you want their pulse, read the cle.com comments.
  3. That’s fair. But you definitely won’t get residents pushing for it, because of the above stated. And that’s ultimately what you need. Garfield/Bedford/Maple, they’re definitely not where they used to be, but they’re very cognizant of what has been happening in the Slavic Village area crime wise in the last 5-10 years, and has seen that the City has largely failed to address it. It’s things like this that make it really difficult to mend fences. They may seem trivial to those on the outside, but they matter deeply at the grassroots level, where the changes need to take place.
  4. We have an administration that I would essentially equate it to an exercise in going through the motions. And it’s sad and tragic. Cause they could have a massive impact in incredible ways.
  5. If the City had their sh*t together, regionalism would be a lot easier. These suburbs see how piss poor CoC services are. There’s no pride, there’s no attention to detail. Nobody should ever need to do a special improvement district. These are all basic things that the city should provide at taxpayer expense.
  6. I love this building. Put a hotel on the top floors of the right side.
  7. I crave something iconic and bold that doesn’t exist in the United States. A WOW factor for all visitors to help shed the old image. I’m all for overcompensating with this.
  8. Plop this down on Public Square and I’ll be thrilled. Al Tijaria Tower in Kuwait.
  9. Someone needs to nominate him for an investigative Pulitzer.
  10. It’s ridiculous to even have any doubt at this point from everything Ken has uncovered. The CEO, who isn’t a Clevelander throws down $10-15 million on a Lakefront mansion, and were wondering if he’s setting himself up to commute back to Cleveland from his new headquarters in Atlanta/Dallas/Charlotte/BFE/JohnBoydshouse. Strip off that decades old whoa is me attitude. It’s annoying, and regressive, and flies in the face of everything directly in front of you. Make a toast to SHW, light up a Cuban, and envision how f*cking cool downtown is going to be 5 years from now.
  11. Probably just asking for more time to fix code violations. Like the broken windows on Chester at street level.
  12. It’s a definite vast improvement. But their failure to address the Lake/Detroit intersection iin a meaningful manner is a huge fail.
  13. As well as Oatey. While not a paint company, they’re a leading plumbing and chemical manufacturer on the global scale. Based here. With R&D and manufacturing facilities In the same neighborhood as PPG. They recently built a new headquarters here by the airport.
  14. I believe we could claim that. I believe SHW after Valspar acquisition has the largest revenue stream. Also, Glidden paints was founded in Cleveland, though now is a PPG company. I believe PPG’s presence here helps to attract industry talent as well to CLE. They’re expanding here too. That’ll help to continue to make Cleveland a hotbed for R&D talent with that competition.
  15. Love that they’re not trying to mimic the facade to its left. It’s like we’re gaining a brand new infill building on Euclid. Looking forward to see what finish’s they use. So far
  16. SHW and @KJP‘s mystery mega project will get Stark moving. Banking on the megamysterymanbearpigproject
  17. Wondering if 45 Erieview is a candidate. I believe it has a large underground garage.
  18. This is great news. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing more about this.
  19. New, different appearing glass shouldn’t affect the tax credit. I’m sure the existing panes aren’t efficient at all.
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