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  1. This is gonna be like LBJ’s “The Decision”. I can’t stand it. Someone, not reliable, said SHW is leaving CLE the other day. This craziness needs to be done with.
  2. Cleaned it up a little bit. Submitting to the city this evening. If any of you have any ideas/suggestions, the deadline is tomorrow for the Lake Ave. masterplan. cleveland.mindmixer.com
  3. Now, hand sketched renderings aren’t my wheelhouse, but I see this as a way to connect and smooth out the mess of streets at the Lake/Detroit intersection while opening it for development.
  4. @KJP I attempted searching for a post about a project on Madison next to the rental car place by Coutant. I couldn’t find it. There’s a backhoe parked there with fencing around the site. Can’t remember what is going there.
  5. The Greater Cleveland metro area has a population of 2 million people. Roughly, only 15000 of them live downtown. I think there’s plenty of room for growth in a nationwide, downtown trending population shift.
  6. Great stuff Ken! A simple Google search told me Jacobs owns Nautica Entertainment
  7. FYI Dick Jacobs died less than 2 years after that quote. That’s how ridiculous you sound.
  8. You’re using a 12 year old quote, pre-Great Recession, while also saying “given what they have been up to recently”. Are you on drugs?
  9. I believe there was a hotel proposal for that spot around the time of the Ameritrust proposal. Can anyone drum up a rendition?
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