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  1. I get that. Just saying connecting this complex directly to the Rapid and existing parking will help scale it down.
  2. Likewise. Though I’ll take either option if it helps cancel out a monstrous parking garage in the WHD.
  3. Yeah, I think everything is full. And all their townhomes sold.
  4. This is the most acceptable gas station set up of our lifetime. You just zip it
  5. And they’re so under the radar. They don’t seek publicity. They just go to work. And doing some of the best in town, patching neighborhoods back together.
  6. 100% agree. Why does there need to be 3 access points, and two westbound on ramps there?
  7. I think once opportunity corridor opens, it’ll take a lot of stress off the Chester corridor. That’s essentially the main artery from everything west.
  8. Incredible what Snavely has done to transform that neighborhood. Someone there had a great vision.
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