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  1. One Lakewood Place has never had a hotel associated with it. @KJP you hear anything otherwise?
  2. The Hulett Hotel??? First I’ve heard of it. Looks like an awesome project. http://www.redhousearchitecture.org/hullet-hotel
  3. The issues they have with reuse of the smaller building complex (Westinghouse) could be solved by simply demolishing them, EXCEPT for the facades. Those facades have loads of bricked in windows that’d make great balconies if you stepped back 10 feet and constructed a building behind them. You could also incorporate an inner courtyard/public space that way. That’s my fix anyhow. They have a pretty limited use in their current form.
  4. Construction of the Truck Park is set to begin within a month. Goal is to have it open by New Years Eve. The main building will be roughly 3200sf, with a full bar, kitchen, and roll up glass garage doors.
  5. Why can’t we compromise and cut a glass wall/terrace into the new sloping hillside, while extending the ballroom out to it? The suspension bridge idea is a non starter, and will just add to the jacked up, mish mash of a situation that it is now. You want a stupid bridge? Just open up those ugly orange bridges they use for Browns games and save $30 million. Also, why aren’t those open 24/7?
  6. No idea. They looked to be in clean up mode when I came by. Would love to know why someone thought it was a good idea to destroy the original facade. Tuck pointing brick is pretty basic stuff.
  7. Judging by the s###show I just came across here, I’m no longer surprised as to why they decided to butcher the building. Rampant incompetence at play on this site. Sad.
  8. “Constantly losing money” https://www.modernhealthcare.com/article/20180216/NEWS/180219924/metrohealth-s-finances-are-looking-good
  9. Metro’s as financially healthy as it’s been in years. That’s a false narrative.
  10. George Hulett was born in Conneaut l. And the first Huletts were installed in the harbor there. Sad that they’re all gone.
  11. That part of Detroit really needs to be narrowed. A landscaped pedestrian Island in between the parking across the street and Detroit would go a long way.
  12. Let the market decide. Just hold them to high building design standards. Like Lakewood has done.
  13. Now someone build a hotel where Einstein’s bagels is. How does Lakewood not have a decent hotel? So much demand for one.
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