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  1. Correct. It closed for 2 years after the flood in 2010. They had 10 feet of water in the mall. Though it was closed for so long due to insurance claim disputes. I was next door, working on the Opryland Hotel at the time.
  2. Such a fascinating history to the block. It was a shame that The Stillman theatre was demolished for the Statler garage. And this is what was demolished for the Stillman Theatre.
  3. They were bought by the parent company of Arby’s and BW3 in October. Maybe they’re going a different route. A quick google search has articles of the same thing happening in some other cites.
  4. Probably gave up til warm weather comes back around in the spring. A lot of removal chemicals/acids don’t work well in cold weather.
  5. I get what he’s trying to say. No, this isn’t the arena for it. But if you’re someone who denounces socialists and the left policies, yet goes and feeds and begs for tax dollars at the public trough for handouts....... Disclaimer. I lean conservative. But also believe both parties are . It’s all about balance.
  6. Excited for this project. It’s already a great area. This’ll make it feel more complete.
  7. I’d be cool with this if it incorporated tying into the CBD street grid and essentially expanding downtown and making it another neighborhood that can grow southward. But that’s probably not gonna happen.
  8. The thought this battery plant was included in the new GM/UAW contract? https://apnews.com/be0a22ea7772427dbf545450119ebdaf “The Lordstown area will get an electric vehicle battery factory, but it won’t have nearly as many workers as the assembly plant that for years made compact GM cars.”
  9. Nevermind, this actually looks like it’s on the south side of the cut out.
  10. This might be for the atrium. They cut an atrium in then length of this to let light in. It’s a pretty deep building.
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