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  1. Can’t they theoretically control the lake level at Niagara Falls/Hydro station?
  2. Agreed. Being on the corner, a restored facade could help mesh back the Warehouse District with whatever SHW builds next to it.
  3. Would be amazing if whoever gets it decides to restore it to its original grandeur. I’m just dreaming, I know.
  4. Yeah. Terrible name. Market South. Market Tower. Anything else really. Side note. This has as many residential units as Nucleus??
  5. I’m thinking business specific. Stopped in once. Drinks weren’t good, but at Spotted Owl prices. They also had this weird disco ball type contraption that you get at Spencer’s for $20 for your college apartment in the corner, extension cord traipsed across the floor. Was just odd. Poor execution.
  6. Agreed. Was my favorite downtown spot. Was just in there a couple weeks ago and had an amazing meal and experience. The rooftop bar was always a great Tribe game pregame spot. I hope it gets saved.
  7. Lakewood really needs this. They recently lost Lakewood Hospital and supporting services (1000+ jobs) and then New York Life (400 jobs) to the Huntington building downtown.
  8. Spoke with a PM from J-Roc this morning. Said they’re in the process of planning another townhome development on 58th and Breakwater. The parking lot across from Parkview Niteclub. They developed Cyan Park at 58th and Herman.
  9. Sidenote, I’m guessing Cleveland Lumber’s main building was a theater at one point. Can any of you dig up pics?
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