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  1. I think this speaks to the lack of older buildings left to reno. Time for new!
  2. Is a new concept, urban IKEA beneath you guys? Duly noted
  3. Someone tell Bob and Ezra to get us one of these. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/10/ikea-is-opening-a-small-format-store-in-new-york-heres-a-look-inside.html
  4. If done right, and a first class facility is built, it has a great chance of spurring development, and expanding downtown south of the innerbelt. My interpretation is that it’s gonna be a bare bones/uninspiring structure that will be rendered a failure after a few years.
  5. A soccer stadium down on the lakefront has great potential to drawn large crowds on a more consistent basis. Build a neighborhood around those two is what I’m saying.
  6. You misread my comment. A soccer stadium NEXT to Browns stadium.
  7. In all actuality, the larger scale project would fit better at the Barry Buick site, and vice versa.
  8. Wish they would team up with the Browns and do this next to the Browns stadium and develop a whole community around em. This site is so isolated.
  9. The new Drury Plaza across from Pinecrest taking shape. This’ll finish out at 8 stories.
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