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  1. I like Hotel Indigo. I’d put them in the same category as Aloft. It’s a definite improvement over Radisson.
  2. Don’t look at this project as the defining cornerstone of the development. I see it as a really good complementary project that provides density, and that just happened to be built first, in the grand scheme. This project puts in 299 units. The much ballyhooed Nucleus project only has 250 units, for what its worth. The focal point and activity will ultimately be on the other side of Carter Road along the riverside.
  3. Though SHW taking up PS and the WHD lots doesn’t leave much ready to dig space in the CBD. Stark will probably end up selling it to someone more ambitious. Maybe at some point Geis will buy it and pair back up with J-Roc.
  4. It’s basically like an open source development. There’ll be a multitude of developers involved when it’s all said and done. Thunderbird is the name of the development Geis and J-Roc gave to it. It’s a vision at this point.
  5. I wouldn’t buy one, but people do apparently. They did it at Crocker. I guess some people are fine with just having windows on one side of their home . Will definitely make the garage look better. Then again, it’s only a 2 story garage.
  6. The current owner/developer of the project closed on the complex in August 2017. They put the financing together and within a year of purchasing started construction. I’d say that’s pretty damn fast. The complex has has been largely vacant and open to the elements for the past 40 years. A lot of the stone work on the facade needs to be custom made off site, and takes time, from the butcher jobs they did to these buildings in the 60s-70s.
  7. Avian. They’re putting a lot into this to bring it back. And Stark wants to demolish that Prospect building......
  8. I’m cool with it. I think it’s a good start to build off of.
  9. I honestly think it’s a handsome building as is. The surrounding structures are an ugly mess though.
  10. Concrete wise, I believe so, or really close. I think the steel that fell last week was for the mechanical enclosure on the top, which will probably add another 20 feet or so overall.
  11. It’d make a wonderful residential conversion. The best views of the lake/river/west side. Also has underground parking for the residents. The county will have to do asbestos abatement one way or another, which essentially leaves you with a clean building. Remember The 9 that everyone wanted to tear down? I think we’re all pretty thrilled how that turned out. Or even the conversion of 1717 East 9th. Same situation. We destroyed half the Warehouse District to provide parking for the current justice center. We dont need to do anymore I’d be fine if they tore down the MedMart building and put the tower there.
  12. I agree that it could be built where the jail/PD are currently. Though no need to tear town the tower OR anymore of the Warehouse District!
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