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  1. Why don"t they drag there feet on this a little longer, it would not surprise me Stark waiting for out come of this vote to see if he starts 515 that"s why he has not started and when it fails he will pull the plug 515. Only in Cleveland i bet if Columbus had this they jump on it in a minute.
  2. Hopefully Playhouse tower starts at the end of the year like they said, so a year or two from now were not talking when they are breaking ground like Nucleus or Weston.
  3. Any word on what they decided on may 22 board of zoning appeals ?
  4. I believe nothing going to be built, in November 2014 Stark said this is going to be fast track jan. or feb of 2015 we will start demo of site and have parking garage done for r.n.c, than I heard aug of 2015 for site work nothing now it feb 2016 still nothing, I e-mailed someone involved with law firm taking 66,500 sq ft of the office tower and they said they are still in but not sure about stark, if I was a builder and there was a 1,800 waiting list for apartments plus I had a tenant that was taking 4 or 5 floors of my building, I would not be waiting for the r.n.c I be building, same goes for 515 Euclid why wait. To tell you the truth I believe most of what we here is to be built downtown will never happen, that just the way Cleveland rolls, everytime something good is talked about that's all it is is talk. It's great that they fixed up all the old building"s but a game changer like nucleus never.
  5. I thought the law firm was to be moving in 2018, if they do not start till after r.n.c. I do not know how they are going to do site work and build 19 story building with a 4 or 5 story hotel on top in a little more than 2 years. Thou I really hope this project goes.
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