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  1. Many of you in the Cleveland area have probably seen this story on the local news. I didn't see it discussed/posted here in the Forum, so for those who missed it on ABC News in their 6:30 broadcast March 25, I'm sharing it here. For me, this was the kind of story that represented Cleveland in the best possible light - featuring one of the city's greatest institutions and human nature at its best. Great to know that a national audience saw it.
  2. Wouldn’t it be great to see the Gilman building restored to its former glory?
  3. I join the many voices above who respectfully disagree with the notion that the city can negotiate or “ask” about new specifics or terms of an agreement with SHW without it being a “bad look”. And it’s not about “position of strength” - it’s about integrity. We’re in a new time of unprecedented crisis - but we still hear that old old argument “Why help the rich when there are so many others with needs that require our attention? “ That argument might work for a councilman with a specific “base”. And I’m in no position to preach - but shouldn’t we all be supportive of one of the city’s great employers- a company BUILDING in this city - one committed to its future - one that will produce literally hundreds of new jobs and maintain thousands more? I don’t think there’s ever been a more important time to go forward with plans to build our city.
  4. As always, great article from KJP...There was a time not that long ago, when this kind of new investment and development in Ohio City would have been hard to imagine.. Now, it seems like one new project literally leads to the next. As downtown has resurged, critical urban neighborhoods like OC and University Circle have benefitted. It’s gratifying and exciting to see these distinctive urban communities expanding and redefining themselves in such dynamic fashion.
  5. Great creative shot ! It does remind me of Boston with the combination of a modern blue high rise contrasted by historical architecture. I love seeing the new rising in Cleveland side by side with the restoration and repurposing of so many previously neglected wonderful old buildings downtown.
  6. If all the 2 bedrooms face East , I’m a bit surprised by that design. I guess the logic to it would be that they wanted to increase capacity for the city views that will be most in demand. Still, it would’ve been nice for a line of the more expensive 2 bedroom units to have that western view. The city and the sunsets- wow.
  7. I’m thrilled to hear, once again, that Nucleus “may” be going forward - although Stark’s direct messaging has been cryptic, at best, about that possibility. I’m curious about mynyc’s thought that the latest rendering may not be the final version - is that just “a feeling” or based on anything specific? I consistently try to stay positive about what I post here, but design-wise, I find very little to like in the residential tower. The office Tower is attractive but the residential building looks very much like urban residential projects from the 60’s and 70’s, IMHO.
  8. To assume there is a better developer with a bigger plan and deeper pockets might be problematic. Just a thought -but does it seem like there is a growing lack of certainty about where the Browns’ stadium will actually be in the future and isn’t that decision critical to any development moving forward on the lakefront?
  9. I still wouldn’t worry about 3 elevators for a building of that size - I lived in a 26 story building with only two for fifteen years and the only major problem occurred when one of the elevators was down for days at a time for repair purposes - but that building was forty years old. The Lumen, I would assume, will have the newest efficient elevator technology and they’ll have to be judicious about monitoring move-ins and service work.
  10. If there’s a separate service elevator, three elevators should be fine.
  11. It would also place Ohio City’s median income above cities like Rocky River, Westlake and Strongsville, according to the numbers I’ve seen. I’d love to know where Ohio City, Inc got their data from!
  12. Another great NEOTrans article and great pic by MrClifton88. That pic, by the way, really plays up the height of The Lumen - it appears it could be even more than 34 stories high from that angle. Of all the most significant recent additions to downtown, including The Hilton, The Beacon, the E&Y Tower, The repurposing of The 9 and other beautiful building restorations and conversions along with the redesigned Public Square- the Lumen may be the most symbolic. To have Ohio’s tallest residential tower standing in the heart of Playhouse Square just a few years after it’s introductory rendering really illustrates the narrative of Cleveland as a comeback city. Not that long ago, the notion that a new generation and a returning older one would want to move downtown would have been questioned. Now, it’s become reality. I’m looking forward to seeing residents moving into the Lumen and I won’t be surprised if the building leases quickly. The possibility of a second high rise residential from Playhouse Square is equally exciting.
  13. I’d love to stop hearing the same recycled argument that this outlet mall is a bad idea because we have empty storefronts downtown. It’s a false narrative - an apples/oranges comparison - as a number of posters have said - outlet mall tenants are not going to individually locate into a downtown storefront. And how city council people can oppose a major job creator, revenue producer and “attraction” this close to downtown is beyond logic. Outlet malls are one brick and mortar that is alive and well all over the country - why not have one in the city? Ok, so maybe a large percentage of shoppers don’t take in a show or visit a restaurant after shopping - but maybe some will. I wasn’t initially crazy about the idea but after actually thinking about it - it’s a no brainer, especially after seeing that the project renderings look pretty darn nice.
  14. This new residential tower caught me delightfully by surprise. I don’t share concern about criticism upthread describing a “thrown together” look of the rendering . Based on first impressions and the verticality, I think this project will contribute a highly modern and impactful presence. The growth of University Circle as a cultural, medical and educational hub is yielding a residential story as well. Cleveland’s second downtown is on the rise and it has the potential to be one of the country’s most interesting and dynamic hubs. As it continues to grow, it will give even further gravitas to Downtown’s resurgence.
  15. Perfectly coordinated architectural blocks can be boring - particularly as styles evolve overtime. The eclecticism of a “funky” structure next to a traditional one, to me, is a signature of interesting big cities and creates a special urban energy. In recent years , Cleveland has added a number of modern buildings that have changed the feel of downtown - I think this one will continue that positive trend. Bring it on and hopefully more coming!
  16. Exactly - Pittsburgh’s PNC Tower, begun around 2011 - an 800,000 sq feet project - was $400 million. In 2020, that represents $450 million dollars - so I too am a little confused about a $300 million dollar figure for SWHQ at 1,000,000 square feet. I hope not, but maybe the “tower” is going to be significantly under 30 stories
  17. Cleveland.com had reported the Lumen as a $135 million dollar project (just as another frame of reference.)
  18. I’m sure the moderators would prefer not to have us all opine on the name INTRO, so I won’t. But I will say that the renderings look great and this project can only help a great, but struggling Cleveland landmark, the West Side Market. Ohio City has real energy and it’s great to see it increasingly trending as a neighborhood of choice especially for younger residents.
  19. Are there any forum members with an apartment at The Beacon and a good view into that conference room?
  20. That’s the first time I’ve seen the glass all the way to the top. Looking great even on a gray day!
  21. I still think Nucleus has a good chance of happening. When you look at the length of time from conception to completion on the Beacon - it’s not a surprise this is now something like 6 years and counting. But if the tax credits bill applies, it might be a relatively fast track. We could be seeing a number of cranes downtown in a year or so. Fingers crossed.
  22. Considering what just played out with SW’s R&D Facility, I would think there’s never been a better time than right now for the city of Cleveland to utilize Eminent Domain on the Scranton Peninsula.
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