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  1. Of course The Lumen is the main attraction - but, it has also brought renewed appreciation to its neighbors, particularly the stately Keith Building, as noted by several others above. The Lumen seems to be already changing the feel of the eastern side of downtown - at still only about half of its planned height. Gonna be fun to see its eventual presence in the skyline from various perspectives.
  2. The Beacon looking very contemporary with its wavy vertical lines reaching upward - a very nice addition to the skyline beyond left field as seen during today’s Indians-Yankees broadcast.
  3. Check out bikeCleveland.org for more info on the Midway pilot project and a compelling video showing public square around 1946 and the height of the streetcar era - the traffic on the street is very impressive - definitely has a bit of a NY feel - fascinating to watch.
  4. The ideas presented in KJPs blog are fantastic while being within the realm of possibility for the not so distant future. I happen to think the Shoreway conversion is a critical piece. This all encompassing vision would be transformational to the city, create scores of jobs and forever change for the better how Clevelanders interact with their potentially amazing lakefront. I don’t know what the city is doing or will do to bring the different aspects of lakefront planning together but perhaps there is work being done to that end already - if not, it should start immediately.
  5. A disappointment compared to the previous renderings which never previously featured a prominent blank wall. The high rise version would’ve been way cool...
  6. Assuming the prevailing wage issue is resolved and Nucleus makes it to the finish line, Does the design board still have feedback to provide or is the design final ? I happen to agree with the many that have expressed concerns including the parking lot overlooking the laneway, the very generic design on the side facing Progressive and the exposed parking deck behind the residential building.
  7. That view is a lot more intetesting than whats happening on the field! Love how that view brings the Rhodes Tower into the skyline.
  8. It’s going to be a long and very disappointing year for the Indians - it’s May 24 and it’s already clear that the Indians will struggle to take second place in the AL central. They couldn’t afford to pay a couple key hitters (still shaking my head about Brantley) and they assumed the Twins were still a year away - now, we’re watching the proverbial window close and it’s not much fun. Wonder if Tito will decide to move on after this year.
  9. Supertalls are 300 meters (984 feet) or higher, so Key Tower technically is not one, but it’s close. I say bring on Cleveland’s first with a new SW headquarters (fingers crossed big time) but even the height as envisioned in freethink’s cool mock-up (which looks to be about 900’ and I really like the sleek look of those proportions) would fit in quite nicely!
  10. I thought national vacancy rates were closer to 5- 6% and I know this is a large, new ultraluxury property so I was just curious about how it is progressing and if the vacancy level was in any way a concern -I know it’s only about a year -and I wasn’t complaining , just asking. I appreciate the chance to ask a question here in this forum and especially, to get an informative response. Thanks to freefourur, who explained that the building is “right on track considering aggressive rental rates”. I’m glad to hear it!
  11. Could the rentals be a little too inflated for the market? Those vacancy numbers seem high.
  12. Nice shot! Looks like two thirds of the panels have been revealed. Don't really see the effect of the building getting lighter higher up yet. Hopefully, that will become more evident as the rest of the yellow covering is removed.
  13. I love the location of the Lumen - I think it’s been said a number of times already but it will really expand the skyline and feel of downtown eastward. What bothers me about I see from those airplane windows is the vast expanse of parking lot spaces on the west side - which are obvious even from far above the city. Ugh.
  14. The muted reaction to Clefan 98’s very fine and informative rendering may be that many of us, seeing the new Nucleus in this perspective, are having a bit of an “Is that all there is?” moment. Compared to Stark’s original vision (hyperbole) and the game-changing love it or hate it visual we saw in the original version, this Nucleus is a modest addition to the skyline. Don’t get me wrong, I think it will still be dynamic in its neighborhood, contribute density and hopefully, ground presence -I’m very happy we’re getting it - but the real scale of its downsizing is evident.
  15. There’s a certain elegance in the egg shell white of the Keith and the Lumen’s other immediate older neighbors - the Lumen’s modern blueish facade will be very complimentary ( in addition to its obvious vertical presence.) Just a refreshing different feel from the brown wash of the Public Square - Euclid area.
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