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  1. The lighting looks fantastic! So glad this project came to fruition. I don’t know about how the Cavs will fare this year, but this building is really going to make the neighborhood pop at night! Looking forward to the grand opening.
  2. We don’t have a closer. Brutal performance by Hand tonight (again). Tito has got to put loyalty to this guy second to the team. It’s not just one blown save - everybody has a bad game - this is 4 in a row (counting a Yankees game we won despite 2 in the ninth) Hand must be given relief as closer before he “singlehandedly” kills the season. The question is - who can do it?
  3. It’s hard not to get the feeling that Stark has been moving the goalposts in negotiations with the city ever since the original Nucleus proposal died. It’s almost as if he just wasn’t all in on the scaled down Nucleus. And like the kid who doesn’t get his way, instead of closing the deal that was supposedly very close here, he’s taking his toys to play elsewhere- in Pittsburgh, apparently. So much for the great proponent of Cleveland. But I’m sure there’s blame enough to go around to city leadership. Taking KJP’s report at face value, the project is either dead or on another extensive hold - and love it or not love it, Nucleus would’ve been a continuation of the hot construction trend we’ve seen downtown. It would’ve greatly infused a high visibility area poised to become much more dynamic. City leadership and Stark should’ve worked harder to bring this to the finish line. If it is dead, it’s a major loss for Cleveland.
  4. The juxtaposition of different eras and styles tends to be more obvious and dissonant when there are fewer buildings - but as the skyline continues to evolve and grow over time, I think the diversity can make things more dynamic and interesting. I like the contemporary leanings of the Hilton.
  5. Thanks for the detective work KJP..(so much for an August groundbreaking )
  6. I sent my email to the mayor’s office- I know, on its own, that it has no cache. But hopefully, there will be many others including those with more important voices reminding our leadership that losing SW downtown is really not acceptable. This proud city has done much to shake off its old, unfairly negative image and has some real momentum but it’s still in a fight for its continued relevancy and Renaissance in the 21st century. I hope there is a sense of urgency on the part of city leadership to do whatever is creatively possible to keep this corporation downtown. (And I sure wouldn’t mind seeing a new tower rise on public square!)
  7. Um, Exactly what part of Cleveland is that night time shot on their website?
  8. Great news! I’d love to see some world class ornamentation/lighting done to the top of this beauty. This tower has a classic elegance and it would be awesome to see it become an upscale hotel address.
  9. I know this is a Beacon thread - and, yes, it looks great helping fill in a former big gap in the skyline - but, I just gotta say that last shot by W153 really shows off the nearly 700 foot 200 Public Square from its most elegant Perspective. You’re looking good on national TV this week, Cleveland!
  10. Great news! - looks like the recent streak of big projects will continue with Lumen and Nucleus overlapping - I just wish the Nucleus apartment building wasn’t so - how should I say it...unattractive...
  11. I think the Beacon is looking very modern and interesting- I don’t find it dated-looking. I like the inset balcony floor 3/4 of the way up - (that feature reminds me of NY’s 432 Park Avenue Tower). The nighttime shots show it will look pretty dynamic with its decorative lighting and ultimately,, the apartments occupied. Although not particularly high, i think in many ways, it will Be a symbol of downtown’s resurgence. .
  12. Of course The Lumen is the main attraction - but, it has also brought renewed appreciation to its neighbors, particularly the stately Keith Building, as noted by several others above. The Lumen seems to be already changing the feel of the eastern side of downtown - at still only about half of its planned height. Gonna be fun to see its eventual presence in the skyline from various perspectives.
  13. The Beacon looking very contemporary with its wavy vertical lines reaching upward - a very nice addition to the skyline beyond left field as seen during today’s Indians-Yankees broadcast.
  14. Check out bikeCleveland.org for more info on the Midway pilot project and a compelling video showing public square around 1946 and the height of the streetcar era - the traffic on the street is very impressive - definitely has a bit of a NY feel - fascinating to watch.
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