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  1. It’s going to look magnificent. Not a lot of cities even have that kind of history available for restoration.
  2. “Pretty cool little article” to say the least Ken! Congrats on a superb bit of journalism. Congrats to Cleveland for one of the most important “gets” in decades! And though our dreams of a”Supertall” have effectively ended, a 40 story state of the art tower could still be as high as 200 Public Square - and, with the unique design we’re hearing about, join our big 3 in terms of impact.
  3. Just watched the Seattle game. I try not to get too crazy after one game but after watching 6 games this Freddie Kitchens team looks much more like Hugh Jackson’s team - than what we saw during Greg Williams’ tenure. We’ve got more talent - but the crucial penalties, lack of execution and sloppiness is beyond frustrating. 0-3 at home and N.E. After the bye week. Not good.
  4. Some of the “better angels” of UrbanOhio above - great to see the empathy and concern. I was reflecting about the Lumen accident this weekend realizing how close we were to a human tragedy. Feeling very thankful that no one was killed or hurt. Incredibly fortunate. Hopefully this great project is back on track quickly.
  5. What Yabo said...and I’ve said it previously - now Rhodes Tower is more connected...
  6. Nightmarish first half against 49ers.
  7. Transformative! My favorite new Cleveland building of the century thus far - and I like the Hilton, Beacon and EY tower -along with the courthouse tower which has become one of the marquis buildings due to its location. These buildings are all symbols of Cleveland’s progress but the Lumen is the most surprising and it’s context in playhouse square puts it front and center in extending downtown and pushing our skyline east.
  8. I have to say, you’re right about the traffic - I’m amazed by how little there is in any downtown pic, save a game or special event. At almost any hour/day. But the Lumen looks fantastic! I want another one!
  9. Ok so we can revitalize the street by taking more people off of it? Who’s on the design commission??
  10. Skyline Tower appears to have a 2-3 story lighted section at the top, possibly where mechanicals are enclosed. That would be very cool for the top of the Lumen - but looking at the renderings Im wondering how much of that top floor is a high ceiling pent house - the balconies seem to be located between floors 6 and 33, at least on the eastern side. Anyone who knows for sure, please enlighten me!
  11. Jersey City for the best view of lower Manhattan at least on the Jersey side. I’m surprised Newark’s on the list, except that it has been underpriced and undesired compared to other cities near NY. In Cleveland’s case, I think it’s much more complimentary being on that list.
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