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  1. I can hear it now “The Cavs are playing down at The Rock tonight”. Like it or hate it, That’s gonna become the nickname...
  2. My first thought was “wow, I wish Nucleus looked that good!” then, I remembered it was April 1!
  3. Other than having to come up with more money, why would the city prefer to have the stadium remain in its current location?
  4. Nice rendering! I actually love that the Lumen’s location will spread out the downtown skyline more - more big city-ish that way.
  5. I don’t know if others have posted before about this idea - but maybe Marty’s vision could be a great direction for the downtown waterfront post- Burke. The existing and potential affinity with the lake is part of what makes the “Northcoast” so much more interesting than other landlocked midwestern cities. I think of the charm of a community like Vermillion and wonder if some of that charm and dynamic could be brought downtown. Perhaps the industrial past of the city once precluded that thinking but we’ve begun to remake Cleveland into a multi dimensional city that is redefining itself . Assuming that Burke’s retirement is not relegated to the distant future, could a community of canal homes be viable? im sure it’s wishful thinking, but a waterfront community of homes would expand the city’s charm greatly.
  6. The PD article says that the Green Ribbon Coalition will host a lakefront dialogue series beginning in April and a summit in August with government and business leaders regarding the waterfront - could be very interesting. Hopefully some insightful Forum members are there.
  7. So would the Justice Center be able to be repurposed in any way or might it have to be destroyed? I assume its options for conversion are extremely limited and cost prohibitive? 8th tallest building in the city and for better or worse, a fairly unescapable part of the Cleveland skyline.... If it ever came to that, (excluding three World Trade Center buildings) it would be the 18th tallest building ever demolished in the world.
  8. The street life at Playhouse Square, which obviously extends into the evening hours, really makes it one of Cleveland's most interesting neighborhoods - and an attractive option for downtown living with a unique character. The Lumen, being the shiny brand new "it" place, might draw in people who previously wouldn't have chosen to live downtown. Yes, there will probably be many empty nesters in that group with money to spend. Having the energy of Cleveland State, with its 12,000 or so undergrad students "next door" should be a positive - (although only about 8% of those students actually live on campus and probably don't dine at PHS often.) But the prestige of Playhouse Square and its status as the biggest theatre district outside of NY, should make the Lumen a very hot ticket. It'll be interesting to see how this area continues to grow in the years to come..... And let's not forget - Mack34 will be there!
  9. 1 million square feet for a potential new SHW headquarters, according to KJP’s blog. By comparison, The Terminal Tower has 577,000 square feet, 200 Public Square has 1.2 million feet of office space and the Key Tower Itself about 1.25 million. The perfect new neighbor on the block...hopefully...
  10. And other close comparisons in terms of purely vertical impact would be Eaton Center at 356' and CSU Rhodes Tower at 363'.
  11. Just in terms of verticality, another close height comparison would be the Rhodes Tower at Cleveland State, which is 363 feet high.
  12. Thank you for the link to the March 11 Crains article - I had not realized that the adjustment of height cost cut a staggering $200 million!
  13. And Cleveland does have a significant tourist trade with a lot of hotel guests who at least had a shopping option right on public square. I know it wasn't exactly a bustling place, but at one time, it was a convenient destination with a wide variety of retail and a pretty nice atmosphere.
  14. If it looked even remotely like the "Amazon HQ" it would be more than a cherry....
  15. Looked over the Nucleus renderings - and the excellent suggestions by Forum Members. I hope the Planning Commission reads this Forum, too. (For example, ASPhotoman's garage with creative lighting would look great!). I hope the Commission is particularly insightful and constructive with their suggestions on Nucleus. I know there may be a prevailing attitude of, "Hey this is better than nothing -we're lucky to get anything at all" but I think the prominent location of Nucleus and its importance to the city demands a strict design review. Concerns for me - I don't hate the "mesh" look of the garage -but, I don't like the expansive concrete canopy that is now seen looking down from either tower. Could there be green space on the top of the garage to create an attractive vista there? And the laneway has completely lost its charm from the Melbourne-inspired 2015 version - it feels like it could become an often empty cut-through with a distracting active parking garage just above it. Finally, on the apartment tower - I'm not a fan of the commonly seen wider apartment structures - like "Reserve Square" for example. The rectangle- on- its- side dimensions give it that "Holiday Inn" airport feeling. As pointed out by others, the sides of it look especially uninspiring. (I like the suggestion about flipping the north and south sides, too) I would loved a slightly slender, slightly taller residential tower - it would take on a sleeker look- and it would create a better interplay between the two towers. But I know costs are a driving factor in the design.
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