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  1. Perhaps we here on UO can prove that Republicans and Democrats can disagree and still get along!
  2. My issue with this project is not in bemoaning the possible lost retail and foot traffic to the downtown storefronts - that’s an apples/oranges argument - this kind of “outlet” mall shopping is “what it is” - it wouldn’t somehow fit into store fronts in any downtown. (Tower City is a moot point in this conversation so no point in mentioning that. ) My disappointment is in knowing that if this project had been “connected” to the Rock Hall via Burke lakefront land availability , it could have been that tourist draw that transformed foot traffic around the museums and any future development near the current stadium, benefitting everyone involved exponentially Instead, I see it as a disconnected destination, albeit tantalizingly close to the CBD. At the end of the day, will it be a positive for the city? It’s hard to say anything but “yes” to such a large scale, revenue-and-jobs producing entity. But it’s also a case of “so near, yet so far”.....
  3. Makes complete sense - imagine having a significant percentage of residents trying to move in within the same week or so ..they also did this at The Beacon.
  4. Just caught Eastvillagedon’s post citing Worth Magazine’s homage to Frank Jackson and his role in the Renaissance of Cleveland, particularly with respect to Jackson’s attention to the “regular” people and neighborhoods of the city. I’m not a fan, but it was nice to see such a positive take on the city and apparently, there will be more articles on the Cleveland Comeback upcoming. Wasn’t sure where to post this, and it may be old news to readers of Crain’s- but shout out to Cleveland for its big jump up in the “New American Economy” index of the nation’s 100 largest cities that are most welcoming to immigrants. Somehow, Cleveland moved from 64 to 14 in one year based on a metric including government leadership, livability, inclusivity, economic empowerment, and legal support. The unfortunate low mark in Cleveland’s rating was available job opportunities. As the Crain’s Op-Ed read, Cleveland....should see attracting immigrants as a path to building a more dynamic economy. The city rose to become the 6th largest in America in the early part of the 20th century based on opportunities for immigrants - what will be the opportunities that might attract a new generation of Clevelanders?
  5. The dumb decision making of Freddie Kitchens continues. The Browns have a lot of talent this year - but it’s not being fully facilitated. Time and again, we’ve seen the head shaking playcall decisions, the lack of discipline, excessive penalties, etc. Based on 12 regular season games and his body of work, it’s safe to conclude that Mr Kitchens was not ready for a head coaching job in the NFL. Those that were expecting an 8 game winning streak on the Browns part were reminded once again yesterday, by a weaker and better coached Steeler team, just how improbable that was. Now, a 4 game winning streak to keep gasping playoff hopes alive will probably not be enough. But we can watch to see how the team progresses in December. Then, John Darcy’s decision will have to be - “Do I trust the future Super Bowl hopes of this franchise in the hands of Freddie Kitchens?
  6. Great website, great interactive forum. I can easily say it’s my favorite Internet diversión! I know we veer off topic a bit much but even some of the right and left turns and side squabbles are interesting (at times) and KJP’s reporting work was Pulitzer- worthy this year. X and Mayday seem to know how to run a classy operation, shutting down things when we’ve lost our focus - so, thanks to the contributors and the insiders the picture takers, the meeting attendees the sources and the sleuths around town doing most of the heavy lifting - it’s great for Clevelanders at home and across country.
  7. And I had the opportunity to see it in person tonight being in town for Thanksgiving and catching a Cavs game at the Fieldhouse ( which looks awesome, by the way). I was impressed with what a very big difference the Lumen makes on the skyline as you come up I-77 and then make your way into downtown approaching the RMFH. With its grid of construction lights it had a very cool ”big- city” vibe in the rainy night skyline. As Artmaster said, it does s good job of extending the downtown sight line eastward and kind of bringing the Rhodes Tower into one’s perspective of downtown. Thankful for PHS’s great contributions to the city!
  8. From a construction/development perspective, I think most of us would be ok with the kind of decade that produced the world’s 2nd tallest building at the time, not to mention the Ohio Bell Building, Public Hall and one of the main buildings of the Cleveland Public Library.
  9. And barring some unforeseen national/international catastrophe, there’s every reason to believe it will be the Roaring 20’s in development in Cleveland this next decade.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. The new Hilton also looks good in there. I nominate this shot for one of the pics of the year on UO Northeast Ohio - and there have been a lot of great ones! Thanks to the forum members in town who take or share these great perspectives for all us Clevelanders -near and far.
  11. Imagine - SHW is not the big project! KJP, can you at least give us a percentage of how likely it is that this mystery project materializes?
  12. Nice buildings that illustrate how two buildings of the same floor count can be quite different in height. The Hess Tower is 490’ and the Pinnacle is 417- quite a difference even in how that would compare in the Cleveland skyline. I went back through this thread to the beginning, around 2007 when it was not yet specifically a SHW discussion - just to get some perspective. Many of the conversations back then sound exactly like those of today - the desire for a “4th tall tower”, arguments about height vs. density and complaints about the empty Weston lots. I’d like an iconic tower as much as anyone but the look back reminded me that it’s probably a good idea not to assume anything at all until the deal is really done and renderings are revealed. The difference from 2008 is that this time we have a dynamic Fortune 500 company in play, bringing a “tall” human presence. I’m not going to complain if there’s no significant tower - I think this time the Jacob/Weston lots get built up with a world class presence and it’s all good.
  13. That looks great but appears to be 40 stories or more
  14. Thanks KJP- once again, great detective work and analysis. Well, we’ve gone from images of the mighty Amazon project to a 40 story maximum - but still we were thinking easily 600’- to now a maximum of 30 stories and “other buildings”. I have to admit I was really hoping for a 4th tower on PS that was iconic and that would have required something proportional to the Big 3. Sure, it’ll be fantastic to fill in “the missing tooth” - and this is still a mighty win for the city- but I think many of us were ready to paint the sky.
  15. Looking at the Euclid Grand forum mention was made of the historic looking street lamps that used to accompany the no-longer existing Bond Building. There are many aesthetic considerations related to streetscape that are easily noticeable and seem correctable or at least improvable - but they seem to occur and sometimes persist (Other than pre-RNC). Just curious, who oversees these “details” in Cleveland? I know there are pressing “real” problems in basic quality of life issues...But are design-related decisions (such as the type of street lamps, etc) overseen by the CDC or are they random items that come before City Council?
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