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  1. I’m excited about the possibilities that a new CSU master plan might recommend. A vibrant CSU is a win-win for Cleveland as it moves towards being a national and even international draw. I would hate to ever lose the Rhodes Tower, though - the second tallest educational tower in the U.S. has become very familiar on the eastern edge of the downtown skyline. I get how it’s removal would be skyline-altering (negatively) but how would it’s renovation achieve the same? Here’s to a new tower of 40O feet coming in that master plan and supplementing Rhodes!
  2. If there was ever a time to try something a little “out of the box ” it’s in this market at this moment in time. I have no idea about all the challenges or restrictions that apply to rental properties that could interest potential buyers - perhaps insurance liabilities play a major role? But I’d love to see choices for buyers become more widely available in many buildings across the city that currently exclude them.
  3. No prob, @KJP, at this point you’re entitled to a mulligan or two with all the great reporting you’ve brought us. For me, the biggest takeaway is the need to develop the Superior Viaduct into the kind of outstanding public space ;(like a version of NY’s High Line) that will make the area that much more desireable and, in turn, spur even more residential development. One positive domino leading to the next, to invert the old adage.
  4. Imagine that view with the SW HQ Tower added and throw in at least one 23 story residential tower on the West Bank.
  5. Yea, those pics are probably the best yet at demonstrating the Lumen’s real impact on the entire downtown skyline. It really expands the feel of downtown’s breadth. I’m not sure if this might’ve been a rationale for those controversial vertical stripes on the East face - but without them, the tower would have an amorphous nature and an even more mirror-like effect. The stripes break the reflective glass up and help redefine the buildings dimensions. I like it, looks like something you’d see lit up in Dallas, for example. By the way, particularly the 2nd picture - it reminds me how nice it would be to have the Nucleus Tower in the mix . Anyhow, stripes not withstanding, I’m pretty sure this is becoming one of everybody’s favorite Cleveland buildings.
  6. @mtnbikefanIs there a rubric or assessment metric by which the state “picks” it’s projects for funding? Or is it just what they happen to “like “ on any given day?
  7. Great shots @urbanetics_! I’m actually pleasantly surprised just how impactful on the skyline Church & State is. i think it will be incredibly impactful in terms of the positive energy it infuses in the neighborhood.
  8. Thanks @Cleburger for sharing the June 23 Metroparks-lakefront article. I agree with @surfohio that there's a lot of good thinking - finally - being activated regarding the lakefront. Not to get too preachy here, but sometimes I wonder if our goals and timelines could be more aspirational - across the board, as a society. In 1960, when JFK determined to send a man to the moon in less than 10 years, it required a transformational application of technology and most importantly, will power. The ideas that are being talked about either once again, or for the first time that can really make our lakefront what it can and should be don't have to take 15-20 years to happen. There can be a not only a developmental impact but a tremendous economic benefit with hundreds (if not thousands) of new jobs created when we determine to take action and do something big. We can find the money - we just need the leadership, the sense of urgency and the commitment.
  9. This image, from RideFreeArea twitter account... no comment necessary...
  10. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’m not going to feel sad if there’s some 21st century high rise development on the West Bank - there’s plenty of character in the area and it’s not going to be lost. Progress,Cleveland!
  11. Though small, Another example of a neglected green space.
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