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  1. I was recently on the Charles Bridge in Prague. I love seeing older bridges. Then again, Prague has always been a visual gem.
  2. As the residential aspect increases, so will the demand for retail and nearby amenities. Which is why this project could've invigorated the neighborhood with the addition of retail.
  3. LeBron James has minority ownership of a soccer team. It just so happens it's one of the more renown teams in the world- Liverpool. I doubt LeBron would be interested in a second tier professional team in any location. His focus is usually a lot bigger. It would be nice though.
  4. Looking at the last picture with Woolworth on the right, brings back a lot of fond memories for me.
  5. Wow. I've been to city's all over the U.S. and parts of the world. This really isn't as bad as people are trying to portray it out to be. Mr. Stark didn't just stumble upon this concept. He wants to bring something extremely different to the city that he loves (something that would truly stand out). To be honest, I have no problem with the design. It isn't cookie cutter. The concept would separate Cleveland's skyline from other mid size cities in a positive way IMO. What I do know is that Mr. Stark has been bullish on the downtown market for years. I still remember when he wanted to bring a Croker Park style format to the warehouse district. That being said, I've never counted him nor his vision's out.
  6. 2 Blocks on Euclid will be closed off for a week to take down the crane (between E.4th and E.6th) via Cleveland.com :(
  7. I actually like KJP's location for the Justice Center Complex close to the rails. It does make a lot of sense. It would also make the rapid more viable in that location. That land has been undeveloped for years. If a 35-50 story tower is constructed, it would force the site to be developed. Plus the location wouldn't hinder traffic because of construction (because of the lack of development in the area IMO). It's seems like a lot of people want the JC to remain in the heart of downtown, but the current downtown landscape is vastly underused IMO. The current location can be used for a multitude of viable concepts. If attorneys have an issue with that location, then I don't see how a new development location would please any of them, because they are literally scattered across downtown.
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