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  1. KJP always has the inside track on developments, lol.
  2. That's interesting. If this is true, I wonder how many startup companies spawn from this type of model. This could potentially create another pocket of tourism via conferences and international business.
  3. https://www.cleveland.com/business/2019/03/university-hospitals-planning-200-million-expansion-of-ahuja-medical-center.html University Hospital plans to expand the Ahuja Medical Center in Beachwood.
  4. Per Cleveland.com: "One advantage of the land bridge plan is an enclosed walkway atop the park, which would lead from the Huntington Convention Center to a building proposed between the Great Lakes Science Center and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to be built by Cumberland Development." Does anyone have any insight on what the proposed building may be used for? From the design, it looks like it could be an additional entrance to either the Rock Hall or the Science Center.
  5. I'm happy that you can easily find garages to park in. I actually don't like or hate the parking garage design (because it's not important enough for me to care about it). As I mentioned before, the attention that it's getting on this forum is exhausting. It's just one of the many non issues that people on this forum find to complain about IMO. We can respectfully agree to disagree.
  6. Here's the article from Cleveland.com (don't know if it's been added previously): https://expo.cleveland.com/life-and-culture/g66l-2019/03/1afde53bdb8111/city-planning-commission-approves-10story-metrohealth-tower-scheduled-for-2022-completion.html
  7. To my point, the focus is on the aesthetics of a garage. I don't like surface lots within a major cities hub, so seeing a garage IS more appealing. Focusing on how it looks isn't that important IMO (not to say that it isn't but c'mon). It's like going to a restaurant and they add garnish to the side of my dish. I personally could care less about it (because it's not what I came for). If this projects parking garage was designed similarly to the one located at the Beacon, people on this forum would still find reason to complain. What's important to me is that the land owner is removing blight in an important part of the city and replacing it with a fantastic vision moving forward. I've watched as people complained about the original version of Nucleus, to now being pleased, to next complaining about the attached parking garage design. I've personally seen some terrible looking parking garages around the world in cities people rave about. Not once have I heard how disappointed someone was of those cities because of a parking garage. If I'm coming from out of town, I want to visually notice that this location has a parking garage. Sometimes signs aren't enough of an effect. As an example, consider how different it is driving downtown on Euclid. You have to be aware of Public Squares closure to traffic, bus lanes, cameras, and pedestrian crossings all while looking for parking (people from out of town aren't familiar with the city like you are). At some point most of the surface parking is going to disappear downtown. If I can visually spot a parking garage a block away, I feel blessed. I hate looking for a sign on a sidewalk identifying parking.
  8. I agree. The issue here is that so many are complaining and over analyzing the design of the garage. I have NEVER been to a major city and heard the locals complain about a multi-story parking garage next to a skyscraper. When I'm in other cities, the last thing on my mind is how aesthetically pleasing a parking garage is. My only concerned is it's cost effectiveness.
  9. Agreed. Mickey Mouse showed up in a stretch limo. I think it even had the boomerang antenna.
  10. Sometimes I get overwhelmed on these forms. Some of you will find a dark cloud in any bright sky. Have we now reached the point that a parking garage attached to a major project seems to be an eyesore (the project hasn't even broken ground yet). Some of the things that are overanalyzed on here is laughable in comparison to most major cities. If Allen Iverson was here is would say, "we're talking about a garage. Not a skyscraper, but a garage".
  11. I agree. What a lot of people do not realize is that Portland has an extremely walkable downtown (I've been there several times). Cleveland (Euclid in general) lost some of that vibe once Tower City came into existence IMO. A target placed within the May Co. footprint would spark an economic boost in downtown. It also would give neighborhood residents a centralized location to pick up necessities.
  12. I was recently on the Charles Bridge in Prague. I love seeing older bridges. Then again, Prague has always been a visual gem.
  13. As the residential aspect increases, so will the demand for retail and nearby amenities. Which is why this project could've invigorated the neighborhood with the addition of retail.
  14. LeBron James has minority ownership of a soccer team. It just so happens it's one of the more renown teams in the world- Liverpool. I doubt LeBron would be interested in a second tier professional team in any location. His focus is usually a lot bigger. It would be nice though.
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