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  1. Getting another pizza place:


    "A new-to-Cincinnati pizza restaurant is coming to downtown’s 84.51 Centre.


    MidiCi, the Neapolitan Pizza Co., signed a 10-year lease for 4,630 square feet of space at the Sixth and Race streets corner of the building. The restaurant is scheduled to open Sept. 1."




  2. A good number of the tenants are from the middle east (UAE, SA, etc) who are having their children treated at CCHMC. If you go in, you'll notice a lot of signs are in Arabic. There are also quite a few attending physicians/fellows/residents/med students that live in that building too. It's a convenient place to live when you are working 30 hr shifts. I had a friend who recently moved out of there and to downtown. It's ridiculously expensive, but it gets a lot of people who are coming in from out of town and don't know any better (or if their respective foreign government is footing the bill). But I agree that it's very dumpy

  3. HSAs are not the answer. Say you've been paying into a HSA for years and have saved up $10,000. You have a 3-4 day hospital stay with full work up that costs about $30,000. What would be better? Having an insurance company that has people pay into it (young and old, sick and not sick) that is able to pay 2/3 or more of the bill or use your HSA alone. The thing that is being lost is that HSAs are your own money that could be put into retirement or saving for college. I think they may complement insurance plans so that after the insurance company pays 2/3, you have a shelter to pick up the rest of the bill.


    The biggest issue in the US is that we have to have this conversation. People should not be making these financial decisions when they are unhealthy. People should not go bankrupt because they have a life threatening illness. A government sponsored universal health care system that covers all people is what is needed. In Israel, for example, there are private insurance companies/HMOs that you are allowed to choose from. You still have a choice in what you want for your health care and the government steps in to help pay. In the end everyone has coverage, no one goes bankrupt from health costs, and citizens get a say in what company they want to use.

  4. This was in the River City News:


    It just so happens that Berding's old boss, Bill Butler, and Corporex own the Ovation site in Newport, which is a large swath of riverfront land long awaiting a development. Additionally, Covington was rocked by the announced departure of its IRS center, which could also open up development on another large piece of near-riverfront property. "Are we aware of those sites? Yes we are," Berding said, when asked by The River City News at Thursday's event. He declined to get into specifics of the site evaluation process but said sites are explored in the team's application to MLS.


    "Our commitment, because soccer is urban, we have said we were going to build a stadium in the urban core and last I checked, this side of the river has an urban core," Berding said. "So, whether it's Clifton or maybe a little bit north of Clifton and it comes down to what I would call the riverfront, Northern Kentucky, absolutely.


  5. Move the Bengals practice fields to one of those sites and put the MLS Stadium on the practice fields. If anyone can convince the Browns to do it, its the Lindners.


    I think this would be a great idea. Is there enough space there? The bengals do not need their practice field there. It can be in the suburbs

  6. I would prefer for the stadium to be somewhere in the urban basin if it cannot be Nippert. We need to have streetcar/light rail access and the closest thing to this happening would be Nippert. Next would be a line going out to Queensgate/West End which can also connect to Amtrak. I think a suburban-style big box area (as in Oakley) would be a mistake. Oakley had their chance to make this an urban neighborhood and it's a sea of parking.

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