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  1. I live in an apartment with my wife, my child, and currently my mother in law visiting from eastern europe. We mostly use Findlay as our source of groceries and typically do not take a car. We will normally streetcar or red bike. It's easy enough to just load up our canvas bags and cart everything home on our shoulders/hands. It works out just fine and we don't have to stress out driving/parking. Various cleaning supplies, etc can be bought at Wood's Hardware or one of the Walgreens. Now with EMC in place, a lot more can be bought up at Findlay. Once the new Kroger goes in, it'll be a great place to get specialty/name brand stuff and I still won't use a car to shop there.

  2. Very crudely using google maps measuring tool and eyeballing the approximate location of the stadium at the Ovation site:


    Width: ~450 ft

    Length: ~650 ft


    It seems as if it would fit in Stargel, bounded by John and Central Ave. Potentially the buildings to the north on Wade would have to be bought and destroyed

  3. I think the ownership group is relying on their crack reporting to get all eyes off public money and their West End aspirations at a CPS location. Now they can keep their eyes on the prize while the media and the public chew on and argue over their red herring. If that's what they really are trying to do, the PR stunt worked.

  4. This was a "read between the lines" PR stunt to detract people from thinking it's going to be in the west end. It has the media now focusing on Newport while they get their ducks in order to close on the west end without a media backlash/neighborhood disagreement. If it fails, Newport will be it and no loss

  5. There's still a huge population that believes downtown Cincinnati is in Mad Max conditions. I have a friend (originally from Ghana but has lived in Ohio for 13 years, the past 3 in Cincy) who was told by people at work hat if he should avoid downtown at all costs. They said his car will get broken into, if he tries to take money from an ATM he will get mugged, and to never ever be there past dark. This past Saturday I took him on a walking tour from Smale to Liberty and he loved it. He's already looking into moving downtown into an apartment and is going to be sure to correct the people who say how awful it is. I still can't believe he lived he for 3 years and had no idea what the urban core was actually like due to the negative input from people he figured knew what they were talking about.

  6. I have lived downtown for years and I go to these events. Yes, a lot of the people are from the surrounding areas or tourists from other cities/states, but I think that's a good thing. Many people who live in the suburbs haven't been downtown in years. If an event like "Taste" might make them finally come down and see the transformations happening in the urban core, that's a good thing. Maybe they'll come back without the event at some other time. Maybe they'll take the streetcar. Even if it's only 5% of those who come down, it's still a win. Too many people who live in the periphery still have the idea of what downtown was in 2001.

  7. A statement from Lindner:




    What stuck out to me:


    "Downtown, Over-the-Rhine and neighboring areas are all experiencing tremendous growth. Companies are choosing to locate operations in the Queen City, bringing talented people from around the world to work, live and play here. I am proud that our new professional soccer team, FC Cincinnati, is a part of the renaissance that is occurring here."


    Along with:


    "Moreover, we will leverage our private dollars to ensure the new soccer stadium is a community asset that can host high school and college games, international and national matches and concerts. Our vision also includes helping to create a dramatic transformation in one of our community’s neighborhoods."


    This sounds like the West End to me. I don't see Oakley needing a "dramatic transformation" and he didn't really seem to be championing NKY either.



  8. Who has their email addresses? If it's in Oakley I will also cancel my subscription. Newport there may be a 50% chance I keep it. This needs to be in the Cincinnati urban core. This should not cater to the suburbs. Placing it in Oakley would be to make people driving in from West Chester feel safe with a suburban style set up. This would be best used to help the West End

  9. His campaign had a bunch of volunteers standing around with Cranley signs at the first FCC home game. It was fun trolling them by going up to them, with a huge smile, throwing hands in the air in praise, and then yelling "Yvette Simpson!! Down with Cranley!". Their faces would go from excitement, thinking that someone is about to be happy about Cranley, to sad confusion. Also the Die Innenstadt member on the megaphone was bad mouthing Cranley.


    There were no Cranley supporters at the next home games

  10. They should have a disclaimer that pregnant women should not consume food there for fear of toxoplasmosis


    Isn't that pretty much only if you're around cat litter?  Seems like an over-abundance of caution.


    My statement was mostly a joke. But theoretically, if the person handling the cat litter for this cafe also handles the food and forgets to wash their hands, it could happen.

  11. I don't think the insurance industry was smearing the VA Jake. It was not a spin job. People died because no one was held accountable. People were shifted around in the system, and it was an inefficient bureaucracy. 


    If government wants to run healthcare, then the people who work there should be treated like private sector employees. That may be a step forward. I speak with many people in the VA system all the time and the top employees hate it because they just feel like they are pushing paper all day in the system. THey have no ability to truly make a decision and the process moves extremely slow when they do.


    This is what you get when you settle for less than exceptional. We can do better in health care. Don't throw in the towel and give up by going to a government run system.

    Once again to the post above, the VA is a bad example because it's single payer, and mostly single provider (Vets have to see the VA doctors).  This wouldn't be the case across the nation as a whole.  In fact, it could help the VA problem by giving Veterans more access to other providers.


    we can give vets access to private docs right now if they chose too. THey have not yet. This is a VA reform that should happen.


    I remember back in 2008-2009 when Obama was health care (single payer at the time) and touting the VA system as the model of efficiency and how it is an example on how we can do healthcare better and that leaving it to the government is the right thing to do because the VA system proves that.


    Well, we see how that has worked out once the curtain was pulled back on the system.



    As a physician who works at the Cincinnati VA and sees/speaks with the vets on a regular basis, getting them to see physicians in the "private" setting is not what they want at all. Most of the vets are very satisfied with the care they get at the VAMC and like that most of everything they need medically can be taken care of at one institution. For anything that cannot be handled at the VAMC, there is already a system in place to get them the care they need on the outside. This system works relatively quickly.


    For all the news that the VA stirs up, it really does work pretty well and could very easily be a model for a single payer government system (with appropriate funding). However, there are some departments that lack needed funds to even have ancillary staff to assist with basic things. This is where it can fall short and that's due to just not having adequate funding in those areas.

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