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  1. I directly asked the CEO of Kroger why we still don't have a quality downtown grocery store and he couldn't give me a good answer. They keep hinting that they may, but it still seems a long way away. I've walked past Court Street recently and what is now parking in the middle of the street once used to be an urban market. This sits at the base of their headquarters. I think it would be awesome to put in a modern grocery back in this location, but with the old market structure feel. What better place to do this than at the foot of their empire? I think it would be a wonderful way to reintegrate back into downtown Cincinnati.

  2. I live on 4th street and the potential for this to become a major high end retail destination is great. However, so much is empty at the moment. The historic area has so many beautiful buildings there is no reason they should not be full of awesome things. I  look at Bang and Olufsen and see that as hope for the future. The Gidding Jenny building was going to have a movie theater but AMC shot that down (which is awful). I heard a rumor about tearing down the building to the left (TJ Maxx) and putting in a Target. I really hope no additional historic buildings are lost. I don't think a target and a dominoes pizza is what 4th street needs. Bring in an Apple Store and the rest will come. I sent an email to Tim Cook (he apparently reads his emails from the general population) but obviously never heard back.

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