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  1. Maybe a little off topic, but still rail-lines were used through the center to unload the coke, and rails were used above the ovens to load, pretty cool site, located in the north end of Leetonia, over 200 "bee hive" style ovens were built circa 1866, one of the largest still left in the U.S., i visited this site a little over four years ago, shortly after my visit they closed the park to drain the water out where the rails ran between the ovens, as far as i know it's still closed until they build hand rails to prevent accidents along the walking paths.......i'll let the pics speak for me from here........
  2. Thanks again KJP, not so sure that you would ever see the rail bed from Norton road though, Norton rd is well south from the bed line, again, most all of this line can be seen using mapquest as i've stated before, also there's real good county maps in the U.S. Congress Library (portage and geauga) from 1857 clearly showing the route (which is how i finally figured out what the heck went through there in the first place), i first noticed the cut in the land where it crosses Alpha road nearly 30 years ago, it always reminded me of a canal bed and i've since that time pondered as to what it really was until i found the map from 1857, i went for a ride to look at some of the crossings a few days back and noticed a sign stating the "the famous Clinton air line RR" erected where it cross state rt 700 on the west side of the road, a little faded but looks to have been put up by the Hiram historical society, easy to miss if you don't know to look, it can be seen using google maps earth, it's located, if i remember right, just below the second driveway on the west side of 700 just south of Allen road, pull the "little man" down to the location for a street view, at this location the rail bed is built up, not a cut.........also wanted to mention that these maps from 1857 show very clearly the path of the former P&O canal (another story in the near future)
  3. Thanks KJP, yep, i was looking at the route again early this morning via mapquest, at it's lowest satellite level it goes from summer mode to winter mode (without snow), the line can still clearly be seen where it passed through, and the more i looked at where the line reaches route 82, i came to the conclusion that it went right down route 82 into town........i've also located the line between Burton and Middlefield using mapquest in the same mode,..........was also hoping you could shed more light on the "Clinton air line RR" that still leaves scares in the ground near my home.......
  4. here's a couple pics i've found from the period........
  5. hi to all here at urbanohio.........total newbe here...........been recently doing more research in my area (garrettsville, hiram) and have been wanting to find out more about this company in the tread title, i've been able to locate via mapquest almost all of the route between hiram and garrettsville, but it's hard to tell where the line came into g-ville, was hoping someone here may know far more about this line, thanks ahead of time....... :-)
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