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  1. Thanks! All shot on my iPhone XS. I plan on going up sometime in the next week and doing some exploring with my Canon 5D Mark III.
  2. Figured some black and whites went well with the weather today....
  3. So was this the Fortune 500 HQ you were previous hinting to? Or is there something else on the horizon?
  4. It's a blog post about random Cleveland developments on the horizon.
  5. Same... I'm hoping they saw that plan and got inspired. Knowing they liked Goodyear's HQ design, I think the Weston plan fits that criteria fairly well.
  6. Better? It's the Block 162 office tower in Denver. 30 stories (452')
  7. Those look great! I think the pricing is pretty reasonable considering all the amenities they'll soon have around them.
  8. I wish something would be done to the back of the Standard Building....Such a large canvas to do something cool.
  9. I thought I had read they were waiting till that SB 39 passes to get more funding...
  10. From the mockup I created and the overview I just showed you can clearly see S&S monument is in view from that vantage point. I even have it showing in the mockup from the google street view I created. You can see that if you can see the monument you'll be able to see what's on the Jacobs lots.
  11. Yeah I know. This has already been discussed upthread. It's not completely accurate, but it also won't be completely blocked.
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