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  1. I was photographing a wedding yesterday, and the bride was getting ready on the 30th floor of the Hilton. Took a moment to snag some shots of 515.
  2. I was browsing downtown Cleveland via maps yesterday, and couldn't help but cringe when I looked at the Warehouse district. I understand Weston published plans a couple years ago, but can someone educate me on why there are so many surface lots in this area, and is there anything that can be done to start developing this area? All this red is really depressing...
  3. Walked down Euclid last night and grabbed a couple night shots!
  4. ASPhotoman

    Elon Musk

    There is nothing approaching a working prototype (i.e. an actual capsule traveling at a high rate of speed), let along a switch track (tube?) high-capacity terminal station, or intermediate station. The concept is decades upon decades away from existing as anything that can compete with the high speed rail technology that has existed since the 1960s. Yeah...it takes time to develop new ideas. Your post insinuated nothing was getting done, in addition to Elon having something to do with it. Considering it's only been a few years since the idea was presented...I'd say the progress that's been made has been huge.
  5. ASPhotoman

    Elon Musk

    Yep! Watched it live. It was a United Alliance Launch (Joint operation by Lockheed and Boeing)
  6. ASPhotoman

    Elon Musk

    You do realize that he just put the idea out there and that he doesn't actually run a company that's pursuing the idea? Regardless, the companies that are developing the technology have been making great progress. I visited Hyperloop One two years ago, and I'm blown away by the progress they've made since then.
  7. I'm excited to see more development happening in Mid-Town, but is there any chance anything taller than 100ft will get built? With all the open space in the area, I feel like it's the perfect opportunity to add density and essentially develop another downtown like feel. Wouldn't be too bad to extend the skyline as well....
  8. I photographed a wedding reception here last month. I was talking with someone who knows the new buyer and they mentioned something about the project manager wishing to get rid of some of the columns... I'll be extremely pissed if this is true.
  9. When I extrapolate the image to hit 19 floors it seems like the height is going to go over the current crane height by a floor or two.
  10. Had the opportunity this week to check out a new coworking space in Ohio City off Jay St. called LimeLight Work. Here are a few pics of the space. I think it will do really well. I've been waiting for a space to open up like this is the area. I posted more pics on my site: http://www.andrewsmithblog.com/blog-1/2018/4/26/limelight-work-cleveland-coworking-space
  11. ASPhotoman

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    Where are the dates of operation though? I'm trying to find flights and keep getting errors for all the dates I'm checking.
  12. ASPhotoman

    Political Correctness

    Hurricanes and the weather are not caused by climate change. There are more important issues. We are humans and we will adapt. I for one will not lose sleep over the climate. This statement right here is exactly the problem. No one is saying that hurricanes and weather are caused by climate change. They're specifically saying that the storms are going to become more frequent and intense. You can clearly see that with Harvey, Irma (and possibly Jose) within a two-week span. It's going beyond just hurricanes though and extends to droughts, flash flooding, etc. Since when did we as a society start accepting the "We'll adapt" mentality? We can solve this problem, and we should rather than giving up. I'm sure you're anti-terrorism, and I'm sure it's because you're not a fan of people dying. Should we rather do nothing about terrorism and stop spending an ungodly amount of money to prevent attacks and adapt to it as a common occurrence in life? You're more likely to die from a natural disaster than you are from terrorism, and that number will only increase with a higher frequency of natural events.