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  1. Yeah, but at least have a brand presence at street level. As far as I know, I've never seen SW signage anywhere except for their technology center.
  2. Wasn't sure where to post this, so please move to proper thread.
  3. Right? It's sad when the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse has more SW signage then SW themselves
  4. I wonder if they'll start adding to the exterior to the building to the far right any time soon. Can't wait to see this stretch of Euclid when the exteriors are all complete. Excited to see what retail goes in as well.
  5. Much better. I think it's hard to get a sense of the street presence this will have since the renderings aren't great in detail and the overview leads people to focus on the parking. From the street all you'll see are townhomes and apartments. There's still plenty of land to build upon in Scranton, and although not perfect, this should act as a solid catalyst to bring more down to the area.
  6. 40 story - 617ft / 1144 Fifteenth Tower from Denver rendered into Cleveland skyline to get an idea for scale. (~673k sq ft)
  7. I noticed that Stripe, the payment company, shows up in some of the renderings. I wonder if they're one of the tenants that might be going in. Seems odd they'd depict them being a tenant if not.
  8. I really hope they plan on finishing the design like they depict in the renderings. The Beacon signage at the top and re-doing the entrance would be great.
  9. I'm going to take a guess and say it's because you can barely see it from the west side because of the surrounding buildings. East and South side are far more visible.
  10. Yikes..some of.that decor pays no homage to the architecture/interior design. Take that back out to the suburbs.
  11. I asked that a while back, but no one knows. It would only seem to make sense, right?
  12. It's just an estimate based off the scenario they build a on the Jacobs lot. @KJPsaid a source mentioned that SW submitted an RFQ for 1.8m sq ft. Put a building that size on the Jacobs lots and you have over 1000' tower. For comparison: Key Tower is 947' tall with 1.5 million sq ft.
  13. Ugh...I saw @KJP wrote a post in this thread and excitingly clicked on it hoping for a juicy new blog post. Rooting for The Avenue condos even more now.
  14. ^^ Agreed. I feel like they have way too much hometown pride to just up and leave. Hopefully way too much pride that results in building a massively tall skyscraper to make a statement.
  15. Fingers crossed the design doesn't change too drastically. Excited to hear what tenants they have planned.
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