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Metropolitan Tower 224'
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  1. Is this a two-story addition or one-story? To me it looks like a one story addition, with higher ceilings.
  2. They just need to build R&D on the Bedrock site. Then, build an underground tunnel to connect the to the HQ
  3. Agreed. There isn't an H&M close to the area. I personally love shopping there, and every time I go to a store it's pretty crowded.
  4. Are they starting the Irishtown Bend project? I thought that was still some time away?
  5. I don't think any one know at this point. I have a feeling they won't. I say that because it seems like they're really marketing the views from atop the roof and having that large of signage will obstruct those views. I hope I'm wrong though.
  6. I've already worked with them. It's not just for capital though, it's been nearly impossible to find a developer in the area to team up with for equity. I'm still plugging away though
  7. Agreed. I have a startup I'm working on launching, and I've been told I need to head west if I want a chance for it to be successful. I really want to raise the money here though, and give it a chance to grow in this region.
  8. Never mind! I just glanced at the renderings and forgot there was supposed to be rooms at the very top.
  9. I thought the top floor was supposed to be a mechanical floor. You're correct that the amenity desk is on the lower level next to the garage. I just couldn't see them covering the top floor with something transparent if it was mechanical.
  10. I was really hoping they'd put an opaque covering for the top layer so they could illuminate the top of the building.
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