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  1. This is so disappointing... the least they could have done was built underground parking like The Quarter has. This belongs in a suburb...
  2. Definitely not. It's just an addition to their portfolio. They literally just built a new Breakers addition and demoed Light House Point in the same year. With the addition of Sport Force Park they most likely just building their hotel options.
  3. Agreed. So many tan/brown buildings already downtown. This was a perfect opportunity to change it up.
  4. Here's what a potential 17-20 story condo building could look like in the space provided. This is the North Bank Condo tower in Columbus.
  5. I can't wait to see what retail goes in there. Could help make Euclid Cleveland's version of Chicago's Magnificent Mile.
  6. Any chances this gets built in the Scranton Peninsula Thunderbird development?
  7. Agreed. It looks like the architectural design is still the same, but they just changed some material finishes. Hopefully they change it back.
  8. It's all about perspective. The 9 is less than half the size of Key Tower and yet, in this photo, it looks much larger because it's closer.
  9. Does anyone know if there are plans to light up the crown of The Lumen at night? I was driving into downtown last night from 77N and couldn't help to try and picture how the addition of The Lumen might help to extend the skyline. Seeing as it's not super tall, I thought by lighting the crown it'd make a nice statement and really pop out to help do that. Also, seems fitting you'd illuminate a building called "The Lumen".
  10. The green roof was from the original massing. Their more updated renderings doesn't show one.
  11. That's been my gripe since I first saw the panels go up...it blends in WAY too much.
  12. Yeah, I saw that. I don't mind the massive parking deck as long as they execute on the exterior design and hide it. I think something like this would look great (especially with some great evening light effects). It would mesh well with the new Q exterior and their current design.
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