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  1. This makes assumptions for SW HQ, the city club apartments, and the frangos site. 2023?
  2. I don't know the correct terminology, cladding rail maybe, but they began affixing these white horizontal members to the eastern corner of the exterior on the 16th. If that gives any clue to the imminence... If you pan to the left in the Q's Camera 1 you have a great view of 515, as well as the crane over at the Lumen. Hope this is helpful/pertinent.
  3. Isn't that some kind of cookie cutter senior center/veterans center?
  4. Speaking of the FRONT Triennial, I was surprised to see that as part of the City Canvas project they are planning on painting the south wall of the Standard Building with a red gingham mural.
  5. Do the midges have any effect on it's construction? I wonder if there'll be a slight lull over the next week or so where you can spot someone taking time to scrape 'em out each day. There must be a couple floors in all the buildings downtown where encased midges technically making up a fraction of a percentage of the structure. It's a somewhat silly, but genuine question.
  6. That massing has been floating around since late 2014 though, before they released actual renderings. I've been puzzled for a while as to why I keep finding it when an accurate and high quality massing was included in their final presentation.
  7. I think several homes on those streets are Hudson Historic homes, including Owen Brown's own house dating back to 1843. There is a complete sidewalk on the north side of the street however the south sidewalk stretches from Main Street until it reaches Owen Brown's house. I believe it is part of the plan to convert Owen Brown back to brick street which, in addition to splitting around the park, is supposed to reduce the speed of through traffic on the street.
  8. I know this is the second push, and that we have somewhat just started to have some consistent upwards momentum, but does anyone have a guess at what the rate in days per floor would be. Additionally, if they construct this in three floors chunks, will that lead to quicker cladding process/one that will reveal how the cladding looks in person earlier (even though I assume that's still far off)? Don't know if these are difficult/redundant/premature questions, they're just some things I've been wondering about.
  9. The Warney & Swasey Complex at E55 and Carnegie is crazy cool, although it just went back on the market so I'm not sure of how closely it's being monitored now. Also, you have to pull a quick 90 degree turn right after you go under the railroad tracks. But it's got incredible graffiti and views and you have to try to to get on the two different roof areas. My friend also likes to go on top of the May Co. building right on Public Square but again, not sure of how easy/inconspicuous it is to get in there. You guys could climb up the bascule bridge next to Nautica in the Flats which is pretty popular spot with extraordinary views. I know of a couple other places around Northeast Ohio that are really great to check out, just not Downtown Cleveland. I'd be happy to talk about this more here or in PM if you'd like.
  10. The steel on the eastern face and corner looks thicker/different. Seems as if they still have to extend westward by two "bays". Just an observation.
  11. I believe Google Maps was recently updated to include a lot of new projects and some completed ones that were previously shown as dirty lots or in utero. Apologies if this in the wrong place/redundant to post this.
  12. Yeah I think a photo of the site like once a week would be helpful for those not in NEO so that even if there is no visible progress/nothing to discuss, there is still a way to check in with the project. I realize as I am not in NEO currently this burden wouldn't fall on me but I would think there are others interested in this idea.
  13. In response to Sooner's question, I'm not sure if the same method will be used in this tower, but Freethink found an article several months back explaining how this process was done in another tower and it could give clues to Stark's approach for this one. Apologies for no specific knowledge on this project.
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