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  1. Hit the breaks. Where did this horizontal striping come from? Sorry for poor quality screengrab.
  2. Counting the days till I can see this juggernaut again...
  3. It's a blurry live cam screen cap and the building is quite dark, but I couldn't resist messing with that view. Might be short a foot or so
  4. Small thing I noticed, not sure how recent, but the photo has been changed to a much favorable one, in my opinion, when searching "Cleveland" in google. Previous: Current:
  5. Just Saw it in it in a this bar now in Cincinnati, and was surprised it wasn’t just an NEO thing.
  6. Always wanted to do this, an hour later and now I know how. Gonna spend some time today plugging in other projects and "guesstimassings". Lmk if there's any specific viewpoints I should post, it's truly quite impactful from certain angles.
  7. My thoughts as well, I don't know why Stark would have it on their second page if it doesn't do the project justice.
  8. This makes assumptions for SW HQ, the city club apartments, and the frangos site. 2023?
  9. I don't know the correct terminology, cladding rail maybe, but they began affixing these white horizontal members to the eastern corner of the exterior on the 16th. If that gives any clue to the imminence... If you pan to the left in the Q's Camera 1 you have a great view of 515, as well as the crane over at the Lumen. Hope this is helpful/pertinent.
  10. Isn't that some kind of cookie cutter senior center/veterans center?
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