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  1. The bigger article talks about Hudson Bay liking mass timber for being lighter and easier to build, mentions that it will be the biggest timber building in the country until a 25-story proposal gets built in Milwaukee, and note that materials are in short supply in the US necessitating importing the limber and flooring from Austria to Cleveland via Rotterdam and the Seaway. E-version only? It wasn't in today's print version that I got in DC. Is there still an East Coast edition? Maybe it is in the Midwestern edition. Or maybe it will show up on the property page that gets printed later in the week.
  2. This Cleveland Clinic release is more than a few days old, but I don't think it got the attention it deserves - I got it from an NIH post. Some interesting approaches that don't get much coverage. https://newsroom.clevelandclinic.org/2020/05/10/leading-the-way-in-innovative-research-for-covid-19-patients/
  3. You're absolutely right and I think Hough will be the next hot spot. I just didn't want a long list to take away from my point that the demographic 'quality' gains are enough for now to cause a huge economic gain for the area (while hoping that the virus disruption is fleeting).
  4. I was hopeful that when construction numbers began consistently exceeding tear-downs the population would turn around. BUT ... tear-downs are not the same as abandonments, which are still high. Factor in declining family size, and the recent growth in OC, UC, and downtown still doesn't equal net growth. For now, I think the region needs to be happy with the outcome of the demographic churn accompanying a near static population: a more educated, higher-earing, younger population is driving the recent regional economic improvements.
  5. Didn't Stark fairly recently (last year or two) take the plunge into Brooklyn, NY. My daughter-in-law is in commercial realty in Manhattan and says based on the default of the Whale Building, a shared working space loft arrangement in Brooklyn, it looks like 2019 sales are perhaps 30 to 50% over present market prices. The vulture buyers are swarming. I don't think Cleveland prices ever got that out of hand, but it doesn't seem like a good time to get into cash-flow problems.
  6. This thread should be split into Coronavirus (Science) and Coronavirus (Politics).
  7. It's been reported by the WSJ and the FT, that I'm aware of. What tends to defuse the story is the fact that almost 100% of NIH-funded studies publish their results in copious detail, so the researcher might only be providing a preview to China of what would eventually be public information anyway. So, there's not really a "spy" aspect to the story. Note: The NIH does patent some things (my wife get royalties from her NIH patent); but they still release all the details.
  8. Probably. It would make sense to me, given financial uncertanties even with SWP's good performance to date, to maximize the use of the Jacobs lot and delay development of the Weston lots, even if this means a bigger building than they had planned for the Jacobs lot.
  9. I believe there have already been some scattered defaults with bundled retail property mortgage notes - and that warning came years ago. Some lessons are never learned.
  10. Travelcenters America of Westlake (symbol TA) is down about 70 cents to ~$8.50 at the moment. I sold some June $7.50 puts at 56 cents, meaning I'll be a willing buyer at net of $6.94 a share.
  11. Timing is everything: From today's NYT article on coronavirus-related shortages - "King Arthur Flour has more than doubled production to 5 million bags of flour a month, up from less than 2 million a year ago." So the flour mill in Cleveland decides to go out of business.
  12. They could abbreviate the trademark to just the red dripping paint and look like a Maker's Mark bourbon bottle.
  13. According to people at the Commerce Dept., it's too soon to tell. The self-response rate so far is ahead of worst-case projections but not quite as high as hoped, with Internet doing better than expected and the telephone option being chosed by next to nobody (about 1% versus an expected 7%). The manual follow-up effort is supposed to fill in the gaps, but this year's manual follow-up is not designed to capture unexpected additions to the census tract data - so there is that bit of 'leakage'. OTOH, the census tract data are more accurate than ever, so there shouldn't be much to miss. Urban areas are becoming harder and harder to canvass with in-person (physical or telephonic) contact, so urban undercounts are to be expected; the hope is the undercount will be small.
  14. I'm down about 4.5%, thanks to making proportionately big sales and moving into about half cash in December. Had a good April, though, and May is looking good as well.
  15. I hate to see the whole industry shut down. It would be nice to see the operation move to Opportunity Corridor, but the current owners are probably content to just let it go.
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