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  1. If Freshwater Cleveland is correct (extrapolating to all 7 Cleveland-area counties), overdoses alone exceeded the regional population loss. http://www.freshwatercleveland.com/features/OpioidRehab041819.aspx
  2. Budish's State of the County speech pledges $5 million to plant trees. Good idea, but in my area we learned not to give them away. I hope the county only subsidizes the purchase of trees; the property owner needs to have some investment. Free trees don't get watered or otherwise cared for; free trees are dead trees in a year.
  3. It must be efficient to build - Washington DC is full of this look also.
  4. The corner we need to turn has moved a little farther away. I console myself with total regional employment being up every year since 2011, wage and salary growth exceeding the US average, and the workforce (a fairly mushy number) tending upward since 2015. I wonder how closely that 1,000 number matches deaths by murder and overdose.
  5. This splash page by MGM Northfield PArk made me smile. Is it a hint they'll be adding a resort hotel? https://mgmnorthfieldpark.mgmresorts.com/en.html
  6. Wondering why I had not seen the article you referenced, I dug yesterday's WSJ out of the trash and did not find it. Do you have a web-only subscription? Or maybe my local edition (Wash DC) didn't choose to carry it ... Letter to editor will be forthcoming. Back on HH: Single tracking of branch lines has proved a mistake in Virginia, according to one opinion at the Propeller Club in DC. It's useful only to maintain current operations and prevents growth, according to the speaker.
  7. ^ Thanks for pointing that out. It referenced the one I read two weeks ago: https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-revolution-sweeping-railroads-upends-how-america-moves-its-stuff-11554302583?mod=cx_picks&cx_navSource=cx_picks&cx_tag=contextual&cx_artPos=4#cxrecs_s Opinions vary on HH's legacy. But it does sound as if at least some of his "precision" will survive.
  8. The most recent report I read (in the WSJ or the FT) said that after a wrenching year-long adjustment for the railrod AND its customers, CSX now has it working satisfactorily, with a pretty high on-time number - over 70% IIRC. It seems like something that should work, but we all know how those theoretical certainties can go off the rails in practice.
  9. A developer friend of mine says that is the BEST way to get started - partner with somebody experienced.
  10. Is the new precise train scheduling practiced by CSX and being introduced Norfolk and Southern expected to benefit the timeliness of Amtrak? Seems as if it should ...
  11. Dougal


    I hear it all the time, esp. with Argentines. https://www.spanishdict.com/translate/opah
  12. According to the 2018 St Lawrence Seaway report, Cleveland was the no. 1 US port for imports and no. 9 for exports. The imbalance in the tonnage is reflected in the container counts: 6,220 in and 900 out. http://www.greatlakes-seaway.com/en/pdf/traffic_report_2018_en.pdf
  13. Dougal


    Not sure how you are pronouncing "ope", but try it the Spanish way (OH-pah) and the Texans should understand perfectly.
  14. I stayed there once - it's very nice. Having a glass-enclosed shower in the middle of the room, however, took a little getting used to.
  15. The Planning Commission's agenda included 2 "enterprise zone" TIF items at the 4/5/19 meeting, the Harvard Avenue one being probably more significant in terms of scope and jobs. Is this the same as Opportunity Zone projects? Too many similar sounding names? EDIT: Nevermind, found my answer. E Zones are a state program; O Zones a federal one.
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