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  1. That's what the write-in line on the ballot is for. I can't tell you how often I have voted for Rufus T. Firefly,
  2. Longevity (i.e. survival) is one thing; effectiveness is another. My real cut-off for nomination is probably 62; I was being generous suggesting 70. No amount of delegation lightens the executive burden enough to make a 70 year old candidate a good idea for me. Three of our candidates are statistically dead in office, making the vice presidency a much more important choice than usual. And nobody's talking about that.
  3. Does anybody think M Jarboe will return from her year off as she predicted last year? I sure miss her reporting.
  4. A serious reconstruction (or replacement) of the terminal building could easily cost $1 billion or more. Assuming CLE pays down the existing debt some more before borrowing new money, the total airport debt could be $1.5 billion by 2025. Saving a point on that is $15 million a year.
  5. Yes, the employment numbers are unquestionably the driver; but I bet the Sunbelt bleed is less than it used to be.
  6. If you live six months and a day in Florida, you can avoid Ohio income taxes and pay Florida's (zero).
  7. I have only anecdotal evidence, but in my parents generation, it seemed retiring people moved lock, stock, and barrel to the Sunbelt. In my generation it seems retiring people are buying a winter home somewhere southern and keeping something (condo or lake cottage) northern because the summer is so hellish in FL, AZ, NV, TX. Their definition of winter, however, is stretching into 183 days for tax reasons. This may account for some of the strength in Cleveland RE markets.
  8. Sherwin-Williams could also be worried about lead paint liabilities. Asbestos cases bankrupted Armstrong-World Industries, an otherwise very strong company.
  9. I'm putting this here because it is most probably a complete fantasy. Andrew Yang, an obscure Democratic candidate for president has proposed moving the NIH to Cleveland. https://www.crainscleveland.com/government/trump-wants-move-agencies-out-washington-dc My wife is a retired NIH scientist - she laughed at the idea of moving the whole agency (almost 40,000 people) but then said, "The headquarters could go. They could go anywhere." Meaning to hell for all she cared. The headquarters, a couple of hundred talent-free (according to the scientists) people, wouldn't need anything as elaborate or expensive as a labratory building and could move rather quickly. It's NOT going to happen.
  10. Mine, too; and they were dirt poor. The next generation did better - president of a large local company in the '30s and '40s. The migration was to W65th, W85th, then Lakewood, next generation Rocky River, then my generation left town.
  11. Innovest Global, a small Cleveland-area startup, has gone from $1 million sales in the first half of 2018 to $17 million for the the first half of 2019. They have said they are "cash positive" but have NOT said they are profitable. This quarter, they will be going to NYC and Toronto looking for investors to support further growth. Predictably they will pay a big percentage of ownership for the money. This is how Cleveland loses companies; there just isn't much capital available locally. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190812005302/en
  12. Random observation: having now had some experience with the condition, I'm not voting for anybody 70 years old. Septuagenarians can, possibly with distinction, be judges, advisors, critics, legislators, and philosophers, but not not executives. Sorry, the job is too demanding if it's done right. This is probably a politically incorrect opinion; but I think I'm being a realist, not an "ageist".
  13. Despite the almost flimsy appearance of the lower portions of the complex, the place is massively constructed, once housing multiple foundry, hammer-forge, and drop-forge operations. I can see how demolishing-and-removing could easily be a daunting project for a residential builder.
  14. Environmental cleanup problems? I could easily believe that.
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