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  1. San Francisco is trying to get BART airport passengers into the TSA Priority Checkin lanes at SFO. Could the RTA do that for people who take the Rapid to CLE? Sounds like a good idea. https://sfist.com/2019/10/16/riding-bart-to-sfo-would-get-you-in-tsa-priority-lane-under-new-proposal/?amp=1
  2. They could use 'Latine' which is not gender-specific; the -e ending is often used for other adjectives. The 'cultural appropriation' comment came from the only citation I could find on the topic; in the specific context the speaker seemed to be mocking both Latinx and cultural appropriation - perhaps not a good choice on my part.
  3. The term isn't used in Spanish; native Spanish speakers consider it 'cultural appropriation' - humorously, I believe. It's chiefly used in US English.
  4. "Latinx" is annoying me. In English it sounds like a third category. Why not just "Latin" which is perfectly good English and no more jarring in Spanish than Latinx is. Spanish is an inherently sexist language (los padres = parents, for example); and the x aberration isn't changing it.
  5. Would the Bedrock site mean tearing down the old B&O Station?
  6. I like this one. It's proof that converting banks to more imaginative uses is nothing new. Based on the width of the tie, I'd say 1940s? https://twitter.com/Cleve_Memory
  7. Totally agree. Hough is too convenient and attractive an area to sit fallow. Those houses will be two dots in a nighborhood of new and rehab.
  8. In the way of non-news, I find it interesting that GE has NOT sold GE Lighting and Nela Park. They announced it was on the disposal list - what? - three years ago? They couldn't sell it? DoD objected to the rumored Chinese buyers? It just isn't big enough to matter? Or is it a diamond in the rough? Whatever the reason, two CEOs later, it's still in the corporate fold. The new CEO is said to be of the small-headquarters school of management. So unless there are undisclosed problems, it's not unreasonable that he sends the "sexy" part (GE Current) back to Nela Park. It would make organizational sense. If only there were a positive East Cleveland story to tell him.
  9. Here's a new video tweet promoting the rehab of 1020 Bolivar, which would seem to preclude any tear-down for new construction - for now anyway. .
  10. I was talking to an old Wash DC policeman during the shoot-em-up 90s when DC's violent crime rate was league-leading. After somebody brought up a particularly gruesome execution-style murder, he said, "This stuff - and worse - has always gone on; it just didn't get reported before." A old hand from the WaPo countered that it did get reported, but in a statistical way that left the personal details out. I don't know if today's horrifying accounts are doing any more social good than yesteryear's dry stats, but we're certainly more aware of the horrors. DC attributes it current much-lower crime numbers to adding population back. Other things, too, but mostly just putting 150,000 people back living in what had been high-crime districts. That will probably work for Cleveland, too.
  11. So I did ask her. And @mjarboe kindly answered that she hopes to return to writing in January.
  12. The Hopkins TRACON merger has finally taken place consolidating Akron/Canton and Mansfield. Eventually it should include Toledo as well. Just a few jobs at CLE, maybe 10 to 20, but they're high-paying. https://m.facebook.com/NATCAfamily/photos/a.215149848060/10156624491808061/?type=3&source=48
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