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  1. ^TOD is a smaller version of what the railroads and the early streetcar/interurban lines did from 1850-1929. How did the idea elude the mid-century transit planners? (No answer required.)
  2. I don't know how Heck's compares - my only experience was a million years ago at W30th and Bridge; but Shake Shack makes a pretty good burger. I wouldn't cross town for one, but I would definitely cross the street. I think ShSh will do very well in the Garfield Bldg.
  3. ^If only RTA and its predecessors had started thinking this way 60 years ago.
  4. Dougal

    Cleveland: Blockland

    Unstated point: the Feds LOVE academic consortia; it greatly increases the likelihood of winning grants. On the name, titular inflation will eventually result in the name becoming "Cuyahoga Universities".
  5. Dougal

    Cleveland: Blockland

    Plus a repeat conference next year. You have to admire Moreno's organizing skills. 1700 out of towners, a promise (semi-comfirmed by the state of Ohio) of hundreds of millions venture capital, a three-school consortium, a second conference next year, and a tease of a Feb-March announcement of a new tech hub. That's a lot. The tech hhub tease is in this: https://www.cleveland.com/news/2018/12/second-blockland-solutions-conference-planned-for-nov-30-dec-3-2019.html
  6. If we go by 1UC's marketing website, now - six months after the move-in date - the building is about 71% occupied. Is that good or bad?
  7. Dougal

    Cleveland: Population Trends

    "$30.41 million from tax collections that exceeded [Cleveland's] 2018 projections." says https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2018/12/cleveland-city-council-sets-aside-millions-in-budget-surpluses-for-paving-demolition-in-2019.html Another sign of population growth?
  8. Bullard's puff piece about Centric Apartments buries the lede in the final two paragraphs - Steve Rubin of Midwest Development Partners says Centric was a just gap filler while they waited for the ramp-up of seven-building Circle City Center at Stokes and Chester. https://www.crainscleveland.com/stan-bullard-blog/centric-adds-university-circle-residential-options
  9. Dougal

    Social Democracy

    Interesting read, this thread. I'm not hard over (to use a naval term) either way politically; but what I believe either major party could and both should support is enforcement of our existing anti-trust laws. And yet neither one seems to care. Have they both been bought off? My years of business experience tell me that big is, ipso facto, bad; and the big are getting to be WAY too big and bad. By bad, I mean working counter to the common good, not necessarily engaged in criminal activity, although the one seems to follow the other. I believe simple enforcement of anti-trust laws would go far toward minimizing the effects of inequality.
  10. Dougal

    The Official *I Love Cleveland* Thread

    Randy Lerner exits Premier League football $250 million lighter; but that's ok because it's SO much better to lose money in England that in Cleveland. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-nfl-owner-who-got-chewed-up-by-english-soccer-1543587247?mod=searchresults&page=1&pos=1
  11. Too bad they couldn't have simultaneously announced one or two projects at the same time.
  12. Dougal

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    Sort of like Churchill's "I have not become the Kings First Minister in order to preside over the liquidation of the British Empire." But that's exactly what Churchill did. Let's hope it works out better for Horrigan.
  13. Yes, Cleveland has that problem, too Does the Hudson Block development have a lead tenant?
  14. The Illich family is also very active (perhaps in a more focused way), but they're not as rich as Gilbert.
  15. Oh ... mea culpa; I read too fast. Turns out the Lordstown Energy Center is ultimately owned through a shell called Clean Energy Future by Next Era Energy, the new name for Florida Power and Light.