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  1. Pricing is also a calculation. Is the goal to ration parking (turnover ensuring availability) or to raise revenue? What price point will maximize revenue without killing demand? Should pricing be time-of-day variable? Lots to think about, really.
  2. It's not much talked about, but DC is no longer majority-black - this is estimated to have happened about two years ago. A majority of the elected officials are still black, but almost every one of them are officials people of any race would be proud to vote for.
  3. I heard some speculation that Arcelor Mittal will reduce production in the US. It will be interesting to see if the cuts come in Cleveland or Burns Harbor. Cleveland is reputed to be the most efficient steel plant in the country, but Burns Harbor is bigger. We'll see ...
  4. Crain's gives Riverside a LOT of coverage, which might be more understandable if Riverside were building Cleveland-headquartered businesses. Aside from enriching a few local Riverside principals, however; it's just financial engineering which has little impact on the city. Kind of disappointing ...
  5. Looking forward to seeing the B&O Station back in use; I hope they do a good job restoring it - although the roof work looks expensive.
  6. The whole NIH is too big a bite, of course. What might work, if NEO's congressional representation takes a united, consistent and steady pull, is that the Clinic's tissue repository (already NIH-funded) could grow into a branch of the NIH and become THE repository for the country. It takes time, patience, and politicians who give a damn about their districts.
  7. They are ugly ducklings; but they're less than 20 years old and refurbished very nicely in 2014 (Victory I) and 2018 (Victory II). KJP said: Newly built US Navy LST Billings en route from builder on Great Lakes to St Lawrence Seaway. Stopping in Cleveland. Friend took these photos.... Actually an LCS. LCS-31 will be named USS CLEVELAND.
  8. Apples and oranges to me; one is not necessarily a low-quality version of the other. I like them both depending on the rest of the building.
  9. ^ I like the old practice of naming downtown streets after lakes.
  10. ^This shows them tied up on the "rive gauche" just south of the water taxi terminal. https://www.blountsmallshipadventures.com/2019-chicago-to-montreal/
  11. Dougal

    Global Warming

    If you trust Wiki to quote European Commission data accurately, the US has actually has actually reduced CO2 emissions since 2005 by a nice percentage and is almost unchanged from 1990, whereas China and India have continued to increase dramatically, no matter what they have pledged to do. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_carbon_dioxide_emissions
  12. Dougal

    Global Warming

    Musings on a slow morning: Since China and India are on track to be the world's chief polluters and show few signs of serious reform, I wonder if the US shouldn't propose the idea of a "pollution tariff". Charter a UN organization (if there isn't one already) to index pollution by country and for any increase, recommend to the nations of the world a tariff on that country's exports. The size of the tariff should not be a trade killer, just an attention getter that would pinch enough to make pollution reduction an economically attractive step. I'd think the green appeal of such a tariff might appeal to one political party without turning off the other, and the economic appeal work the other way. Kill two birds with one tariff?
  13. At this stage of their life, I think they are avoiding taxes. I cited their presser because it annoys me that the PD and Grain's are so poor at covering area businesses with story to tell. Even Crain's, which used to love Innovest-type stories, is wasting more and more ink on politics.
  14. Innovest Global a young company in Chesterland released its 1st Quarter earnings. The news is they had some earnings, for the first time, on a 1,585% sales increase. They are going to need some additional capital to keep growing, but capital seems to be available lately. They are a little guy pursuing Transdigm's strategy. (Disclosure: it's a penny stock and I own a few shares.) https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190528005332/en/11.7-Million-Net-Sales-Q1-2019-Headlines
  15. Specific interest in the Ford foundry has my attention. Conventional wisdom says that an Ohio foundry can't produce dumb items like engine blocks at a competitive price because the labor component of cost is too high relative to the blocks' value. Ohio foundries have to be unique (like Arconic's in Cleveland), or non-union like the smaller ones, or produce high-value, sophisticated items to survive. This thinking would seem to rule out somebody like a foreign auto company being the buyer.
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