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  1. No big deals coming, Key Bank says Nothing is in the works, according to Buffalo's business newspaper - which is good news. There had been an earlier report in the WSJ that Key would make a nice acquisition for a bank already in the top-tier $250 billion category. The WSJ suggested PNC as a buyer. The smaller recent buys Key has made are interesting, though, and go with what the spokesman said are Key goals. https://www.bizjournals.com/buffalo/news/2019/03/14/no-bank-deals-here-keycorp-cfo-says.html?ana=yahoo&yptr=yahoo Thanks, PD, for keeping us all up to date on the big local financial news.
  2. Here's a great photo spread for the D&C Line's "City of Cleveland III" - one of the overnight steamers of 100 years ago. This excursion out of Detroit was thought to be the ship's maiden voyage. Click the back button when the photo loads; the series is in reverse order.
  3. It appears to me they want to cut the debt - but not too much. SHW just announced a pretty hefty cash-dissipating dividend increase of 31%. I think they are looking to nail down cheap long-term debt, while paying off the high cost short stuff. Being too asset-rich can attract activist thieves investors who want to strip the assets and pay the proceeds to themselves. Owing cheap long-term money on an illiquid office building in Cleveland might suit their purposes nicely. Just speculating ...
  4. ^ The type on the horizontal arm, aiming downward, with the metal back reflector/enclosure used to be made at the Westinghouse factory on the west Shoreway. (Made by yours truly for one college summer. )
  5. That's the option (Amazon Prime +HBO/Show/Hulu over household WiFi) my bargain-conscious cousin uses. She likes it.
  6. The downtown micro-grid proposal soldiers on. I wonder if its survival is related to the latest Tower City developments. It would make sense. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/03/regions-leaders-embrace-idea-of-building-a-micro-power-grid-what-you-need-to-know.html
  7. St Lawrence Seaway 2019 season will open in late March - the Welland Canal section on March 22 and the lower Ontario-Montreal section March 26. http://www.greatlakes-seaway.com/en/pdf/navigation/notice20190221.pdf
  8. The apparent demise of Tower City as a competitive retailing location makes me think the odds of the May Co building getting something like an urban Target for their 80K retail sq footage just improved a lot. I live near an urban Target and their range of stock is almost as big as in a regular store; it's the depth that got cut to fit.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/Sgt_Barone/status/1102307910158299138/photo/1 This one's on Rte 237
  10. Perhaps, but it would be on private property and really is different only in elevation from a roof garden open to tenants only. The suggestion was an attempt to 'compensate' the developer for giving up 6 houses to build it.
  11. Cleveland.com marked two of my comments"Contents disabled" lately, which I guess means only I could see them. The thing is I don't know what rule I broke. No obscenity. No slander. No partisanship. Just fairly mild comments, I thought.
  12. It would be interesting if the developer could create a London-style private park for the use of the residents - carve out a central square on Lindazzo, giving up six houses, and have the remaining townhouses face it. A place for young parents and toddlers to enjoy until they move somewhere else would probably be worth a good hike in rents plus you could sell memberships in the park to the existing houses north of Lindazzo. Edit: The "backs" of the houses, facing Superior and the numbered streets wouldn't HAVE to be pedestrian unfriendly.
  13. This is a second split. First Alcoa split into Alcoa(new) in Pittsburgh and Arconic (NYC, except the new boss announced a future move to Northern Virginia). Now, after a vulture fund failed in a take-over attempt, Arconic is splitting itself into two pieces, with no hqs location specified for either piece. Cleveland is the regional headquarters for (at last count) four Arconic divisions, which, with Arconic's small hqs model, makes a lot of their existing management local. I'm guessing the Northern Virginia move is on hold while they sort out their future organization.
  14. Not to raise false hopes, but it appears the Arconic headquarters location is back in play. The company plans to split again in two and Cleveland would appear to be a plausable location for one of the parts. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-arconic-restructuring-idUSKCN1PX1IQ
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