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  1. Here's the pro-forma operating statement Cleveland Cliffs just published for themselves and AK Steel. On the surface, anyway, it looks like a good buy. http://archive.fast-edgar.com//20200226/APBF5222Z22262Z2222D22ZODCQGZT229222/
  2. If the Cleveland Clinic were a public corporation, it would rank approximately 300th on the Fortune 500 list. Their annual report: https://www.crainscleveland.com/health-care/cleveland-clinic-reports-strong-2019-financials
  3. I always admired the "paper" airplanes that hung (are they still there?) from the ceiling on the D end of the tunnel.
  4. Dougal


    I listened to a blogger from cleveland.com review online some 'romantic restaurants' around town. She has the worst case of vocal fry I've heard outside of parody, and some of those regional vowels are killers. Is this what all young women in Cleveland sound like? (Sorry to say I don't know many young women.) If she wants a larger audience, she needs a vocal coach.
  5. True and good; but I don't think this consortium has the same potential as a regional or national repository, which could take blocks of Opportunity Corridor. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention started with something smaller than this and is now 8,500 jobs in Atlanta. A national repository would have beneficial fallout in radiography, microscopy, data collection and analysis, and international logistics. And there is no competition at present, not that others don't have the same idea. It will be interesting to see who runs this repository: a visionary or a gnome. I'm guessing the contractor will not be the 'brains' of the operation.
  6. My view of this repository is it's the nucleus of something much bigger. The stories of moving the NIH to Cleveland are absurd; but this repository has the potential of huge growth if it became a PART of the NIH. Most of the repositories in the US are very local and the coordination of sample- and data-sharing is fragmented and full of logistical disasters; there is a need for a big regional if not national center - why not this one? I'm sure the Clinic would be supportive. It would need Ohio's strong congressional support, of course, but what better have the senators and reps got to do?
  7. For suburban folks, yes, inevitably; but couldn't the downtown circulator 'trollies' could easily add the outlet mall to their routes?
  8. 1500 new jobs in Cleveland. Will they add to their cadre downtown?
  9. I was taken by Tom McNair's tweet that Hingetown/Ohio City recent development is dense enough to support rail mass-transit. Recognizing that Cleveland probably can't afford a rail project, is it feasible, at reasonable cost, to connect the proposed west side BRT systems to the Tower City rail hub and run buses underground as far as W25th and Detoit via the Veterans Bridge lower level? It would speed up the trip and appeal if they didn't have to contend with downtown/Public Square traffic. Maybe throw in a stop at W6th or W9th and Superior? FWIW, the Paris Metro includes a couple of rubber-tired lines mixed with rail on shared right-of-way.
  10. The only nit I would pick: The international arrivals/departures center based on four of the low-numbered gates in today's Concourse C, as proposed in the current (2013?) Master Plan, is the best choice, since it locates the int'l gates more centrally to gates for any possible connecting flight. Hiking from the north end of your proposed Int'l Concourse to Concourse D would be daunting for lots of old/disabled/child-accompanied travellers. And if CLE is to have more than one flight to Europe in the mid-2020s, it will need all the connecting passengers that can be mustered.
  11. Cleveland Cliffs and AK Steel received final approvals for their merger. http://pdf.reuters.com/htmlnews/htmlnews.asp?i=43059c3bf0e37541&u=urn:newsml:reuters.com:20200221:nBw9X2Xg3a
  12. Small but interesting item: Fund that Flip, a New York and Cleveland lender to builders/flippers, today is offering its latest mortgage participation notes yielding 8.25% for a Cleveland project, 8.00% for a Columbus project, but 8.75% for projects in New York and Miami. NOW who's the sound investment?
  13. Crains says Exacta Surveyors is moving 60 employees from the "Knights of Columbus" Building (2132 E 9th at Prospect) to the Post Office Plaza. This makes me think "something" may be happening on the sw corner of Prospect and Ninth. Brilliant deduction or did I miss something already known? https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/post-office-plaza-lands-tech-property-services-companies
  14. I have to think the city pitched an Opportunity Corridor site to S-W for the R&D center. It would be nice to know how the thinking went on that. I'm really disappointed that little seems to be happening on the OC.
  15. KJP said above , "Doing some detective work on a great old photo (turns out that's the Literary/University roads area of Tremont on the right, the Jones & Laughlin Steel mill at left and Standard Oil's first refinery just beyond that in the distance)....." Los Angeles' inner-suburb El Segundo got its name from Standard Oil's second refinery. Maybe Cleveland could give that area the name El Primero.
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