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  1. Does anyone remember a proposal with a rendering from around the time the Galleria was added showing a greener cladding on the tower with a peaked rooftop added?
  2. Kind of funny that the project is still prominently featured on Carnegie’s website. I’d think they’d have taken that down right away.
  3. Didn't 1UC open earlier than what the article stated (September, 2019)?
  4. I think you're right. Key and 200PS are both over 1M Sq.ft. A lot of that space on the Weston lots has to be dedicated to structured parking. Hard to see them fitting 1M Sq. ft. in without going at least 30 stories.
  5. I can't stop from thinking Mansard roof every time I see those.
  6. Far out! That thing on top, though... a googie style nod to the old Bond store?
  7. I'm not surprised, but this closure has more to do with lack of imagination and willingness to invest in bricks and mortar on the part of Macy's than any shortcomings of the location. You don't have to look far to see the immediate area is thriving with best in class retailers doing good business all around it: Target, Kohl's, Aldi, Hobby Lobby, and Giant Eagle all within 1/4 mile. And Meijer invested in a brand new supercenter just last year literally across the parking lot. So the demographics and fundamentals for retail in this spot are good. The only thing missing for Macy's was a willingness to invest in updating the physical plant in order to compete. That store is the dingiest and most depressing and dated department store I think I've ever been in. Inside it looks like it hasn't been touched in 40 or 50 years. It's almost insulting to the public to expect them to shop there. It's not all that far removed from the Sears and Kmart experience of the past 15 years when they made a conscious decision to stop spending on the stores. How could they expect anyone to shop there given that environment and all the far more compelling offerings in the neighborhood? Good riddance.
  8. I see Gap, GapKids/Baby Gap and Pottery Barn are all having store closing sales at Beachwood Place. Noticed several other prominent inline space vacancies. Seems like Pinecrest, Eton, and Legacy are all nibbling around the edges, snagging tenants who would formerly have been a natural fit at Beachwood Place.
  9. So is Stark essentially holding the start of Nucleus hostage until he gets his way with 310 Prospect?
  10. Are you sure they're white? Looks to me like it could be stainless or silver colored aluminum.
  11. I'm thinking about this prevailing wage impasse as a project cost issue. Wondering if anyone on the forum has any ballpark idea what is the number of man-hours involved in a project of this magnitude. Number of hours times (prevailing wage rate minus the wage that Stark can contract for) would equal the cost impact to Stark's bottom line on the project.
  12. I forget what the dispute was that caused Progressive not to move forward with it. Didn’t they want the city to pay for a parking garage or something?
  13. Isn't Norman Foster's Cleveland Clinic Health Education building visible from there also?
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