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  1. This isn't really news, from the Zoning Appeals Agenda for November 2nd: "9:30 Ward 6 Calendar No. 15-219: 10730 Euclid Avenue Mamie J. Mitchell 6 Notices University Circle Inc., owner, proposes to construct a 533,070 square foot 20 story 280 units residential building with a 4 story parking garage and surface parking lot on a 1.79 acre parcel in an E4 General Retail Business District. The owner appeals for relief from the following sections of the Cleveland Codified Ordinances: 1. Section 355.04(b) which states that in an “E” Area District the maximum gross floor area cannot exceed one and one-half times the lot area. A 77,972, maximum square foot building is permitted and 533,070 square feet are proposed. 2. Section 353.01 and 353.02 which states that the maximum height of the building cannot exceed 175 feet. However, this section states that the building height can be exceeded by four feet for every foot of setback from required yard area up to 260 feet. The proposed building exceeds permissible height by 35 feet to 11feet in side, front and rear yard setbacks. 3. Section 357.08(b)(2) which states that a rear yard of no less than one-half the height of the building is required and no rear yard is proposed. 4. Section 357.09(b)(2)© which states that interior side yards must be equal to ¼ the height of the building, or in this case 58.5 feet where 5 feet to 10 feet are proposed. (Filed September 30, 2015)"
  2. Don't know if this means anything for the project, but I noticed that it is now listed under "in development" on Stark's website.
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