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  1. ^ Never thought I’d say this, but I agree with you.
  2. ^^ Yep. Just in case anyone was unsure if he was a cocky, despicable POS, that comment helped nail it.
  3. That’s great to hear. Business must be good!
  4. Seems like the hipster barbershop, The Refinery, is moving into the former (forget the name) beauty salon on E14th next to the Hanna Theater. They’re already in the 668 building on Euclid, so I imagine this has to be a move rather than a new location. Should also be an upgrade for them as now they have a street presence. The current place is buried in the apartment building and AFAIK, unless you’re a resident of 668 with a key fob, you have to be buzzed in by them which must be limiting to business.
  5. ^ Agree with all of that. Next season will probably be the most competitive AL Central for a while and I can see a genuine three way fight. We’ll still be there or thereabouts, so will the Twins and I also think the White Sox will be up there too. The Royals won’t be as bad as they were this year. The Tigers will.
  6. ^ Good stuff. For clarification, I assume those Krenzler Field dimensions include the baseball and tennis areas?
  7. ^ Agreed, although @KJP, I think, has previously alluded to these being expensive condos. Geis probably wanting to cream off the top end of the for sale market early.
  8. SOP for a big company. Just recently Swagelock did the same thing, but everyone knew they weren’t leaving Solon and they quelled any angst by driving to a decision and announcement pretty quickly. Have to assume the same will happen here. LOL; KJP posted his update at the same time and said the same thing!
  9. ^ ^^ I agree, it’s a shame to lose the second level, but I hope it’s done sympathetically. I can’t claim to have been in every BB in the country, but I’ve been in plenty and IME only the flagship store on Madison Ave in Manhattan is a more splendid store than Tower City.
  10. Yep. I was just thinking yesterday that the world was a better place now that that despotic, vindictive, POS Mugabe was dead. Then I remembered that Trump makes it a zero sum gain.
  11. ^ Don’t want to wander off-topic any further here, but I’d say the use of the words and phrases ‘center’, ‘a neighborhood’ and ‘destination’ make it pretty clear they’re talking solely about PHS.
  12. ^ Id love to say ‘yes’, but... PHS want to develop PHS and I’d much rather they spend the money on Euclid/ Chester/ Prospect etc in that vicinity (would love them to do something by the Greyhound station, or the parking desert on Prospect & E14th) Nucleus is Gateway and Gateway = sportsball, not theater.
  13. Confirmation, not that it’s needed, that Stark’s way out of his depth.
  14. ^ This is OT and 100% idle speculation, but there is large NEO company who already has a significant office pretty much across the road from VA. I have to imagine they’d be on the DiGeronimo’s radar to relocate the corporate HQ there.
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