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  1. As nefarious as I think that project is, that was my first thought too!
  2. ^It will be a sh!tshow and people will commit bloody murder in his name both now and into the future. It’s what happens when you set yourself up as a cult leader, who is the only source of ‘the truth’ and demand blind faith from from your followers. The parallels to countless religious cults and schisms are plainly obvious, as well as highly unmentionable.
  3. roman totale XVII


    ^ That was my exact experience on the commute this morning. Barely a scrap of snow on Playhouse Square, then a whiteout at E185th and beyond.
  4. Buffalonians putting a huge jolt into the Cleveland economy tonight. Downtown is absolutely full of them!
  5. We just walked past an hour ago. I was telling my young son that the space apparently is going to become some kind of auto showroom. He casually observed that the back wall of the space has a double-wide up and over garage door put in it...
  6. ^ Going OT here but, looking at the interior shots, the overall layout of that place is a disaster. I’ve never seen 4K+ sq feet be made to look so small. Way too many bedrooms in that space.
  7. ^ Same here - I got a real sense of ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss’. Seems she’s not the change agent me and probably all of us, were hoping for.
  8. We went to the Beachland Ballroom last night to see Kishi Bashi. Amazing show. How that guy isn’t a huge star is mystifying.
  9. ^That's great news and also goes some way to explaining why the business seemed to go off the rails a little, as commented on upthread.
  10. ^ As wonderful as all the SHW news is, if this plays out as hoped and the two plants get back into large-scale manufacturing, this is a far bigger boost for the region’s profile and confidence.
  11. ^ My experience exactly. I really wanted this venture to succeed and it started out so well, but about 12 months in it all started to unravel.
  12. ^ I genuinely believe a few things about that place; Firstly, there’s a relatively small number of posters and many of the regular rabble-rousers operate multiple accounts. Secondly, a great number of them have genuine mental health issues. Finally, barely any of them live in Cleveland, or even NEO.
  13. ^ Very true, but how else can we get a government ID card, er, I mean driving license, into everyone’s hands?
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