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  1. Very on-brand for the country though. It’s basically a benevolent dictatorship, grounded in black and white laws and a strong sense of ‘morals’. However, in realty, as long as you don’t be too overt in disobeying the law, you’ll be fine.
  2. ^Singapore is funny like that. You’ve only got to walk Orchard Road for 5 minutes to realize it’s the gayest place in Asia.
  3. ^ Great pics. There was a clap of thunder downtown about 1.30 this morning that absolutely shook the building to it’s foundations!
  4. Thanks. I didn’t want to get into that too much on my original post as it’s veering even further off topic. Anyway... you’re dead right and the government wants to get rid of anything that reminds people of ‘the bad old days’. China is interesting in that it culturally pays a lot of respect to history and ancestors, yet the notion of progress is very real. A few years ago a friend of mine was on expat assignment in Beijing. I was there in business for the company we both work for and one weekend we walked some of the remaining hutongs. By one of them was a bell-tower, not too old, maybe 400 years, but one of the few left. The city wanted to flatten it for a shopping mall and the locals were fine with that plan. It was a group of expats who actually got together to save it from the wrecking ball.
  5. ^ Yeah. That’s never gonna happen. China does want to continue to modernize its populace and will use this as an excuse to start to crack down on things, like wet-markets and traditional medicine, that Beijing know belong in medieval times. In fact, one may be inclined to think this was done for this reason.
  6. ^ I hear you, but IME the new Dave’s on Chester is excellent in both regards.
  7. ^^ Great pics @MayDay That last one is a real spatial mind-bender. There’s a good half-mile between that vent stack and the Lumen!
  8. A lot of the key businesses here in Cleveland are classified ‘essential ’ and still running pretty much full-tilt. As a side-note, I fully believe that NEO will come out the other side of this in good shape. Our strong basis in industrial manufacturing, speciality chemicals and healthcare should serve us well.
  9. Not too sure where to put this, but here looks a as good as anywhere. Nice, brief history of Sanborn Maps, along with a copy of the key used, which I’d not seen before. https://www.citylab.com/equity/2014/10/the-accidental-revelations-of-sanborn-maps/381262/?utm_content=citylab&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialflow-organic
  10. ^ He’s itching for a States vs himself showdown and doesn’t care if it means his army of useful idiots kick off a civil war and/ or kill us all with CV19.
  11. These are numbers that are beyond the grasp of anyone, especially republican politicians. If you counted out dollar bills at a rate of one per second no -stop, it would take you just shy of 32,000 years to count out ONE trillion.
  12. Coronavirus: What this crisis reveals about US - and its president https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-52012049 Good read and it’s evisceration of trump is spot on, “Pyongyang-on-the-Potomac”
  13. ^ Yeah, but at least they didn’t listen to expert ‘elites’
  14. ^ He doesn’t even try. He doesn’t care.
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