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  1. ^ I don’t watch much tv and never seen the show, but I might tune in to see if me carrying my shopping home from Heinens in the background made it into the final cut of the soap-box racing they were doing down E14th!
  2. ^ Good to hear, although I personally make it a point to avoid giving BG a single red cent where I can avoid it.
  3. A couple of weeks ago I was in the Landmark Center in Boston. It’s an old Sears warehouse (Art Deco as opposed to Brutalist) that has been converted into office, mainly medical, and retail use. A large part of the ground floor is taken over with a Time Out branded food hall/ hawker market. My immediate thought when I entered the space is that this type of conversion would be perfect for the Justice Center. There’s good and bad in all architectural styles and the JC veers IMO towards the lower quartile of Brutalism. Demo’ing it though would be a huge mistake. The police station and prison though, I’ll gladly bring along a sledgehammer to help.
  4. ^ I’ve maintained from the beginning that Putin will ‘off’ him as soon as (a) he ceases to be a useful idiot, or (b) it will cause greater damage to and conflict within the USA than keeping him around will.
  5. ^^ I have occasional contact with some fairly senior people who are leading initiatives around things that are connected to culture and cohesiveness between the myriad business units. They’re making progress, but slowly. This is a common feature of pretty much every major, manufacturing-legacy employer in NEO.
  6. Going off topic a little here, but I’ve seen her recently in both Heinen’s and Steelyard Target. On neither occasion did I pluck up the courage to talk to her.
  7. ^ Early contender for post of year @YABO713
  8. ^We were in Boston last night. The locals were salty.
  9. ^Based on no evidence whatsoever, I'd imagine that in that current location he has plenty of suburban-minded employees from places like Medina County, who already think Brecksville is 'the city'. They're not gonna follow him to Downtown and I'd fully expect a two-site compromise, at best.
  10. ^ This is not news to anyone, but he doesn’t have the remotest idea what being a ‘statesman’ is. Plus, he’s corrupt and compromised AF...
  11. Anyone got an inside track on pricing for this building? We’re planning on moving into it, but also have an opp elsewhere and making a quick decision is needed. Knowing expected Lumen pricing would be really, really useful. Happy to hear anything via DM and promise to keep it to myself.
  12. ^ Honest question, as I’ve not been able to find anything; has Birdsong made any kind of statement yet re: policy, direction, doing anything different?
  13. Good luck! 4 bedrooms, to my knowledge, simply don’t exist. 3 bedrooms are rare and typically range $2- $7k viz Reserve Sq, Statler, Scofield in that price order.
  14. My partner is a Parma High alum and although she likes this plan overall, she’s less than sanguine on it ever getting done. Far too much history, hubris and intransigence in play on top of so much of Parma now being empty-nester boomers who won’t spend an extra dime on anything.
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