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  1. Really? I use Steelyard all the time (bar the well-known sh!tsorm that is the WalMart) and have never felt uncomfortable once.
  2. roman totale XVII

    Cleveland: Downtown Office Development News

    I'm tempted to read more into this, but I think it's part of the de rigueur move towards getting innovative, creative functions away from the machine of the larger corporation. Nestle have done something similar with a handful of product innovation folks working out of Tremont.
  3. Foundation pour is this weekend. 500 truck loads.
  4. roman totale XVII

    Terrorism / Mass Shootings

    If only we could understand why something like this might be happening, or who might have provoked it... ?
  5. roman totale XVII

    Cleveland Indians Discussion

    This series was an absolute mis-match. Men against boys. I think it revealed the down-side to playing so much of the season against a weak division. Last season against the Yankees it hurt as I felt we were so much better than them. This time around I couldn’t find anyone who actually thought the Indians would seriously push the Astros.
  6. roman totale XVII

    Cleveland: Retail News

    That’s the one!
  7. roman totale XVII

    Cleveland: Retail News

    I think that place on Euclid got a job lot of stock in a fire sale in about 1983 and is still working their way through it. I went in there once and walked out with a pair of plain blue dress socks. Literally the only thing they sell that isn't badly dated.
  8. roman totale XVII

    Cleveland: Retail News

    Rash of closings in Playhouse Square; First to go, a couple of months back, was Raving Med. Shame, as I liked the place and ate there often. However, Zaytoon came along doing pretty much the same thing, but way better. Otto Mosers - I know this place had authentic history in it's old location, but I only ever ate there once and thought it was nothing more than dive-bar food, served by surly waitstaff. Play Salon on East 14th. Not a surprise, only ever saw people in there on a Saturday morning. M Lang clothiers. This place always baffled me. I'm somewhat of a clothes-horse and although the stuff there wasn't really my style, I did a couple of times try to go inside to take a look. As far as I could tell, the doors were always locked and you had to call and make an appointment, at their convenience, to actually go inside and look at things. I've seen that business model work at very exclusive and expensive small clothiers in places like Milan and London, but in Cleveland with merchandise that was nice, but not *that* nice, it never seemed like a good idea to me. Those last three have all gone pretty much overnight in the last 10 days or so. Coincidence, or is something afoot?
  9. roman totale XVII

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    It might be worth noting that this particular Wallyworld was replaced by a larger one a couple blocks away. Literally right next door. There's like 30 yards between the back wall of old one and the side wall of the new one. Not sure what the story was there.
  10. Good lord, that new Crain's website is appalling!
  11. A Nike store is actually a great idea, it's retail for one, adding traffic to the area and Nike stores are few and far between so it will be a draw to the area. I thought so too. I am failing to see what is wrong with this. I suspect he's expressing disbelief, not disapproval. I'll be absolutely shocked if this agenda item is correct. Can anyone point to another Nike Store in a remotely comparable location? Correct!
  12. Great news, but a 'Nike store'...? Really?
  13. On Vine Street, just west of the Erie Street intersection on what is currently a field.
  14. roman totale XVII

    The Trump Presidency

    so just as an experiment I put the president's ~supremely~ awkward oval office moment to the @VeepHBO closing credits theme song just now. uhh it works v well.
  15. roman totale XVII

    Favorite Music At The Moment?

    Thought the first couple of albums were great and saw them in Birmingham UK where Corgan was completely off his face on something and the gig was part brilliant, part awful. Saw them again at the Glastonbury Festival late 90s where they were still riding the high off ‘Mellon Collie’. The crowd wanted to hear ‘the hits’, but instead they did a 60 minute, largely improvised jam session that didn’t include a single recognizable song and no vocals whatsoever. The crowd hated it. I veered between hating it and marveling at the balls and integrity to do it.