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  1. I’d be genuinely interested to see those. I was looking around the other day online for them. Jerseys seemed to be typical of that era, simply plain grey with the city’s name. Couldn’t find anything about a logo, just modern-day attempts at what people imagined it to have been, if it even existed at all. Again, not atypical for the era, as they were simply nicknames and nothing more.
  2. Shame about Zaytoon. Also about Puente Viejo - we ate there frequently, but the last two weeks it’s been closed every time I’ve walked past. We tried calling the other day and the line wasn’t in service...
  3. No reason it wouldn’t work, but IMO it’s too close to Indians and therefore, won’t break the connection enough and also won’t shift enough new merchandise. They won’t go for it. Just my opinion.
  4. Fair question! 1. I hate spiders (and so do lots of people) 2. Let’s face it, other than it being a nick-name of a short-lived prior club (due to a number of skinny players, apparently) it’s got nothing to do with Cleveland whatsoever. 3. I can’t see the merchandising not being ‘Spirit of Halloween’-level. 4. I can’t see enough people wanting the merchandise anyway because of 1. 5. The upside is we might do well with the emo/ goth crowd.
  5. Guardians - yes Naps - yes Buckeyes - maybe Spiders - hell no Anything else - probably no, because all the other ideas I’ve seen and heard are cornball plays on words that are plain embarrassing.
  6. You’ve got a very different definition of ‘patriotic’ to me and that’s ok, but ‘riveting’!?!? C’mon. LOL. He’s the worst public speaker out there. Absolutely no variation in the pitch or intonation in his voice and stumbles over pronunciation and pacing like someone reciting phonetically in a foreign language, with no idea of the meaning of the words.
  7. Some shots of the penthouses from Azure. Looks like there’s a few that face north on the courtyard side too.
  8. ^ Sad to see because that’s a beautiful store. Brooks Brothers are up for sale and in serious trouble though.
  9. ^ Sad to see because it’s a beautiful store. Brooks Brothers though are up for sale and teetering on C11
  10. AmeriGas National customer service HQ moving later this year from Westlake to Brooklyn Heights. A few hundred jobs, plus looking to add more as they consolidate ops.
  11. Umm... you mean apart from the the couple of billion people who follow a variety of non-Judeo-Christian religions...?
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