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  1. roman totale XVII

    The Trump Presidency

    When poor white people start to realize they’ve more in common with poor black people than rich white people, the gig is up for the GOP.
  2. roman totale XVII

    Nashville Gentrification Madness #3

    Three or four times this last year I’ve had work colleagues, who live in places like Chesterland, Hudson and Perry, tell me how ‘amazing’ Nashville is. When I tell them I don’t see the appeal and push them to be a little more specific, no-one can come up with anything other than ‘the bars’ and ‘the music’. When I ask them how ithose things are better than in any other city, Cleveland or even Columbus, they’ll then talk about the ‘great weather’, usually followed by an admission that they actually haven’t been to downtown Cleveland since the days of Municipal Stadium. The impression I get that is that Nashville’s appeal lies in the fact that it sits at a comfortable intersection of somewhere that is perceived as big city, without being too big and ‘safe’ in somuchas country music is seen as wholesome and attracts the ‘right’ sort of crowd.
  3. roman totale XVII

    Yet Another Reason to Love Fox News...

    I wasn’t trying to fool you, but a reading of your post history makes me understand how I could have done it accidentally. It’s something you certainly seem susceptible to
  4. roman totale XVII

    Yet Another Reason to Love Fox News...

    No problem champ. I don’t profess to think I know everything, but thought it was important for the readers of this thread to hear my anecdote, albeit one based in 25+ years experience in the actual field in question, as a counterpoint to a random, ill-informed assertation plucked from Freerepublic/ Brietbart and presented as a ‘fact’.
  5. roman totale XVII

    Yet Another Reason to Love Fox News...

    I’ve managed a number of well-known brands and consult for others who do the same. Absolutely no-one serious employs this as a strategy.
  6. roman totale XVII

    The Trump Presidency

    The ‘T’ word is now out in the open. Things are going to get very interesting...
  7. I see this exact view in person every day and have been wondering the same. It looks pretty permanent to me, so I’ve assumed it’s something structural for the parking garage, which that side of the development is given over to wholly. I’m sure others will know for sure what it is.
  8. roman totale XVII

    Favorite Music At The Moment?

    RIP Pete Shelley
  9. roman totale XVII

    London travel advice

    I’m originally from England and go back frequently. I was actually in London just the other week. I can’t speak with authority about Windsor castle as I’ve been to the town, but not the castle itself. Just be prepared that it might look 17 mins from LHR but traffic can be a nightmare. Also you can easily add an hour on to your actual landing time at LHR before you’ll actually be landslide and ready to roll. It’s a huge airport and you will walk for what seems like forever just to get to immigration. You can thank the IRA for the lack of left luggage facilities nowadays in train stations. As long as you specify (and pay a premium) you can get an auto trans from any of the major rental companies. You may need to call though rather than do it online. When I go there they assume I’m American and can’t drive a stick so I’ve often been given an auto. I know I’ve not been much help (!) but wanted to give you a reality check on how easy it is to get around in what is a fabulous, but big and busy major city.
  10. If I'm being super-picky, it's a shame that it's only the Euclid side and not Prospect too, but I'm really excited for this as I hate that parking lot with a passion.
  11. FWIW, when Heinen's first opened they had full-time security at the door facing 925 where someone can go from the upstairs beer & wine section straight out onto Euclid without paying. They were, quite rightly, worried about stealing. Within no more than a couple of months they'd removed the security person from that post as it simply wasn't necessary. I know Target ain't Heinen's and is likely to draw a much wider customer base, but I don't feel this Target would need more than the security guard on the door that I see in all Target's no matter where they are.
  12. roman totale XVII

    Cleveland: Downtown Office Development News

    I'm tempted to read more into this, but I think it's part of the de rigueur move towards getting innovative, creative functions away from the machine of the larger corporation. Nestle have done something similar with a handful of product innovation folks working out of Tremont.
  13. Foundation pour is this weekend. 500 truck loads.
  14. roman totale XVII

    Terrorism / Mass Shootings

    If only we could understand why something like this might be happening, or who might have provoked it... ?
  15. roman totale XVII

    Cleveland Indians Discussion

    This series was an absolute mis-match. Men against boys. I think it revealed the down-side to playing so much of the season against a weak division. Last season against the Yankees it hurt as I felt we were so much better than them. This time around I couldn’t find anyone who actually thought the Indians would seriously push the Astros.