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  1. ^I was there too. Dead center 6 rows from the front. Sounds good, but actually wasn’t ideal as the sound was projected literally over our heads. Got a bit hard to hear what was being said sometimes. Anyway, it was a great show and I’d agree with the crowd size. The pavilion was pretty full and there were another thousand or so on the lawn. They did a show at Playhouse Square a couple of years ago and sold out the State/ Palace (forget which). We were lucky enough to see it in Chicago a few years ago at the regular venue, which was surprisingly tiny. Only holds about 400 people.
  2. Cleveland SC saw off the host Detroit City on Sunday afternoon to claim the Midwest Championship and advance to the national semifinal with a shot at moving on to the National championship game. In front of another large crowd in Hamtramck, CSC enjoyed slightly the better of the first half and created the best chances, but went in at the break down 2-0 thanks to two late Detroit goals right before the half. The first a fluke cross that found its way into the net, followed by a PK right on halftime. As in in the semi final though, CSC found a two goal deficit nothing too hard to overcome and dominated large parts of the second half and pulled back to 2-2 to send the game into extra time. The additional 30 minutes failed to produce another goal, so it went into the dreaded penalty shoot out in which the good guys prevailed 3-2. So, it’s onto the semifinal next Saturday against FC Miami. New York Cosmos or ASC San Diego await in the final. EDIT: The semi-final is at Florida International University Soccer Stadium at 7.00pm. Fun fact, I used to live and work just a few miles from there.
  3. ^ Rochester finally prevailed in this playoff on PKs after extra time in Erie to face Cleveland in the semi final Friday night at Detroit City FC. Any thoughts that Rochester could be tired were soon dispelled as CSC fell behind 2-0 within the first 10 mins. Cleveland pulled a goal back before halftime and dominated possession in the second half with Rochester content to play on the break. It seemed that tactic worked as the New Yorkers took a 3-1 lead with a breakaway goal with just 9 minutes left. However, CSC refused to go down easily and scored twice in the last 5 minutes to send the tie into extra time. The additional 30 minutes were non-stop as CSC went 4-3 up, only to be pegged back to 4-4 before Cleveland finally put the tie to bed with two more goals to run out 6-4 winners, despite having a man sent off for a second yellow card. Cleveland now face the hosts, Detroit City, on Sunday afternoon in the Midwest Regional Final. The home team winning 2-0 against Minneapolis in the later game Friday in front of crowd of 4,500.
  4. ^^ Via indirect means I've come across the Digeronimo's once or twice. They seemed like decent enough people, but are also firmly entrenched in the 'why wouldn't everyone want to live in a McMansion on a 5 acre plot. It's a sign you've made it.' mentality. Needless to say, they are also very well connected.
  5. Re: some of the above comments about the Detroit manufacturers. They are all slowly rebalancing their workforce from mechanically to electrically (software) skilled and are hedging their bets on the real impact of electric. What they’re really doing is pursuing a strategy of ‘electrification’ as opposed to ‘electric’. What that means basically is hybrid vehicles. The long-term endgame is cars with a small, maybe single-cylinder, engine that runs to merely charge the battery. There isn’t the fortitude either commercially, or politically, to do away with the internal combustion engine altogether.
  6. Some good news https://www.cleveland.com/metro/2019/07/developer-withdraws-scranton-peninsula-proposal-after-committee-rips-design.html
  7. So, CSC still doesn’t know it’s opponent for the semi-final on Friday night, as the playoff game between Ann Arbor and Rochester last night descended into a circus. The short version is the NSPL decided that it was OK to play a vital game midweek, in the evening, at an Ann Arbor stadium that doesn’t have floodlights. Rochester had, quite rightly, already pointed this out as a potential issue and AA and NPSL apparently ‘solved’ this by arranging for an indoor soccer facility, 30-45 mins drive away to host the any remainder of the game should it go into extra time and the light fail. No. I’m being serious. That was the fix. The game then got stopped twice for significant lightning breaks as bad storms blew in and the match was eventually stopped tied at 0-0 in the 69th minute with the field in absolute darkness. There was then a whole round of ‘he said, she said’ about what to do next from going to the indoor school, having a PK shootout, or just tossing a coin. None of this things happened and Rochester got back on the bus with no-one knowing what was going on. In in the middle of night, NPSL announced that the tie would be decided by a coin-toss today. Then following cries of BS from everyone have now said the remaining 21 minutes and any necessary extra time or shootout, will now take place at the neutral venue of Erie Commodores on Thursday night. As I said, that’s the short version. You can find more on social media and probably the most objective summary here;
  8. ^Yep. Fantastic news. The most beautiful building in downtown. Even with the AT&T exchange bunker bolted on the side.
  9. The NPSL has 14 slots to fill and chooses it's 'best' 14 teams to play in the US Open. I can't promise I know for sure how they do that, but CSC ought to qualify for next year given the division win, plus finishing with the 5th best record in the whole, nation-wide NPSL and the second best record in the East. Erie Commodores won the division last season and participated in this year's US Open.
  10. CSC won the last game of the season at a canter, beating FC Buffalo 5-1 at BW. The result means Cleveland clinched the division as well as top seeding in the regional playoffs. Those playoffs will take place next weekend at Detroit City FC. CSC will first play on Friday night against the winners of the playoff between Ann Arbor and Rochester. If victorious, the final will be on Sunday afternoon against one of Detroit City, Minneapolis City or Med City (from Rochester, Minnesota)
  11. Doh! Fair point about 17th, I’d overlooked that. Not sure I’d discount E14th though. A lot of show traffic never makes it past the lots on or south of Prospect and for visitors and commuters heading to the north side of PHS for parking or work, using E17/ 18th isn’t a big deal. I have a strong feeling that PHS are going to want an outdoor space to do things with and increase the walkability and retain foot traffic. Star Plaza doesn’t cut it.
  12. ^^On that theme, and I have no evidence for this whatsoever, once the Lumen is up and running I’d fully expect Playhouse Square making a run at pedestrianizing E14th and/ or E17th between Euclid and Prospect.
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