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  1. The Rocket Mortgage sub-brand rolled out a new, more streamlined logo and typeface in January. The 'Q' and 'U' put up so far suggests that the parent company brand is following suit, although nothing's been announced yet.
  2. Many? It's a crappy brochure for sure, but I only noticed one, 'hild', when I scanned it.
  3. Interesting that the BBC article on Frank Robinson mentions the Baltimore Orioles, San Francisco Giants and ‘Cleveland’. Frank Robinson, Major League Baseball's first black manager, dies at 83 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-47166232
  4. Great list - really interesting and thanks for doing it. Just one omission at the lower end, The Residences at Hanna (8 stories)
  5. I’m a season ticket holder and got a survey the other day about ideas for the shipping containers. Seems like there are plans to improve their useage. Unfortunately, non of the ideas hinted at their renovation or removal.
  6. When poor white people start to realize they’ve more in common with poor black people than rich white people, the gig is up for the GOP.
  7. Three or four times this last year I’ve had work colleagues, who live in places like Chesterland, Hudson and Perry, tell me how ‘amazing’ Nashville is. When I tell them I don’t see the appeal and push them to be a little more specific, no-one can come up with anything other than ‘the bars’ and ‘the music’. When I ask them how ithose things are better than in any other city, Cleveland or even Columbus, they’ll then talk about the ‘great weather’, usually followed by an admission that they actually haven’t been to downtown Cleveland since the days of Municipal Stadium. The impression I get that is that Nashville’s appeal lies in the fact that it sits at a comfortable intersection of somewhere that is perceived as big city, without being too big and ‘safe’ in somuchas country music is seen as wholesome and attracts the ‘right’ sort of crowd.
  8. I wasn’t trying to fool you, but a reading of your post history makes me understand how I could have done it accidentally. It’s something you certainly seem susceptible to
  9. No problem champ. I don’t profess to think I know everything, but thought it was important for the readers of this thread to hear my anecdote, albeit one based in 25+ years experience in the actual field in question, as a counterpoint to a random, ill-informed assertation plucked from Freerepublic/ Brietbart and presented as a ‘fact’.
  10. I’ve managed a number of well-known brands and consult for others who do the same. Absolutely no-one serious employs this as a strategy.
  11. The ‘T’ word is now out in the open. Things are going to get very interesting...
  12. I see this exact view in person every day and have been wondering the same. It looks pretty permanent to me, so I’ve assumed it’s something structural for the parking garage, which that side of the development is given over to wholly. I’m sure others will know for sure what it is.
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