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  1. plinth857

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    I wonder if this means that some of their incentive money will remain unspent and can be re-allocated.
  2. Is there a timetable for deconstructing the old bridge? I assume the big "anchors" will stay... at least the one Riverside uses for its school graffiti.
  3. plinth857


    This is very well said and thought out, and doesn't rely on condemning Ford or Ramirez as part of a Dem conspiracy, smear campaign, etc. nor does it excuse potentially criminal acts in high school as "boys will be boys." Where is this kind of voice and reasoning in today's Republican Party? Gone from the party, just like YABO. Almost all of my intelligent conservative friends have either abandoned ship or are talking of doing so. The GOP is only going to be left with the type of people that go to Trump rallies and cheer on his insane behavior. And as the results have fleshed out, there are many many of them.
  4. plinth857

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    Way overdue, if you ask me. I'm sure there were reasons or money constraints at the time, but this should have been on the agenda the instant United announced the drawback. I'm glad it's happening, and I'm glad the airlines are on board so far.
  5. This is more accurate. I wonder though if Hinckley Pkwy is a temporary solution - it isn't a popular location among the employees that I know.
  6. plinth857

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    Mornings between 5:00 and 7:00 are crazy there - once when I was visiting my dad in the morning who lives in the flight paths, it was a constant barrage of take-offs.
  7. plinth857

    Cleveland Indians Discussion

    I believe Hand just signed a new contract. I like the move. We're getting two MLB relievers! Hand AND Cimber. Good job, Chernoff!
  8. My wife was doing an audit at a company in 200 Public Square, and apparently this company had employees whose workspace was in conference rooms, or just in the middle of the floor, and not even a cubicle. The need for space is rising, to be sure!
  9. plinth857

    Cleveland: Random Photos

    That is a gorgeous picture. They've got drones and know how to use them!
  10. I'm not as high on the cinema idea. I'd rather see Tower City get renovated. The hassle with getting down into the Flats on a weekend night could be a deterrent. I hate missing the coming attractions lol. Anyhow, looking forward to some renderings we can all critique! To me, it depends on how they deal with the cinema itself. If it's just a regular old multi-screen cinema, then there is no need. If it's more of a "destination" cinema, then there's viability, in my opinion. If this was a high-end cinema, with a different type of service, then perhaps there could be more of a draw. I traveled to San Diego some years ago, and a friend took me to a really nice theater (I forget the name of it) that had really nice seats, a full bar, a restaurant and other amenities. I'd pay a little extra and make the journey downtown to go to a place like that. If they don't do it there, then if the Greyhound station ever moves, that building should be repurposed as a movie theater in the Playhouse Square area.
  11. Amazon would love it if the Blue Line extended out to Randall and the Red Line extended to Euclid. Having their facilities connected to more people and potential employees would work to their favor. Heck, Bezos has enough money to just pay for it himself or at least give out an interest free loan for it to get done!
  12. Is that what that is? I drove by it the other day and was wondering what was going on there.
  13. My source said they actually were looking at building a new HQ from scratch and had narrowed it down to 3 sites: The Flats, near CSU, and an unidentified "other" downtown site (I wouldn't be surprised if this was the Jacobs property). After the Valspar acquisition, this was put on hold, but they expect to resume the new build plan in 4 years. Conservatively, it could be up to 8 years hence that a new building is complete and ready for occupancy. That said, it's nice to know that SW is serious about a new building. What would become of the Landmark Towers at that point?
  14. Excellent point... it's better to frustrate a few people that may not be able to get in occasionally than to have constantly underutilized space.
  15. plinth857

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    The airport accommodated far more than that before the recession. Maybe they shouldn't have torn down the long term garage. Taken in more context, the airport hasn't accommodated as much O/D as they've had in recent years... they handled the connecting traffic which often did not need parking or other services outside the airport. When I was kid, it seemed like there was a ton of parking and it was never full (but I was a dumb kid)... it certainly seems like there has been a reduction in space availability.