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  1. I was lucky and got some from a friend who is a donor. Even the orchestra members themselves don't get comped tickets for this one!
  2. It better not! Although I wouldn't put it past them. To me, it wouldn't save enough money to make up for the alienation of their frequent flyers. If every carrier does it, though, I guess it's the "new normal." I've got a feeling when everything is over, there will be a lot of "new normals."
  3. I'm glad though that they are doing their part as well to contain. We will get to enjoy their music when this is all over! Hopefully, the Blossom season can have a semblance of normalcy. I'm glad they are rescheduling the John Williams concert - I have tickets for that, but bought them from someone else.
  4. plinth857

    Sarah Palin

    This certainly is a bizarro world/time right now.
  5. I believe this would have the greatest effect. No matter what ICE does, people are still going to find a way to get to where they can work and support themselves and their families. If there isn't available employment, then there is far less reason to put oneself at risk coming over.
  6. This is a lot of capacity for this route, even for the summer. They have decent load factors so far... on one daily flight. Once they triple the capacity, I'm not sure it will be sustainable. Delta is stronger in CMH than American is, and with Alaska and American renewing ties, I wonder if Alaska would consider shifting some of that capacity up north if Delta intrudes enough on their bottom line with this.
  7. I don't know... I kind of like the contrast that building provides in that spot.
  8. Well, you know what they say. Money talks!
  9. This was based on information cherry picked by Michael Cernovich. Somehow, I don't think he is a credible source of information.
  10. I flew on the Spirit nonstop from Boston to Cleveland. One of the problems they have is delay/cancellation issues. The morning flight was delayed due to an aircraft issue, and another aircraft was not supposed to be available for another 2 days! Fortunately, they were able to get one late that evening, after an 11 hour delay. Maintenance issues can and do happen on all carriers, but the other ones (especially in BOS) are better equipped to deal with them and get you home a little sooner.
  11. And I do believe the credit card affiliations drive even more profit than flight ticket sales.
  12. I wonder why Alaska airlines hasn't started this route yet. It certainly seems like there are enough passengers for a daily flight. Does Frontier still do a seasonal to SEA?
  13. I've always thought that CLE could have been approached by United the way CVG is approached by Delta. Delta still uses CVG as a connector (we'll call it a hub-let) but greatly scaled back. It can somewhat relieve pressure on their ATL operation (especially during IRROPS down there) and ensures they continue to capture a large portion of the O & D traffic from the greater Cincinnati area. CLE will likely not be used as a large scale hub again, but United certainly has the gate capacity (without even using Concourse D) at CLE to add a modicum of flights to relieve ORD congestion. One negative though is that most weather that would affect Chicago would also affect CLE as well.
  14. It's small things like this that I think make each neighborhood unique. The more of this we see around town, the better.
  15. Also, it seems people are chomping at the bit to live there; someone has told me that the building is already 90% "spoken for."
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