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  1. This is correct (about the charter)... pretty sure the charter mentions it must be within a one mile radius. However, in the current business climate, that could be changed without too many issues. However, I would wager a fairly large sum that if Sherwin does build a new HQ, it will fall within the city limits of Cleveland, unless the city REALLY tries to undermine the company.
  2. Agreed. I will be very surprised if they come back to this market in 2020.
  3. I'm hoping last year's messes were a fluke. Dan Otero looked better in the spring training games I saw than last year, and Jon Edwards looks like he can be a nice viable piece this year!
  4. I'm excited for the season... I think there are some really good pieces in place.
  5. BOS was one of those point-to-point routes - I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. I doubt that they will add any routes, but I wouldn't be surprised to see more upgauging (I was on a flight from Dulles to Cleveland recently on a 737... in the past it's always been on a much smaller CRJ-700). Since they still have a reasonably costing 737 maintenance facility in Cleveland, and the airport continues to serve more and more O&D traffic, I would not be surprised to see them adding more capacity to their hubs from CLE. Their load factors seem pretty high, and every time I fly, there is at least one flight in the vicinity of my gate where the flight is oversold. That said, I would love it if they brought back CLE-DFW.
  6. In Lake County, the greater portion of the signs I have seen are for Dewine, Joyce, and Renacci. But to be honest, there aren't nearly as many signs as I was expecting for any candidates.
  7. Ha! That's too forward thinking. But that would be incredible.
  8. I don't think that will happen; most mid-size and larger airports have gone the off-site route. Any cost of bringing it back on property wouldn't generate enough return on investment to be worthwhile. But I do agree that it's not the greatest first impression.
  9. I wonder if this means that some of their incentive money will remain unspent and can be re-allocated.
  10. Is there a timetable for deconstructing the old bridge? I assume the big "anchors" will stay... at least the one Riverside uses for its school graffiti.
  11. plinth857


    This is very well said and thought out, and doesn't rely on condemning Ford or Ramirez as part of a Dem conspiracy, smear campaign, etc. nor does it excuse potentially criminal acts in high school as "boys will be boys." Where is this kind of voice and reasoning in today's Republican Party? Gone from the party, just like YABO. Almost all of my intelligent conservative friends have either abandoned ship or are talking of doing so. The GOP is only going to be left with the type of people that go to Trump rallies and cheer on his insane behavior. And as the results have fleshed out, there are many many of them.
  12. Way overdue, if you ask me. I'm sure there were reasons or money constraints at the time, but this should have been on the agenda the instant United announced the drawback. I'm glad it's happening, and I'm glad the airlines are on board so far.
  13. This is more accurate. I wonder though if Hinckley Pkwy is a temporary solution - it isn't a popular location among the employees that I know.
  14. Mornings between 5:00 and 7:00 are crazy there - once when I was visiting my dad in the morning who lives in the flight paths, it was a constant barrage of take-offs.
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