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  1. I've always thought that CLE could have been approached by United the way CVG is approached by Delta. Delta still uses CVG as a connector (we'll call it a hub-let) but greatly scaled back. It can somewhat relieve pressure on their ATL operation (especially during IRROPS down there) and ensures they continue to capture a large portion of the O & D traffic from the greater Cincinnati area. CLE will likely not be used as a large scale hub again, but United certainly has the gate capacity (without even using Concourse D) at CLE to add a modicum of flights to relieve ORD congestion. One negative though is that most weather that would affect Chicago would also affect CLE as well.
  2. It's small things like this that I think make each neighborhood unique. The more of this we see around town, the better.
  3. Also, it seems people are chomping at the bit to live there; someone has told me that the building is already 90% "spoken for."
  4. Tenants will be moving in this spring even though completion of the building is not expected until the summer. How common is this?
  5. This does happen with Spirit as well, although once when there was a Boston to CLE cancellation, they routed through Florida to get passengers back the same day. You'll get more luck if it's a flight that happens daily, as opposed to those 3 or 4 day a week flights.
  6. Denver has been attracting a lot of jobs due to its economic diversification and an investment in its infrastructure (beyond just the airport). I agree that investment in the airport in Cleveland could result in increase some economic opportunities. It definitely would not be the number one driver, though.
  7. Meanwhile Betsy DeVos violated a court order to stop collecting student loan payments for Concordia College, which closed in 2015. However, the $100,000 fine levied will be paid by the government, not by her personally, even though it was her responsibility to stop collecting these payments. She's not held accountable, so why should she stop? It's hard for me to think of another member of the current cabinet less prepared or qualified for their position than her.
  8. They can say "several other states" as much as they want, but unless they have a workforce already set up in those other states, that seems unlikely.
  9. How can anyone think this is OK? Not only is this embarrassing, it's dangerous. Shed your hubris, admit your mistake and move on.
  10. To his credit, Gov. DeWine has mentioned he would never sign such a bill. https://www.10tv.com/article/ohio-ag-dave-yost-sues-halt-upcoming-opioid-trials-2019-sep
  11. I haven't made it to either of those stadiums yet, but I'd like to!
  12. Taking the family to our first Akron Rubberducks game on Sunday! So far, I've seen the Captains, Dragons, Mudhens, and Clippers as far as minor league baseball is concerned, but this will be our first game at Canal Park. Looking forward to it!
  13. Me too, but I'm pretty sure my AFSC won't be in the new Space Force!
  14. True, no one checks, but lately it seems like there is more security on the bottom floor to make sure you work there before you even get on the elevators. I haven't worked there in a few years, myself.
  15. The restaurant is for building employees only. Probably should call it a cafeteria I guess. I liked the food when I worked there! The view wasn't anything great (mostly "courtyard" views).
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