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  1. Offshore windpower cost advantage comes from increasing the size of the turbines. Here is Siemens 10 MW turbines being installed in Europe without subsidy. Blade diameter is 193 m (~ 600 feet). That's almost 3x the power per turbine column than the LEEDCo planned 3.5 MW sizes. For context, installing 100 of these Siemens turbines would be about the same nameplate power capacity as the Perry Powerplant that our state government just tossed $150 million at today. https://cleantechnica.com/2019/04/15/siemens-gamesa-10-megawatt-turbine-set-for-worlds-first-zero-subsidy-offshore-wind-farm/
  2. Michael Schwartz's restaurant at the VAD is now open this weekend. Food and service is amazing. Cuisine is very Miami-like with light dishes of seafood and vegetables. I've been to his restaurants at the Raleigh hotel in Miami Beach and his branch of Filia in the Baha Mar resort in the Bahamas and this location has the same quality. I live in Shaker Hts and this is now our new warm weather fine dining place to complement our frequent trips to Fire.
  3. Banter is the only food option open so far in the Food Hall. Our family got dinner there Sunday night. Quality was as good as Gordon Square location. Rising Star counter is still under construction and looks like it has a few weeks of work to go. Per the guys at Banter, the next option to open will be the pasta location. Brassica to open in 2019. The space is still a shell.
  4. Does anyone know if there are active Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs in Northeast Ohio? The only search links I can find are from 2010 and dormant. I own a south facing, slate roofed house in Shaker Heights. I would like to replace the roof with Tesla slate-style solar shingles + 1 or 2 Powerwall batteries. PACE financing would smooth out the cost. Goal would be to install enough battery capacity to eventually charge 2 electric vehicles with >200 mile range batteries.
  5. I live in Shaker Heights along S. Woodland. I plan to use the OC to get to Tremont and back more quickly via S Woodland/Buckeye. Taking Kinsman to 490 can be slow going.
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