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  1. I believe all the units fronting Bailey and Fulton will have proper front porches to integrate better with the neighborhood. I'll have to go back and see if I can find renderings from the CPC live stream, but I believe I heard the Knez representative say that. edit: D'oh, my screenshot does show Fulton/Bailey... those are the tiniest "porches" I've ever seen! I also forgot to report that I reached out to Kerry McCormack a while ago about an unrelated issue and asked about/supported a red line rapid station at Fulton. Kerry acknowledged that the rapid station on Fulton was something that has been discussed in the past, and that it would be a great spot for one. I know Ken has talked about a few TOD developments in the vicinity, these townhomes and a few high rises or industrial conversions would really benefit from the red line addition. Not to mention a way to access the red line greenway that passes right below them.
  2. They're the TGI Friday's of pubs. I've been a few times on work lunch outings, nothing special, but consistent and passable.
  3. Land bank wasn't part of it, only three small 2 story townhomes. I'm glad it'd be adding density but I can't say I cared for the exterior design. Should be noted that the "front" is facing the rear of the parcels on W33rd. These will be pretty tucked away.
  4. The Crain's article is new, as a homeowner very near to this, I really hope they receive approval!
  5. It's a smaller plot, I gotta imagine only 3 maybe 4 townhomes could fit there. Interestingly it looks like there's 3 lots next to it (two owned by the land bank). Combining all 5 lots would make a very sizable area for development. (This is talking about the Dan Dureiko project).
  6. Is this a hint? That would seem to point to what @E Rocc was talking about with rerouting the shoreway...
  7. Some discussion on this over in the city discussion section of the forum here:
  8. I've been in touch with Kerry McCormack and he said he's already reached out to the city about it. He suggested as citizens we can email Darnell Brown, the city's Chief Operating Officer. His email is DBrown@city.cleveland.oh.us
  9. https://fox8.com/news/i-team/i-team-all-recyclables-in-cleveland-going-to-the-landfill/ ok, what in the heck can we do about this as a resident in Cleveland? This is probably the first thing that has made me livid about the city. We spend tons of time in our household rinsing recyclables, breaking down boxes, and following every guideline to make sure that our recycleables will actually be recycled and now I'm finding out it's just going to the landfill anyway?! Who do I call/write/contact to make this a priority to get fixed?
  10. Bit of a conundrum here regarding building permits with covid in the city of Cleveland that I was hoping UO people could help with. I've mentioned elsewhere on the forum, but I recently purchased and moved into a single family detached house in Ohio City. It was renovated with a single car attached garage with a second story roof deck. The deck of the garage is graded at approximately 4%, covered with epdm, and then interlocking wood deck tiles were placed on top for the walking surface. There is a railing around the deck, and there is an opening at the base of the railing to allow water to drain into my gutter system. I was considering upgrading the deck to allow for a flat walking surface, but had a few questions before starting any work to understand the permitting process. If I were to pursue this upgrade, my plan would be to use a floating sleeper system with 2x10 joists spaced 16" OC. The walking surface would then be composite decking secured to the sleeper. I tried calling the department of building and housing at 216.664.2282 and the permits and plan examination office at 216.664.3451, but there was no answer at either number. I also emailed the addresses listed on the city website but haven't gotten a response (yet?). Does anyone know if the permitting department is open? Here's the questions I was hoping to get answered from the office, does anyone know the answers? 1. What permits and planning documents are required for an upgrade of this nature? 2. Can anyone point me to the applicable sections of the Residential Code of Ohio to make sure that I am compliant? Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide!
  11. Yeah, a puddle that wide is definitely something I'd want to address. We only had one leak that cause actual pooling in the basement, and that was easily fixed by sealing a crack with exterior caulk where the rim joist meets the stone masonry. The browning and yellowing is occurring because the porous concrete masonry blocks are more permeable to water than modern masonry like others have mentioned. If the walls weren't painted you probably wouldn't even notice yellowing/efflorescence on the walls this quickly... the paint actually traps the moisture between the wall and the paint which causes it to sit there and become more noticeable. Did the contractors you contacted all recommend waterproofing after seeing your basement in person? Fwiw, of the three contractors that came to see my basement, none indicated I had any structural issues and one didn't even give me a quote because it was so unnecessary. As a new homeowner it was scary seeing the effects, but after learning more/assurance from the contractors I'm no longer worried about it.
  12. Also recently bought my first house in Nov 2019 (a 100+ year old home in Ohio City), and discovered some yellowing/light moisture drips on our walls this Spring. How much water did you discover in the puddle? I've had three contractors out to look at my basement, and they've all indicated that with the amount of water I'm seeing it's not really an "issue" besides possibly creating some high humidity in the basement. Houses as old as ours were just designed differently with regards to basements, so they weren't expected to remain water tight. Do you have a sump pump and/or any basement drain that is clogged? And definitely double check for water discharge issues on the exterior of the home. I agree with other posters that pursuing damages from the prior owner is unlikely to be worth the cost/time it would take. It really sucks to discover issues like this after purchasing a house, but unfortunately that risk is "part" of the cost of homeownership.
  13. Anecdotally that has been my experience as well. I haven't kept up with my suburban cleveland high school friends much, but I think more ended up in Columbus than Cleveland.
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