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  1. Ironically (maybe not ironic?) whoever was shooting on my street must have had reasonable aim... From what I can tell not a single car on the street was hit and there were many cars because of the holiday.
  2. The "good" part is that all of these crimes don't seem to be random, they're targeted at specific individuals so I'm not terribly worried. The "bomb" was a panhandler who was told to leave the family dollar because he was panhandling... he returned with the explosive but it didn't really do much damage. Blew out a window and did some light damage to a car that was parked a few feet away. There was a lady in the car and she wasn't even injured as far as I can tell.
  3. Currently live at 93rd and Madison (roughly). There's been an abnormal amount of craziness happening this last month, I'm trying to determine how "bad" it really is and if it's just random that everything happened all at once. Humans are bad at noticing patterns, I want the data to back things up. Also want to compare to OC in the 2008-13ish range for a point of reference for my gf. FWIW, there was a shooting in the street on July 4th, a hit and run car accident with a parked car the week after, a bomb was set off at the family dollar on Madison/84th on the 19th, and a shooting/arson combo happened on the 20th on 95th.
  4. Does anyone know where I can find historical shooting information at a level more detailed than city-wide? I'm specifically looking for numbers of shootings at the zip code or neighborhood level over time. If the data is in raw form I'm willing to put in some of the work to drill it down to a deeper level. What I really want to compare is Cudell safety now vs. OC/Tremont safety in the 2008-13ish range.
  5. This makes more sense than Canada, but it's over 40 miles each way compared to just 9 mi Port Clinton to Put in Bay. Even topped out at jet express' top speed it would take over an hour each way once everyone is loaded up onto the boats. Realistically probably closer to an hour and a half or two hours. Costs would be at least double so figure ~$70 round trip per adult. At those costs it makes more sense to rent a car for the day and drive yourself over to Port Clinton than to take a ferry direct from downtown.
  6. Where in Canada do you propose the ferry go? Directly across the lake from Cleveland is just farm land.
  7. Any updates on the Aquillon/Lift space? I couldn't find any info on Target Industries... some national retailer dominates all the google results
  8. Lived there for a year and I experienced much of the same. I was pretty unhappy with the unit actually. Shoddy construction (the framing for one of the walls in my unit was literally bowed in ~2 inches) and you could hear neighbors arguing in their apartment from an entire hallway away. The pool was great the first summer when units were still filling up, but it got too crowded once it was fully leased. By the time I moved out you were only allowed two guests on weekdays and no guests on weekends or holidays. I was able to rent at a very reduced rate due to signing my lease extremely early (like 8 months) and I still don't think the unit was worth the price. I definitely think there are opportunities for much better value in the near west side. For those just out of college looking to continue that lifestyle it might be a good fit, but I'm moving further and further from their that demographic. I'm very curious what their turnover rate is like, I don't think I've talked to a single person that was happy with living there tbh.
  9. While I wish we were getting more tech jobs, unfortunately all the workers in the building will only be relocated from other aging offices here on campus.
  10. Cleveland Bricks is really pushing the Cudell market right now. They have two listings for 1.2k/month. Additionally, there is a townhouse next to West Tech with new owners that was just renovated and listed for 1.2k, while one of the infill houses next to West Tech is listed at 220k and an older century house a block over is at 100k. The price shift has been very sudden. Ironically I ended up renting less than a block from there from $985. Love the place even if the neighborhood is very much still "up and coming".
  11. Congrats! I lived at the Edison and my girlfriend lived on 50th near Lorain until we moved in together. I'd say you're fine safety wise along with the normal near inner city stuff. Lock your car doors, don't leave stuff visible, etc. Probably invest in a security system and put the sign out front. Beyond that you're great! Check out Luxe's patio when you get a chance before the summer ends, my girlfriend is the female bartender there :)
  12. Forest city indeed! Some cool photos
  13. I haven't been down there in a while, but in general I find that "very unsafe" in any news publication is synonymous with "more than one crime per month". When you consider how many people visit the area on a given day/night I would be more surprised if there wasn't any crime than the opposite.
  14. Has anything more come of this? I saw https://www.facebook.com/GordonSquare/posts/10156121657180856 on the Gordon Square Arts District page and they talk about it like the signage is for sure happening.
  15. For those that care, Cake's tour page listed InCuya as of a few days ago. I just checked today and it's no longer listed.
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