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  1. It came from the above-linked Cleveland.com article database search. I have the data in a spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h3QeeK1LWwgurB9-D2J7n6I4v8SBYlLI8qQtJ15-cww/edit?usp=drivesdk
  2. Updated the map and took the 3 year average, to smooth out the small sample a little: Here is the change in median price by neighborhood, the most recent 3 years vs the 3 years prior:
  3. The article stated at the very end, "Note: These are the neighborhoods historically used for statistical purposes in Cleveland until 2014. The newer lines are not used here, to allow for longer-term comparisons."
  4. I couldn't resist whipping up another view showing a more graduated color scale of this data. If I have time I'll post a proper version.
  5. We are getting bogged down in misinformation and confusion because people are talking about cranes. The building on this site was originally slated to be 5 stories, after originally being just 2 stories. (https://forum.urbanohio.com/topic/583-cleveland-lakefront-development-and-news/?do=findComment&comment=747885) Not so much taller that we'd have seen a big beautiful crane in the sky, but we have Pace quoted as saying it would have required deeper foundations which caused construction costs to be "too high". The article stated the cost of the project was $10-12 million dollars. Not sure what the cost on the original 5-story version was going to be. We also have @Enginerd paraphrasing Pace saying he had problems dealing with the FAA at the Nuevo project due to the volleyball courts and trees. Nuevo is further up the pier and right in line with the Burke runways so that might have had something to do with those issues. There's tons we don't know about why this was scaled up and then back down. Financing certainly was an issue but I don't get the mentality that if the banks say we can't have 40 units, we shouldn't build 16. There is a ton of space north of the stadium to build big. The city has acres and acres of muni lot space that should be developed on as TOD.
  6. Someone was filming on St. Clair tonight, between E. 65 and 70 or thereabouts. Police had the road totally closed off. Anyone know what's going on there?
  7. Edit: (Yeah, what everyone else said about the dead link.)
  8. They already let Brantley, Miller, and Allen go. Who's left?
  9. The Seasons kosher grocery which was to go into Oakwood Commons will...not go into Oakwood Commons, due to the chain's filing for bankruptcy: https://www.clevelandjewishnews.com/news/local_news/seasons-come-and-seasons-go/article_74152bbe-f804-11e8-96f5-23547aa13854.html
  10. This bridge always seemed like a "finishing touch" to me, completely dependent on a firm plan and financing in place for mixed use north of the Browns stadium to activate Voinovich Park. I've never understood why this has been on anything other than the most rear of burners.
  11. It does seem odd to me that a bar...just a regular no-frills, no-gimmick bar...smack in the middle of a college campus...would have problems doing a good business.
  12. "Just turn Burke into a park" Because every morning when the Mayor goes to work he stops off at the City of Cleveland Treasury Vault and does something like this: We've got numerous park projects that are straining to find funds, but we keep harping on about this enormous swatch of land that (as KJP points out) did not even exist 80 years ago and what an enormous mistake it is to not put a beautiful park there. "Burke is prime land for development" More or less prime than the Public Square lot or the WHD parking lots? More or less prime thanIs it more or less prime than the land north of Cleveland Browns stadium, which is still completely unused? Is it more or less prime than the Muni lots, which are 1,000 feet south of the airport, owned by the city, located directly on a transit line and are currently used for the incredibly high urban use of....parking and tailgating.
  13. Let's suppose Cleveland increased both its median average income and decrease it's poverty rate by about 40%, and the schools barely budged in performance, what would that say? I was surprised to see Columbus schools ranked so badly. The narrative is that poverty-ridden Cleveland is behind the 8-ball when it comes to the schools and that it is hard to get families to move to Cleveland given the state of the school system. Columbus' median household income is $49k and a poverty rate of 21%. Cleveland's median income is $27k and has a poverty rate of 35%. Yet both school systems perform almost equally poorly?
  14. If you go to the Nucleus page you might even see an image that says "DON'T PANIC". No, that is not a message to all of us. The pages are programmed to show a random image. I've never been to the website before but it looks like it's in a not-quite-done phase.
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