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  1. I wonder if this piece of land could be a viable alternative for Hilltop? It's in an industrial area not too far from downtown (but is still in the city). It seems like they would be close enough to figure out a way to access the river. Not sure if rail access would matter but that would be there too. I think this is currently empty. If I recall from an article I read at some point, Peter Cremer was considering this land for future expansion.
  2. Kitty's, Dunkin, and Coffee Emporium are all within a block or so. Unfortunately, Kitty's probably won't survive much longer on Court. They've got a new spot opening at 4th and Race though which should hopefully do well.
  3. I unfortunately think the just need to astroturf the lawn at Washington Park. Not using the area for the sake of the grass would just lead to a great public space being underutilized. And the current mud/dirt pit is a worse situation than having astroturf.
  4. I've been wondering if PromoWest would be a suitable partner for the stadium and then use it as a concert venue. I've seen multiple news articles mentioning that the stadium could also be used for concerts. After the rumors that they wanted to open a venue at the Banks, this might be there way to break into the Cincinnati market. Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra could be interested as well if for no other reason than keeping PromoWest out of the Cincinnati. Not sure what kind of capital either of these could contribute but I'm sure they could help get FCC closer to $200 million.
  5. If they are doing a complete rebuild (rather than renovation) why not build the new arena next to the casino? I assume that the casino would be glad to help out with the financing in this situation.
  6. I am assuming they want the W&S HQ in that location so that it can be connected to their offices at 400 Broadway. I agree that the building currently at that location looks like it would be great for lofts. I wonder if they also plan on tearing down the existing W&S building on that patch. It would be a shame if they are since that is another beautiful building.
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