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  1. Does that mean the city submitted it? Blink once for no or twice for yes.
  2. I know that they would lose at least one customer (aka me) if they do something that crazy.
  3. They also cited Case but don't put them down as a college/university in Cleveland...
  4. Does anyone know where they keep the Cavs' trophies/if they are able to be viewed by the public?
  5. This is laughable. It's not like any Columbus museums have taken state tax dollars. Oh wait.... http://www.nbc4i.com/news/investigates/you-paid-for-it/you-paid-for-it-cleveland-museum-renovation/1103083087
  6. Their LinkedIn says headquartered in Cleveland, OH: https://www.linkedin.com/company/apeg/ Where in Cleveland is another question haha. As pertaining to the workshop, I haven't heard anything.
  7. I've noticed that same thing in Columbus. A lot of mid-rise buildings that you look at and wonder "why is there a crane? It's only 5-6 stories high". Are there regional building methods/codes that would drive a developer in Columbus to use a crane where if the same building was built in Cleveland there wouldn't be one?
  8. I was disappointed too to see them drop the brick. Kenilworth and Scranton will become a very visible corner as development moves north toward the peninsula. It would have looked great. But at least this is a sign the project is still moving forward. So I talked to a guy at the Home and Garden Show that was promoting this development and I asked him about the change. He said they changed it due to price and that financing was hard because they're one of the first new build condos after the financial crisis. This follows along with what other people on this site have been saying.
  9. ^^ How do they not mention Playhouse Square? haha
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