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  1. Does anyone know when Peterson's nuts closed downtown? It looks like King nut moved Peterson's to their headquarters and now their website barely even mentions them. I'll miss Peterson's before Indians games...
  2. I would assume that drilling depth/number of drilling locations would give some idea of the size/height of the building, but that's just speculation on my part. And maybe as KJP was saying that people in SW were giving smokescreens, maybe "40 stories or less" allows them to come out with a surprise in their announcement since Ken has already spoiled their location
  3. That would be a correct statement! If this would be to theoretically happen, would these companies be from NE Ohio or outside the region?
  4. Even though waiting is the hardest, out of all of the answers you could have given this is the least worrisome. Thanks for all you do!
  5. Different than the goal of staying in Cleveland (though from your amazing reporting I would assume that's not a question anymore) or the goal of being on PS?
  6. Does that mean the city submitted it? Blink once for no or twice for yes.
  7. I know that they would lose at least one customer (aka me) if they do something that crazy.
  8. They also cited Case but don't put them down as a college/university in Cleveland...
  9. Does anyone know where they keep the Cavs' trophies/if they are able to be viewed by the public?
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