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  1. /\ I agree with you on their recently uploaded Restaurant Weeks videos, however DCA has produced some of the best promotional videos on Cleveland. These examples are well executed and show off downtown's assets well. You & Downtown Cleveland (2014): Downtown Cleveland - You Are Here (2015): Downtown Cleveland - One More Time (2016): Downtown Cleveland - Just Getting Started (2017):
  2. Ya some of the census track selections in CLE seem a little strange. Here is a map of proposed (red) and selected (green) tracts . https://fusiontables.googleusercontent.com/embedviz?q=select+col0>>1+from+1fDkrV_2PGtT98Psp0vgG1l98-PFYoJ5PctB9dJSm&viz=MAP&h=false&lat=41.47097764148716&lng=-81.69983881650114&t=1&z=11&l=col0>>1&y=2&tmplt=2&hml=KML
  3. /\ 3 of the four census tracts in the area are designated as Opportunity Zones.
  4. The construction along the northern end feels more restrictive than I though it would have with Huron down to only two lanes and one sidewalk. The streetscape will eventually be improved though, especially without the northern pedestrian bridge. Glass has been removed from the Huron facing atrium/awning (2nd image).
  5. Looking down the 3rd base line at the Jake. Much of the structure/crane can be seen from sections left of 450/550 in the upper deck. Its a great addition to one of my favorite views in CLE.
  6. View from near E118th down Euclid towards One University Circle (right edge of photo). Seeing a building with this height at the end of straight, dense section of Euclid is great. It helps demonstrate the effect a building on the Jacobs Public Square lot would have on downtown.
  7. New York won 26 in a row. That can be a somewhat contentious point as an asterisk has traditionally been added to the Giants 1916 streak because of a "tie" on September, 18 against Pittsburgh in what would have been their 13th straight win. The game ended 1-1 in the eight do to a rain delay and not being able to play at night. This game would technically be made up (by playing a whole new game) the next day in a double header. So yes, technically the 1916 Giants have a 4 game longer unbeaten streak than the Tribe as of tonight. This unbeaten streak should be put in some context though. It was in the dead-ball era, during a 30 game home stand in a baseball world 5 years before the radio and 30 years before integration. That isn't trying to nullify the accomplishments of that team 101 years ago, however the radical differences in the game should be acknowledged. The 22nd straight victory of the Tribe is definitively the longest in the AL, the longest in the modern era and longer than the 1935 Cubs record. The win tonight may not have broken the 1916 Giants* record, but it is a once in a lifetime (or every 100 year) experience for not only for Cleveland, but the entire country. The Tribe is also finally getting the national media attention they deserve, endearing themselves to much of the country. Getting the next 5 to pass the Giants will be difficult though as they would have to come against two teams fighting for the Wild Card (KC and Anaheim) compared to the Toledo Mud Hens a couple of days ago. TL;DR - Technically the 1916 Giants tie game was replayed in the middle of their 26 consecutive game win streak. The Indians also clinched a playoff spot with the Angels loss tonight.
  8. That was the most playoff like regular season game I have ever seen. The Tribe now has THE LONGEST UNINTERRUPTED WINNING STREAK IN MAJOR LEAGUE HISTORY! Replay of the 10th inning walk off: https://streamable.com/902c3
  9. What an amazing way to get the 20th, a complete game shutout from Kluber. After tonight, he definitely has proven why he deserves the Cy Young. Also the last out was against Cabrera which almost seemed poetic as it signifies the future of the relationship between our two clubs. The days of Tigers dominance over the Tribe have come to an end. The drive from Columbus to witness this historic game was truly worth it. Although I won't be able to see the Tribe possibly break the AL streak record Wednesday, I have a lot of confidence in their ability to keep this thing going. They are truly dominant over these past few weeks in a way the 2002 A's never were.
  10. Indians winning 18 in a row? A crane downtown for a new apartments (which will be seen from the Jake come October)? We are truly witnessing history. Can't wait to see some filling in of the skyline between Public Square and East 9th.
  11. This is more of an intangible aspect of the discussion, but this is the most attention I have scene the Indians get among the younger audience/fan base (those who don't remember the 97 World Series). We kept hearing how great the 90's were, and how they sold out 455 straight, and how great it was to be a Tribe fan then. Its fine to acknowledge how great Cleveland and the Tribe had it, but it also came with an attitude of it won't be like that again. It was an almost underlying sense of defeat. This could be attributed to many things that often circle around the often debated/discussed topic of Cleveland's self image. Now, finally there is a mindset that we are and will be great again (the Tribe and Cleveland). The change in attitude regarding the city, and its sports teams, has propelled younger generations to follow the Tribe in ways and at rates I haven't scene before. People rep Cleveland proudly like I haven't scene before. You can feel the civic and team pride when talking with someone about Cleveland (this is my personal observation though). Bottom line is that older Tribe fans (and many Clevelanders as well) need to stop being so dam negative. It has driven away future fans, only exacerbating the problem. The narrative is changing now though, so lets not try and drag it back to where it once was. Maybe our optimism is unfounded, and ultimately foolish, but defending this city and it teams (and all the baggage that goes along with it) to older generations or outsiders it tiring. Breaking down the old Cleveland archetype is one of the best things people can do for this city and its teams. TL;DR - Stay positive, its what the Tribe and this city needs! I apologize for my rant. Cookie is throwing against the Kitties tonight. He is 2-0 with an .78 ERA over the last three starts. Lets keep the streak going! ROLL TRIBE!
  12. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWINDIANS!!! This is truly amazing. 1 ahead of Houston, and 5 back from Los Angeles. I never thought we would get close to either of these teams. A first round against the wild card (possibly Minnesota?) would be great as we watch Boston and Houston duke it out at the 2 and 3 seeds. Also they end their regular seasons playing each other in a four game series (possibly 9 games in a row against each other). If we can make our way to the WS again, our record actually matters now as well thanks to the rule change. Keep it up Tribe! /\ Lets not drag this historic moment down with even more attendance talk (which has drastically improved and will continue to do so) with very high local TV ratings (7.52 on the Neilson). http://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Journal/Issues/2017/07/17/Media/MLB-ratings.aspx Anecdotally, my dorm floor (OSU) showed a lot more interested in the Tribe game/win streak than the Browns game today (a lot of Cleveland faithful here).
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