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  1. While biking south on the Harrison West Rail bridge/trail From the northside of Goodale
  2. CoverMyMeds from Souder Ave at the Scioto Greenway From underneath the Souder Ave bridge
  3. Founders Park from the Olentangy Trail (Wed. Mar. 25). Closest to the trail is the Hotel building. The Senior Housing building just to the right of the hotels elevator tower. To the right (large white wall) is the topped out parking garage. Access roadways have been pored for the townhouses and single family homes on the south side of the lot (no picture).
  4. Taken while biking down the Olentangy Trail (Wed. Mar. 25) High water level in the park space along the river The park space just south of the NB 315 off-ramp
  5. Ohio State seeking construction approval for Interdisciplinary Research Facility Mon. Feb. 24, 2020 https://buildingthefuture.osu.edu/news/2020/02/24/ohio-state-seeking-construction-approval-interdisciplinary-research-facility
  6. Cleveland Clinic records financial growth in 2019 Ginger Christ - Thur. Feb. 27, 2020 Link: https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/02/cleveland-clinic-records-financial-growth-in-2019-ceo-reports-at-state-of-the-clinic-address.html "The Cleveland Clinic saw its operating income spike 47% to $390 million, according to numbers released Wednesday during the annual State of the Clinic address. The system’s revenue rose 18% last year to just shy of $11 billion. That marks a significant change from 2018 when the Clinic’s operating income fell 19% and revenue rose in single digits."
  7. Parma’s town center master plan recommends adding bike paths and green space John Benson - Thur. Feb. 27, 2020 Link: https://www.cleveland.com/community/2020/02/parmas-town-center-master-plan-recommends-adding-bike-paths-and-green-space.html "In a time when branding is everything, Parma is about to get into the game, focusing on the future of the area around Ridge and Ridgewood roads in the center of town. Last week, City Council unanimously approved the town center master plan, which includes dozens of recommendations, beginning with not only naming the area but also creating a logo." Some more info and presentations via Cuyahoga County Planning Commission: https://www.countyplanning.us/projects/parma-master-plan/ https://www.countyplanning.us/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Parma-Town-Center-Oct21.pdf
  8. For a better view of the construction area from earlier this month, via OSU Office of Administration and Planning:
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