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  1. The undulating skin, when complete, will create a sense of upward motion as it gets lighter on the upper floors. Ultimately, the undulating motion and graduation from dark at the street level to lighter as the building meets the sky will make the building appear taller than it actually is. This building will really make its presence know in the skyline.
  2. I love the color graduation! Right now we are only seeing three stories of the darkest umber color. As it moves higher, the lighter color and the zig-zag movement will lift your eyes skyward creating a truly dramatic effect. I can't wait to see it three months from now!
  3. Thanks for the photos, KJP! I think this tower will kick-start additional development on the eastern end of downtown and act as a beacon that identifies the location of Playhouse Square on the downtown skyline. I can't wait to see it completed.
  4. Thanks for the updates, KJP. Looks like there is some movement on nuCLEus. And like you've said many time before, "pulling together financing for a project of this scale can be a complex, time-consuming process". I very much hope nuCLEus gets done as I think it is the kind of comple project that can prove to other developers that you can build projects of this scale in Cleveland if you just use a little determination and creativity.
  5. Thank you, MayDay. I do remember that now. Any idea when the application process is scheduled to start?
  6. Excellent question on both accounts, CleveFan! I've been wondering the same thing. When they start to apply the metal panels the real transformation will start.
  7. I totally agree with CleveFan an YAB0713's observation of The Beacon's contextual impact on the skyline. What excites me is the awesome effect the undulating graduation of the metal cladding will have on the completed building. What NADAAA Architects has done is to take a basic rectangular structure and, through innovative use of colored metal panels and textural variation, created a truly iconic building that sets a tone of design excellence and holds its own against much taller neighboring buildings. Kudos to Bob Stark for refusing to accept mediocrity.
  8. The night illumination and the dark-to-light graduation of the facade will grab the eye of pedestrians on the ground and pull them skyward, giving the illusion of a taller structure. From a distant skyline vantage point the draduated cladding should appear to shimmer, acting as a visual "Beacon" on the skyline. This is just excellent architecture!
  9. I'm anxious to see how they will apply the final metal cladding. I think the color and tonal graduation, moving from darker on the lower levels to lighter at the top will create a sense of vertical movement and make the building look taller.
  10. I like it. I'm hoping the graduated facade colors will in reality appear more dramatic than what we can see in the renderings. Also interesting how it somewhat relates to Nucleus via the checkerboard effect, but also to 200 PS via color. I like it as well. I think the graduated color scheme moving from dark at the bottom to light at the top will create both a sense of vertical movement and visual drama. Imagine the gradually lighter and warmer colors of the top floors, washed with a soft light, seen against the cool blues and purples of the night sky.
  11. I totally agree with you, SurfOhio. That would be a fantastic use for this historic building! What a way to invite the public to enjoy the mouth of the Cuyahoga River. Fantastic skyline views as well.
  12. Great photos, MayDay! Isn't it nice to see an out of town firm do their best work in Cleveland? I think this is an awesome addition to the skyline and one of the best overall architectural solutions in Cooper Carry's portfolio. Great Job to all involved!
  13. I've got a feeling that Sherwin-Williams' expressed desire to remain close to to the company's original home on the Cuyahoga River might make Dan Gilbert's Tower City location at the junction of Huron Road and Ontario a more attractive location for a new S-W headquarters tower. Imagine that intersection, with nuCLEUS, S-W and a renovated Quicken Loans Arena as the new entrance to the city from the south. Then, Medical mutual can anchor a new mixed-use tower on Jacobs' lot on Public Square. And all of these plans are announced almost immediately after the RNC leaves town. What a way for S-W to celebrate its big anniversary while making a major contribution to the future of its hometown. It would also allow Gilbert to deliver on his promise to do something truly extraordinary with Tower City and afford Jacobs' the chance to shut us all up by filling that awful gap on Public Square with a development that adds to its beauty and vitality. Hey, we might as well dream big, right?
  14. That's laugh out loud funny, KJP!!! Thank you for that.
  15. I agree that the possible design change is an interesting revelation, CleveFan. But, because of the other possible errors in the article (previous height of 52 stories), I will withhold any reaction until Stark releases an official statement outlining the project in its current form. Taking the aforementioned errors into account, there is also the possibility that the reporter was told that there will be 48 floors containing apartments topped by an additional 6 floors of build-to-order condos, which would total 54 stories as originally presented. Just something to consider.
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