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  1. Not an option. MLS require full control of revenue streams. FCC would miss on all concession stand revenue streams and would go instead to bengals .
  2. It's strange though considering the level of rendering. It's clearly well thought out. Jose Garcia even responded on instagram stating we will see more renderings very soon, and learn more details. 3cdc won't have the vine st site to work on until 2019-2020 at the earliest. A lot of their otr projects are wrapping up as well, and work is already beginning on the infill for 15th and race. After that there is nothing left on the agenda except for historic renovations that need historic tax credits to complete. I feel that 3cdc is lining this project up for their 2018 work load, to complete the race st block. We were also told by over the rhine community council that funds are locked in for the street diet just this past month. Perhaps there is a connection.
  3. Question, say this is created before the street diet occurs. And say that setback is created due to the additional land. Is that land, if not used for this project, could be used for smaller infill?
  4. Jose Garcia is answering and discussing this project on his instagram in the comments section. Just a heads up.
  5. I don't disagree ^ but let it be inspired by its surroundings while keeping its modern flair. Don't be mordern and edgy just for the sake of being modern and edgy.
  6. Can we keep the modern concept but conform it to otr? I mean we have otr warehouses that take up many lots. We have buildings like rheingeist. Why not create a more modern interpretation of that.
  7. I honestly appreciate the effort and understand what Jose was trying to do, but it could have been something that complemented the historic structures. His modern design home on race street does just that. Instead he designed something that looks like an alien spaceship crash landed in otr. It looks so foreign and alien to its surroundings and ends up just sticking out more so than need be. It steals the attention of its historic neighboring buildings and that should never be the goal for infill otr structures.
  8. Is this not owned by 3CDC in regards to the land? Did they sell this land off to Jose Garcia?
  9. The hcb will never approve this so no point in getting worked up either way. This will need to be redesigned
  10. There is a Jose Garcia design proposal for what appears to be race and liberty on its instagram page. Building is 5-6 stories tall. Components are mixed use with office space on ground floor, a hotel portion, and affordable housing units above.
  11. No rush needed. Mls has a December deadline. Anything before that is really irrelevant.
  12. Are there any projections on what the voter turn out will be? Simpson being black and female will surely win quite a few votes with the large black population Cincinnati has. Also, the urban progressive voters who are currently abiding in the cbd and otr will probably favor Simpson as well. Those are 2 big things going for her honestly. Especially if turn out is low, I feel like she has captured a larger audience just based off her race, geneder and progressiveness.
  13. Hamilton county portune to prioritize FCC stadium and 3 other Hamilton county projects. Final decision on financing and whether or not it's feasible to fund stadium will come in November
  14. It's true. It does have alot of bland parts. That said the diversity is amazing, the city is pretty clean, and the city feels so much more safe than American cities.
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