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  1. great story-- "I don't want to talk about it because you can't have an opinion unless it's their opinion," an African American Trump supporter said about the left. "Either you believe the way they believe, or you're a racist or a homophobe. The reason I'm working is because of what Trump's done. I just want to put my hard hat on and go to work every day." The man, who added he's a registered Democrat, talked to Enquirer photographer Albert Cesare and me for nearly an hour on his front porch on a hot evening. He said a lady at his church had given him grief for supporting "racist" Trump, but the man said he's seen no hard evidence that's true.
  2. ^I wonder if someone will bring up Hunter Biden
  3. another Lake County earthquake?? The Akron Magnetic Boundary is the San Andreas Fault of Ohio
  4. sounds like it's the media (who, you will vividly remember, were "kool aid drinkers" for Obama--to put it mildly!) who are the snowflakes.
  5. I have not watched this video, nor do I intend to, but you do understand how it's gotten to the point that something so controversial could have been made, don't you? There has never been a president who's been treated so unfairly by the press...ever. From the day he was elected (even months before that) the media, which basically functions as the propaganda arm for the Democrats, has been calling for his impeachment. They regard him as illegitimate. There's been a 24/7 onslaught of this for the past 3 years. So if some of his supporters go a little overboard in satirizing the media it's understandable. Remember when Bush was "satirized' in a book and movie (can't recall the titles or author, etc) as being assassinated? I don't remember any outcry as how outrageous that was. No, it was regarded as "art" and "free speech." Why is there always a double standard?
  6. 1) I said nothing sexist; and 2) whether or not you acknowledge the story as being "important," it's being discussed nationally -- https://www.google.com/search?q=aoc+haircut&source=lnms&tbm=nws&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjyvKPZo5flAhUyTd8KHSQkDp0Q_AUIFCgD&biw=1493&bih=801
  7. obviously women's haircuts are more expensive than men's, but most women, even in New York where high prices are more prevalent, do not pay anywhere near $300. It appears that living the high life in Congress has turned AOC into just one more limousine liberal
  8. that's not true. a lot of people are interested in AOC
  9. looks like AOC is going to face some serious competition next year
  10. the new Lake County Administration Center is now open for business, ready to serve the public, and already reviled by many as a waste of money and for its design. The curved window portion, which offers sweeping views of Veterans Park (now routinely referred to as Painesville Square) and the historic Methodist church next door, was nevertheless maligned for its bright tourquoise-y color. It was explained this was a tribute to Lake Erie College. Never mind that the school colors are forest green and white. There was in the original plan a rooftop garden for employees which was nixed due, I assume, for budgetary reasons (to say nothing of the fact that Lake Co. taxpayers might have looked askance at such an extravagance), but reportedly from that vantage point one can see the Cleveland skyline--30 miles away--in the distance. https://www.news-herald.com/news/lake-county/new-lake-county-administration-center-officially-opens-in-painesville/article_799fb8f2-eace-11e9-b4d1-fb4951f5d10e.html
  11. well, I could be wrong, but I've never seen anything like this going on outside a Democratic campaign event by conservatives, have you?
  12. it's amazing how unhinged the left has become over Ellen's friendship with Geo. Bush. Whenever something like this happens the overwhelming amount of hatred always seems to come from one particular side of the aisle
  13. The Turkish-Kurds situation is a perfect example of why we must never look to simplistic, knee-jerk responses to complex international conflicts as the reason for a particular action, whether it's done by the President or any other official-- "In fact, the close relationship with the YPG was a quick fix that bequeathed to Trump profound strategic dilemmas. Trump inherited from Obama a dysfunctional strategy for countering ISIS, one that ensured ever-greater turmoil in the region and placed American forces in an impossible position. To be sure, the YPG are good fighters, and the American soldiers who have fought alongside them hold them in very high esteem. But the decision to make them the primary ally for defeating ISIS came at a hidden cost: the alienation of one of America’s closest allies. The YPG is the Syrian wing of the PKK, the Kurdish separatist group in Turkey."
  14. this just shows how a relentless drumbeat of biased coverage by the media in general can produce polls that eventually reflect that bias. Most people aren't really paying attention to all of this Impeachment nonsense at this point (they're too busy iiving their lives and maybe wondering when Congress is actually going to start discussing real issues), but still will respond to pollsters based on news headlines that typically present a hysterical sky-is-falling worst case scenario about Trump regardless of the issue. I think once people delve more deeply and see how he's being railroaded by what's fundamentally a kangaroo court of a process that's cloaked in secrecy, they'll be able to judge more critically.
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