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  1. La Casita goes to Beachwood https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2020/06/03/blu-in-beachwood-to-host-weekly-pop-up-taqueria-starring-painesvilles-famed-la-casita
  2. you can't make this stuff up https://www.eater.com/2020/6/22/21299003/eskimo-pie-like-aunt-jemima-and-uncle-bens-will-change-name
  3. a lot of people can't afford to buy the real thing
  4. rally in Painesville earlier in week My little hometown has been taken over by radicals! seriously, no one objects to peaceful demonstrations, and everyone--regardless of political affiliation--agrees how despicable what happened in Minneapolis was. Remember, Trump was one of the first to call for an investigation. So why all the hate toward him? Derangement syndrome never ends.
  5. yeah, I keep hearing about how all the "peaceful" protesters are being attacked by the police. Here's an example: Friday night I was walking down E. Houston St. at about 9:30 when I encountered a loud bunch of "peaceful" protesters coming from the other direction. To try and avoid them I quickly turned up the Bowery, and you guessed it (!), they turned also, so I decided to watch them for a couple of minutes. They decided to stop at that point. Cars going downtown were forced to frantically turn in the other direction since they occupied all lanes of traffic. I was just feet from someone who wildly took a wire trash basket and hurled it in the direction of one of the cars. A police cruiser quickly arrived only to be met by the same fate, but narrowly escaped any damage. Other objects were thrown in many directions. I had to walk over a block to Lafayette St. to get away from this mob. To say the streets here is now in the hands of criminals is to put it mildly. You've no doubt heard of all the looting and destruction that's taken place in the last couple of days--last night even Macy's flagship was breached. We were successfully on the road of coming out of the lockdown and all of a sudden businesses are boarding up their storefronts as if they're preparing for a Category 5 hurricane. As far as I'm concerned the National Guard can't get here fast enough. Meanwhile, maybe someone can explain how all of this violence honors the memory of George Floyd or how it will bring justice for his family.
  6. unsurprisingly, Painesville Party in the Park has been cancelled. Maybe it's for the best. It's been getting a little stale for the past couple of years (last year's event, which coincided with the exact days of July's brutal heat wave, didn't help any either). But as for social distancing, so few people show up for the hapless acts scheduled early in the day that keeping people far apart would have been no problem. lol.
  7. and an alumnus of my high school...(curiously omitted from this and the NY Times obit! hmmmph.)
  8. NYC Easter Parade obviously cancelled this year. This was one of my favorite pictures from the past. Happy Easter!
  9. lol well, you have to admit, we're headed in that direction.
  10. thanks Hope all is well with you. Is Ohio on lockdown? or just practicing social distancing. these terms are all so vague. I guess the "officials" don't want to sound like the gestapo.
  11. thanks, see I knew you would care. I've been wandering around when not staying inside. Very eerie walking around at night with streets deserted. Walked around Chinatown last night and it was depressingly empty, Never seen it like that before. Washing hand 100 times a day. No mask yet, despite deBlasio's latest edict!
  12. also, I believe the vast majority of cases in China are men, and unlike in the US, the vast majority of men in China smoke, an underlying cause if there ever was one. That's why there's not a one-size-fits-all explanation to what may or may not happen. Different cultures have different profiles.
  13. yeah, I love all of his work. All of the symphonies are great. Try the American Quartet if you haven't heard it. Okay, too much off topic. Sorry. But isn't this better than talking about coronavirus?
  14. see, we have something in common. I love Dvorak
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