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  1. eastvillagedon

    Tea Party Movement

    I know my vision isn't what it used to be (It was never that great) but I had to zoom in 10X , and even then it was barely legible. But I thought Lakewood was very liberal, and a message that extols personal freedom and independence would be welcome in such a progressive community.
  2. eastvillagedon

    Tea Party Movement

    lol! It's amazing how much one can decipher about a person's political affiliations, prejudices and belief systems by just glancing at their front porch. Who needs to waste money on all those fancy pollsters to gather data? What was the giveaway, the turquoise handrail, the reindeer image on the front door...?
  3. eastvillagedon

    Famous Ohioans

    Nancy Wilson, Grammy Winning Jazz Singer, Dies at 81 https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2018/12/13/arts/ap-us-obit-nancy-wilson.html
  4. eastvillagedon

    The Trump Presidency

    let's say you were in a bank and someone in front of you was walking out the door and some money fell from his pocket. Being a Good Samaritan you picked it up and gave it back to him, not realizing that he had just robbed the bank! You too would be "implicated" in the robbery. No?
  5. eastvillagedon

    The Democratic Party

    the double standards, though unsurprising, still never cease to amaze me Dershowitz: Media and Democrats Would Scream Witch Hunt If Clinton Paid Off Paula Jones And Was Investigated Posted By Ian Schwartz On Date December 10, 2018 https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/12/10/dershowitz_media_and_democrats_would_call_it_a_witch_hunt_if_clinton_paid_off_paula_jones_and_was_investigated.html
  6. I can hardly wait for this Painesville to unveil new branding for city By Adam Dodd adodd@news-herald.com @therealadamdodd on twitter https://www.news-herald.com/news/lake-county/painesville-to-unveil-new-branding-for-city/article_ed6c7d46-f73c-11e8-b357-2fe95eb6cf99.html City Manager Monica Irelan said of the visual redesign, “It’s been an issue for some time. Even though crime’s not what it used to be, people just have that stuck in their heads and they remember their moms saying, ‘don’t walk alone on this street in Painesville.’ Because of that they’ve grown up fearing Painesville. So we have our work cut out for us. We do have a concerted effort to change that perception.”
  7. eastvillagedon

    Political Correctness

    is this better?
  8. eastvillagedon

    The Republican Party

    I don't know why anyone would object to learning cursive writing. When I processed voters on Election Day, the woman I worked with, several years older than me, commented frequently on the inability of so many millennials to provide anything resembling legible signatures. I laughed at first, but then began to notice she was correct, and we both attributed this to the fact that cursive is not taught today. I don't understand how some of them even qualify as legally acceptable. It's like the old joke of illiterate people putting down an "X" when asked to sign their name.
  9. Unionville Tavern restoration moves toward second phase By Bill DeBus bdebus@news-herald.com https://www.news-herald.com/news/unionville-tavern-restoration-moves-toward-second-phase/article_0b565178-f969-11e8-b501-4794c2adebad.html
  10. eastvillagedon

    Urban Ohio "Picture Of The Day"

    next week: $1.99?
  11. eastvillagedon

    The Republican Party

    we heard from them when he was alive. Time to move on.
  12. eastvillagedon

    The Republican Party

    good column. It's the thought that counts Democrats really do love Republicans — when they’re dead https://nypost.com/2018/12/04/democrats-really-do-love-republicans-when-theyre-dead/ "He was a patriot, a hero, a ­genial gentleman and a great American. You can’t pick up a newspaper or go near a television without hearing leftists gush with praise for the late President George H.W. Bush. Who knew they felt this way? And you are not mistaken if the outpouring of previously unknown affection for the first President Bush sounds familiar. That’s because it is almost identical to the loving send-off the same suspects gave Sen. John McCain after he died in August. It all just goes to prove that Democrats and their media handmaidens really do love Republicans — when they’re dead. All the more so if, when they were alive, they ­opposed President Trump."
  13. Has anyone heard of this place? Mainly in California, Texas & Fla. So far two in Columbus and one in Rocky River. Awkward name, to say the least Burgerim restaurant opens in Mentor By Betsy Scott bscott@news-herald.com https://www.news-herald.com/news/lake-county/burgerim-restaurant-opens-in-mentor/article_9694d3c6-f7f3-11e8-b90d-fbbf8fa795ed.html
  14. eastvillagedon

    The Trump Presidency

    I don't know. the popular image Beto O'Rourke was more a creation of the media in the mold of Obama or JFK who desperately wanted him to win. That rosy (and superficial) portrait was what made him more popular nationally (as you allege). But I guess he really wasn't that popular in the long run since he lost by a healthy margin. Ann Coulter always says deliberately inflammatory stuff that would seem antithetical to her true colors just to bask in the spotlight of media attention. And Biden is several years older than Trump. I think that will be a negative.