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  1. expected defection from Dem to Republican. A trend?
  2. I think if people really had any respect for Greta Thunberg they would stop treating her as a child. I'm sure she doesn't think of herself as one (even though legally this may be the case, who among us thought we were still children at 16? That's right: no one--16 is not 6). In fact, she seems to be handling herself on a level the vast majority of adults wouldn't be able to do if thrown into this kind of global spotlight. If anything, I'm sure she finds it insulting when people treat her as some sort of defenseless, vulnerable waif in need of protection. As for climate change itself, the only people who don't think it's controversial are those who have bought into the theory--hook, line and sinker--that it's a totally man-made phenomenon and that if we do X, Y and Z, we can change course and go back to the way things were, if only we could seize control of natural resources and dictate human behavior, despite no definitive, clear-cut reason for its cause. So yes, this is a controversy and is very much political.
  3. Greta Thunberg is a highly vocal, polarizing political activist. Whether or not she sought the level of fame she has received, she certainly has done nothing to shy away from it or discourage it, and neither, apparently, have her parents, who I'm assuming still have legal authority over her (unless the laws in Sweden are more lenient). Therefore, if she chooses to "play" in a world of adults, she should accept the consequences that come with such notoriety. But finally, I don't see how Trump's comments were an "insult." He was just telling a 16-year old to go out and relax and have some fun! What's wrong with that?
  4. you should be asking that of Rep. Richmond. Is this why his constituents sent him to Washington? Maybe this is why congressional approval ratings are always in the single digits. Email him and let us know his response.
  5. it's reassuring to know how highly principled the Democrats are
  6. I certainly don't expect everyone to listen to the entire youtube video linked to here, but it provides the whole context of the call--verbatim (not Schiff's dramatic interpretation)-- and "exposing" the sinister plot to rig an election , and how even Zelensky was no fan of Yavonovitch! I know it won't change anyone's mind, as nuance is irrelevant to the impeachment crowd, but accuracy should still matter.
  7. a 3rd term when you're supposed to only get two? It worked for Bloomberg. Maybe that's where Trump got the idea.
  8. I haven't really paid much attention to what's going on today, but listening to last night's statements there seemed to be a pattern that emerged (I listened to three hours and couldn't handle it anymore lol). The Democrats seemed to rely more on emotion and vague appeals to some sort of idealized image of American institutions, giving personal testimonials with some giving autobiographical sketches of how they made it to Congress despite great hardship growing up, and it was at times inspirational. Although I lost track of how many times they--again, the Democrats--quoted Reagan's "shining city on the hill." The Republicans, on the other hand, just laid out the facts of what transpired--or more importantly, what didn't transpire--that led up to this circus. Perhaps Debbie Lesko of Arizona said it best, putting things into proper perspective. It seems at least a couple of Democrats are starting to rethink this charade--their overreach backfiring--and coming to more a reasonable conclusion. Let's hope
  9. not likely that a liberal-leaning publication like Newsweek would post a story on Trump that wasn't vetted for accuracy
  10. okay folks, the movie all America has been waiting for: Ghost Babe. I could make snide comments like it's probably as bad as the trailer suggests, but maybe it will have sufficient camp appeal for some "redeeming social value." (or something like that) I'm hoping to see it for the role the Steele Mansion is given--at least that should merit an "A" movie rating (and seriously, how can you not confuse Lake Erie for the Pacific Ocean??) https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/12/lake-erie-plays-pacific-ocean-in-ghost-babe-the-movie.html
  11. okay, never mind. I forgot the years it was on . I was in jr. high
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