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  1. I don't think the first photo upload worked… attempt 2
  2. I live in Concord, in eastern Lake County and recently uncovered an interesting find on a wooded area of our property. I believe it's an old whiskey jug, but I'm not sure. It was shattered near the base of a tree and only a few pieces were sticking through the soil. It took a fair amount of digging to recover as much of the jug as I did. I was able to find almost the entire front half of the jar. It's from the Strong, Cobb & Company with the address listed as being on Cleveland Central Viaduct, which I believe makes this jug fairly old. I set out the pieces in the attached picture, but if anyone has any more information on this it would be greatly appreciated!
  3. And this follows the Red Line shutdown Wednesday into the airport. I'd like to know why the rail line keeps shutting down and who is responsible. More importantly, I'd like to know if GCRTA will reconsider the offer by Siemens to take over the rail system and bring it up to a state of good repair, including infrastructure and rolling stock. Word is that Joe Calabrese refused to consider Siemens' proposal because he didn't want to relinquish control over hiring and firing in the rail division. What was the offer from Siemens?
  4. http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/destinations/2016/07/30/cleveland-tourism-attractions-dining/87662838/ This article was on the USA Today homepage. It's a really well-written article, and the writer seems to really have done their homework. Even the captions to each of the pictures have full paragraphs completely explaining the picture. These are the type of articles our city needs more of.
  5. I love that in the article, the developer states that having a healthline stop in front of the building is an advantage. It's good to know that some people still value public transit!
  6. Some friends and I are going downtown tonight for the game, but since there is an Indians game today as well, we were thinking of riding the redline. However, I've heard stories of how crowded the red line gets on gamedays, especially the tower city station. Should we try and find a parking spot or take the rapid?
  7. You just said that the problem is not with the city running the airport, but instead the mayor being able to place incompetent people in important roles. Does the mayor not work for the city? If the city did not own the airport, then the mayor would not be able appoint people to jobs, and the airport may be in a better situation right now. So in other words, you completely contradicted yourself, and did a beautiful job of showing that the problem with the airport is that it is owned by the city.
  8. So if this property were to be built on, would the new building(s) be built over the rapid tracks or would they be rerouted?
  9. I was surfing around the internet today, and stumbled upon an article detailing plans that Bob Stark had for replacing the numerous parking lots in the WHD with mixed-development buildings. The article was from 2008 and I haven't heard or seen anything more on it, so I know its a dead project, but does anyone know what actually happened to this project? It looked absolutely incredible from the plans. There was also a massive list of potential big-name tenants (even apple). Could this be the direction that nucleus could head? Construction on that was already supposed to have begun by now... Here's a link to the article: http://blog.cleveland.com/business/2008/05/stark_unveils_new_vision_for_w_1.html
  10. So I think this would be the best place to post this... Anyway, I am currently working on a research essay for my English composition class, and you guessed it, my topic is Cleveland. I am playing the devil's advocate in this essay even though I love the city, but this is a problem I believe needs to be addressed. I sent a variation of an email to several people at the city office and at DCA. I'll post below what I sent to Marrinucci at DCA. I haven't heard back from anyone yet.... Any ideas on who else to contact? Or could any of you suffice as credible sources voicing your opinions, or does anyone have any extra facts that may be useful? I posted this here because the problem in my paper has to do with the city's recent population trends. Mr. Marinucci: Hello, my name is N*** J****. I am a student at Riverside High School in Painesville and Lakeland Community College in Kirtland. Currently, I am working on a paper for my English composition class at Lakeland, and I am hoping that you may be able to answer a few questions for me as well as share your opinion on the subject. Our papers are problem and solution research papers, and we were free to pick the subject to write about. I chose to write about Cleveland. I consider the city of Cleveland to be my home, and when I am out of town and people ask where I am from, I tell them "Cleveland with pride." I love this city, and it is easy to tell that the DCA does too. The work your organization has put into downtown is truly astonishing. The downtown is so much more than I remember it being ten years ago when I was younger. DCA's "You & Downtown Cleveland" video just goes to show how far downtown has come, and I am sure you can agree. Earlier this year when your organization released the downtown population estimate and showed that downtown's population has increased nearly 70% in the last decade and is still expected to exponentially grow further, I was absolutely elated. I thought; Cleveland is finally becoming a "big city" once again, with a growing population and booming commercial activity. However, I also read the forums on UrbanOhio.com quite frequently, and one thread sparked my curiosity and made me think deep and hard about Cleveland's future. http://www.urbanohio.com/forum2/index.php/topic,28533.0.html This thread is on income inequality, and Cleveland is mentioned quite often throughout the entirety of the discussion. This made me think with the young professionals and commercial development moving to downtown and a few select neighborhoods like Tremont, Ohio City and University Circle; little development is being seen in the surrounding, poverty-stricken areas of the city where the majority of the population resides. It also talks about the city's declining population as a whole. Could the declining population and the big-city costs that won't change with population, affect the downtown negatively? My thesis for this paper is: If the rapid development of Cleveland continues to be contained to the downtown and a few select neighborhoods, then this gentrification and growth could begin to harm the city as a whole. Could it be possible if the downtown keeps growing and the surrounding neighborhoods keep shrinking that the city could no longer support its vibrant new areas in the near future? Or do you think that the development will radiate out further into these neighborhoods from the downtown? I remember reading about Cleveland's last heyday, and the downtown was supported almost entirely by its strong neighborhoods. Cleveland also appeared to have a much more efficient rapid transit system that reached further into these neighborhoods at this time, with a very impressive streetcar network. If the RTA were to build a better rail system once again, could that encourage growth into other neighborhoods, as the Healthline has done on Euclid Avenue? Currently, are there any other orginizations similar to DCA that work to better Cleveland's other neighborhoods? If so, do you think they could become as successful as DCA? And my final question; where do you see the city of Cleveland as a whole in ten years? Thank you so much for taking your time to read this and I would very much appreciate your answers and your opinions on these topics. -N*** J**** *I blocked out my name. you never know who is online...
  11. Is this downtown loop actually going to happen? And when?
  12. another report out on Cuyahoga's shrinking population from WKYC... When can we expect to begin to see the population rise again?
  13. I know that this wouldn't happen in the foreseeable future, but do you think the HealthLine will ever be replaced with a rail system? Something like the original Dual Hub plan for Euclid Ave. The HealthLine narrows Euclid down to two lanes downtown, and it would be easy to see this become a problem as downtown continues to grow. The DCA just reported that downtown's population grew 70% since 2000, so if this trend continues Euclid could become a traffic nightmare. At what point would the city see replacing the buses with rail as a viable option? Would we see a streetcar like M1 in Detroit? Or even a subway like dual hub? I know this is just dreaming, but could we see this happen if the population continues to grow exponentially?
  14. This has probably been talked about before, but I'm pretty new to this forum, so please don't chew me out if I'm wrong or this has been discussed. Has anyone looked at this picture of all the places Stark plans on turning into parking? It appears as if he's wanting to turn the back half of the May Company building into a garage along with several other buildings, including one on the end of E. 4th... On the pic, the building on E. 4th just says valet parking; no mention of a garage. Could we lose this building to another empty parking lot? Also, how would he be able to get away with turning the May Company building into a parking garage? Doesn't that building have some type of historic status? I think nuCLEus is a fantastic idea, but is it going to end up with nothing but parking lots and garages surrounding it?
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