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  1. Good! Now fix the misplaced bricks at the euclid/9th crosswalk. Drives me bonkers.
  2. In an odd, but not unusual agreement, the City of Cleveland Division of Water Pollution Control owns and maintains the sewers within the city.
  3. From the Cleveland Memory project: ”Cleveland Sixth City"--written on the front of the card. During thise period in Cleveland's History, Ca. 1912, many postcards and advertisements proclaimed her the Sixth City. By 1920 Cleveland reached it's peak as the Fifth City.” https://clevelandmemory.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/postcards/id/1798
  4. I did think he would end up protecting Trump, because of his crazy views on executive power. But who saw him diving into the insane conspiracy theories? I sure didn’t.
  5. Bill Barr is an absolute disgrace to the office of Attorney General. Those who hoped he would bring back some prestige to the office after Sessions and Whitaker were sadly mistaken. He’s quickly approaching John Mitchell status.
  6. It does not appear so, no. There will be a minor realignment of their driveway and sidewalk on the Fulton side but that’s it.
  7. doesn’t really look like they will be doing much at all except connecting the sidewalk on Fulton all the way around.
  8. I live in Franklin-Clinton’s jurisdiction, just missed out on this one by a few blocks I guess. They say you need one of those Polar Pops spiked with whiskey to get through the meetings tho.
  9. Enginerd

    Toxic Masculinity

    I know it’s the Daily Wire, but Jesus.
  10. They’re utility markings. I do think they’re ugly in general. Usually when you see them it signifies upcoming construction.
  11. This is why us construction guys have folks like you to rely on
  12. I’m glad you convinced me to take the time to read this. I’ve gotten so tired of the pieces that sound like the writer sat at their desk while perusing the destination cleveland website.
  13. I’d be curious to know how accurate it would be. I know we’ve had issues in wooded areas...I assume tall buildings would do the same? I almost failed my surveying class in college though, so
  14. I don’t know how anyone can blame Superior and the busses when, thanks to the Honorable Frank G Jackson, the square never got the chance to operate as designed. The busway was supposed to be a seamless and complimentary addition to the square, but instead Frank decided to quite literally cut the square in half (and make it unnecessarily ugly with traffic paint plastered everywhere).
  15. They will have to yes, and the city isn’t thrilled from what I hear. Construction won’t start for 5+ years though so there is time to sort things out. http://www.dot.state.oh.us/projects/ClevelandUrbanCoreProjects/Innerbelt/Documents/2015-12-03 INNERBELT CORRIDOR MAP.pdf
  16. Ah! There it is, thank you! Construction is slated to start the summer of 2021, but I hadn’t heard about it yet.
  17. @KJP, are you aware of plans for an intermodal transit center to be built at the end of the blue line? I haven’t seen discussions anywhere that I can remember.
  18. @KJP’s reporting: Everyone else: 5-YhKt0sCYuulzio.mp4
  19. If the retailers were clamoring to have a presence here, why wouldn’t they have just filled Tower City?
  20. Although I don’t work in commercial construction (heavy highway/public infrastructure here), soil sampling is necessary to design the foundations for these structures. If it’s a shallow foundation (i.e. pad) you’ll know what the allowable bearing is for that location. For deep foundations (i.e. piles) you’ll get an idea of the depth of bedrock, what type of deep foundation will be needed, and how deep/how many there will be. There is always some unknown with geology, but you need to know all this before you start construction because it decreases risk and makes cost estimates more accurate. Edit: an example of the results
  21. @KFM44107 how much academy presence is there in cleveland now? Is it in addition to the highway patrol academy training?
  22. Council has to sign off, but they’ve been Frank’s rubber stamp for a while now.
  23. There are a few republicans who are actually dedicated to fiscal conservatism...but pardon me if I don’t believe most of them. Unless a democrat becomes president that is.
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