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  1. This pic was posted to the Ohio City Facebook group a while back.
  2. Just search for #UnwantedIvanka for some innocent laughs
  3. Yeah...I had no idea about the White Nationalism angle. They already have the Confederate Flag anyway Fun note I didn’t know about until today; there is actually no real evidence that Betsy Ross had anything to do with the creation or sewing of the flag.
  4. There is no reason Huron, which is being rehabilitated as we speak, wouldn’t be able to handle the additional traffic from Prospect.
  5. The always welcoming block clubs are targeting Pins.
  6. Literally nothing about their haphazard design is better or safer. Obviously it’s ugly, but I’m not sure why making busses pull over, then change lanes to drive thru again makes anything safer. One of my biggest peeves tho are the lime green painted planters, placed in the most inconvenient places, which makes it really difficult to walk around when there are more than a couple people around.
  7. Really bummed about Trio. I thought the food was terrific.
  8. I don’t think ODOT would have the legal authority to say no...whether they would be a willing partner is another story. According to the ORC, “no duty of constructing, reconstructing, maintaining, and repairing such state highways within municipal corporations shall attach to or rest upon the [ODOT] director.”
  9. I can double check but I believe it was a part of the project all along.
  10. Was SB39 even a proposal when he bought the building? How could it possibly be an essential part of the plan then
  11. Ohio City’s Western Reserve?
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