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  1. Enginerd

    Toxic Masculinity

    Something went wrong sorry, I don’t think my phone likes the new forum
  2. They shouldn’t have even bothered providing a cost estimate...that’s the entire reason they are hiring the consultants. But maybe counsel asked for Public Works’ best guess, I don’t know.
  3. Enginerd

    Cleveland parking discussion

    This is the only ban that I have ever heard of http://www.city.cleveland.oh.us/7.27.2017WeekendParkingRestrictions and I park downtown on the weekends all the time with no issues. This only applies to streets west of public square and overnight on Friday and Saturday.
  4. Enginerd

    The Trump Presidency

    This is what really irks me (from the PD this morning): “...in 2014, they opted not to show President Barack Obama’s address on immigration because, according to Politico, it was deemed “overtly political.””
  5. Enginerd

    Cleveland parking discussion

    Yeah...the parking restrictions are limited to Friday and Saturday nights, and only in the Warehouse District/FEB. I park on 12th, 13th, Chester and Walnut frequently on the weekend.
  6. There was a bar like that I went to in DC (was cherry blossom themed at the time)...was one of the coolest places I’ve ever been.
  7. “Mayor Frank Jackson’s administration has never detailed exactly what led to the decision” This all seems weird
  8. Enginerd

    Gun Rights

    The first 220 years of this nations existence disagrees with this interpretation by the way. I know that since 2008 this has been the courts view, but the first half dozen times the federal courts ruled on this it disagreed. Just putting that history out there.
  9. Enginerd

    In The World: Russia

    Russia very much worries me in the short term with their outright aggression and willingness to meddle in other countries affairs (without trying very hard to hide it). But once Putin dies/retires of old age, or the economy collapses again I don’t see them being much of an issue. Maybe I’m being naive.
  10. Enginerd


    I do not place blame solely on CBP, but my problem is that she was in custody for 8 hours before she began having seizures and got medical help. CBP also had her Dad sign English language forms saying there were no medical issues. That’s not even trying to get accurate information. https://www.npr.org/2018/12/13/676622047/7-year-old-migrant-girl-dies-of-dehydration-and-shock-in-border-patrol-custody
  11. Enginerd

    Gun Rights

    Yes I’ve heard this argument before. Basically, the right is pursuing policies which directly or indirectly harm the country because of a perceived threat (of which empirical evidence doesn’t exist). You don’t want to enact lawful restrictions that could save lives because it may be a burden to some gun owners. -and- You don’t want to have guns entered into a database or collect data on gun violence because the ultimate goal will always be to confiscate all firearms.
  12. Enginerd

    Gun Rights

    None of these arguments make sense. 1. Driving is HEAVILY regulated already with the expressed purpose of saving lives and holding drivers responsible. - mandatory insurance - mandatory seatbelt usage - education, testing, license and registration. Which is actually allowed to be tracked in an electronic database! - various government agencies dedicated to driving statistics and death prevention (which I hope I don’t have to point out, but gun rights groups have opposed all of these things for firearms ownership) 2. Just like with the second amendment, the first is not pure and absolute. Reasonable restrictions may be imposed and they are for free speech like real/credible threats. 3. It sure is difficult to prove that gun control policies in the US lower deaths when congress has prohibited federal agencies from looking into that. BUT there is data from around the world that does show that such a link does exist.
  13. Enginerd

    Global Warming

    Actually shipping via freighters/boats (and rail for that matter) is incredibly incredibly efficient almost to the point of insignificance. http://css.umich.edu/factsheets/carbon-footprint-factsheet And here is some data from the Dept of Energy regarding jobs, which shows that solar alone has twice as many workers as coal (in 2016). https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/04/25/climate/todays-energy-jobs-are-in-solar-not-coal.html
  14. Enginerd

    Cleveland: Crime & Safety Discussion

    Okay...this is ridiculous. That is not how the system should work?!?! A spokeswoman for the Cleveland Police Department told CNN on Tuesday that since the incident was considered a misdemeanor, the onus would have been on the accuser to go to prosecutors if she wanted to pursue charges.
  15. Enginerd

    Political Correctness

    I think part of the problem is there are like 4 different arguments all happening on this same thread. Sex, gender, and transgender are all related but the disagreements about facts surrounding them is not. I’ll stick to only your question about being transgender and how it relates to mental illness. I think everyone can agree that this is complicated, and so the answer is too. The lastest DSM has changed the internal classification from “Gender Identity Disorder” to “Gender Dysphoria.” There is some arguing over whether any listing should be included in the DSM at all (e.g. it was removed from the ICD). The “code” itself refers to severe mental distress resulting from someone’s gender identity not matching their assigned gender. So, being transgender in and of itself is not a mental illness as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. It seems to me that putting Transgender people with emotional distress and without emotional distress into different categories wouldn’t be anymore difficult (or easy) than identifying people with depression. I don’t have empirical data for you...but hopefully this helps people understanding in the meantime. I will look for it! I do agree that some data or studies must exist out there.