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  1. There are a few republicans who are actually dedicated to fiscal conservatism...but pardon me if I don’t believe most of them. Unless a democrat becomes president that is.
  2. In my experience the railroads aren’t very helpful or accommodating. Once in a meeting when asked to do something they didn’t like, they responded with “we took out the buffalo and the indians; if we need to, we’ll take out you too.” Or something to that effect
  3. Also, I know why we’re doing it...but trying to define or look for the presidents actions, particularly in this case, to be illegal is not the right move. For a large amount of the criminal code it isn’t illegal when the president does it. What he’s done here is a clear violation of abuse of office (using the mechanisms of the United States to his own benefit and not the country’s own national security). That’s where the goalposts need to be.
  4. The point is to send a message to anyone thinking about whistleblowing; shut up or we’ll do to you what we’re doing to him
  5. The entire Trump phenomenon, and this situation in particular, is the exact story of the frog in the boiling pot
  6. Ok, me seeing a helicopter doing tight circles 100’ above the Detroit Superior Bridge now is making more sense. I heard on the radio (via road closures) that they are filming a movie on the west side. Its all coming together!
  7. Love the vigilante tactic. But nearly striking two people, one a child, with a 2,000 pound weapon should be more than a minor misdemeanor. Our motor vehicle penalties really are much to lax.
  8. . Not only the aesthetics from the lane way, but also sound. If some sort of covering could deflect the noise of vehicles in the garage it would be a major plus.
  9. isn’t there currently a US courthouse on Public Square?
  10. That would be a great opportunity to repurpose D, in order to allow the new concourses to be rebuilt one at a time without gate loss. Hope that’s possible. I don’t see any point in keeping C. Compared to new terminals out there it’s still small, dark and narrow.
  11. This looks like a promo pic for some PS4 game
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