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  1. Probably depends on what you want changed tbh. Even though I’m a resident, I don’t have experience with the city to know how they take public comments however.
  2. By its design it’ll be impossible to blow through it. You’ll need to go ~20 mph unless you want to wreck your car.
  3. Yep, I thought that was the main reason for making this into a roundabout.
  4. I would love a mayoral recall, but I’m not sure who’d be waiting in the wings to take over.
  5. Also, the Ohio City Facebook page (take that for what you will) is saying that a new, unknown restaurant will be moving into the former CIAO bistro spot on W38th.
  6. There are some utility issues that came up (Dominion I believe), which has delayed the start. When that is figured out, the City will be holding an information session. It’s still slated to begin before the year end though.
  7. Shes lives in Ohio. I think she was trying to criticize the media, saying they don’t consider us a “sexy” story location. That’s how I took it anyway.
  8. ^This truly is a bonkers story, and I’m guessing it’s gonna get even crazier.
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