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  1. I’m not sure the typical SF of a Starbucks reserve but the one I visited in Manhattan was pretty massive and three floors.
  2. Are they trying to put a police district station there or something? And Loomis isn’t related to THAT Loomis is it?
  3. coHatch apparently scrapped the rooftop restaurant and patio, which I don’t love
  4. I think ODOT would be receptive to bridge caps through the corridor if and only if Campus District or CSU agreed to take on maintenance responsibility. And a once in a generation opportunity is coming up to change the status quo, so I hope someone is pushing for this.
  5. Either way that’s a lose-lose. Imagine the headlines saying team trump is suing these folks to stop their endorsement of Biden. Also, isn’t it illegal for non-disclosures to be enforced on federal employees? Classified info separate of course.
  6. Photos like this (which I saw on Twitter Saturday) really show how much progress has been made
  7. I believe they got $2.5 million from the state in the recent capital reappropriations bill. Not sure if that’s new or just maintaining what was already granted though.
  8. As far as I’m aware, within the interstate right-of-way (including ramps) ODOT is responsible for maintenance. For some of the fancier ramps with flowers and such, I believe they enter into an agreement with the city to maintain. Other than that, inside city limits the city itself is responsible in its ROW. And the are notoriously bad at maintaining anything.
  9. I will recommend the cupcake shake to anyone and everyone I meet.
  10. Enginerd


    It really comes down to people being able to self-identity, and thats it. I do think etymology in general is interesting, but for about 300 years white people decided what black people in this country were called. So what terms are acceptable now and were back then is pretty straightforward when you think about it in those terms. IMO.
  11. Enginerd


    Not totally sure what that has to do with what I talked about above, but when history is taught it should be done so accurately.
  12. I’m am so so curious why certain places are seeing secondary spikes and some places never seemed to be affected that much in the first place (in the USA). If anyone has any insight I’d love to hear it.
  13. Enginerd


    I think these decisions should be made at the local level, but obviously I have my own opinion lol. Personally, I think changing Columbus’ name is a step too far. I think it would be far better to use the name as a way to tell the history of indigenous peoples’ and the actual history of this nation and continent that is so often white-washed. In this vein, I would be for removing the Columbus statue and replacing it with something better.
  14. The terrible things that people have put her and her family through are unconscionable. Let alone the fact that many were by our own elected leaders. I’m guessing she just couldn’t take it any more. I’m very grateful and appreciative of her public service, but it made me realize that the Ohio GOP is mostly just extremist conspiracy theorists.
  15. Yeah, I shouldn’t have sounded so unequivocal, because I’m not an expert.. But it does Seem like pollsters are learning from their mistakes like you said and trying to fix them. I just always want to push back when someone makes a statement like “oh, the polls looked like this last time so the result be the same”
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