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  1. FYI these are two different projects even though they are next to each other. Other red one is getting the full historical treatment due to some preservation funding they are using. The whole building will be apts vs. the mix of office space in blue one.
  2. Many in the neighborhood and Ohio City Inc are very dissapointed in this design and lots of feedback at public meetings has been ignored. Drawings show removing of stops signs and crosswalks at Church Ave. intersection, very wide traffic lanes, unprotected bike lanes that will likely be used as driving lanes.
  3. Don't a large % of these employees find their own parking downtown already? I know a lot of downtown firms that do not provide parking for their employees... It's close enough to terminal tower to just continue parking there. I would think SW would not need to provide, but I'm sure at least some will be built in by the developer. Does SW own the landmark building? Would be a great apt conversion but such a massive scale is a tough project.
  4. Will be interesting to see what kind of retail they can land there. There are signs up for a barbershop and nail salon in the adjacent print shop building, though those spaces have been empty for a little bit. I know the block club was pushing for a pharmacy and the developers would love to have one, but have not found any interested parties.
  5. Hopefully they can do a better job of "place-making" than exists in battery park. Walking around the edison there feels like you're in the suburbs, not the city. Hopefully they can design something more urban here.
  6. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/07/whats-next-for-tower-city-mall-city-block-proposed-tech-hub-confirmed.html It’s a $110 million commitment and not all the money is raised yet, so Blockland volunteers will need to secure sponsors, equity partners, tenants and — hopefully — a large tech company to anchor the space, founder Bernie Moreno said in a phone interview.
  7. It looks like it was marketed as one 8k+ sq ft space. At least at one point. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/1118-1148-Euclid-Ave-Cleveland-OH/15291247/
  8. Ohio City to Get a Combined 16-Bit and Pins Mechanical Co. The Daniels Furniture store (1882 W. 25th St.) across the street from Mitchell’s Ice Cream will become the site of a combined 16-Bit and Pins Mechanical Co. The ambitious construction project will result in a multi-level 28,000-square-foot complex with indoor and outdoor spaces. Allen adds that the concepts not only are larger, but more diversified. There are the duckpin bowling lanes, but also 40 pinball machines, foosball, ping-pong and indoor and outdoor bocce. https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2019/06/17/ohio-city-to-get-a-combined-16-bit-and-pins-mechanical-co
  9. i'm hopeful that the midway project will dramatically improve the feel of superior. There are lots of points of interest, but walking down that street feels like you're in a dystopian future.
  10. City should attach a disclaimer to each development - this project will (eventually) increase the tax receipts for the city, lowering your future tax burden.
  11. Re: Snavely new construction - Units are not affordable, they will be Market Rate. The office space will be for the Snavely Group itself.
  12. This design was not approved by the block club (voted down). It's certainly improved from the previous version but last I heard Ohio City Inc and the block club were going to meet again with the developer. Not sure if that has happened or not happened.
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