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  1. This is a great point. I can just see the conversation... "We don't want parking facing Columbus or the Trail!" "Ok, we'll build without parking then" "No way! Then we'll have nowhere to park!" Always found it funny how those who own properties without parking insist that all new properties must be built with lots of parking.
  2. I had heard there's a law prohibiting schools from building higher than 2 stories
  3. This lot is owned by the union club next door. I've always thought they should sell the air/development rights in exchange for a few floors of athletic facility connected to the main building.
  4. A similar form of project? Would think its now feasible to either upgrade the quality of construction/price tag.
  5. These were planned a while ago, but haven't seen any movement recently: http://townhomesohiocity.com/index.php Developer is the same one currently building "the exchange" on Clinton near 45th.
  6. These townhomes are turning out better than expected. A great type of development for ohio city, adds 9 owners on the equivalent of 1 lot. This section of the neighborhood will end up with a nice mix of owners who care and density from the apartment buildings. If the townhouse plans come to fruition for the corner of 32nd and Franklin and 31st and Franklin, we'll be getting close to full land utilization.
  7. There's a pretty wide gap in the conceptions of "Development". If it's garages/driveways/chain link fence along the trail as some neighbors seem to think, that has a major negative effect on the trail. But if it's balconies and greenery or even a dash of retail - perhaps a public stair/elevator up to Columbus Rd... that could actually be a big value-add to the RLGW. There is still a fair amount of greenspace elsewhere along the trail and in it's direct connection to the 17 acres at irishtown bend...
  8. ^Especially if there was a pedestrian walkway between buildings where that diagonal sidewalk is today Does anybody have intel on the parking lot(s) across detroit from Linda's/Jamestown building? I had heard Snavely was interested but nothing since then.
  9. I'm hopeful for a substantial change in activity over the next few years along Euclid. With all the projects currently under construction (CAC, Halle, Beacon, JHB, Lumen, 925, Terminal Tower, May Co.) we're looking at over 2,000 new units along the corridor between PS and 17th. I have to think that kind of density will do good things for retail.
  10. Heard there was some very fierce debate at the duck island block club regarding the RTA's land along columbus. Many feel that losing that much tree cover would be a shame and proponents of the redline greenway are concerned that the greenway becomes a little trail stuck between two chain-link fences.
  11. @KJP You mentioned in a blog post that Brickman sold his land and development plans to somebody. Care to elaborate? "The project and its properties were sold by an Andrew Brickman-led company to a nationally prominent real estate developer which seeks to increase the scale of the project."
  12. It's astounding to me that you can make enough money on parking to cover your taxes. That you can just sit and wait for the land to appreciate or the right opportunity to come along. Even if that is 25, 30 years.
  13. KJP- Your article is fueling a major NIMBY fire on the Ohio City Community facebook page.
  14. Would be really cool to see a map of who owns what along detroit between 33rd and 58th. That corridor could be ripe for change but there are so many different little pieces with (I believe) lots of different owners. I know there are some chunks up for sale right now as well.
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