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  1. The developer is lucky that this project isn't within the boundaries of the Franklin-Clinton block club.
  2. To be fair, this building is 100% affordable housing, so the budget for design may not be there.
  3. Developer’s plans for $29-million Ohio City apartment project one step from obtaining key tax incentives Cleveland City Council’s Development, Planning and Sustainability Committee on Tuesday signed off on a tax incentive package that includes a 15-year abatement on new taxes as a result of the improvements to the property. The package also includes a 30-year, tax-increment-financing plan that would help the company with debt service for the project. The tax-increment financing will not have any impact on property taxes for Cleveland’s school district. The package could go before Cleveland City Council on Monday for final approval. https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2019/04/developers-plans-for-29-million-ohio-city-apartment-project-one-step-from-obtaining-key-tax-incentives.html Hingetown needs a retail-residential mix Ashley Shaw, economic development and planning manager at OCI, said the majority of those surveyed stated that what they want are "hardware stores, drugstores and higher-end retail." She pointed out that apartments in development will bolster the population density needed to attract a national brand such as CVS. As an example, she cited The Quarter, a complex that opened last October on Detroit Avenue, which "is now at 92% capacity within eight months of finishing their first 200 units." She added that she believes that rate will only continue to climb. https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/hingetown-needs-retail-residential-mix
  4. Yes work on the other one is underway, front will be corporate offices, back is apartments (or possibly condos)
  5. Saw a bunch of drilling equipment parked in the lot on the southwest corner of W 45th and Detroit. Wasn't operating so could have been staging for someplace else, but haven't seen anything parked there before.
  6. Word is that Snavely will be building more units on the south side of detroit between 26th and 28th. If the vibrator company project happens, that might mean 4 sizable residential development projects on adjacent blocks under construction at the same time.
  7. I wonder what the historical population of little italy was vs. today? Could still be much higher in the past.
  8. Luckily there is a bunch of brand new office space going in across the street. I'd trade 250 jobs for 300+ residents, and I think local businesses like the gym might make that trade as well. Maybe a developer could add office space on that parking lot across the street. While it's too bad to lose existing manufacturing jobs, it probably makes sense for manufacturing plants to be located on less-expensive land.
  9. Re: Glazen WSM plan rebuffed by city ^^^^ What the heck is the city doing with the WSM? All I hear are complaints, new ideas and proposals from the tenants, and then nothing from the city.
  10. Their parking lot on West 25th/gehring is not part of the market square project. They also own 1/2 of two blocks behind the buildings on W 26th street. Its a lot of land, will be interesting to see if somebody's already behind this move.
  11. Its too bad they couldn't put the garage entrance on Huron and keep East 4th street going....
  12. I had heard swirling a couple years ago about somebody considering putting up housing on that site, but heard they had passed. Maybe with continued growth and opportunity zones somebody has decided to give it a whirl
  13. I think/hope we may see a lot more of this type of activity due to opportunity zones. What might have been a project just below the line now has a much better return if held for 10 years.
  14. Its been changed slightly, but main concept is the same:
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