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  1. How much authority does a block club have? Could they realistically stall a development, or is it more about the politics at play? A lot. A development has never taken place in this block club's jurisdiction that wasn't approved by them. The likeness of this project happening in its current form is somewhere between 0 and 1%, if they do not get the votes needed tonight. Thats not an accurate statement. There have been projects that the block club voted against that still went forward. The sad thing is actually that even when the block club has voted in support of a project select neighbors have chosen to make it their mission to stall or prevent any further progress by filing frivolous lawsuits. Frankly certain neighbors don't even know what they want, they just want to argue pointless facts. I encourage everyone to show up and vote in support of the project. If you don't show up to vote a letter of support won't do anything in this instance. Those letters should be sent to the Landmarks, BZA, and OCI. Its developments like the Castro one that will continue to make Ohio City one of the best neighborhoods around.
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