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  1. Sounds like a great idea! The link to the map isn't working for me, though (and I cleared my cookies, as Google suggested)
  2. There are currently glass storefront windows going up for future retail spaces (I took this photo today). Looks like there could be space for maybe 2 or 3 businesses? I haven't heard about any confirmed tenants. It's looking so much better than that stucco wall -- and as a bonus, check out that cool sunburst window above the door that was uncovered
  3. Speaking of which, does anyone know what the deal is with that shipping container attached to Lutheran Hospital at the dead-end of W. 28th? It's almost completely blocking off the street and sidewalk for pedestrians, and with the construction fences currently up for the Heyse building renovation there's really no way to walk down that portion of 28th. It looks like it may be some kind of temporary boiler room (?) but it has now been there for a worrisome amount of time...
  4. the water tower is actually very well protected with fences (I believe active water towers also have special protections by way of U.S. Homeland security) so I doubt graffiti will be much of an issue
  5. For those who are within the bounds of the Franklin Clinton block club -- the Casto project at the corner of 28th & Franklin is being brought to a vote next Thursday, June 28th at 7:00pm (held at St. John's Parish Hall -- 2600 Church Ave.). I'm planning on being there in support of the project, and I hope some of you are able to join as well! The developers have made significant changes to the height, size, and design of the project throughout the community input and design review process, and I've attached a few images from the updated renderings that capture the highlights
  6. You could try emailing the Franklin Clinton Block Club email address (FranklinClintonBC@gmail.com) with a letter of support, which they should recognize and either add to the meeting materials and/or post electronically.
  7. as a follow-up to all of the discussion about the Church & State project, there's County Council meeting today at 3pm with an opportunity for public comment. The $2m loan resolution & discussion is on the agenda, so I'm going to make an effort to be there at the start of the meeting to voice my support as a resident who lives very close to the project. I know many on this thread have been supportive with their emails, so this would be another great opportunity to speak up. address & agenda: http://council.cuyahogacounty.us/en-US/20180326edp.aspx
  8. I was wondering if Cleveland.com would include a photo of the iconic Escalade parked on the sidewalk in their slideshow... it barely snuck in there
  9. Based on this page about the Heyse Building (Mark Fremont Architects), it looks like the building is a little over 24,000 square feet total. I'm not sure if the posted plans on that site are still accurate (or if this architect is, in fact, working on the project), but it does outline 31 units. http://www.fremontassoc.com/the-heyse-building/mv3n5xp5uwre1w8o2j5zywte6ntzg1
  10. Not to mention much higher suicide rates... In the brief, extreme situations where someone wants to hurt themselves or others, a few extra seconds can be a life or death difference. And unfortunately (and obviously), guns are a very quick and effective means of causing that harm
  11. does anyone know the scope of work being done at Lutheran hospital right now? There's a bunch of guys / machinery pulling up the sidewalk at the 28th / Franklin intersection. Those sidewalks were not in particularly bad shape but it would be great if that entrance and goofy roundabout was somehow reconfigured to be more pedestrian friendly...
  12. I haven't heard anything about any development happening on that 25th & Church parking lot (at least not in the near future). It was recently re-paved within the last couple months and the existing / future developers in the area are pretty happy with the new(ish) David Shillinglaw mural on the south-facing side of the 1468 building
  13. Another thing I should have mentioned from the block club meeting is that they passed out material samples: dark slate and some kind of wood (can't recall type) for the exterior, as well as a very tough mesh to cover the 2nd & 3rd floor parking. The mesh would be used as the canvas for public art installations.
  14. I was at the block club meeting last night and Graham & his wife Marika presented some updated designs in response to community input and feedback. If I recall correctly, they have reduced the number of units from 184 to 161 (slightly reducing the height, but still keeping it 11 stories) and increased the number of parking spaces from ~160 to 214, in response to a lot of nearby residents concerned about a potential strain on their on-street parking. There is subterranean parking as well as parking on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the structure, and there will be additional parking signs / striping done along church and 28th. I live a block away and I'm thrilled to see some well thought out density -- I haven't been able to find any renderings publicly available online but it is open to both Detroit & Church, with street-level retail on both sides and a cool pedestrian walkway connecting those two streets between the two buildings.
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